A Land in Denial – Part 1 :: By Donna Wasson

On June 28, 2012, our Supreme Court decided to assist President Obama in erecting the proverbial poison tipped, razor-wire fence that will be used to imprison and enslave the American people. Chief Justice, John Roberts, cast the deciding vote in favor of upholding the destructive monstrosity that is Obamacare. From here on, I will refer to Obama as ‘Mr.’ because to address him as ‘President’ triggers my gag reflex.

Now, I’ve always liked Chief Justice Roberts, with his boyish good looks and tendency to rule conservatively, so I’m as stunned by his bizarre ruling as anyone else in the country. What was he thinking?? By not overturning the entire unconstitutional bill and playing games by changing its wording from ‘mandate’ to ‘tax’, he has effectively given the Federal Government the all clear to levy whatever ‘tax’ it deems appropriate when we, the people, refuse to act on whatever ludicrous law they might pass.

Congress is now, for the first time in American history, allowed to tax us for something we don’t or won’t do. And since the Supreme Court supports their desire to levy inappropriate taxes on the people regardless of what the Constitution allows, that pretty much gives the Feds unlimited power.

‘Oh,’ but you say, ‘the American people are angry and ready to throw Obama out of office! The Republican Party is raking in millions of dollars for Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign and the voters are energized! We have to make sure he’s elected because he promises that repealing Obamacare will be one of the first things he does once he’s in office.’

HA! Think so, huh? Where did many of the policies and structure of Obamacare come from? It was partially modeled on the health care plan Mr. Romney passed when he was Governor of Massachusetts. He designed and pushed through a mini version of what the Supreme Court just ruled is constitutional for the entire country.

America is in grave danger. Mr. Obama is either a complete imbecile, incapable of understanding our constitution, or so inconceivably evil he unabashedly refuses to abide by it. My guess is the latter. From the time he was selected to occupy this land’s highest office by the puppet masters running this country, he has systematically dismantled and ignored the laws of the land, far exceeding his authority as President. His favorite phrase seems to be “Executive Order.”

This abuse of power started right after 9/11 when Americans were shocked and grieving, looking to our government for vengeance and protection. We asked for it and we got it!

The Patriot Act (passed in 2001 by Bush and granted additional powers by Obama in 2011), expands law enforcement powers and removes our civil liberties as well as constitutionally guaranteed rights.

The National Defense Authorization Act, (a/k/a NDAA) signed in secret on 12/31/2011, when the members of Congress were on Christmas leave, allows the military to arrest and imprison indefinitely any ‘suspects’ of terrorism without allowing due process of law. No phone calls. No attorney. This includes American citizens on American soil! No proof is necessary. They only need to ‘suspect’ you.

The MAP-21 Bill allows the IRS to suspend the passport rights of any American, based on the premise that they have not fulfilled their tax obligations.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness Order, (Executive Order March 2012) allows the President to take complete control of all food, water, transportation, labor and industry in the U.S. to “promote national defense.” This includes all airplanes, trains, buses and our personal cars. There will be no escape.

30,000 Drones (approved by Executive Order, February 2012), are scheduled to fly over the U.S., providing the government with an unparalleled level of surveillance ability to spy on American citizens. They will be equipped with night vision and heat sensors and can carry weapons providing a killing capacity ranging from individuals to entire communities. But our government would never use those against U.S. citizens…right?

FEMA Internment Camps have been constructed with 3 to 15 in each state, for an undisclosed purpose. Can anyone say ‘concentration camp?’

Multiple thousands of Disposable Coffins, each with a 4 to 5 person capacity, are being stored near city centers around the country. For those pesky, citizen dissidents.

450 Million Hollow Point Bullets were ordered by the Department of Homeland Security. These bullets are never used in war, military operations or practice drills, and the DHS is not responsible for addressing national invasions or overseas wars. These bullets are specifically designed to inflict maximum tissue damage. This should eliminate the need for a double-tap.

Our Federal Government is preparing to wage war on American citizens. The Supreme Court has handed them a blank check that enables them to levy taxes for unconstitutional reasons, supplying the funds they’ll need to control we, the people, in the New World Order’s totalitarian police state.

‘Oh, no, our Senators and Representatives would never allow that to happen!’ HEY! Snap out of your stupor and accept the fact that the Senators and Representatives you elected are the very ones passing the legislation to make this happen! They are turning a blind eye to the Executive Order abuses by our narcissistic President, paving the way for our new Marxist government that’ll make communist Cuba look like a dreamy vacation destination. It is coming. Very soon.

It is so demoralizing to watch the vast majority of American sheeple going about their business, blissfully unaware of the demonic rulers and powers influencing our leaders in Washington. This Marxist plan to break America and bring her to her knees was born in the 1930’s, when the Institute for Social Research, a Marxist think-tank, was closed in Germany due to WWII. Some of its most radical members fled to New York City, reestablished the Institute with the help of Columbia University and set their sights on destroying Western culture and capitalism so their socialist utopia could be achieved.

Their disciples were taught how to indoctrinate a generation of supposed intellectual elites who formulated a plan to change how business should be conducted in America, as well as what standard of living was appropriate for her ignorant masses.

They slithered into our universities, discovered and groomed a man for decades, steeping him in their Marxist ideology and set him up to become the first black President of the United States; a man who has systematically dismantled our Constitution from the moment he took the oath of office. If you’ll remember, he proudly announced during his campaign that he planned to “fundamentally change America.”

Well, Mr. Obama, you’ve done just that. You’ve listened well to your puppet masters and accomplished their bidding with unspeakable, brazen arrogance. Perhaps time will reveal what your handlers did to intimidate Chief Justice Roberts into giving away the keys to the kingdom. In the mean time, your narcissistic attitude has gotten you into hot water, hasn’t it? The people have had enough.

The New World Order puppet masters you serve have seen the writing on the wall. They’ll appease the disgruntled American public by providing the grand illusion that they actually have the power to foment real change; to reverse some of the damage you’ve done to our Republic by voting in a different man from a more conservative political party. What folks don’t realize, or more accurately, don’t WANT to realize, is that the Democratic and Republican parties are merely different sides of the same coin and are controlled by the same people.

Anytime a candidate for the Presidency gains enough media exposure, they are invariably spotted attending the yearly, highly secretive meeting of the New World Order puppet masters, the Bilderberg Group. If they pass muster, they are anointed the next President. The voters really have no say in who is elected. Guess who was seen attending this year’s meeting? You got it…Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States. Bet on it.

You can call them Communists, Marxists, Fascists or Globalists but regardless of the label, they despise America’s middle class, capitalism, free enterprise, God and patriotism and have promoted and encouraged anything that would help bring America down. They intend to rule the entire earth, but cannot do so until the last bulwark of freedom, the United States is destroyed. We must be eliminated, and they are well on their way of accomplishing just that.

This country is in very serious danger of being destroyed from within by those who have patiently waited for the right moment in history, while manipulating politicians and bureaucrats into doing their bidding and setting the stage to take control. Our freedoms have been stripped away from under us as we apathetically watch our insipid reality TV shows and attend our meaningless ball games.

‘Naw, it CAN’T be true, can it?’ Oh, yes it can and it is! We are a land in denial because we refuse to read the writing on the wall right in front of our faces. The comfy, middle class life we enjoy and take for granted, with plenty of food, cool gadgets to entertain us, multiple cars and nice houses, is about to come to an end. Here’s a good explanation why we can’t seem to see the forest for the trees:

“Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, 1956.

Join me for A Land in Denial: Part II to see how Almighty God is waving a red flag of warning that time is running out for those who don’t know Him.

For much more information on the New World Order, please read my series, The Matrix is Real: 1-5. Contact the author at: bensmomi99@gmail.com