Coming Soon to a Town Near You! :: By Donna Wasson

Today, one of my very kind readers forwarded a video clip that was shot in Vienna, Austria on May 23, 2010. It may very well be one of the most disturbing, mind blowing videos I have ever seen. It is all over the Web and can be easily found by Googling “Annual Muslim ceremony in Vienna.”

It took me considerable effort to discover the official history of this…this, uh…the most unspeakably savage display of barbaric stupidity I’ve ever witnessed. To understand this ceremony, we much first know what it’s all about. I’ll try to make this as brief and non-sleep-inducing as I can.

When Muhammad (no peace be upon him) died, he had not yet designated a successor but had provided for the office of a caliph to serve as Allah’s representative on earth. This office of caliphate was meant to seal Muhammad’s (no peace be upon him) legacy and to regulate politics on the basis of “Allah’s revealed will.” This position exactly mirrors the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, which explains a lot. Anything he declared to be true was not questioned but immediately obeyed.

The first four caliphs were Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali. Mr. Abu Bakr was the father of Muhammad’s (no peace be upon him) youngest wife, Aisha. You remember her; the little girl he married when she was six but gallantly waited until she was nine before he forced himself on her. Anyway, Abu Bakr’s tenure was chaotic because he was responsible for combining religious and secular rule. Unfortunately for him, there were no clear guidelines how to accomplish this. I don’t know how he died, nor do I care.

Caliphate #2 was Umar, who began to raid the surrounding countries and gained a lot of territory including Persia, a culturally mature society. Apparently he had a flair for organization and leadership and eventually amassed a huge army which swarmed like locusts across the land, raping and pillaging at will and under his rule, Islam spread quite far geographically, sort of like a pandemic. A slave from Iraq murdered him. Tragic.

Caliphate #3 was Uthman. He continued to expand and consolidate Umar’s victories but he ran into opposition by fellow Muslims because he was Muhammad’s (no peace be upon him) son-in-law, thus garnering accusations of nepotism. The fact that he was the first convert of high social and economic status went against him as well. Apparently, he was a snob. He was killed by rebels and his death marked the first “trial” or rebellion against divine law among the Muslims.

Caliphate #4 was Ali, Muhammad’s (no peace be upon him) cousin/son-in-law. He moved his capital to Damascus but could never quite establish proper authority due to being accused of instigating Uthman’s death. Two Muslim leaders rebelled against Ali which led to the “Battle of the Camels” resulting in the deaths of 10,000 Muslims. Ali was victorious but he soon faced another rival, Mu’awiya, the power hungry governor of Syria, who also blamed him for Uthman’s assassination.

Hang in there, I promise I’m almost done!

Ali’s oldest son, and Muhammad’s (no peace be upon him) grandson, Hasan, was seen by many as the rightful heir to the caliphate instead of Ali. Mu’awiya opposed Ali’s rule and began to prepare for war. Though it meant losing the ‘throne’, as it were, Hasan ended chickening out and went home.

Mu’awiya became caliphate but when he died, Hasan’s younger brother, Husayn, refused to recognize Mu’awiya’s son, Yazid, as successor to his father and began to gather rebels against him. (Got that?!) He began to establish a political group based on ‘true Islam’, as opposed to what he felt was the corrupt rule of Yazid.

Yazid went to war with Husayn and easily defeated him in the battle of Kerbela. Husayn and his family were killed and his head was sent back to Yazid in Damascus. THIS is how the Sunni and Shi’ite split in Islam came about. The Shi’ites still regard Ali and his sons to be the only legitimate heirs to the caliphate and they hold a ceremony once a year to commemorate Husayn’s death.

NOW the history lesson is over. Go on and stretch your legs for a minute or two and I’ll get back to the appalling video that was sent to me. You back? Ready? OK.

The participants of the ceremony to honor Husayn’s “martyrdom” are supposed to experience pain and suffering as a way to identify with the massacre of their ancestor. How is this accomplished? They gather in the ever familiar mob of unwashed bodies, dance around, chant like heathens, and then they proceed to cut the tops of their scalps with knives until a stream of blood flows down their faces and begins to soak their clothes. Good times.

No, I am not kidding. That is what the video showed. And this happened in 2010 in EUROPE! Not some sandpit in the Middle East. Europe. Vienna, the home of Mozart and Strauss. A place of beauty and intellect and culture, centuries old, now infested with Muslims.

To make this spectacle irreconcilably appalling, they….wait-for-it….also cut the scalps of very, very young children so they bleed as profusely as the adults!

This video showed a mother holding her child who was approximately 18 months old as he was thrashing in her arms, screaming with blood dripping off his sweet face. She looked annoyed. Not horrified. Not angry. Not frightened. Just annoyed that her baby boy was screaming in fear and pain. Because they cut his little head. Excuse me while I bite my tongue…

This scene reminded me of the stories in the Bible of when the Canaanites and, eventually Israel, sacrificed their newborn babies by placing them in the red hot metal arms of the god, Moloch and then danced and chanted while they listened to that precious child scream in agony.

Likewise, Islam’s entire history is bathed in blood and violence and pain. They have to force people to convert to this preposterous religion because there is nothing about their god that would cause anyone in their right mind worship him by free choice. The entire premise of Islam was born in hell and it’s still directed by that realm to this day!

The video went on to show their tiresome, bloody, singing, chanting, circle dance as they waved their knives around like trophies of manhood. Did I mention they cut their own babies? They are quite simply, satanically controlled. They worship a false god and follow a religion concocted by an illiterate fool who was a gold digging mama’s boy, murderer, thief, pedophile rapist, liar and all around jerk!

They base their entire lives and political system on the rantings of a man who literally thought he was possessed by demons. Guess what Muhammad (NO peace be upon you for all of eternity), you were right! You were possessed by demons.

These are the people who are slowly but surely infiltrating America and breeding like rats so they can establish legitimate residency. These are the savages who have already pretty much overrun Dearborn, Michigan and several other US cities.

They have the gall to come into OUR country, demanding religious freedom, acceptance, and Sharia Law. They have all but taken over Europe and they’ve set their sights on America. These are the ones who are commanded in their ‘un-holy book’ to conquer the world for Islam. Oh yeah. I forgot. In case you didn’t know, they cut their own babies!

I would have some hope these primitive beasts would never be able to actually conquer America if it were not for one thing. Barack. Hussein. Obama. The Muslim loving President some of you brilliantly elected to ruin, oops, run this country. In his narcissistic book, The Audacity of Hope, he says, and I quote: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Swell.

Hey, Barry, the winds have already “shifted.” They’re blowing that bogus Islamic “religion of peace” filth our way and it stinks to high heaven! Thanks for putting your country first. You are a disgrace.

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