Christian Wimps :: By Donna Wasson

Every so often, I receive comments from readers who chide me for being intolerant and judgmental for the things I write. I expect that from the unsaved, but to hear such nonsense from fellow Christians? They accuse me of not being Christ-like and that Jesus would be displeased with the fact that I speak out against and refuse to embrace certain groups, especially homosexuals.

I heard from a lady in Australia, a professing Christian, who literally wrote, “It saddens me to read that your heart was not big enough to encompass the gay community. Jesus, I believe, would have been disappointed in your view.” This was in response to my article, “A P.C. Update Regarding Gay Couples” written in February 2012.

This article was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at what questions the gay community has decided is kosher for the general public to ask regarding their upcoming, so called nuptials and what they might find offensive. Apparently, inquiring “Which one of you is the bride?” is off limits and considered in bad taste. Sounds like a perfectly logical question to me, but I digress.

Her rebuke caused me to re-evaluate my stance on these kinds of moral issues because my motivation for declaring some things unacceptable in God’s sight is not to offend or drive the lost away. On the contrary, how are the unsaved to know they are breaking God’s law if no one has the guts to tell them? Is maintaining a cozy, accepting relationship with flagrant sinners the way to lead them to the cross? Is that stance even biblical?

I will admit that I can be a bit sarcastic when writing about the LGBT community because, quite frankly, I am fed up with their militant, non-stop campaign to force the rest of society to completely accept their “alternative lifestyle” and keep our mouths shut. They have gradually encroached into nearly every aspect of public life including our churches (or supposed churches), arrogantly setting themselves up as ministers of God’s word!

Naturally, the entire entertainment media industry is saturated with their drivel and last but not least, they’ve outrageously infiltrated our tax payer supported, government school systems.

WHY, pray tell, do innocent, little kindergartners need to be indoctrinated with the gay/lesbian mindset by feeding them insipid stories of some kid having two daddy’s or two mommy’s? Where is the outraged cry from the public, especially the Christian community? Why is the church silent?

Because this is an apostate generation of politically correct “Christian” wimps, that’s why!

It seems in these end times, the majority of those who like to wrap themselves in the warm, fuzzy shawl of Christianity, sporting their “Jesus loves you” bumper stickers and attending their coffee-klatch Bible studies, have either lost their burden for the lost or never developed it in the first place. When is the last time you heard a “hell-fire and brimstone, come to Jesus” sermon?

Why aren’t our pastors, our so called shepherds, shutting off the fog machines and light shows long enough to clearly and compassionately share the entire gospel message; not just the “Jesus loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” part?

Is the money really that important? Are the TV appearances and book deals worth neglecting lost souls? Is popularity and refraining from offending others the proper thing to do? Is that sharing God’s love? Really?

Not to sound like some Old Testament prophet wanna-be, but WOE to these church leaders who are leading their little flocks to hell and holding the entrance gates open for them! I tremble to think of what inane excuse they will give an Almighty God for refusing to speak the truth to the ones He entrusted to them and what the Lord’s response will be!

You know what? I might be occasionally offensive. I might come off as sarcastic and judgmental. But here is the deal: Time is short. The spiritual electricity is in the air and we who are dedicated followers of Christ can feel it crackling all around us every day.

We watch the nightly news with a mixture of sadness and joyful anticipation of being snatched up by our Savior at any second and we know for sure we don’t have time to waste pussy-footing around, trying not to hurt the feelings of the lost.

We have work to do and, at least for me, that compulsion far overrides the need to be applauded or accepted for what I say or think. I am LONG over caring what people think of me. The only one whose opinion I need to worry about is the Master I serve, and if that means I come across as offensive when I speak the unvarnished truth of the Word of God, too bad!

People have plenty of access to a false, feel good ‘gospel” these days. I am well aware that speaking truth is completely out of vogue. But pointing out that God’s Law shows people are already condemned unless they repent and accept Jesus is simply too important to keep quiet. Jesus commanded his followers to love others as we love ourselves.

What could possibly be more loving than to cut out the fluff and point lost souls bound for an eternity of hell, to the cross? I apologize if what I write offends you. Honestly. But I cannot be silent and I emphatically refuse to be a wimpy Christian!