I Am Outraged – Christophobia :: By Donna Wasson

You cannot turn on the news or read a paper these days without hearing that some person or group is outraged about something. Someone is always yammering that someone else offended them or hurt their precious little feelings by expressing an opinion they don’t agree with.

Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of normal, average, polite society being expected to kiss the behinds of every freakish, offbeat, extremist, perverted, political nutcase. When did it become a nearly punishable crime to offend someone?? Why is the average American expected to completely accept every opinion the main stream media and Hollywood projectile vomits our way?

Oh, I’ll have plenty to say about political correctness and its cancerous, insidious erosion of our freedom of speech in this country, but for starters, I’m gonna coin a new politically correct word. Christophobia:

The irrational fear and often violent reaction of a person against those who have given their hearts to Jesus Christ, trusting entirely on Him for the cleansing of sin and reconciliation to the Father in heaven.

Yep, Christophobia. Good one, huh?

Christophobes can be identified by their undisguised hatred and disdain of true, Bible believing Christians. They are repulsed at a knee jerk, visceral level at the gentleness, purity and unnaturally loving nature of the real Christian and feel the need to deride and mock their lifestyle and values.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m talking about the genuine Christians around the world who, more and more, are few and far between. Not the “purpose driven life” or the “God wants you to be prosperous and rich” or the “All faiths lead to God” mega church group. You know the players I’m talking about; the well dressed, hanging around the coffee bar between Sunday services, gossiping about who is sleeping with whom and where on earth sister so-and-so got that awful outfit, pseudo-Christians. The ones who act pious on Sunday and make sure everyone knows how much they gave to the building fund this week, but then act like hell Monday through Saturday.

No, those folks actually get along just fine in their everyday lives because they are living just like everyone else. Real Christians are the oddballs who refuse to gossip, steal office supplies, use clean, intelligent language and go home to their families every evening instead of hitting the bars with their co-workers. They’re the strange ones who actually seem to care and offer their unselfish assistance when you are having a crisis or who listen empathetically to your broken heart.

Recently, I’ve noticed a very weird dynamic developing in the media. Christianity is being looked down on more and more. I’ve even heard them being labeled as “terrorists” especially if they support Israel. Black is white and up is now down! Puleeze!

Now heaven help you if you dare correctly identify as muslim those who carry out suicide bombings against innocent civilians or who kidnap and behead on YouTube some poor schlub who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, all for their “god” allah.

Yesseree Bob, those violent, mass murdering Christians are out of control and want to take over every aspect of our lives! Run while you can! You never know when one of those crazy people will jump on you and hold a gun to your head if you don’t convert to their religion. Geesh, maybe you and 3000 other people will be blown to smithereens one beautiful morning just because you don’t believe like they do. And later that day on the news, maybe you’ll see them dancing and celebrating your death and suffering in the parking lots of their churches.

I will have much more to say on the state of society in subsequent articles but for now, I am outraged that there are Christophobes roaming our streets. Maybe I’ll hold a protest and block traffic and throw garbage all over the place and hold up signs with meaningless blather and make inane statements to reporters and refuse to shower for three weeks and…and…well, you get the idea. Or maybe I’ll simply pray for Almighty God to open their eyes to their lost and hopeless existence and their great need for Him. Wow. How threatening.

I have every idea some fool will write a lame comment citing the Crusades, abortion bombings, hypocritical evangelists or even the Westboro “Baptist” Church inbred freaks. Don’t even go there. I write this with a heart that is weary of being mocked, misunderstood and lumped in with those who use the precious name of Jesus to justify their selfish goals and agendas and who wouldn’t recognize the Son of God if he were standing in front of them. If what I’ve said offends you, welcome to the club.

I can only pray the life I live and the way I treat others inspires Christophobia in the people I meet who have no use for God. What a great honor that would be!