Wake-Up, America’s Christians! :: By Bill Keller

In the Des Moines Register I once read a front-page article spreading the lies about how Allah is the same as the God of the Bible. Said one “Christian” teacher: “I admire their devotion to their God, and I believe it’s the same God as mine.” Satan does indeed use the media effectively.

What a real-world example of the Islamification of this nation… in the heartland!

Islam is alive and well…in the United States. While most people are busy living their lives, working, going to school, raising their families, they are oblivious to and apathetic about one of the great threats this nation has ever encountered….ISLAM.

Islam is NOT just another religion, but it is a 1400-year-old satanically inspired lie with a documented history since day one of terror, war, domination, and death!

This false religion was founded by a man named Mohammed who was a recorded pedophile and murderer. There is nothing peaceful about Islam, since the ultimate goal is to convert or kill all infidels to their lies and turn every nation on the globe into an Islamic nation. My friend, that includes the United States.

I remember years ago warning people about the goals of the homosexual community to force society to accept this unnatural and unhealthy choice of perverted sex between a man and a woman. They did this by intimidating into silence anyone who dared challenge them, by indoctrinating children from birth that homosexuality is perfectly normal and acceptable, and they did this through unrelenting political activity.

THEY SUCCEEDED, and now Islam is using the same playbook the homosexual community used so successfully.

The reason such perversion is now accepted by our society and the reason Islam is taking hold so quickly is because most people are not paying attention or are simply apathetic. Another huge reason however, is the church.

For the last forty years, most churches in the main denominations have compromised the Truth of the Bible and neutered themselves. You have had a rise in the watered-down, feel good, seeker/purpose driven/emerging church marketing strategies that aren’t designed to fill churches with converts but warm bodies.

Because the church, the watchdog of the soul of our nation, for the most part has been silent, sexual perversions like homosexuality, gambling, lies from hell like Islam and other cults, false religions, and new age philosophies have flourished. Instead of influencing the nation to turn from sin, the nation has influenced the church to fall into sin. This nation is spiritually bankrupt and rotting from within because the salt and light of God’s Word has been removed from the marketplace.

Who else has the authority to speak out against sin, against a lie like Islam, except the church? Sadly, you find more churches today holding hands with Muslims, not with any intention of trying to convert them, no, that would be OFFENSIVE.

No, the church today is so biblically illiterate most who call themselves Christians think the imaginary god of Islam, “allah,” is the same as the God of the Bible, and that somehow Muslims will be in heaven.


The answer is simple. The church MUST rise up if the soul of this nation is to be salvaged. God’s wrath and judgment upon this land is coming. I wrote years ago that God often uses human instruments to bring forth His judgment. For example, He used the Babylonians to exercise his judgment on the children of Israel. I see a very real and likely scenario where God could use Islam to pour out his wrath and punishment on this nation.

I know most people think I am paranoid in talking about Islam. They thought that I was paranoid when I warned people many years ago that unless the church stood up, men would be legally marrying men and women would be legally marrying women in this nation. People thought I was paranoid when I said it would only be a matter of time before the government decided what content was acceptable on the Internet.

How many MUSLIMS have we been lucky enough to stop from committing acts of terror over the past 9 years? It is only a matter of time before our luck runs out. CAIR wants Muslim women to be able to pat themselves down at the TSA screening area in airports. The state of Oklahoma actually has passed a law to keep Sharia Law from ever being used in that state. Obviously, they must be concerned about seeing Islamic law used in this nation’s courts.

My friend, there is only one hope and one answer, and that is for this nation to turn back to God and His Truth.


If we don’t, God’s judgment will be poured out on this land, and I see very clearly how He could use the false religion of Islam to punish this nation for turning its’ back on the Almighty, bowing down and worshipping the false god and idols of this world, and inviting every kind of sin imaginable into the land.