The Time is here and now!! :: by Dontwobears

The times are impressive, to say the least! And the Word of God tells us that things will become worse than they already are as we approach the time of the Rapture. Churches, of all places, are preaching the heresy of  “prosperity” rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Let me ask you a question! If the Bible is truly God’s holy Word to us (which I believe it is) and according to the Bible, we are in the time-line for the Rapture (which I believe we are)…Why on earth would physical ‘prosperity” or the acquisition of “things” be such a big deal???

We are talking about the “Rapture” here. Jesus Christ coming in the clouds to claim HIS own! And people are preaching about the acquisition of THINGS”?? Are YOU…so lazy…YOU can’t pick up the Bible and read it? YOU would rather sit there in the pew and let anyone tell you what you should do about…

YOUR Salvation or the lack there of…is essentially keeping you from knowing what Jesus Christ has said and will do for YOU in YOUR Life? Am I missing something here? Do YOU really want someone else to fill YOUR head with all the garbage of this world? YOU do not have the ability to “verify” the sermons YOU have been hearing against the Word of God?? It is obvious to me that the path to heaven IS indeed narrow and only a FEW will find it!!

Ah! I’m so sorry. Look at what I have done here…I somehow have offended YOU!! Let’s start over and let me say these things again. IF YOU do NOT follow Jesus Christ…YOU go to HELL…for eternity!! That’s FOREVER!!! Is that better? I would rather die from starvation than to compromise my relationship with Jesus Christ! People have become so obnoxious and have decided to go their own way because it’s “politically correct” or they are being “tolerant” to others.

They are busy being the “goody-two-shoes!” They want the “emotional” side of Jesus Christ…They want to “weep” about everything! They like feeling “Holier-than-thou” and to look down their noses, at people they feel are less than them! Funny how the Bible cites verses like: Be sure YOUR sins will find YOU out, as in Numbers 32.23, emphasis added: “But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.”

I did NOT say this, God’s holy Word, says it!!

Listen people, to what the Word of God is saying! I’m writing this information for you to read and at the same time, I am asking YOU to “verify” what I have said here…ACCORDING to the Bible─God’s holy Word!! Do NOT take my word for it!! VERIFY it…using the Bible!!

Joel Osteen will NEVER tell YOU to do that!! If YOU can’t find anything in the Bible about it…then ask someone YOU trust to find it for YOU! Look in the Bible!! Read it!! Think about it and then ask the Lord God Almighty to show YOU! There is a big black line and Jesus Christ is on one side…stupid Satan is on the other side! There is NO way to stand on the line. YOU must pick a side!

The side YOU choose is where you will reside for the rest of eternity…that’s forever…without end! The time is HERE!! What is it that YOU want…in all truthfulness, heaven for eternity or hell for all eternity?

I have told so many people, about the Word of God, the coming Rapture and the Tribulation that will immediately follow! I have stood there and watched them look off into “whatever” place they feel safe…convicted by God’s Word…and say nothing! My Heart breaks, because some of these people are very close to me! More than anything, I wish they would take a stand, one way or the other!

When the day comes for the Rapture they will no longer find me, or my wife, millions upon millions of people will suddenly disappear! At that very moment, these people will KNOW with out any doubt what has just taken place! I am not able to KNOW their level of fear at that moment, but I KNOW they will want to KNOW how to find Jesus Christ! They will see they have missed the boat…missed the Rapture…and now they will have to live the Tribulation.

“Oh my…what is going on here?” If I don’t accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior, then I will die and never see heaven or be with God!” Is this what is going through their head, as they turn their face from me?? Nope!!

“It that why he is telling me this stuff over and over again? Can’t we just be friends and get along, laughing and joking together?”

To be brutally honest, NO, we can’t be that way!!”

The Rapture of the church of Jesus Christ is so very close…you could almost reach out and touch it!! What YOU need to understand is this: One day your physical life will be over and YOU didn’t make that choice for Jesus Christ!! You KNOW you should have, but…you kept putting it off, so now, you’re standing before Jesus Christ and HE can’t find your name in the Lamb’s book of life! As you stand there and look into HIS eyes, you’re going to instantly KNOW the truth and where YOU are headed!!

Jesus Christ stands there and looks at you…HIS heart breaking…and you are then carried off to hell!! YOU should have paid attention. You should have made the right decision right there and then!! SO…whose fault is it…that YOU are headed for hell?? That’s right…it’s YOUR fault and no one else!!

And the vast majority of people think they are so smart, so intelligent, so sophisticated, that they don’t feel they need Jesus Christ! Such a self-imposed, self-serving and obnoxious thought! If this then offends you…guess what…you have not been reading the Word of God and you don’t know the answers to life, why we are here. Rest assured, you will understand it very, very, soon!

A few days ago, I lost a friend by his own hands, as I lost one a couple of years ago. Two important friends…gone! They chose to end their lives and never once did they contemplate what their eternal lives would be! “It’s all about me!” Right. That sure made its way into their thinking! It has actually made me angry!

They had been so selfish, never considered anyone else, never gave a thought to who they were hurting, their children and grandchildren, other friends and family! You see, “It’s all about me, it’s all about my mistake, it’s about who hurt me…ME, ME, ME!” While at that moment, someone else was busy scurrying around and working for your benefit, but YOU…why, you’re the most important person!

No need to bother your precious self about anyone around you that truly cares for you and would help you in a heartbeat! You’re too big a person to stoop to anyone else’s level!! You never gave anyone the chance to talk with you about salvation, your salvation!! All you have done is to leave them with questions, why would YOU do this? Nice to have a quick slap in the face and KNOW that YOU are headed for hell, rather than eternal life! YOU talked a good game, had all the words you needed to lie to everyone, the best of intentions! Good job my friends!! It has been nice knowing you! The END!!

Oh I get it! This is too personal, too in-depth, right? Actually…NO it isn’t, it is NOT enough, NOT even close!! How can it be? You choose to kill yourself, but you can’t take any time to listen to the Word of God and decide where you want to spent eternity? Tell me I’ve missed the boat here, please!

The most basic reason for all of us being here in the first place and instead of answering that question, you decide to put the cart before the horse? Poof, wow your gone! Nope, it’s NOT too personal. It’s NOT too in-depth. As a matter of fact, we need to take this and run as far as we can with it and understand before others do the same ridiculous thing!

I hope the rest of you will take this to heart, spend time with your family and friends, close or not, make sure they understand their need for Jesus Christ! Life is short for us…for a reason…whether you’re headed for heaven or for hell, that it is YOUR decision!