A Still, Small Voice?? :: by Don Twobears

I remember as a child (many will think I must have been around since the beginning of the 20th Century) we had books that introduced us to basic arithmetic. 1 + 1 = 2, 1 apple and 1 apple, we would then have 2 apples. Some of you may remember these books. And so with these books we began to understand our numbering system.

We were best at counting our allowance, which seemed a big thing in those days. Through the years that followed we graduated to even more difficult forms of mathematics, which if learned well, afforded great paying jobs!

As time went on, we have gradually become aware of elements in our lives and in the universe that we like to call “dimensions.” The first dimension would existence as us, or a thing, and the second would be like saying there is a foreground and a background and the third would a space of dimension within a dimension and it gets really complicated after that.

What it ultimately has to do with is a structure (a physical and mathematical) presence in space and time. And so here we are, learning with the scientists and thinking we are so intelligent! I remember as a boy, my parents would go to certain “tent revivals” and as was usual they had the “hellfire” and “doom and gloom” preachers (no disrespect ever meant on my part here).

I often heard many of them talk about “God’s still small voice” that we needed to listen for, to gain understanding of His holy Word─the Bible. For many years this is how I thought the voice of God truly was. A few years ago, I really got to thinking about this. I have since come away believing it to be incorrect.

The God I know is powerful beyond our imaginations and in so many directions that I would never be able to count. HE can change the future for us if HE chooses to do so without our awareness. HE churns the ocean waves, spins the earth in its orbit and provides the rest of the universe for us to marvel at. I know these are but a few examples of what His glory but it only goes to show HE is anything and everything more than a “still small voice!”

The fact that we are here and continue into the next breath, gives evidence that HE not only loves us but HE is constantly with us directing and helping all those who love HIM. Even in the days of the Israelites wandering through the wilderness is evidence of HIS continual presence. It is my opinion the laws according to HIS righteousness which He handed down to them, is the voice of God, the ultimate authority.

Having said that, there was never a, “Well…if you’re not too busy, would you mind adhering to my laws?” It was a command that certain things will be done, there was a booming voice in HIS authority saying: “DO this or don’t do that!” For me, this is not indicative of a “still, small voice!”

Everyone can agree that there are people who hear advice and then there are those that hear what they WANT to hear, right? I cannot for any reason hear God speak in a small voice, when it comes to creating and maintaining the universe as a whole, do you?

I know many that LIKE the idea of a “still small voice” but, is this factual, is this the way the Lord God Almighty would choose? When I read HIS Word, the Bible, I do not hear a small voice, I hear a voice that is talking to me, in love, but HIS voice is just as loud as is needed for me to hear what HE wants of me, or what HE is trying to show me.

HE is more than able to talk over my thoughts, to quiet my heart and spirit and show me what HE wants me to know and then HE adds HIS wisdom and discernment, so that I understand. Honestly, I hear HIM clearly and loud enough to KNOW it is truly HIM talking to me…I praise HIM for this!!

I can remember when as a child, with my parents in church, I would be misbehaving and all I had to do was look at either of them to know what they were telling me…with only a look. There was no doubt in my little mind what they were saying and just how serious they were. I believe there is a great deal of “obedience” to be understood when we are spoken to by God.

The average Bible student knows, that “obedience” to the Lord is crucial when in a relationship with Him. For the adult, obedience is key. Anything else is rebellion to the Lord. And that, my friends, is totally unacceptable in every way! It is from reading God’s Holy Word that we know that rebellion against the Lord is the road to destruction and permanent death!

What is so difficult is that rebellion is the route of least resistance, just like water or electricity and we must work hard to maintain our obedience to the Lord. Rebellion or SIN is what puts our relationship with the Lord on hold. Our SIN then runs us into further SIN thinking, “Well…I really didn’t know it was a SIN until I thought about it later, then I asked for HIS forgiveness.” That is another SIN altogether and it is still rebellion to the Lord, HE knows that we KNOW when we SIN.

Throughout our days we can see why it is no longer SIN that is preached from the pulpits…it’s simply too uncomfortable for us to hear about it…and then apply the teaching to our lives.

We enjoy sitting in the pews, looking all pious and holy when we are anything but that. We can’t help but understand that we are shaming ourselves before the Lord, that we are SIN filled and WE “deserve” the punishment for that SIN. We should be head down and in complete humility, debased because of our SIN before a completely righteous GOD!

The problem is, we THINK we are good people and should never deserve being debased for any reason, before anyone!! After all “What would the neighbors think? What would our friends and coworkers THINK??”

Seldom does anyone truly wonder, “What does the LORD think of me?” Therein lies the greatest deceit of all, our deceiving ourselves and putting our thoughts before the thoughts of our Lord and Savior. This is actually the greatest deceit ever played out and it was committed first by Lucifer and the cause for his expulsion from before GOD!

The moment we think we can hide anything from the view of GOD…we are only fooling ourselves…self-deceit! We commit the ultimate SIN and rebellion of GOD…and the thing is…we know exactly when we are committing it!

Romans 3.22-25, emphasis added:

“Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God.”

There is no way that I can say that the verse above is God speaking in that “still small voice!” I believe that this is the Lord God Almighty’s holy words to us, spoken loud enough for all to hear and it echoes though out the universe and beyond. This is the exact point every single person who has ever lived on this planet must come to accept. This is where the Lord “pins our hide to the wall,” so to speak and shows us who we really are!

And that we NEED to be bathed in the blood of Jesus Christ, from the cross at Calvary and that this is the only way to heaven and our Father…GOD! I can NOT hear a small voice from my Lord and Savior as they drove those spikes through HIS hands and feet! All I hear is my spirit screaming out…that this crucifixion is what I deserve…NOT my Lord and Savior!

And then in my heart I KNOW that if HE hadn’t sacrificed HIS life…MY LIFE would be worthless in every way possible. This then asks the question, “Why is there rebellion in my heart…how can I turn my back on such a great sacrifice as this crucifixion of Jesus Christ or my willingness to throw away my life…that HE died for? And then from the cross I hear my Lord and Savior say, “Father…forgive them…for they know NOT what they do!”

In my heart, soul and spirit I can NOT fathom the clarity of HIS understanding of me and my SIN. That kind of clarity can only be from a loving God…for such a pitiful being like me! It is saying that I deserve my death for my SIN…but HIS Love for me…is greater than my SIN. It is truly a small thing to ask for HIS forgiveness of my SIN…in relation to the magnitude of the cost of my SIN by Jesus Christ.

I am so undeserving of this love by my Lord and Father…then I think of those that are NOT saved…and my heart cries again. It changes the entire view of the Great Commission, which the Lord has given to each of us. For the greatest of love, the magnitude of which I could never imagine, I give my life to Jesus Christ!

Marantha Lord!!!