They’re Going to Hell on Your Watch :: By Laura Torres

One might wonder how the people of “the world” are able to stay blind in this very prophetic time in history. Personally, I was one of those people living in blissful ignorance not so long ago. I was one of those Christians who weren’t really a Christian, but was told since I was little that I was, so I didn’t question it. I didn’t look inside to see if I was. I didn’t question my standing with God. I just lived, my life without much thought of eternity.

From what I knew I was saved because I believed in Jesus. I had my ticket into heaven and no one could snatch me out of His hand, from what I understood. Yet, I never read the Bible. I rarely went to church most of my life, and I didn’t worry about it either. I didn’t feel guilty about my sin because, hey it was paid for by Jesus and was not going to be remembered by God, so who was I to dwell on it? Can anyone out there relate?

We have to remember that people are blind, and “we” have the ointment that can cure them. Yet, it seems that even in the church people are passing the buck to someone else to do the dirty work of spreading the gospel. We just want to reap the benefits of being a Christian without doing the work of a follower. True Christians know without a doubt that most churches these days are not giving the full gospel, so they know that people who are looking to find God in church are still blind after they leave their hip, concert-like, coffee selling churches.

Do these blind parishioners know they are blind or do they walk out feeling like they got something spiritual? I can tell you that I was a volunteer in my seeker-sensitive church for years and never once questioned my standing with God. I loved going to that church and never thought that it was a watered down message. In fact, I was sure that my sins were forgiven and didn’t even question my habitual sin. In truth, I could go out drinking with my friends and have no feelings of guilt, for I was not expected to be perfect.

Once I learned the truth by simply picking up my Bible and reading it, my church actually seemed irritated by my desire to make sure people were told the whole truth. I think these churches that are more concerned about keeping people of the world in a comfortable state of ignorance are more dangerous than anything the world is lying to them about.

We can’t sneak sinners into heaven’s gate without them experiencing the change of heart that only the true unfiltered gospel can do. The world is wide open with what it offers…sin, sin and more sin. When a church tells you “just repeat this prayer after me and you are saved” is a much more sinister lie.

People stay blind because that is the state of mind they are living in. We can’t point our judgmental fingers at blind people doing what blind people do. We must care about them enough to break out of our own little comfortable worlds and tell them the truth. We must risk our reputations among the blind and live with the labels they may attach to us…because we love them more than ourselves. Christ who lives in us loves them, so we love them. True Christians are reading the signs of the times and they know their Lord draweth near, yet they are keeping quiet?


False Christians do not know they are false. False Christian are no safer than believers of other faiths. They may be more blind than the rest because they “think” they know the truth. This world is passing away before our eyes, the Lord gave us instructions to preach the Word to all…what are we waiting for? If you are a true Christian, you have your instructions. God didn’t save you just so you could sit on your hands and do nothing to further His kingdom.

If you believe that, then you just might be one of those false Christians but don’t know it. If you don’t know how to spread the Word, there are many programs that teach you how…but you must seek them out to find them. Search your heart to see if you are really in the faith. If you are afraid to search because you might find that you are not truly a Christian, it is better to find out now rather than on judgment day. Time is running out.

Christ did His job, what are you doing for Him? For all those out there “doing” a lot for Christ, make sure your heart and intentions are in the right place. I say that because so many religions out there create lots of “good” people who do “good” things, but they are still lost. Doing good for Christ doesn’t make you a Christian, if you are just doing it to get into heaven. Believing in Christ as your only way into heaven is the only thing that gets you there. Doing good after that fact is not because we are good, but because He is good.

He does His good through His flock. He gets the credit, not you. We spread the word to the world because He died for those lost people, and He loves them and He is using us to get to them. Are you doing His will by allowing Him to use you? Or are you too busy? Or not a good speaker? Or too shy? Or some other reason that you tell yourself is an acceptable excuse? There is no more time for excuses. It is time to speak up for Christ and give the whole truth to this lost and dying world. It isn’t someone else’s job. It’s yours and mine and every single Christian you know.

Right across the street from you or next door or someone in your family is someone who is heading in the direction of hell. Are they going to hell on your watch? You don’t need to go to Africa, for this country is a mission field of its own. Pray for God to give you boldness to speak His word and He will because that is His will. That prayer will be answered, so get ready to work for Christ. We all know that we could all do better, me included, so let’s do it today! I pray that God will not allow you to sink back into your comfortable complacency, but will give you the love it takes to do His work.