Call Evil Good, Good Evil :: by Grant Phillips

For some time now, one Scripture verse keeps coming to mind, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

Allow me to offer several thoughts among the hundreds that could easily be observed (no particular order):

·        I saw this morning where an Ohio woman may get 50 years in the pokey for beheading her boyfriend’s pig. I wonder what her potential prison time would be if she had murdered the boyfriend?

·        While we’re on animals, if you abuse or kill an animal, you’re in for trouble, but rip the brains out of an unborn human baby then throw it in the trash and that’s just fine. I have had pets since I was a child, but I have never had a problem recognizing that they are animals, not family members. They should not be mistreated, but they are animals folks, not humans! Today people have gone off their rocker in treating an animal as if it were a family member. Many animals are even treated better than family members.

·        Many areas are usurping the rights of property and/or business owners by banning smoking in public, but then alcohol consumption is brought in to replace it. I have never known anyone to use their family for a punching bag because they smoked a cigarette, but it is very common from those who love to drink.

·        Our government takes hard earned money (called taxation) from those who work, and rewards those who are too lazy to work by giving it to them. It’s called “vote buying” with your money, but it’s legal.

·        Manger scenes and “Merry Christmas” have been pushed out of sight since they honor Jesus. Instead, Satan is honored with witches and hobgoblins on Halloween.

·        The marriage bed has been replaced with what we used to call just plain old “shacking up.”

·        For those who do actually get married, divorce is quite common. “If it doesn’t work out, that’s okay I’ll just get me another one.”

·        Virginity has been replaced with free sex. It’s more common today than a kiss was when I was young. I think the Bible calls the free sex crowd “whores” and “whoremongers”. Ouch!

·        Sex strictly between a man and a woman now has an added addition; two men, two women, even group sex.

·        Clean language has been replaced with gutter mouths.

·        Clean and neat dressing has been replaced with dressing “down”; punk, sloth, exposed, etc.

·        Clean movies have been replaced with trash.

·        If a lady is raped, she is more on trial than the rapist. In other words, the offended is persecuted, while the offender is defended.

·        The prisons are overflowing because murderers aren’t executed, and convicts are paroled so they can commit more crimes.

·        Ban prayer at the ballgame, but cuss all you want.

·        Bible stories have been removed from the schools, and replaced with free condoms.

·        The 10 Commandments have been replaced with pornography.

·        Capitalism is being thrown out the window, so we can have socialism.

·        Decency is ridiculed while filth is promoted.

·        I saw on the news that a little girl kissed a little boy in school. The school called the sheriff.

·        I have lost count of the child lemonade stands that have been shut down by city officials.

Folks, I just presented 21 examples “calling evil good and good evil” and I haven’t even cracked the surface. These came to me in a matter of minutes. What is it going to take for people to wake up?

Our lifestyle is going to hell in a hand basket, and few seem to care. Not only that, but the “call evil good and good evil” crowd seems to be growing exponentially.

Another thing that comes to mind concerning evil is that I cannot believe, especially from the older generation, just how much people look the other way, even in their own families. The tolerance afforded all this garbage is mind-boggling. In 2 Timothy Chapter three, Paul tells Timothy how matters will be in the last days. You would think he somehow read today’s newspapers.

These very few things I mentioned (the 21 above) and thousands of others all around us are screaming that the end is drawing near.

The economic systems of every country on earth are literally teetering on the brink of disaster. The only thing that has kept us from being flushed down the economic toilet before now is God’s time table. Our political system in this country is in the sewer. Generally speaking, we have very dishonest people in positions of leadership who don’t give a flip about anything but feathering their own nest and being re-elected. Crime is through the roof and exacerbating daily. Criminals are being moddycoddled and taking over society like the fox in the hen house. Madmen are out to kill us, and we bow and kiss their blood-stained hand. Natural disasters are exploding all over the globe.

We seem to have the attitude of “hear no evil, see no evil”. Many of you reading this do not know Jesus Christ. Now would be a good time to introduce yourself!  Many of you Christians have puttered along through life and looked the other way while the world has crept into your lives and the lives of your families and taken over. The coffee is brewing folks!

I have said repeatedly and will say again, that I have no clue when Jesus will come back for His Church, but from the signs He has given us for the last days (no signs for the Rapture), it may not be much longer. I find it interesting that other Christian writers are giving warnings also that the end may be nearer than we think. Could that be a coincidence, or is God trying to tell us something?


Grant Phillips