American Sharia :: by Ron Graham

The title of this commentary is a complete contradiction in terms. The possibility of America and Sharia co-existing in the land of the free and the home of the brave is ludicrous. Other countries, such as England, are experimenting with this concept and are currently trying to develop a cohesive existence between their own original form of Parliamentary law and Sharia. So far it’s a disaster. A government under Sharia law cannot co-exist with any other form of government, period.

Many of our government leaders are currently conspiring to scrap the U.S. Constitution. Our Constitution has far too many restrictions on power grabbing. These government leaders must replace the Constitution of the United States with something else. Tampering with 234 years of proven success concerning our current form of government is madness. Mark my words, Sharia law will move in the moment our Constitution is moved out.

From the beginning of Obama’s first term in office we’ve witnessed over and over again his dishonoring of our Constitution and now he has spit on it and trampled it into the ground. Obama’s agenda is the destruction and complete elimination of our beloved and well established form of government. Why?

There can be no mistake, under a well written, proven document such as the Constitution of the United States of America, Sharia law would be impossible to implement. Don’t be fooled by what your government representatives are telling you about our Constitution being a living document.

“We the People” is a Neanderthal of a concept in their eyes and at complete odds with Obama’s agenda. “We the People” must be disposed of so the ushering in of a new completely foreign form of government can take its place. I suggest it will be in the form of Sharia law.

America’s Christians have now reached that precipice in time where we are no longer compelled or commanded by God to adhere to our government’s laws. There’s no controversy surrounding a Christian’s duty to the Lord Jesus. We believers are not held to follow such a government that forces its people to participate, through the paying of taxes, in the wholesale slaughter of innocent babies while still in the womb. With the passage of the most illegal piece of legislation in America’s history, Christians have the duty to refuse to obey the laws of such a land. A majority of our elected officials mocked our Constitution, but even worse they’ve mocked God.

If you think Obama will stand behind an executive order that states there will be no government funding for abortions in this massive corruption that we just saw enacted into law you’re in for a surprise. I’m talking about the most pro-abortion president in the history of the U.S. here folks.

If an executive order can be given it can be repealed, executive orders are not law, only Congress can enact laws. Obama will find a way for government funding of abortions to be included in his health care package or he’ll find another way to fund abortions. But let it be known he will not rest until he’s provided the abortion industry with the recourses of the federal government for full funding of this atrocity.

The government, through illegal means, snubbed its nose at the Constitution of America and its people and is now not only the enemy of this land but the enemy of God. As such, they can no longer demand our respect, our allegiance, or our patriotism. America as we’ve known it is waning and the socialist states of America are now the new mantra of Obama and his clan of misfits. Much evil is upon us as a nation and one way to respond is to refuse to go along.

For a long time now Christians have been wondering how their very powerful government would respond to any dissention in the ranks. What will they do with so many who refuse to toe the line? This country hasn’t enough prisons to hold all who stand against her tyrannical leadership, and I estimate there will be millions. So how will our government leaders respond to rebellion?

Obama may create a false crisis and then declare martial law. The military will be mobilized in every city to restore the peace in the land. Although Christians are for the most part peaceful, the government will determine that we Christians, as well as conservatives in general, are a huge threat to the stability of this new socialistic government.

Thus we will be rounded up and locked up in detention camps just like this nation did to the Japanese Americans during WWII. It was a period of falsely created fear that moved Americans to stand against their own just because they were of a different race. This will be just one result stemming from the insanity that is now permeating our land.

The health care bill passed by the House of Representatives and signed into law by Obama will be the catalyst that brings about the enforcement of martial law and I believe the introduction of Sharia law through the eventual elimination of our Constitution.

If you think the Muslims are going to pass up an opportunity to establish Sharia law in America you are badly mistaken. Islam is all about world domination. They are chomping at the bit to get their foot in the door of American politics. Can you imagine what a coup that would be?

Oh you can say we will fight them in the courts, but remember who’s placing the judges in those courts. You say many states are challenging the constitutionality of this takeover of our rights. What Constitution? It’s being eliminated remember?

Unless normal every day Americans make a visible public stance against this tyranny, our government’s leadership will continue to rape our land and destroy our rights. Only 30 percent of Americans wanted the Obamacare legislation to pass. Who were the democratic representatives listening to? Obama and Pelosi.

“Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” —Thomas Jefferson

Is the United States of America still known as “One Nation under God”? Or have we capitulated to the enemy? We’ve saw 219 democratic representatives doing just that.

Where will we go from here if Obama and his minions of evil are allowed to continue unabated? What recourse will be available to us if we continue to do little or nothing to stem the tide of what can only be referred to as, and I’ll put this as delicately as I can, the castration of the masses?

We, as a once free people, are being systematically subdued. Sharia law will be Hell to believers in Christ if we are still here and being ruled by this evil. For those who decide to recite the following oath though “Allah is god and Muhammad is his messenger”, no problem.

America is on her way to resembling hell on earth under Obama who thinks he’s the messiah god. Christianity is out and the new religion of the land is approaching. We are all being set up for a huge fall. Obama’s intentions are clear. The replacement of our Constitution with his new socialistic agenda of spreading the wealth can certainly mean that eventually the enactment of Sharia will become the law of the land.

The Constitution, in Obama’s mind, cannot be salvaged; it must be tossed out with the garbage. Watch for Sharia law to be introduced as the only viable alternative to the growing trend to obsolescence of our current Constitution.

Something evil this way comes. We’re witnessing the creation of a brainwashed bunch of lap dogs, a society being prepared to be ruled by Sharia law. Christianity is the antithesis of Sharia law. They simply cannot co-exist.

The following is an excerpt from American Thinker website:

Any review of the implementation of Sharia law anywhere in the world (or of Sharia itself) shows it to be brutal, cruel, misogynistic, anti-free speech, supremacist, anti-democratic, and anti-freedom of religion among its many unpleasant qualities.

Sharia law is derived from the Koran, Sira, and Hadith, the three foundational documents of Islam. Sharia law therefore has the authority of both Allah and Mohammed, as it is the codification of their commands and the words, deeds, and example of the prophet. American support of this barbaric “legal system” anywhere on this planet is folly.

Sharia law is antithetical to American concepts of freedom and democracy. There is no overlap whatever between American concepts of decency and justice and Sharia law. Among the horrors of Sharia are death for criticism of Islam, death for leaving Islam, dhimmitude (protection) for non-Muslims living under Sharia, the near impossibility of rape victims to prove rape, wife-beating, child marriage, unequal rights for women, no legal rights for non-Muslims, and the subjugation of women. The list of Sharia’s horrors is lengthy and disturbing.

Under Sharia law, there is no “retaliation” by the Islamic state against a Muslim who kills a non-Muslim for whatever reason. Can there be a more barbarous “legal” system that is more overtly opposed to our own concepts of right/wrong, good/evil, decency/barbarism, and justice/injustice? No American who loves our Constitution and the freedoms guaranteed under it should accept Sharia law.

I preach Christ and Him crucified, I stand on the inerrant word of God. That’s good, that’s real good but an evil is coming that will preclude your preaching Christ and using the Bible. Under Sharia law you will be forced to preach from the Koran if you’re going to do any preaching at all.

Obama once made the statement that shocked many American Christians, but was for the most part dismissed by the media. He said that America is no longer a Christian nation. That statement, my friends, is so telling. He must believe that America was at one time a Christian nation to say that it has now lost that designation. It’s a set up folks.

Another tyrant, Adolf Hitler, made some interesting quotes. Some of the more famous quotes include “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” and “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think” lastly “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach”. Then there’s my quote, “If America doesn’t wake up soon we’re doomed.”

Our government leaders know that Americans can get passionate when it comes to their rights being trampled, but they also know that that passion is short lived. Time diminishes passion and our leaders are more prepared to wait out the inevitable decline of passion among their particular constituency.

Sooner than later American’s for the most part return to their normal daily lives, and all too quickly resolve to adapt to the new regulations. After all that’s why we elect representatives right? So we can just forget politics and leave the law making to the politicians because they know best.

Obama a Muslim, plain and simple, and has been since birth. He can quote the Koran from memory. Go to Google and type in “Obama and the Koran.” There are videos posted on YouTube that clearly show our president in his element. For those of us who are fully aware of Islam’s agenda to conquer the world for Allah (Satan), this Obama character becomes even scarier.

Obama was raised in Indonesia and went to a Muslim school where he was fully indoctrinated with the mentality of the Muslims through the teaching of the Koran. The Koran teaches that a Muslim can lie when it promotes the Islamic cause, especially politically.

Obama routinely participated in daily prayer vigils at his Muslim school, yet he lies that he rarely attended prayer time. Muslim children growing up in a Muslim society and attending a Muslim school are not given the option of attending prayer sessions. They attend, period.

We all know Obama lies. Transparency in government? Liar. Americans are to be given five days to read any new legislation from the time he receives it to the time he signs it? Liar. He signed this new monstrosity within 36 hours of receiving it.

Obama has admitted how he loves to hear Islam’s call to prayer; he stated that “It’s the most beautiful sound in the world.” Wow, as he has called himself a professing Christian, I would have thought possibly Amazing Grace might have fit that bill better. And when it comes to the Bible, which all Christians should be adhering to, he either misquotes it or disparages it, which, by the way, is how Satan uses Scriptures.

Obama canceled the National Day of Prayer breakfast 2009 but praised Muslims on their day of prayer. Mark Whittington –

The National Day of Prayer, first designated by President Truman and made permanent by President Reagan, was celebrated by an ecumenical service in the White House by President George W. Bush every first Thursday in May.

This will no longer be the case. President Obama, apparently listening to complaints by atheists and others who hold that holding a religious service, no matter how inclusive, constitutes an official endorsement of religion, has canceled the National Day of Prayer service (White House observance).

The list of anti-American sentiments stemming from this man’s own mouth is staggering. Folks, Obama isn’t a traitor to America; he would need to be a citizen of the U.S. to be labeled a traitor. But he is a usurper of power. Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to his faith in Christ. His love for this nation and his respect for humanity are all nonexistent.

He couldn’t care less about the American people. This agenda he’s embarked on is all about himself, his Muslim faith, and Sharia law. Islam is a religion of peace. Ha! Christians might give their enemies a headache by witnessing to them, but Islam removes the heads of its enemies.

Heath care? Not on your life. Obamacare will give him (Obama) the farthest reaching power of any president in our history, far past the restraints preserved in our Constitution, and he will see it orchestrated to fully adhere to his agenda, pushing Americans to the brink of despair.

We might see another revolution in this country, but I doubt it. Americans have become so docile, (like castrated animals) living the life of Riley that we’ll all probably just sit back and wait for the train (Sharia Law) to run us down.

What can we do then? Well most importantly pray, my brethren, of course, “Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17. The power in prayer is so undervalued these days, but God is listening. He longs to hear His children’s prayers; He wants us to trust Him in all things. Pray God will intervene on behalf of His children. And by all means we must become fearless for Christ.

The more prominent you are in Christ’s service, the more certain are you to be the butt of calumny [slander]. I have long ago said farewell to my character. I lost it in the earlier days of my ministry by being a little more zealous than suited a slumbering age. And I have never been able to regain it except in the sight of Him who judges all the earth, and in the hearts of those who love me for my work’s sake. —C.H. Spurgeon

How prophetic of Spurgeon. “A slumbering age.” Isn’t that where many Christians are today? Wake-up America and follow God in all His precepts and stop the insanity of following a corrupt government down that wide path that leads to destruction.

“We the People” must fight back against tyrants and all those who turned a blind eye and ear to the voice of the majority of Americans last Sunday by voting to bring on the further implementation of the destruction of our Constitution. You may not believe me, but I believe as Rush Limbaugh does, that “we are hanging by a thread.”

You think I’m a wacko, out there in cyber space somewhere without a clue? Possibly, but just in case you’re wrong, you might want to begin a routine of reciting the Islamic oath I placed above, unless of course you’re going to stand up for Jesus our true Messiah.

Remember the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland and her famous and continual quote “Off with their heads”? Obviously she was Muslim.

Do you enjoy your freedom? It was fun while it lasted wasn’t it?

God help us all,

Ron Graham