Thy Word Is Truth – John 17:17 :: by Grant Phillips

I was very fortunate to have been raised in a Christian home with a solid church foundation. When the doors were open at the church building, we were there. We lived up in a “holler” where most everyone was a Christian and there were very few people, if any, who I did not know. My Southern Baptist background gave me strong conservative views, most of which I accepted, some I did not (at a later age).

The training I and others received from our pastor was exceptional. I was saved at the age of seven, and loved to read and study God’s Word, and even from a young age, I was always self-motivated to study the Bible.

By the time I reached the age to attend college, I enrolled in a Southern Baptist college where I thought my spiritual training would ripen considerably. I assumed that everyone on campus would be carrying a Bible under their arm and discussing its richest depths. To say I was naïve at that ripe young age would be an accurate description, as you probably guessed, since that wasn’t the scene I witnessed upon arrival on campus.

My major eye-opening experience was in an Old Testament class taught by a professor who was also a Southern Baptist minister. I knew immediately something was wrong when he began teaching that the first eleven chapters of Genesis were “debatable” in truth, and then later that the Song of Solomon should not have been included in the Bible. I and a few others asked him if he really believed that stuff, and he replied “that he did not, but since he was paid to teach it, he had to do so.” What little respect I had for him went out the window.

At that young age of eighteen I was very well versed in the Bible and was nobody’s fool. However, being young, I was also shaken by what I was seeing and hearing. It just wasn’t what I imagined. Welcome to the real world.

With the background and training I had up to that point, and the effect this new awakening had on me at such a young age, I can see why so many people today are not taking God’s Word seriously. That was in 1965, and obviously, Satan’s garbage was already being spewed out in what I thought to be conservative circles. I can’t imagine what was being taught elsewhere.

My faith was not shattered, but it was tested for a while, and I knew I would never have peace with this introduction to liberalism until I came to one conclusion. One thing kept coming to my mind; either the Bible is false or it is true, but it cannot be both. The decision I then made was actually quite easy. From that point on, my mind was settled that the Bible is true in every area from Genesis to Revelation and everyone else was wrong. If another contradicted God’s Word, they were a liar but not God. God’s Word is Truth in its entirety and that settled it. After coming to that firm conclusion, my mind was at peace.

We are now in the 21st century and all the “isms” have had many years to foment their lies against the holy Bible. Thousands upon thousands have turned their back upon this Holy book because of the lies that have come from Satan’s schemes. He has watered down colleges, seminaries and pulpits to the point that it is really hard to find the Truth even in most churches. Christians have grown spiritually lazy and as a result excel in Biblical ignorance. I even question if this class is truly saved.

Our world today is so full of spiritual rot; the stench must be gagging the angels in Heaven. “Politically correct” tripe is made to sound saintly, righteous and even godly, but Satan is a great mocker. He will soon attempt to mimic the Son of God through his puppet the Antichrist, making the world think he is God. His trilogy will copycat the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If you are a Christian having problems in determining what to believe, do yourself a favor and get in God’s Word, the Bible, on a daily basis. Mix it thoroughly with prayer, and then determine as I did as a young eighteen year old, it … is … the … only …Truth. Anything you hear that opposes it is a lie straight from the pits of hell. Cry out with the Psalmist, “Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.” (Psalm 25:5)

None of us know when our Bridegroom will come, but we must be ready. Those who are attuned to His Word know it may not be very far down the road until He calls out for us to “come up here” and meet Him. This world we now live in is ripe for His coming. Never before in history has His soon return been so obvious. I offer no predictions, for only a fool would try, but He has made it clear that we are to be longing for His return and be ready.

Jesus told the disciples that the fields were white unto harvest. Are we out in the fields telling the world about Him? Do we know anything to tell? We don’t know who God has called, but all who come to Him will be accepted. None will be rejected if they just call upon the name of the Lord to be saved. Are we getting that message out? The fields may have turned brown by now, but there are those who still need to hear about the Savior Jesus. How do I know that? I know that because Jesus hasn’t as yet returned. Since He hasn’t returned, He is still waiting for the remainder who will complete the body of His bride.

Are you facing situations in your life that confuse and trouble you as a Christian? Then get in the Word. The world does not have any answers, but God’s Word does. You say, “I don’t know what to believe.” Believe the Bible. It may sound too simple, but that is the correct answer.

We know by the mouth of Jesus Himself that His Word is Truth, for He said in the Garden of Gethsemane when praying to the Father, “Make them holy by your truth; teach them your word, which is truth.” (John 17:17 NLT) Do you want the Truth? Get in the Word. Believe it, for it is the only truth.


Grant Phillips