The Big Bad Wolf :: by Grant Phillips

In 1966, a song called “Little (or Lil’) Red Riding Hood,” written by Ronald Blackwell and produced by Stan Kesler, was released and sung by “Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs.” It was very popular. The lyrics are as follows:

Who’s that I see walkin’ in these woods?
Why, it’s Little Red Riding Hood.
Hey there Little Red Riding Hood,
You sure are looking good.
You’re everything a big bad wolf could want.
Listen to me.

Little Red Riding Hood
I don’t think little big girls should
Go walking in these spooky old woods alone.

What big eyes you have,
The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad.
So just to see that you don’t get chased
I think I ought to walk with you for a ways.

What full lips you have.
They’re sure to lure someone bad.
So until you get to grandma’s place
I think you ought to walk with me and be safe.

I’m gonna keep my sheep suit on
Until I’m sure that you’ve been shown
That I can be trusted walking with you alone.

Little Red Riding Hood
I’d like to hold you if I could
But you might think I’m a big bad wolf so I won’t.

What a big heart I have-the better to love you with.
Little Red Riding Hood
Even bad wolves can be good.
I’ll try to be satisfied just to walk close by your side.
Maybe you’ll see things my way before we get to grandma’s place.

Little Red Riding Hood
You sure are looking good
You’re everything that a big bad wolf could want.
Owoooooooo! I mean baaaaaa! Baaa?

Jesus said in John 10:12, “A hired hand will run when he sees a wolf coming. He will abandon the sheep because they don’t belong to him and he isn’t their shepherd. And so the wolf attacks them and scatters the flock (emphasis mine).” (John 10:12 NLT)

When examining this verse, it is easy to recognize the false prophets of today, whether they stand behind a pulpit, on a stage, or sit in a chair. They are the hired hands who forsake the sheep to the menacing fangs of the wolf. Usually we think of these charlatan ministers (pastors, evangelists, teachers, authors, writers, etc.) as being dressed in sheep’s clothing, but the real portrayer in sheep’s clothing is the one who pushes their buttons; i.e. Satan. He is the wolf.

I have heard good ministers say in the past that Satan really beats up on them when they preach directly against him, showing him up for what he is. I have experienced the same. Therefore, I now wait for his blows.

When thinking about actual wolves, the four-legged ones, I do not view them as bad. They’re just glorified dogs, doing what comes natural in the wild. They have to eat, and they are of course very good at catching their prey. It is actually a shame that they have been made to seem evil in movies. I certainly do not think this is what Jesus had in mind in the verse above. He was simply using the traits of a wolf (which doesn’t know any better) to equate with the wolf, Satan (who certainly does know better). Satan uses the same tactics as the four-legged wolf. He is constantly stalking the sheep, just waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Satan is called Abaddon (destroying angel), the accuser of our brethren, the adversary, Apollyon (destroyer), Belial (worthlessness), the Devil, dragon, the enemy, father of all lies, god of this world, Lucifer (the morning star), power of darkness, prince of the power of the air, the tempter, the wicked one, king of Babylon (confusion), and the list goes on. Satan is very powerful, very intelligent, and very dangerous.

Have you not seen and heard yourselves, simple-minded religious leaders make some stupid remark like, “I order you Satan to leave this place?” Then they compound the issue by encouraging others to do the same. In the book of Jude we find that even Michael left it up to the Lord, “Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.” (Jude 1:9)

When it comes to anything you or I have to say, Satan is no amateur bozo to contend with. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and he is extremely dangerous. Please, do not allow some fool to cause you to get in a fight you cannot win. All our battles should be fought behind the robe of Jesus Christ. Jesus is God, and is supreme over Satan and all his minions. We are not.

What is the intention of the four-legged wolf when attacking a flock of sheep? LUNCH! The four-legged wolf can sneak up on the sheep with little to no effort while wearing a bib and holding a knife and fork (metaphorically of course). Satan does the same. He sneaks up on us, while we aren’t looking and pounces. How many of us have been caught unawares by his trickery? Oh come on now! We all have! Satan rarely, if ever, shoves the temptation in our face, and says, “This is really bad and you will suffer much, but go ahead and take it anyway.” If there is any voice telling us to run from it, it is the whisper of the Holy Spirit. Is there doubt in your mind? If so, it’s coming from God. He knows what Satan is up to. My Mother gave us children the best advise while we were growing up that I have heard along these lines. She said, “If in doubt, don’t.” I haven’t always followed that advice, but the times I have, saved me from much grief.

Satan always shows up in sheep’s clothing. He makes sin look so good, but how many broken lives has been a result of his treachery? God has given the world a guide to use when contending with, “What should I do?” It is called the Ten Commandments. To those who are His in the Church age, He has gone even further. He says, “Follow Me.” When we follow the Good Shepherd, the wolf is no danger to us. He is powerless. We are under God’s divine protection. Even if Satan throws rotten tomatoes at us, Jesus will just make tomato soup out of it (Romans 8:28)

Many things we face in life are obvious in their detriment to our well-being. Others are not. They are very subtle in their approach. We say of these, “just this once won’t hurt,” “everyone else is doing it,” “it feels right,” “it’s my body,” “it looks like fun,” etc. How do we know if it is appropriate for us? God provides only one yardstick. It is His Word, the Bible. If it doesn’t measure up to His Word, then it is wrong for us.

There are other areas where the wolf can attack the sheep, and they are even harder to recognize for those who are lost without Christ or are weak Christians. These come from within the walls of Christendom. Again, the only yardstick is God’s Word, the Bible. How do I know if the pastor is preaching the truth? If what he is saying does not measure up to the Word of God, it is wrong. Remember the Bereans. “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, andsearched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so (emphasis mine).” (Acts 17:11)

Peter used another animal to portray the cunningness of Satan, the lion, “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8 NLT)

Do you feel like Little Red Riding Hood? Are you confused? Do you feel like you’re being stalked? If you prefer not being the wolf’s next meal, then get in the Word daily. There are no short-cuts.  Satan is the big bad wolf, and he is the roaring lion. He is always looking for his next meal.

If you are a child of God, by faith in Jesus Christ, you’re tasty mutton for Satan’s ravenous appetite. He wants more than anything to destroy your witness for Jesus. If you choose to live by your feelings, your opinions, or the erroneous tripe that comes from others, you will fail, but if you measure your beliefs and actions by the Holy Word of God, the Bible, you will defeat Satan’s goals for your life. Only behind the robe of the Good Shepherd can we have victory in this life on earth, and Jesus has told us everything we need to know in His Word. Satan will attack. You can count on it, but in Ephesians 6:13-18 our Lord provides our defense.


Grant Phillips