The Rapture Index Categories Explained

1. False Christs
(Mat.24:24) Jesus talked about false Christs and false prophets. A false Christ is anyone who claims to be equal to or greater than God. The realization that an individual is placing himself in the role of deity is not always easy to discern.

2. Occult
There are two supernatural forces in the universe that are able to affect the natural world. God said that prayer is the only valid means of getting his attention, and he forbids using occultic devices. Who do you think will answer the inquiries using taro cards, astrology, or psychic phone lines?

3. Satanism
Satanism is one of the more difficult categories there is to track. It has always been a shadowy topic. The devil’s followers are very secretive in their actions and cryptic in the writings they publish.

4. Unemployment
The result of poor economic conditions. Unrest, Crime, and social change are effected more by job loss than any other economic factor. As warm water is the life blood to the development of a hurricane, unemployment is the energy for civil unrest and political upheaval.

5. Inflation
Inflation leads to higher interest rates, unemployment, and the loss of buying power. Back in the 20’s and 30’s the collapse of the German government was mostly do to hyper inflation. It was also a major factor in the rise of Hitler.

6. Interest Rates
The fluctuation of rates are what steers the economy. When people make decisions in the market place, they’re unknowingly guided by interest rates. The economy will generally move in the same direction  the interest rates move.

7. The Economy
How well an economy is doing determines the stability of a nation. History tells that most movements toward war, dictatorship, and  Lawlessness is aided by unfavorable financial conditions.

8. Oil Supply/Price
Attacks on Saudi oil wells have spated concerns about supply.

9. Debt and Trade
In almost all countries there’s a ballooning of public and private debt. Trade is an underestimated factor in the health of economies. The tariffs of the 30’s did more mischief than speculators on Wall street. As time passes, the economies of the world will become more interdependent on each other. Any disruptions in trade could effect every nation.

10. Financial Unrest
A crash followed by a depression is the most severe economic condition a nation can experience. In almost all occurrences were a country has endured economic hardship, social and financial changes have taken place. The forces of darkness must be biding their time waiting for fiscal despair. Few people realize the down payments we made on enslavement during the last depression, and the seeds we planted are soon to reap a harvest of calamity.

11. Leadership
As events transpire it’s important to gauge how organized the events are. Random happenings may not repeat themselves, while events  governed by leadership progress to over come barriers. Leadership could come in the form of a drug cartel funneling drugs into a country, or it could be something like the melting of the ice caps, creating the concern for coastal floods.

12. Drug Abuse
(Rev. 9:21) Everyone knows what drugs are today. The Bible also may make mention of drugs. In the book of Revelation the word sorcery has the Greek word pharmakeia as its root. This is where we get the word pharmacy. When it says, “they repented not of their sorceries,” it could mean they repented not of their drug use.

13. Apostasy
(2 John 1:7) Simple abandoning or defecting from the faith. This can come in the form of staying up with the times, a new revelation from God, or turning to other religions all together.

14. Supernatural
(Rev.13:13-14) When something occurs and science cannot explain it. The Bible says during the tribulation, the Antichrist will be able to deceive the world through the performance of miracles.

15. Moral Standards
This is the fabric which holds our society together. When a state of disorder takes over, strong forces are needed to bring back control. Civil rights are often the first casualty of this action.

16. Anti-Christian
(2 Tim.3:3) A bias or hatred of bible believing Christian. Media are the primary contributors to this category.

17. Crime Rate
An insecure society looks for a strongman. As crime proliferates, it eats away at the nations moral and economic underpinnings. A nation with a high crime rate will eventually have less freedom because of the police state the unrest it brings on. High crime rates originates from low moral standards.

18. Ecumenism
The movement to join all religions into one. This has been a goal of the Devil for sometime. By having all religions unified, he could more easily control their leadership.

19. Globalism
The breaking down of barriers increases the number of alliances, and it making the world more integrated.

20. Tribulation Temple
(2 Thes.2:3-4),(Dan.9:27) If the Antichrist will sit in God’s temple, it is logical to conclude the temple must be rebuilt. Daniel foretold that he will also stop the daily sacrifice.

21. Anti-Semitism
(Rev 12:13) When Satan is cast from heaven, he persecutes the Jewish race because through them Jesus was born.

22. Israel Unrest
(Zec.12:3) This category tracks the strife in the Israeli state. God said, “I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all the people.” What other city attracts more news coverage than this one? Israel is the size of New Jersey, yet it averages the attention of more press than a country the size of Russia.

23. Russia (Gog)
(Eze.38-39) Gog is the ancient name for the land of Russia. In the last days, Russia will make a move against Israel and be defeated by a supernatural act of God.

24. Persia (Iran)
(Eze.38:5) Iran will aid Russia in attacking Israel before or during the tribulation. Even now, Iran acts as a destabilizing force in the world.

25. False Prophet
(Rev.13:12) The Antichrist will have a religious leader to aid him. The False Prophet will direct the world to worship the Antichrist. There has long been a belief that a future pope will have some connection to the designation “false prophet” because of the pope’s great influence. The Antichrist and the False Prophet will be  headquartered in the same area as was occupied by the Old Roman Empire.

26. Nuclear Nations
(Rev.9:18) The use of nuclear armament during the tribulation will kill over 1/3 of the human population. Only in our time –with the  nuclear arsenals– does it seem possible this could happen.

27. Global Turmoil
(2 TIM.3:1) There has always been unrest in the world. However, the  tremendous level of unrest is unique to our time. Terrorism has been  redefined in the twentieth century. Today, more wars take place concurrently then at any point in the past.

28. Arms Proliferation
(Mat.24:6),(Rev.16:16) Jesus said there would be “wars and rumors of wars.” The armament trade is not going out of business anytime soon. In fact, it will soon supply the biggest conflict in human history, the battle of Armageddon.

29. Liberalism
It’s not just a part of the Democrat Party. liberalism is what could be called the “true conspiracy.” Liberal media are 100 percent controlled by the forces that bow to humanistic ideology.

30. Peace Process
(Dan.9:27) This refers directly to Bible prophecy, where the state of Israel signs a peace treaty with the Antichrist.

31. Kings of the East
(Rev.9:16),(Dan 11:44) These are the nations of East Asia which will send a horde of 200 million soldiers into the Middle East.

32. Mark of the Beast
(Rev.13:16) The economic system the Antichrist will implement. It will be compulsory, for all, to receive an implant in their right hand or forehead.

33. Beast Government
(Rev.17:12) The Roman Empire will revive under the leadership of Ten rulers. This revived Roman Empire will exist for only 7 years. (Rev.17:13),(Rev 13:5) After the Roman Empire has been revived for 3 1/2 years into a seven year rule, the Antichrist will take over and rule for the remaining 3 1/2 years.

34. The Antichrist
(Dan.11:36-39) The most evil and destructive man who will ever hold public office.

35. Date Setting
To create confusion ahead of Christs return, Satan will likely continue to motivate people to set dates. Being exposed to date settings, observably makes non-Christians hostile to the end-time message.

36. Volcanoes
(Mat.24:7) Not mentioned specifically, volcanic eruptions fall into the birth pang theme Matthew described. Volcanoes have an ecological impact that effects other indicators.

37. Earthquakes
(Mark 13:8) God used earthquakes to show his disapproval of man’s sinfulness. It is wise to look for more earthquake activity as the return of Christ draws near.

38. Wild Weather
(Luke 21:25) The description of the sea and the waves roaring would encompass all cyclonic activity.

39. Civil Rights
To have a dictator, there must be a shortage of civil rights, and of human rights. The time a people least expect their losing their freedom is when they are willingly giving it up.

40. Famine
(Mark 13:8),(Rev.6:6) Famines are a result of drought, a consequence of war, or are man made entirely. During the time of the tribulation, a days wage will be equal to a loaf of bread.

41. Drought
(Mat. 24:7) Another one of the birth pangs Jesus described, drought leads to famine or poor economic conditions.

42. Plagues
Some Plagues come as a result of man’s sin against nature like aids while others come as a curse directly from God.

43. Climate
(Mat. 24:7) Jesus foretold of an increase in the severity of weather events as a sign of the end times. The extremities of nature are difficult to measure. Any activity that goes beyond normal weather patterns should be taken into consideration, that is, whether God has a warning behind it.

44. Food Supply
(Rev.6:6) Historically this has been a volatile indicator. That fact that we have been able to keep food production ahead of our booming population is not any guarantee of future success. A severe drought could disrupt order in small if not large countries.

45. Floods
(Gen 6:7) Just like is was in Noah’s time, devastating floods are a sign of God’s wrath against man’s evil ways.

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