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Rapture Index: 187

Change from last update:unch

Updated: Feb 26, 2024

1.Debt & Trade426.Nuclear Nations543.Climate5
2.False Christs318.Ecumenism435.Date Settings3
4.Satanism420.Tribulation Temple337.Earthquakes3
5.Unemployment321.Anti-Semitism538.Wild Weather5
6.Inflation522.Israel539.Civil Rights4
7.Interest Rates423.Gog (Russia)540.Famine3
8.The Economy524.Persia (Iran)541.Drought3
9.Oil Supply/Price525.False Prophet442.Plagues4
10.Financial Unrest427.Global Turmoil444.Food Supply4
11.Leadership528.Arms Proliferation545.Floods4
12.Drug Abuse329.Liberalism5
13.Apostasy430.Peace Process3
14.Supernatural331.Kings of the East4
15.Moral Standards532.Mark of the Beast5
16.Anti-Christian333.Beast Government4
17.Crime Rate534.The Antichrist5

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Comments on Active Categories

01 Debt & Trade
For the first time in many years the trade deficit is down.

04 Satanism:
The people refind statues to Satan are mostly atheists, but they are grow in number.

05  Unemployment:
Despite signs of recession, jobs are plentiful.

07 Interest Rates:
Rates are being pushed up by higher inflation.

09 Oil Supply/Price:
Oil demand is up.

10 Financial Unrest:
The lack of negative activity has downgraded this category.

15 Moral Standards:
"Rampant immorality threatens the U.S.'s future"

16 Anti-Christian:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.

17 Crime Rate:
America's 8th deadliest mass shooting occurred in El Paso.

19 Globalism:
The Biden admin is all for globalism.

21 Anti-Semitism:
The hatred of Jews is at decades high.

22 Israel:
Israel has been hit with some of the worst violence in years.

23 Gog:
Putin is getting closer to invading Ukraine.

24 Persia (Iran):
Iran has been more active on the world stage.

26 Nuclear Nations:
Iran is already reneging on the peace agreement.

27 Global Turmoil:
The warfare in Ukraine has pushed this category higher.

28 Arms Proliferation:
Putin withdrew from an agreement on the disposal of plutonium.

29 Liberalism:
The left has become fanatical in its opposition to Trump

30 The Peace Process:
The peace process in Israel has greatly faded.

31 Kings of the East:
China and Japan agree to directly trade their currencies.

32 Mark of Beast:
Several big tech companies are working on tracking software.

33 Beast Government:
The government movement is having trouble with world unity.

35 Date Setting:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.

36 Volcanoes:
A volcano erupts in Iceland after weeks of quake activity.

37 Earthquakes:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.

38 Wild Wheather:
The Northern US suffered under a massive blizzard.

40 Famine:
An epic flood hits libya

41 Drought:
Heavy rains bring drought relief to western states.

42 Plagues:
The coronavirus pandemic has been declared over.

43 Climate:
It's very rare for this category to be at the maxium rating.

44 Food Supply:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.

45 Floods:
It has been very wet in the US.

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