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Rapture Index: 184

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Updated: Sep 23, 2019

9.Debt & Trade526.Nuclear Nations543.Climate3
1.False Christs318.Ecumenism435.Date Settings3
3.Satanism320.Tribulation Temple437.Earthquakes3-1
4.Unemployment321.Anti-Semitism538.Wild Weather4
5.Inflation422.Israel439.Civil Rights5
6.Interest Rates323.Gog (Russia)340.Famine3
7.The Economy424.Persia (Iran)541.Drought3
8.Oil Supply/Price325.False Prophet442.Plagues5
10.Financial Unrest527.Global Turmoil544.Food Supply5
11.Leadership428.Arms Proliferation545.Floods5
12.Drug Abuse529.Liberalism5
13.Apostasy430.Peace Process3
14.Supernatural331.Kings of the East4
15.Moral Standards532.Mark of the Beast5
16.Anti-Christian533.Beast Government5
17.Crime Rate534.The Antichrist5

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Comments on Active Categories

03 Satanism:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.

04 Unemployment:
The 2018 jobless numbers were 500,000 too high.

05 Inflation:
Slow economic growth is putting downward pressure on prices.

06 Interest Rates:
The interest rates drop on 10-year bonds.

07 The Economy:
The markets have dropped sharply in the past few days.

08 Oil Supply/Price:
A terrorist strike in Saudi Arabia has put upward pressure on oil prices.

10 Financial Unrest:
Many financial indexes are down more than 20% for the year.

12 Drug Abuse:
Several states vote to legalize pot.

14 Supernatural:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.

15 Moral Standards:
"Rampant immorality threatens U.S.'s future"

16 Anti-Christian:
Christian in Iraq are being openly murdered.

17 Crime Rate:
America's 8th deadliest mass shooting occurred in El Paso.

20 Tribulation Temple:
Major news outlets ran stories on the birth of the Red Heifer.

21 Anti-Semitism:
There has been a increase in anti-Semitic activity.

22 Israel:
Israel Has been generally quiet the past few weeks.

23 Gog:
Russia has been generally quiet on the world stage.

24 Persia (Iran):
Iran is moving to join the Iraqi defense against ISIS forces.

26 Nuclear Nations:
Iran is already reneging on the peace agreement.

27 Global Turmoil:
The Killers in New Zealand has updated this category.

28 Arms Proliferation:
Putin withdrew from an agreement on the disposal of plutonium.

29 Liberalism:
The left has become fanatical in its opposition to Trump

30 The Peace Process:
Unrest has put Israeli/Arab talks on hold.

31 Kings of the East:
China and Japan agree to directly trade their currencies.

32 Mark of Beast:
Several big tech companies are working on tracking software.

33 Beast Government:
The foreign ministers of France and Germany are working on the blueprint of an EU Superstate.

36 Volcanoes:
Several volcanoes have erupted in the past week.

37 Earthquakes:
The lack of activity has downgraded this category.

40 Famine:
There has been a decrease in the reporting of famines around the world.

41 Drought:
The corn belt has gone from wet to dry.

42 Plagues:
Ebola has reached a major city in Congo.

43 Climate:
Global weather has been in the normal range.

44 Food Supply:
Large food chains have posted notices that warn of a shortfall in canned vegetables.

45 Floods:
The Central U.S. has been hit with massive floods.

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