S. D. Gordon

Quiet Talks About the Healing Christ

Chapter 1: The Christ Healing
Chapter 2: Is It Christ’s Will To Heal Our Bodies To-Day?
Chapter 3: Does God Send Sickness And Disease?
Chapter 4: How Does Christ Heal? The Conditions, The Method, The Use Of Means
Chapter 5: How Far May Christ’s Healing Be Expected? Christ’s Giving and Man’s Taking
Chapter 6: The Human Side Of Healing And Health
Chapter 7: God’s School Of Suffering: Can We Hasten Graduation Day?

Quiet Talks On Prayer

Chapter 1: The Meaning And Mission Of Prayer
Chapter 2: Prayer the Deciding Factor in a Spirit Conflict
Chapter 3: The Earth, the Battle-Field in Prayer
Chapter 4: Does Prayer Influence God?
Chapter 5: Why the Results Fail
Chapter 6: Why the Results are Delayed
Chapter 7: The Great Outside Hindrance
Chapter 8: The “How” of Relationships
Chapter 9: The “How” of Method
Chapter 10: The Listening Side of Prayer
Chapter 11: Something About God’s Will in Connection With Prayer
Chapter 12: May We Pray With Assurance for the Conversion of Our Loved Ones
Chapter 13: A Pen Sketch
Chapter 14: Dissolving Views
Chapter 15: Deepening Shadows
Chapter 16: Under the Olive Trees
Chapter 17: A Composite Picture

Quiet Talks On Service

Chapter 1: Personal Contact With Jesus – The Beginning of Service
Chapter 2: The Triple Life – The Perspective of Service
Chapter 3: Yokefellows – The Rhythm of Service
Chapter 4: A Passion for Winning Men – The Motive-power of Service
Chapter 5: Deep-Sea Fishing – The Ambition of Service
Chapter 6: Money – The Golden Channel of Service
Chapter 7: Worry – A Hindrance to Service
Chapter 8: Gideon’s Band – Sifted for Service

Quiet Talks With World Winners

Chapter 1: World-Winning – The Master Passion
Chapter 2: World-Winning – The Master’s Plan
Chapter 3: World-Winning – The Need
Chapter 4: World-Winning – The Present Opportunity
Chapter 5: World-Winning – The Pressing Emergency
Chapter 6: World-Winning – The Past Failure
Chapter 7: World-Winning – The Coming Victory
Chapter 8: Winning Forces – The Church
Chapter 9: Winning Forces – Each One of Us
Chapter 10: Winning Forces – Jesus
Chapter 11: Winning Forces – The Holy Spirit
Chapter 12: Winning Forces – Prayer
Chapter 13: Winning Forces – Money
Chapter 14: Winning Forces – Sacrifice