Rapture Ready Index :: December 12, 1993

Rapture Index: 58

Updated: December 12, 1993

1.False Christs118.World Church135.Antichrist1
3.New Age220.Tribulation Temple137.Earthquakes2
5.Inflation122.Israel Unrest239.Persia (Iran)1
6.Interest Rates123.Gog (Russia)140.Famine1
7.The Economy124.Civil Rights141.Drought1
8.Oil Supply/Price125.Drugs142.Plagues2
9.Debt & Trade126.Nuclear Nations243.Climate1
10.Depression/Crash127.World Unrest144.Food Supply1
11.Leadership128.Arms Build Up145.Greenhouse1
12.Forward Momentum129.Liberalism1
13.Apostasy130.Peace Treaty3
14.Supernatural131.Kings of the East1
15.Moral Standards132.Mark of the Beast1
16.Anti-Christian133.Beast Government1
17.Crime Rate134.Second Roman Empire3

The Rapture Index requires constant input in order to maintain high levels. In late 1993, just about every indicator either went dormant or had positive news. Some of the categories have been replaced over the years with ones of equal value.


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