Rapture Ready Index :: October 26, 1990

Rapture Index: 164

Updated: October 26, 1990

1.False Christs318.Ecumenism535.Date Settings3
3.Satanism220.Tribulation Temple537.Earthquakes5
4.Unemployment521.Anti-Semitism538.Wild Weather5
5.Inflation222.Israel539.Civil Rights5
6.Interest Rates123.Gog (Russia)340.Famine4
7.The Economy524.Persia (Iran)441.Drought5
8.Oil Supply/Price425.False Prophet342.Plagues5
9.Debt & Trade526.Nuclear Nations543.Climate5
10.Financial Unrest527.Global Turmoil544.Food Supply3
11.Leadership528.Arms Proliferation545.Floods5
12.Drug Abuse229.Liberalism3
13.Apostasy530.Peace Process1
14.Supernatural231.Kings of the East4
15.Moral Standards532.Mark of the Beast5
16.Anti-Christian433.Beast Government5
17.Crime Rate334.The Antichrist3

The invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqis took place in Aug of 1990. The invasion caught the world off guard. Saudi Arabia had a small military and was practically unprotected. The index reached its high in late Oct, just as the military and economic concerns over Kuwait attained their maximum level of distress. By mid Nov we had enough soldiers and weaponry in Saudi Arabia, to hold off the Iraqi forces. At this point the index started to decline. The price of oil dropped sharply and the stock market recovered. The ground war in Jan was quick and costly for the Iraqi forces. As it stands now, there are two more major battles to be fought in the Middle East, the Gog war and the battle of Armageddon.

A host of other prophecy related events like the peace treaty between the PLO and Israel have resulted directly for the Gulf War. The rise of the UN as a world policing force was another.

Some of the categories have been replaced over the years with ones of equal value.


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