George McLaughlin

George McLaughlin – A religion not in harmony with common sense cannot be from God. God is the Author both of common sense and of true religion and His works never conflict. Hence the religion that cannot stand the test of common sense is good for nothing either in this world or in the world to come. (George McLaughlin)

Inbred Sin

1: What Is Inbred Sin?
2: Inbred Sin Is Not Removed At Conversion
3: Inbred Sin Is Not Destroyed At Conversion
4: Inbred Sin Must Be Destroyed Before We Enter Heaven
5: Inbred Sin Destroyed: When? Where?
6: The Present Destruction of Inbred Sin A great Advantage to the Christian

A Clean Heart

1: What Is a Clean Heart?
2: The Importance of a Clean Heart
3: Possibility of Such an Experience
4: The Universally Offered and Unanswered Prayer
5: Prayer For a Clean Heart Must Be Definite
6: Not Imputation
7: Its Relation to the Unconverted World
8: Not Suppression
9: The Popular Error
10: How Obtained
11: Reasons Why We Should Seek A Clean Heart

Saved and Kept

Preface and 1: Lost! Lost!
2: Realize This Startling Fact
3: Abandonment of Sin
4: Faith
5: We May Know That We Are Saved
6: Pray Without Ceasing
7: Study of The Scriptures
8: Living For Others
9: Our Three Enemies

A Living Sacrifice

Preface and 1: What Is Consecration?
2: Who Consecrates?
3: Completely and Entirely
4: Completed Once For All
5: Not To The Church
6: More Than For Service
7: Not To Our Feelings
8: With Certainty
9: For A Purpose
10: Why Should We Consecrate?

Reasons Why We Should Be Holy

Preface and 1: Common Sense in Religion
2: Holiness Glorifies God
3: Holiness Augments Our Influence For Good
4: Holiness Equips For Service
5: Holiness Is The Great Safeguard Against Backsliding
6: Holiness Is The Condition of Satisfactory Growth
7: Holiness Brings Prosperity To The Church
8: Holiness Brings Happiness
9: Holiness Glorifies The Triune God
10: Holiness Makes Obedience To Divine Law Possible
11: Holiness Fits For Heaven