Inbred Sin – By George McLaughlin


I have not been able to find a short, concise work on “Inbred Sin.” I find this theme more or less treated in works on kindred subjects. It seems to me there is a demand for such a work, for two or three reasons.

1) Multitudes of otherwise intelligent Christians have little idea of the meaning of the terms “Inbred Sin,” “Depravity,” etc.
2) There is a soul-cry going up from the best of the justified Church for a better experience. Never was the cry louder or more intense than today.
3) We believe this cry is occasioned by the battle waged with self. We believe that a Scriptural understanding of the nature and remedy for inbred sin would be a blessing to many more, as it has been to many who have entered into “the glorious liberty of the sons of God.”

If this book should not prove helpful in leading inquiring souls to see their privilege, and throw off “the yoke of inbred sin,” we hope, at least, that it may suggest the idea of such a work to someone else who is fully competent to write a book distinctively on this topic.

The truths contained here have been helpful to some. May they be helpful to all who desire to know all their privileges in Christ.