Jun 10, 2019

The Jews’ Invisible Enemy

This world is rapidly becoming a very unfriendly place for anyone of Jewish heritage. It’s rather strange that anti-Semitism could thrive in a time of such profound racial sensitivity. If a member of any racial group suffers what can determine as the slightest amount of discrimination, they can expect immediate news coverage of their grievance.

In a December 2018 survey on experiences and perceptions of anti-Semitism in Europe, the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency found that 90% of Jews living in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK feel anti-Semitism has increased in their country over the past decade, while 85% believe it to be a serious problem. Almost half worried about being insulted or harassed in public because they are Jewish, and more than a third feared being physically attacked.

In Germany in 2018, anti-Semitic crimes, which include hate speech, rose by 20%, according to government data. In France, hate crimes against Jews have increased by 70 over the previous year. Attacks against Jews are so bad in that nation, many Jews are choosing to leave the country.

The German commissioner for combating anti-Semitism, Dr. Felix Klein, recently urged the country’s Jews to stop wearing the traditional Jewish Kippah caps. The remarks have sparked international ire and were criticized by Israel’s president as representing a “capitulation” to anti-Semitism. The advice reminded me of what was offered to women in Sweden in regards to a sharp increase in rape. They were told by the government to not go out at night by themselves.

It is very strange that anti-Semitism is such a rampant problem, and we don’t hear what group or groups are the source of all this hatred. Unless you have an IQ below 60, it should be obvious that the followers of the Islamic faith are the source.

When we had all the massive murder attacks in Europe, the press started playing word games with the assailants. The killers were said to be lone-wolves, radicalized, or simply part of domestic violence. As time advanced, the news media would just rush to provide cover to the terrorists. We are now commonly told this event had nothing to do with Muslims, so don’t let the carnage make you Islamophobic.

The media have reached the point where it openly lies to cover for Islam. The New York Times ran a story that said 89% of the anti-Semitic attacks in Germany are from right-wing groups. In reality, most attacks against Jews in Europe are by Muslim immigrants. The New York Times might as well say that all suicide bombings are carried out by Jews.

Ben Shapiro, the head of the Daily Wire, had good reason to be confused after an Indiana Jew-hater received a three-year sentence in federal prison for vandalizing and “conspiring to violate the civil rights of” a synagogue outside Indianapolis. A lawyer for the man said that he had read many of Shapiro’s articles. BuzzFeed published a story that blamed Shapiro for radicalizing the man with his “far-right” commentary. Yes, a neo-Nazi was inspired by a kappa-clad, hardcore Zionist Orthodox Jew who likely spends more time criticizing the “alt-right” than any notable conservative figure in America. BuzzFeed and The Washington Post ran the story and, despite a correction, did little to clear up their massive blunder.

The Post must operate under that mantra that two boneheaded and openly inaccurate assertions are better than one. The Post added: “Shapiro has previously claimed that the majority of Muslims are radicalized, a false assertion citing math that was later debunked by PunditFact, a fact-checking publication run by Poynter.” Shapiro can easily prove he never made the claim, but he is dealing with a press that has its own view of reality.

By having an enemy of the Jews that the press refuses to recognize, we can very quickly descend into a world that mirrors the horrors of Nazi Germany. I think the devil is following the same game plan with the growing police-state technology. We have the reverse of what we should normally expect. Normally, a dictator comes before the authoritarian mechanism. In the case of anti-Semitism, we have hatred coming before the reason.

“Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it” (Jeremiah 30:7 KJV).

“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake” (Matthew 24:9 (NKJV).


Evil Pressure vs. Heavenly Restraint

I’ve written elsewhere that I once heard an evangelist back in the mid-’70s preach during a city crusade that he believed the unthinkable would happen in America. It would take place just before the Rapture of the Church.

The evangelist believed that, just as the debauched society and, by then, totally anti-God governmental agencies would be about to grab Christians around their throats, the Rapture would occur.

A significant puzzlement to me is that so many who are truly born again (John 3:3) don’t seem to concern themselves with the tremendous evil that is building. They don’t seem to even notice that in the freest nation on the planet, the powers and principalities of Ephesians 6:12 are grasping to clutch and strangle believers.

Those who faithfully read articles such as those on Rapture Ready and other such forums exhibit concern for the evil pressures that are building. But God’s people in general–and I’m talking about those who are born again (and only God knows those who are in His family)– show little concern, it seems to me, while the anti-God forces do their nefarious work.

This is attributable in large part to neglect in the pulpits of America. Pastors and Bible teachers would rather not touch prophetic topics–particularly not prophecy yet future. We’ve noted before that they find those biblical areas too frightening to their flocks, too difficult to understand, or just of no importance for these modern times. Besides, such troubling messages might drive down attendance, thus dry up offerings.

And the evil pressures build…

Again, all we have to do is to look at the political scene in the nation. One party has all but publicly committed to abandoning anything to do with the God of the Bible. As a matter of fact, that party is seeking to totally debauch our society and culture. This is obvious, yet the pulpits for the most part remain silent on the fact that this very condition for the end of the Church Age was prophesied. God’s Word, through the Apostle Paul, forewarned and instructed those responsible for overseeing God’s people in the last days:

I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. (2 Timothy 4:1-4)

Evil pressure builds within the church itself. Just a cursory glance at what’s going on in some areas of a growing number of religious bodies that claim to be Christian lays bare the truth of Satan’s assault.

One such organization claiming Christianity as its belief system shows the lateness of this Laodicean hour:

The Vision Church of Atlanta, Georgia, a progressive congregation, has added a psychic medium who claims to commune with the dead to their staff.

Lakara Foster, who holds a doctorate of ministry from the Interdenominational Theological Center, is now a licensed minister at the Vision Church of Atlanta, Rolling Out reported. She is also the creator and star of the YouTube series “The Gift,” which she argues God told her to do. It follows her life as a medium, minister, and spiritual teacher.

“God told me to do the show. Honestly, I was reluctant at first because I felt very vulnerable and thought I would get a lot of pushback and negative feedback being a minister and a medium. I thought people wouldn’t understand but I knew I still had to do it. I knew I had been called to do it. When I asked God, ‘Why this gift? Why not singing?’ God said, ‘I promised my people eternal life. How will my people know that I’ve kept promise if you don’t demonstrate your gift?’” she told Rolling Out. (“Vision Church of Atlanta adds psychic medium to ministerial staff,” By Leonardo Blair, Christian Post reporter , Friday, May 24, 2019)

That the church medium is surprised she has received little to no pushback is itself surprising. The changes taking place within various denominations are becoming a ho-hum part of the quickly evolving reality.  It would be a good bet, if a gambler, to wager that most Christians in the pews today would see little to nothing wrong with what this “psychic” said.

Pastors in the pews of Bible-believing churches are silent for the most part, for example. They just don’t want to get involved in these extrabiblical machinations–only they’re not extrabiblical. Read 2 Timothy 4:1-4 above once again. It is the minister’s God-ordained commission to fight against such heresy, especially as the last days of the Church Age manifest.

After considering the evil pressures and actions assaulting this generation, it is true that there is opposite and equal reaction. This comes from God, Himself, it is obvious and provable through watching things going on, particularly within the American political war being waged. To my way of thinking, the fact that this president remains alive–that is, not assassinated because of the hatred cast his way–much less that he continues to work hard for the American people–is nothing short of miraculous. Every evil influence has been brought to bear in trying to destroy Mr. Trump and his family. The mainstream media, the entire entertainment industry, the increasingly reprobate opposition party, America’s top intelligence agency heads,  nearly half of the American populace, and even members of his own party who hate him spend 24/7  feverishly trying to remove him from office in whatsoever way possible.

The spiritual war going on is made obvious, too, by the fact that Christian leaders like Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, and many others have called for prayer for the president and for the nation. This call is as desperately needed as at any time in human history.

God, alone, is holding back the evil that is assaulting. This is undeniable to the Christian who believes in God’s Word and applies himself or herself to study of the Word.

Why more Christians are comporting themselves as if in a stupor is extremely troubling. Don’t be one of those who refuse to look up from your life’s routine in order to see that Christ’s promised redemption is drawing near (Luke 21: 28). Take part in the Lord’s heavenly restraint through prayer and study, in order to discern the signs that Christ is about to return.


Jun 3, 2019

The Greatest Con-Artist Lawyer of All Time

Attorney Michael Avenatti is the most evil and corrupt lawyer I’ve ever read about. I thought He had reached maximum sleaze when I knew him as the ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ who was the legal pimp for porn star Stormy Daniels. Avenatti may well go down as the greatest huckster lawyer in American history, considering the absolute number of people he has hoodwinked. The whole time he has gone before the cameras and presenting himself as a nobleman, he was robbing his clients blind.

Among the clients Avenatti allegedly cheated was Geoffrey Ernest Johnson, a mentally ill paraplegic on disability. In 2015, after Johnson won a $4 million lawsuit against Los Angeles County, the money was wired to Avenatti, who kept it for himself, according to the indictment.

After he won another case in 2017, Avenatti allegedly concealed $2.75 million in proceeds from that client’s settlement.

He is accused of stealing $300,000 from Stormy Daniels. He had money from her book deal sent directly to his account. He forged checks made out to her. When Daniels asked about the royalties, Avenatti said there was no money coming because of poor book sales.

“Michael Avenatti allegedly stole from his clients, and he stole from the IRS,” said Ryan L. Korner, the chief of IRS criminal investigations in Los Angeles. “The money was used to fuel a lavish lifestyle that had no limits, including making mortgage payments on a multimillion-dollar home in Laguna Beach and purchasing a private plane.”

In April, a federal grand jury has indicted embattled lawyer Michael Avenatti on “36 counts of fraud, extortion, perjury, failure to pay taxes, embezzlement and other financial crimes.” He is facing 400 years in prison if convicted on all counts of his alleged crimes.

In a series of tweets, he has protested his innocence. He seems to be someone incapable of showing remorse by the way he parrots standard lawyer-talk statements:

“For 20 years, I have represented Davids vs. Goliaths and relied on due process and our system of justice. Along the way, I have made many powerful enemies. I am entitled to a FULL presumption of innocence and am confident that justice will be done once ALL of the facts are known.”
— Michael Avenatti (@MichaelAvenatti)

“I intend to fully fight all charges and plead NOT GUILTY. I look forward to the entire truth being known as opposed to a one-sided version meant to sideline me.”
— Michael Avenatti (@MichaelAvenatti)

The so-called news media were completely fooled by this con artist. Avenatti has appeared on CNN a whopping 74 times. He has made a total of 254 TV news appearances. The 47-year-old attorney has also appeared on broadcast network programs, including NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today” and “Today,” ABC’s “The View” and “Good Morning America,” HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and CBS’s “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “60 Minutes.”

Michael Avenatti proves that the liberal media will give coverage to anyone who has something negative to say about President Trump. As long as they have fresh dirt to add to the pile, they don’t care who is making the claim. Russ Vaughn at American Thinker made me laugh with his description of Avenatti’s relationship with the liberal media:

“Avenatti might as well have been on the back of a safari Land Rover throwing out chicken entrails while traversing a hyena preserve. The slavering pack of lefty talking heads greedily gorged themselves on every fetid tidbit, nodding in smug agreement, smacking their feral lips for more.”

The press had almost no reflection of the poor investment it made into this weasel. They just suddenly dropped him like they did a dozen other discredited Trump critics. The New Avenatti doesn’t have to be of any higher moral character because the liberal media are solely guided by a leftist agenda.

A few years ago, it would be easy to predict that Michael Avenatti would likely be spending several years behind bars. Since people like Hillary Clinton and actor Jussie Smollett walked free from similar charges of obvious wrongdoing, I’m unsure if this criminal will ever face justice. We have simply degraded into the time of lawlessness that Jesus warned would be a sign of the end. Since it’s hard to conceive of a greater reprobate than Avenatti, I would cite him as evidence of the nearness of our promised salvation from this corrupt world.

“And because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he shall be saved” (Matthew 24:12-13).


Slithering Toward Sodom

The late Robert H. Bork saw it coming. His book, Slouching Toward Gomorrah, examined America’s decline in morality and movement into cultural decay. He gave the title to his book in terms reflecting on the poet Yeats’ 1919 poem, ”Slouching Toward Bethlehem.”

The United States was not, in Bork’s view, moving toward salvation of any sort, but toward depravity not unlike that which brought the wrath of the Almighty upon the infamous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Bork was arguably the most distinguished, conservative legal scholar of his era. He served as a Yale Law School professor, solicitor general, acting attorney general, and a judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. President Ronald Reagan nominated him for the U.S. Supreme Court in 1987. Many readers will remember the upheaval created by Senator Edward M. Kennedy  and the Democrat Party over the nomination at the time. Bork was ultimately rejected by the Senate.

The proceedings in the “Borking” of the distinguished legal scholar (as Kennedy scoffingly called the travesty he caused against Bork and later Clarence Thomas) was itself indicative of the decline in morality and culture of which Bork forewarned. The salacious accusations–none of which were proven–were but a foretaste of what we’ve since seen take place against another innocent person, President Donald J. Trump.

That we have surpassed the good judge’s prediction that the nation was slouching toward Gomorrah could not, in my estimation, be clearer. The title of this commentary is, therefore, altogether fitting and appropriate, I think.

An emailer a week or two ago set me to thinking seriously on just how far down that slimy slide into the immorality America has moved. The emailer was reporting firsthand what went on in the very streets in front of her shop.

Here is a considerable portion of her report. My thanks to her for permitting me to share it with you.

This past weekend our city put on what they referred to as an arts festival. When I opened the blind on my shop I thought of that old television show, The Twilight Zone, only married to The Walking Dead.

An old friend, who is a police officer, actually kind of sheltered in place in my store for most of the day. He is not a believer but he is very distressed at what he sees and told me of the masses of police officers that are retiring early or committing suicide.

No matter the age, biological sex, race or nationality, full-on weirdness was the order of the day. Two “married” women carrying a small child walking a large dog wearing a huge purple tutu, men holding hands, women with half their heads shaved and the rest dyed in every color you could imagine.

They made a point of making direct and pretty hostile eye contact, almost like a dare.

I told my dad that I thought the aggressiveness of this “pride” movement reminded me of the people of Sodom, hanging around the town square and trying to push into Lot’s home. I see a parallel in behaviors. Homosexuals have been with us for a long time, but, it’s this new aggressive, in-your-face mob that makes me think time is about up.

I kept my door locked the entire day and closed at 4 pm. I sensed a great deal of hostility…not the America of just over a decade ago, Charlie Brown Christmas, and It’s a Wonderful Life…

We have crossed some threshold and I don’t see us going back. I saw an awful lot of rainbow-colored rosaries, the nearest Catholic church having a homosexual priest. Tarot card readings, magical crystals, and pet consultations with the local witch being another attraction.

The emailer expressed, then, the thought of many who anticipate Titus 2:13:

“I would be so sad if I did not know we are all going AWAY very soon to the most wonderful place anyone can imagine.”

Hourly news reports validate our emailer’s concerns. The movement toward cultures and societies becoming more like that of Sodom and Gomorrah is worldwide–and intensifying in its evil. It is becoming increasingly dangerous, for example, for anyone to oppose that evil.

A majority in Brazil’s Supreme Court has voted in favor of making homophobia and transphobia crimes.

Six out of 11 judges voted to consider discrimination against gays and transgender people equivalent to racism…

“Homophobic crimes are as alarming as physical violence,” Supreme Court Vice-President Luiz Fux said on his vote, citing “epidemic levels of homophobic violence”.

For almost 20 years there have been efforts to make homophobia a crime in Brazil, but legislation on the matter has faced resistance among conservative and religious groups in Congress, the BBC’s Julia Carneiro in Rio reports.

The decision at the Supreme Court means that offences are to be punished under the country’s racism law until Congress approves specific legislation to protect LGBT people, our correspondent adds.

The remaining judges will vote in a session scheduled for 5 June. (“Majority in Brazil’s top court to make homophobia and transphobia crimes, BBC, 24 May, 2019)

It is wrong for any people to be mistreated in any way whatsoever. Those caught up in the LGBT and other such anti-God activities are not to be mistreated, but prayed for and given the gospel light so that they might turn to Jesus Christ. However, Satan is turning up the pressure, it is obvious, to prompt the world of rebels to force the rest of us to condone their depravity as acceptable.

That old serpent is, thereby, indeed causing many to slither with him toward Sodom.

Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. (Luke 17:28-30)