Marketing for Jesus :: by Karen Dowell

Let’s look at the facts—marketing facts. When trying to market an idea, a service or a new venture there are certain principals that make you more effective. One of them is your level of organization. You need details, information, contacts, names, numbers and some personal information about the contacts that show you were listening which makes you more relatable—more like a friend.

You must know what it is that you are marketing and exactly what your product or service is. What I have shared so far, most of you are probably aware of these things. I work a lot from home in my job as a Nurse Educator/Marketer. For me, my productivity is greater than if I worked in an office because I am not surrounded by distractions. (Mostly office gossip, interruptions, and drama.) I know what I need to do and just do it!

One must have integrity, be very focused to stay on task so “home life” will not get in the way. But so often the same “home life” gets in the way for making commitments to our spiritual growth. To get results you have to put in the time; and interruptions slow down the time it takes to get results.

It is a known fact that when a person works from home, the surroundings, what he or she wears, and how that person sits can be directly related to success. Not just success but to how great the  success will be. I work at home, but dress as if I could go to a business meeting. My jacket is often right there on the back of the chair.  My materials are laid out—organized (usually) and in order of priority. I have a list noting when a particular call has been made or when  an email was sent. I check these tasks off the list and make comments when necessary.

I try to keep the work area free from clutter so there are no distractions. I don’t want to look to my right and see a new magazine waiting to be read, or look to my left and see a pile of laundry or dishes sitting in the sink. It has been said that when your work area at home is more like an office, you will actually sit taller, stay more focused on the information at hand and be more productive. That is the same premise of the prayer closet that people often refer to. (A place away from the clutters of life. A place devoted to time with our Heavenly Father.)

This goes even a little further. When you drive to an appointment, the car should be clean and neat. It is not like it is inspected but there are times a client asks, “Where did you park?” Sometimes someone is actually looking for you to arrive to see how you carry yourself before you get into a meeting. If you are unprepared someone could get a poor impression. What if your hair is messed up or your clothes are not appropriate for the type of meeting you have scheduled?

Maybe your car is in poor shape and you almost stumble when you walk, and on the way into the meeting you appear flustered. Or maybe you fumble with your presentation papers. The client might conclude that you are sloppy and have little regard for your product or service.

So you say you’re a Christian but you grumble, you complain, you see the glass half empty? Don’t you think that people may conclude that a spirit-led life isn’t what it is cracked up to be?

“And the people grumbled and deplored their hardships, which was evil in the ears of the Lord, and when the Lord heard it, His anger was kindled; and the fire of the Lord burned among them” (Numbers 11:1).

“Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining [against God] and questioning and doubting [among yourselves]”(Philippians 2:14).

Just a quick note:  In marketing, follow-up is just as important as that first appointment. Building a relationship takes time and effort.  It is no different in building a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Now let’s make the transition to Marketing for Jesus:

There is a really big difference in marketing “worldly stuff” and “worldly services” and Jesus. Jesus is the real deal, HE is the truth. HE is the light.There IS no better product on earth. HIS product is truth, and personal details can be found in the BIBLE. And yet we’re timid in sharing HIS Promises, HIS amazing plan for salvation that goes on and on for eternity.

But there is more than just eternity. How about life more abundantly and the forgiveness of our sins?

HE asks us to place all our cares and concerns on HIM. He will carry our burdens, because He is simply the most amazing and loving Father.

“For love is of God”: “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is (springs) from God; and he who loves [his fellowmen] is begotten (born) of God and is coming [progressively] to know and understand God [to perceive and recognize and get a better and clearer knowledge of Him] (1 John 4:7).

So why don’t we market Jesus?

We are supposed to model our lives after HIM. We are taught that HE, the Holy Spirit resides in us. Is that too hard to grasp? Are you unorganized in thought when you try to speak to others? Could you be trying to imitate someone else’s gifts and not use your own? An example would be this: Do not ask me to teach someone about sports, but a conversation will flourish if I use my God-given talents talking about dance or choreography.

Share your testimonies, your story. Be relatable!

Trust in HIM and just let the words from Holy Spirit flow from you.

Maybe, just maybe you cannot be as effective as you should be because of the “clutter” or “junk” still in your life. Most of us know deep down what junk or vices we have in our lives. Sometimes our actual physical space needs to be sorted out and straightened up. Maybe you need to create a prayer closet type of environment, so that you can keep your mind focused on Father God!

(Remember, you may just need to ask the Father or others for forgiveness to be truly authentic.)

We need to prioritize our time. When we give HIM our time, HE gives us so much more in return.  Personally, this peace, joy and contentment thing is great. You should try it sometime.

How much time do you make to get spiritually fed?

A prayer here, a prayer there, maybe? Or “I’ll drop into a Bible study or fellowship maybe not?”

Maybe you open the Bible now and again. Ask yourself what gets in your way. Many of us are “like babes in Christ.” It is necessary for Bible teachers to teach the WORD OF GOD … precept by precept, line upon line, little by little (Isaiah 28:10).

It is necessary to get fed spiritually on a regular basis. If there is a good reason to alter your time away from GOD, find a way that very day to make it up.  The devil will look at your little bit of busyness, even if legit, and know this is a “way in.”

Soon busyness may become more and more frequent. The devil loves to keep you from GOD. You may find yourself starting to drift away without even realizing it. We need to put in the effort and give HIM our time if we are to become as EFFECTIVE as HE desires.

Have you asked GOD to give you a burning desire to know HIM and HIS Word?

Have you asked GOD to give you wisdom and understanding and strength to say NO to distractions that will impede your walk with the FATHER?

Have you shouted out NO to the devil when some deceptive idea, or thoughts swirling through your mind prevent you from fulfilling what God has planned for your life?

If your day to day activity (workspace) is full of distractions how can you be as effective as Jesus wants you to be?  We need to be focused on Jesus and not influenced by worldly situations like social media, a call from a neighbor (who just likes to complain and or gossip), or we will get caught up in it. Or you may be distracted by a TV show that you like despite the swearing and inappropriate moral content—maybe even TV in general. Or maybe it’s that romance novel that gets rather juicy.

We need time with God and in fellowship. We need to pray and be prayed for and we need other believers to lift us up whenever needed.

Lists for Jesus
And yes, I do make lists for Jesus, such as this one: Who have I asked to Bible study and when I will mention it again? God does not give up on us. So yes, I can be persistent. What if your child’s car just sounded funny, real funny and a trip across county was planned? Wouldn’t you insist and be persistent that the car should get checked out? It could mean life or death.

There are prayer lists. There are lists of things that people need. Lists of when and how I will follow up. Maybe just a hello, maybe a needed hug or act of kindness. Just doing something good and kind without anyone’s knowledge. The Bible is just one great big checklist of things that we need to do. Flip side: The Bible also lists the things we should not do!

Remember, follow-up is just as important in marketing Jesus. Ask God for boldness and the words to say, and to make you aware of when to intercede. We are to be obedient to HIM. You just may be the one who plants the seed or you may be the one who waters it to bring it to life.

But if we do not plant the seed or if we don’t nurture the ones planted by others, where will we stand in the eyes of Jesus? Just think about that!

Now how are we going to make an analogy between a clean car and Jesus? A car is your transportation but with God, it is your walk in life that transports you from knowing of God to knowing GOD!

It is about getting from point A to point B in life. Others will be observing. Do you complain, grumble, get testy? Or do you walk it out in the image of Jesus for all to see?  When you walk out with a smile on your face, you carry with you the confidence that only God can give. You will be believable and genuine. You will become effective.

Come to Jesus like a child unburdened by the world. We are born with no possessions or worldly influences. If you have vices, obsessions, or if you live in un-forgiveness, bitterness, turmoil, anxiety, remorse, self-doubt fear or depression, it may be time to clean house get rid of the “stuff”—those inner battles or external influences; or possessions that weigh you down. You may have just one small area that has been hindering you.

God wants us to be happy. He wants us productive and effective. When we truly give ourselves over to HIM and HIS love for us, HE may open doors we would never expect. A new venture or opportunity, new friendships new relationships; new friends who will stand by you and be receptive to what GOD is trying to do in your life. Step out in faith! Free yourself completely. It is time to flourish. The life God wants for you is already in you!


This makes me think … So many great moments in our faith were set in a desert.

Have you ever thought why?