What Are You Look At?

A young punk-rocker gets on the cross-town bus and sits down in the only vacant seat, directly across from an old man.

The young punk has spiked, multi-colored, green, purple, and orange hair. His clothing is a tattered mix of leather rags. His legs are bare and he’s without shoes. His entire face and body are riddled with pierced jewelry and his earrings are big, bright red, yellow and green feathers.

The old man stares at the young punk for him for the next ten miles, as the bus travels across the city.

Finally, the punk looks across at the old man, and yells, “What are you looking at, old man! Didn’t you do anything wild when you were young?”

Without missing a beat, the old man replies,

“Yeah. Back when I was very young, I got drunk and married a parrot. I thought you might be my son.”

Written With A Straight Face

A woman, married to a Navy Pilot, inquired about an increase in their monthly allotment for living quarters, because rents near the Station where he was based were so high. She received the following letter back:

“Class Q allotments are based upon the number of dependents, up to a maximum of three. If the birth of a child will mean your husband is entitled to more quarters allowance, notify him to take the necessary action.”