Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray (1828-1917) – Born in Graaff Reinet, South Africa, Andrew grew up in a home filled with prayer and worship where his father, the Rev. Andrew Murray Sr., was ministering to Dutch settlers. At the age of 10 he was sent to school in Scotland and after college he went to Holland to study theology. As a result of the teachings of his father, his uncle (the Rev. John Murray), and many others he met during his schooling, the young man developed a very strong foundation of faith, prayer, worship, love for the lost, and above all the attitude that Jesus Christ should be the center of our attention. Ordained at the age of 20, Andrew returned to South Africa and started ministering to the Dutch farmers. In 1860 he became the pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church at Worcester. Later he would be part of the Keswick Movement and the minister of the Dutch Reformed Church of Wellington from 1871 to 1906. to 1906.

Absolute Surrender and Other Addresses

Chapter 1 – Absolute Surrender
Chapter 2 – The Fruit of the Spirit Is Love
Chapter 3 – Separated unto the Holy Ghost
Chapter 4 – Peter’s Repentance
Chapter 5 – Impossible with Man, Possible with God
Chapter 6 – O Wretched Man that I Am
Chapter 7 – Having Begun in the Spirit
Chapter 8 – Kept by the Power of God
Chapter 9 – Ye Are the Branches

The Deeper Christian Life

Chapter 1 – Daily Fellowship with God
Chapter 2 – Privilege and Experience
Chapter 3 – Carnal or Spiritual?
Chapter 4 – Out of and Into
Chapter 5 – The Blessing Secured
Chapter 6 – The Presence of Christ
Chapter 7 – A Word to Workers

The School of Obedience

Chapter 1 – Obedience: Its Place in Holy Scriptures
Chapter 2 – The Obedience of Christ
Chapter 3 – The Secret of True Obedience
Chapter 4 – The Morning Watch in the Life of Obedience
Chapter 5 – The Entrance to the Life of Full Obedience
Chapter 6 – The Obedience of Faith
Chapter 7 – The School of Obedience
Chapter 8 – Obedience to the Last Command
Notes on the Morning Watch 

The Power of Persevering Prayer

A sermon by the Rev. Andrew Murray 

Divine Healing – A Series of Addresses and a Personal Testimony

Chapter I – Pardon and Healing
Chapter II – Because of Your Unbelief
Chapter III – Jesus and the Doctors
Chapter IV – Health and Salvation by the Name of Jesus
Chapter V – Not by Our Own Power
Chapter VI – According to the Measure of Faith
Chapter VII – The Way of Faith
Chapter VIII – Your Body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost
Chapter IX – The Body for the Lord
Chapter X – The Lord for the Body
Chapter XI – Do Not Consider Your Body
Chapter XII – Discipline and Sanctification
Chapter XIII – Sickness and Death
Chapter XIV – The Holy Spirit the Spirit of Healing
Chapter XV – Persevering Prayer
Chapter XVI – Let Him That is Healed Glorify God
Chapter XVII – The Need for a Manifestation of God’s Power
Chapter XVIII – Sin and Sickness
Chapter XIX – Jesus Bore Our Sickness
Chapter XX – Is Sickness a Chastisement?
Chapter XXI – God’s Prescription for the Sick
Chapter XXII – The Lord That Healeth Thee
Chapter XXIII – Jesus Heals the Sick
Chapter XXIV – Fervent and Effectual Prayer
Chapter XXV – Intercessory Prayer
Chapter XXVI – The Will of God
Chapter XXVII – Obedience and Health
Chapter XXVIII – Job’s Sickness and Healing
Chapter XXIX – The Prayer of Faith
Chapter XXX – Anointing in the Name of the Lord
Chapter XXXI – Full Salvation Our High Privilege
Chapter XXXII – Ye Are The Branches