Albert Simpson

Albert Simpson was the third son and fourth child of James Simpson, Jr., and Janet Clark. His family’s strict Calvinistic Scottish Presbyterian and Puritan background formed Albert’s view of his spiritual standing. Simpson served as the pastor of a Presbyterian church in Louisville, Kentucky and New York City. A reporter asked Dr. Simpson, “Do you know when the Lord is coming?” He replied “Yes,” and told the reporter to write down, “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto the nations and then shall the end come” (Mat. 24:14).

The Spirit Of Holiness

Walk in the Spirit

Preserved Blameless

How To Abide

Tarrying By The Stuff

Aggressive Christianity



A Larger Christian Life

Chapter 1: The Possibilities of Faith
Chapter 2: The Joy of the Lord
Chapter 3: Filled with the Spirit
Chapter 4: The Larger Life
Chapter 5: The Death of Self
Chapter 6: More than Conquerors
Chapter 7: Grace Abounding
Chapter 8: From Strength to Strength
Chapter 9: God’s Measureless Measures
Chapter 10: Spiritual Growth
Chapter 11: Enlarged Work 

Service For The King

Chapter 1: Power For Service
Chapter 2: Motives To Service
Chapter 3: instruments Of Service
Chapter 4: Personal Responsibility
Chapter 5: Partnership With God
Chapter 6: Words For Discouraged Workers 
Chapter 7: Finishing Our Work 

Walking In the Spirit

Chapter 1: Living In The Spirit
Chapter 2: Walk in the Spirit
Chapter 3: Person And Attributes Of The Holy Ghost 
Chapter 4: Offices And Relations Of The Holy Ghost 
Chapter 5: Emblems And Aspects Of The Holy Spirit 
Chapter 6: The Spirit Of Light 
Chapter 7: The Spirit Of Holiness 
Chapter 8: The Spirit Of Life 
Chapter 9: The Spirit Of Comfort 
Chapter 10: The Spirit Of Love 
Chapter 11: The Spirit Of Power 
Chapter 12: The Spirit Of Prayer 
Chapter 13: Co-operating With The Holy Ghost 
Chapter 14: Hindering The Holy Spirit 

Wholly Sanctified

Chapter 1: Wholly Sanctified
Chapter 2: A Sanctified Spirit 
Chapter 3: A Sanctified Soul
Chapter 4: A Sanctified Body
Chapter 5: Preserved Blameless