6 July 2024

Texas Beach Terrorized By Shark: 4 People Attacked Within Two-Hour Span
It’s a nightmarish scenario which seems straight out of Jaws and which has never happened before at a Texas beach: four people were attacked by a shark within a mere two hour period in waters off South Padre Island. “How is this actually happening right now? It was very surreal,” another said. One person was actually pulled under by the shark but survived the ordeal:

Vatican says Archbishop Viganò ‘guilty’ of schism and excommunicated
The Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF) announced July 5 that it had declared former U.S Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to be guilty of “schism” and automatically excommunicated. In a statement issued without warning to the Holy See press corps, the DDF stated that its Congress met on July 4 to decide against Viganò. The statement read:

‘Eco-Theology’: The Latest Departure From The Faith
what if I used the word “ecotheology”? Well, if you want to know more, this is an excerpt from the Harvard Divinity Bulletin: “This course surveys constructive religious reflection, drawn from a variety of religious and spiritual traditions, that is informed by an ecological worldview and accountable to various forms of environmental activism.

Mossad ‘optimistic’ Cabinet will approve hostage release deal
The Prime Minister’s Office said shortly thereafter, “The head of the Mossad recently returned from Doha from an initial meeting with the mediators.” “It was determined that a team will depart next week to continue the negotiations. It should be emphasized that there are still gaps between the parties,” the statement added.

The NYT is applying pressure on Israel to agree to a cease-fire
In their latest piece, the NYT reported that top IDF brass want to push for a cease-fire with Hamas as they are running out of munitions. This alleged view is shared by unnamed officials who are part of the security establishment. NYT interviewed nine unnamed former and current military officials who supposedly represent the mainstream view within Israel’s security apparatus.

UK Elections – Muslim voters help Jeremy Corbyn and other anti-Israel radicals defeat Labour candidates
While the U.K.’s Labour Party appears to have scored a historic victory in the general elections held on Thursday, receiving at least 410 seats in the 650-member House of Commons, the party suffered some high-profile defeats across the country, thanks in part to efforts by a grassroots Muslim voter organization which held push independent, far-left anti-Israel candidates over the top in tight races.

‘Thwarting Palestinian Statehood’ – Israel recognizes 3 new towns in Judea and Samaria, green lights thousands of new homes
Israel legalizes three fledgling communities in Judea and Samaria, moves forward with new housing projects which include 5,300 new units for Jewish towns in the area.

Muslim terrorists unveil world’s first suicide baby
Islamic technology, always moving forward, appeared to be turning stale as formerly fresh ideas like suicide donkeys, burning people alive in cages and beheading multiple people on video grew repetitive and tiresome. But over in Nigeria, where an actual Muslim genocide against Christians is being forcefully ignored by the Biden administration, the media and the ceasefire crowd, Islamic terrorists proved they still have new ideas.

Hamas agrees to release hostages without permanent ceasefire as pre-condition
The deal begins with the release of 33 hostages during the first phase, which will last 42 days and correspond to a pause in fighting. This development led Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to send a delegation to Doha, headed by Mossad Director David Barnea.

ICC prosecutor canceled trip to Gaza and instead opted to request arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Gallant
According to an exclusive Reuters report, International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Karim Khan canceled a “fact-finding” mission in Gaza at the last minute and instead decided to expedite his request for arrest warrants for Israeli officials without collecting evidence. UK Foreign Minister David Cameron called Khan’s move ‘crazy’ and threatened to cut support and funding for the ICC.

Israel has to make it clear: No to a new Hamas paradigm
Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar’s minimum demand is a guarantee of continued Hamas control over the Strip following any ceasefire, a scenario that would be seen as a resounding victory in the eyes of Palestinians and the Arab world at large.

West Nile fever cases rise to ‘outbreak’ level in Israel
One hundred and fifty-three Israelis have been diagnosed with the West Nile virus, according to the Israeli Health Ministry. At least 11 of those diagnosed have died from the disease. The risk of contracting the virus is currently considered particularly high in and around Tel Aviv due to its central location and high humidity, which attracts mosquitos.

Turkey closes Syrian border crossings amid violent riots against Syrian refugees, riots in Syria against Turkish soldiers
Turkey closed its main border crossings with Syria last week following a series of events that included riots against Syrians in Turkey, which then led to riots against Turkish troops in Syria.

IDF announces death of officer, several soldiers wounded in Hezbollah’s largest attack so far
After Hezbollah fired a massive barrage of some 200 rockets and 20 drones at Israel on Thursday, Israel Defense Forces announced that an IDF officer was killed, and several others wounded, from rocket impacts. The fallen soldier was identified as Maj. (res.) Itay Galea (38),

National teachers’ union to vote on several anti-Israel resolutions
meeting is being held in Philadelphia. The National Education Association (NEA) Representative Assembly is made up of around 6,000 delegates in charge of adopting a budget, passing resolutions, and taking action on other NEA policies.

60 lives lost, hundreds of thousands displaced as widespread floods hit northeast India
The northeast region of India is reeling from catastrophic floods and landslides induced by relentless monsoon rains. The disaster has claimed at least 60 lives across multiple states, displaced hundreds of thousands, and caused extensive damage to homes, crops, and infrastructure.

Hurricane Beryl becomes the earliest category five storm on record, surpassing 2005’s Emily
Hurricane Beryl, which has strengthened to a Category 5 storm, is setting the tone for a ‘very dangerous’ hurricane season, the World Meteorological Organization said on Tuesday.

U.S. Confiscates Enough Fentanyl to Kill Population of 5 Biggest States—Just in June 
Fat Man and Little Boy killed perhaps 236,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Spanish Flu killed some 675,000 Americans from 1918–1920. And 1.2 million U.S. soldiers died fighting from World War I to the War on Terror. Yet in the span of a single month, our country imported enough ultra-deadly fentanyl to kill between 54 and 127 million Americans—and that’s just the stuff we caught. For reference, that’s easily enough to kill the combined populations of California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania.

US Special Forces Warns of Imminent Terror Attack Inside America
The US Special Forces has warned in an open letter that America faces a “gravely” serious threat of a terrorist attack inside the country because of the direct actions of the Biden administration.

Now Even Nigeria Wants Its Gold Back 
Countries like Nigeria are making headlines by bringing their gold reserves back home from places like the United States and the United Kingdom. This move is seen as a way to protect their wealth and strengthen their economies amidst global uncertainties.

Pfizer and Moderna are rolling out catch-all mRNAs for ‘pandemic influenza’
Pfizer, Moderna, and the mRNA gang are unleashing a new “vaccine” enterprise upon the public, and U.S. Government Health is all too happy to assist in the operation.

The Reprobate Delusion of the ‘Palestine’ Supporter 
Last week, I discussed how those who hate the Jewish State consistently accuse Israel of actions they themselves commit or desire to commit. These anti-Israel claims line up precisely with what we read in Isaiah 5:20 when God says, “Woe unto those that call evil good and good evil.”

Jihad Threat: Inside Sheikh Abu Usama At-Thahabi’s Florida Mosque, Indoctrinating Muslims Against Jews, Gays, Christians, and More
Is the reluctance to investigate At-Thahabi and his mosque rooted in the left’s refusal to acknowledge that his hatred of non-Muslims aligns with Islamic orthodoxy and scripture, thus contradicting the state’s narratives on Islam?

New study may have identified an “off switch” for spike proteins produced in the body caused by mRNA injections 
Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines” have shown wider distribution in the body than initially claimed, raising concerns about unintended effects and the need for an “off switch” to stop ongoing spike protein production. A recent study identifies a treatment that may act as an “off switch.”

Oxford Nanopore: The Internet of Living Things is closer than you think 
During the Covid era, Oxford Nanopore’s portable genomic sequencers were already used in 82 countries around the world.  These devices are one of the methods that will be used to collect data for the Internet of Living Things.