5 July 2024

Americans Are More Likely To Go To War With The Government Than Submit To The Draft
In a national poll last month Americans were asked if they believed a new civil war was likely to happen within their lifetime. The establishment media was shocked to report that 47% of the population said yes. Those of us in the liberty media were not so surprised; I believe according to the evidence that we were already a short step away from civil war in 2021-2022.

Moscow hit by heat not seen in over a century
Moscow and the surrounding region sweltered Wednesday as temperatures soared to levels unseen in over a century, with the state weather monitor warning of dangerously hot nights. Temperatures in the Russian capital hit 32.5 Celsius (90.5 Fahrenheit) Wednesday, beating a record established in 1917, the director of Rosgidromet weather service, Roman Vilfand, said.

Smith: It’s …… Hard To Be Proud Of America
given where we find our country today. And even tho’ we have seen some recent gains moving the country away from the Marxist-Maoist Democrat Party’s communist agenda and the plan to fundamentally transform America into something despicable, foreign and conquered, it will be for naught so long as the American people keep embracing corrupt politicians and act as tho’ the Bill of Rights are unimportant footnotes in Mad Magazine, written by President Alfred E. Newman, trudging into the years ahead unprincipled and immoral as ever.

Putin & Erdogan Discuss Syria Rapprochement To Squeeze Out Pentagon Occupation
Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan publicly broached the subject of a potential Turkey rapprochement with the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad. … both Assad and Erdogan agree that the US occupation must end immediately.

Le Pen Accuses Macron Of Preparing ‘Coup D’Etat’ After Series Of Last Minute Appointments
“It’s a form of administrative coup d’état,” denounced Le Pen, who described that Macron is seeking to “counter the vote of the electors, the result of the elections, by appointing people to [him], so that they prevent, within the State, from being able to lead the policy that the French want.”

The War Within — Netanyahu Is Dealing With Pressure No Israeli PM Has Faced Before
Netanyahu is dealing with pressure that none of Israel’s prime ministers have faced before. Imagine dealing with the internal strife, military conflicts in multiple places, corrupt leaders within, and dealing with a White House that’s constantly giving you ultimatums. Speaking of the White House, Netanyahu made it clear to the Americans that Israel will not accept a situation where Hezbollah decides when to fire and when to start fighting according to what is happening in Gaza.

Israel believes Nasrallah would reject diplomatic resolution pushed by US
Senior Israeli officials have said repeatedly in recent days that they hoped the conflict with Hezbollah would be resolved diplomatically. But security officials and members of the government in Israel believe Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah would reject the agreement currently being advanced by White House special envoy Amos Hochstein.

Ilhan Omar Slapped With Ethics Complaint From Conservative Watchdog Over Holding Rally With Ex-Somali PM
Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been slapped with an ethics complaint by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), a conservative watchdog group, for holding an event with former Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire. Khaire’s presence at Omar’s campaign rally constituted a violation of the US Federal Election Campaign Act and demanded the congresswoman step down from office. “Ilhan’s interests aren’t those of Minnesota or the American people but those of Somalia.”

Hurricane Beryl, a Category 2 storm, heading toward Mexico after lashing Jamaica
Hurricane Beryl was heading toward Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula as a Category 2 storm on Thursday after rumbling past the Cayman Islands. The strongest storm to hit parts of the Caribbean in decades brought punishing winds and storm surge to Jamaica

Netanyahu and Biden speak as Hamas drops upfront end of war demand
Hamas has dropped its demand for an upfront pledge that Israel ends the war, a move that prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to send a team led by Mossad Director David Barnea to participate in further negotiations IN DOHA for a deal, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Netanyahu on Hezbollah attacks: Whoever harms us will pay the price
Netanyahu stated, “I am here in the Air Force operations center. I received a comprehensive briefing from the Commander of the Air Force on its defensive and offensive activity on behalf of the State of Israel. Its contribution is immense and ongoing.”

Exit polls in Britain: Labour headed for landslide victory
Exit polls published in Britain on Thursday night, following the parliamentary elections, predicted a landslide victory for the Labour Party headed by Keir Starmer, ousting the ruling Conservative Party after 14 years. According to the Sky News exit poll, Labour will win 410 seats, and the Conservatives headed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will win 131.

Jewish and Christian Leaders Support Knesset Resolution Against Palestinian Statehood
In a bold move reflecting strong support for Israel’s security, Keep God’s Land, a coalition of over 1,000 Jewish and Christian faith leaders, has initiated a new letter-writing campaign to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana. The campaign supports a new resolution in the Knesset against Palestinian statehood.

Day 272: IDF eliminates dozens of terrorists in Rafah and Shejaiya combat, IAF strikes over 50 targets
Israel Defense Forces continues its grinding progress in the few remaining active battle zones in the Gaza Strip, while the Air Force (IAF) assisted ground troops by striking over 50 targets in the last 24 hours alone. The IDF announced the deaths of two more soldiers during the fighting, bringing the death toll from the ground operations in Gaza to 324.

Again, this is their own polling data.
According to leaked polling numbers from Democratic firm OpenLabs, this map falls WITHIN the margin of error. Very surprising…..:)

Israel Thwarts Major Weapon Smuggling Operation
Israeli security forces intercepted the most significant number of guns being smuggled into the country from Jordan since October 7, the Israeli Police announced on Monday. Soldiers identified three suspects crossing a border fence on Sunday night. Upon searching the area, they discovered three sacks containing over 75 handguns and dozens of weapon parts.

BIDENOMICS: John Deere to Lay Off Hundreds in Midwest as Production Moves to Mexico.
John Deere, the leading global seller of tractors and crop harvesters, announced another round of layoffs last Friday due to a collapse in demand and a slowing U.S. economy. The company informed approximately 610 production staff in its Illinois and Iowa plants that their employment would end by the end of the summer. According to John Deere, all layoffs will take effect on August 30.

Thousands evacuate in California as Thompson Fire rapidly spreads 
On July 3, 2024, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in response to the destructive Thompson Fire near Oroville in Butte County. The fire began on July 2 and has rapidly spread to approximately 1 619 ha (4 000 acres), prompting evacuation orders and mobilization of firefighting resources.

Intense hailstorms wreak havoc across Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro 
Powerful thunderstorms swept through the western Balkans, beginning in Slovenia on July 1, 2024, and moving eastward. The storms brought strong winds, large hail and heavy rains, causing widespread destruction across Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro. Two people lost their lives.

Cat 4 Hurricane Beryl Heads Towards Texas, Threatening Major Oil Refineries 
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Hurricane Center (NHC) downgraded Hurricane Beryl to a Category 4 storm from a Category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale on Wednesday morning. Beryl is the earliest hurricane on record to strengthen into a Category 5 as it churns across the southeastern Caribbean Sea. It is forecasted to hit the Yucatán Peninsula on Friday and afterward poses a threat to US oil and energy critical infrastructure on the Gulf Coast.

It’s Time American Christians Use Their Freedom To Live As God Intended—Dependent On Him
The Declaration of Independence states that we are “endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Despite our nation’s imperfections, I am thankful to live in the United States of America!

Inside The Chinese Money-Laundering Network Fueling America’s Fentanyl Crisis
…understand that Mexican drug cartels are harvesting untold billions of dollars, in cash, selling drugs in North America — and that the pill of the moment is fentanyl, which kills about 70,000 people a year in the US. The chemicals to make fentanyl come from China.

New Fires Erupt In Israel After Hezbollah Sends 200 Rockets, Drone Swarms
Large wildfires are once again raging in northern Israel’s Galilee region after on Thursday Hezbollah launched a particularly intense barrage of 200 rockets as well as drone swarms.

Hezbollah shoots 100 rockets at Israel after elimination of key terror commander
The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah launched around 100 rockets at the northern Galilee and Golan Heights on Wednesday afternoon after Israel Defense Forces killed a senior commander of the group in a targeted strike earlier.

Genetic engineering of livestock and crops will contaminate our food with novel genetic sequences which will have unknown consequences for health
New Zealand’s livestock products rely on its clean green grass-fed image.  Why then is the New Zealand government and agricultural organisations throwing it away in favour of adopting biotechnology tools that genetically alter livestock? The excuse given for conducting genetic research on livestock using an RNA platform is to reduce methane emissions.

WEF is facing allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination against women and black people
A report by The Wall Street Journal last week, detailed accusations against executives at the World Economic Forum who have been accused of creating a “toxic workplace” where sexual harassment and discrimination are tolerated. The misconduct allegedly went as high as Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum’s founder, who made inappropriate comments about female employees’ appearances.

Israel Takes Out 2nd Senior Hezbollah Commander In Less Than Two Weeks
Another senior Hezbollah commander has been killed in an Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon on Wednesday. He was killed in a daytime strike on the coastal city of Tyre, in what appears a neighborhood or city area.

Finland to Offer Bird Flu Vaccine Despite Lack of Safety Testing and Human Infections
The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos or THL) announced plans to begin administering H5N8 bird flu vaccines to select groups as early as next week, despite the absence of human infections in the country.

Canadian university offers ‘drag’ classes for kids at anti-family summer camp on a remote island
One of Canada’s top universities will be staging an anti-family LGBT-charged summer “camp” for kids as young as 14 on a remote island only accessible via boat to be guided by “two drag parents” who will teach “drag” queen and “gender identity” classes to youths.

OMG: “The Unspoken Thing” – Disney Marketing Director Reveals Plans to Expose Children to More LGBTQ Content
O’Keefe Media Group has released part three of its Disney Tapes series, exposing Disney’s Creative Marketing Director by day and professional drag queen by night, Amit “Genie” Gurnani, who revealed Disney’s “unspoken” LGBTQ agenda for children.

Transgender Athlete Qualifies for U.S. Olympic Team
It’s official: A transgender athlete is on the U.S. Olympic team. That said, the athlete in question, 29-year-old Nikki Hiltz, will be competing in the category that correctly aligns with her sex. Hiltz, a middle-distance runner, is a woman who identifies as “non-binary,” meaning she claims she is neither a man nor a woman. She uses the pronouns “they” and “them.”

It Now Takes An Annual Income Of $186,000 A Year For Americans To Feel Financially Secure
According to a stunning new survey that was just released, an annual income of at least $186,000 a year is required in order to feel financially secure in the United States today.  Unfortunately, only 6 percent of U.S. adults make that kind of money.  So we have a major problem on our hands.