4 July 2024

Remarkable True Account of President Trump’s Strength in Meeting with Taliban Leaders Goes Viral
President Trump and Mike Pompeo, and they are talking to Taliban leadership in the room, and they had one translator in the room.” During these negotiations, President Trump reportedly looked directly at the Taliban leader and warned him, “If you harm a hair on a single American, I’m gonna kill you.” He then reached into his pocket, pulled out a satellite image of the Taliban leader’s home, handed it to him, and left the room without another word.

Explosion Rocks General Dynamics’ Hellfire & Javelin Missile Factory In Arkansas
An early Wednesday morning explosion rocked the General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems facility in Camden, Arkansas, injuring at least two people and leaving one person missing.
Berkley Whaley, General Dynamics’ spokesperson, told local media outlet Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the incident was related to “pyrotechnics” and clarified that it indicated explosives.

Egypt Teeters On Brink Of Economic Ruin As Public Debt Mounts, Poverty Rate Soars
A decade after ascending to the presidency, Sisi has pushed the economy to the brink of collapse. The symptoms are everywhere. A severe debt crisis is strangling the state budget, the economy is heavily militarized, billions have been invested in white elephants with dubious economic benefits, and the crown jewels of the Egyptian public sector are up for sale to meet mounting debt obligations.

Van Jones says that Democrats are in ‘full-scale panic’ to replace Biden before election
CNN commentator and political analyst Van Jones revealed that Democrats are privately discussing how best to replace President Biden with just months to go before November. “I’m going to be honest,” Jones said Wednesday on CNN. “Everybody comes on the air and says all this great stuff, but behind the scenes, it’s full-scale panic.”

“No One Is Pushing Me Out” Biden Tells Staff As New NYT Poll Shows Trump Lead Widening
White House staff is freaked out that Hunter Biden (clearances?) has been sitting in on meetings. White House aides are reportedly freaked out that crack addict, China profiteer, Ukraine energy expert, convicted felon Hunter Biden is in the building helping to counsel his father in Jill’s time of crisis.

‘Pastor’ Claims Jesus Would Bless The ‘Loving Kindness’ Of ‘Those Who End Pregnancies’
The first headline featured statements from a female “pastor” (who previously has bragged about killing two of her children in abortions) who preached that, if Jesus were giving his Sermon on the Mount today, he might add, “Blessed are those who end pregnancies, for they will be known for their loving kindness.” Such blasphemy! So many verses of Scripture come to mind, but consider the third commandment: “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain” (Exodus 20:7).

‘Divine Intervention’: Recent Events In Israel Are Nothing Short Of Miraculous
God’s protective grace over Israel was clearly manifested on April 13, when Iran carried out its first direct assault on the Jewish state, launching an unprecedented barrage of 170 suicide drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 120 ballistic missiles. Videos posted by Israelis and Palestinians on social media captured the dramatic scenes of Iran’s arsenal illuminating the night sky.

Only two or three people know where October 7th mastermind Yahya Sinwar is hiding
The newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reports that just a few people know Sinwar’s location to provide for his needs and keep him informed of developments on the war with Israel and hostage negotiations. One source said, “A very small circle [of people] know his location.”

Jews Should Advocate for Public Displays of the Ten Commandments in All 50 States
Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry (R) signed a law last week requiring that the Ten Commandments be hung in every public classroom in the state. At a time of spiraling anti-Semitism, this welcome embrace of the primary symbol representing Judeo-Christian values should be deeply appreciated by the Jewish community. Yet unsurprisingly, many Jewish groups, including the New Orleans Jewish Federation, were “deeply concerned” by the move.

The paradox of ‘Queers for Palestine’
In the mosaic of global LGBTQ advocacy, few stances appear as paradoxical as the support some LGBTQ groups extend to Palestinian groups like Hamas, a stance popularly encapsulated by the movement “Queers for Palestine.” This perspective seems to stand in stark contrast to the actual policies and societal norms that govern life in areas controlled by Hamas and others,

Judge blocks Biden’s pro-LGBT Title IX rules in 4 more states, bringing total to 14
U.S. federal Judge John Broomes ruled Tuesday against the Biden administration’s manipulation of federal nondiscrimination language to force widespread acceptance of LGBT ideology on public education, adding Alaska, Kansas, Utah, and Wyoming to the list of states where it can no longer be enforced.

Netanyahu and IDF clash publicly after NYT leak says IDF ready for truce that would leave Hamas in power
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly rebuked a report in the New York Times, which cited unnamed Israeli security officials saying the military was ready to declare a ceasefire that would leave Hamas in control of Gaza.

Hezbollah shoots 100 rockets at Israel after elimination of key terror commander
The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah launched around 100 rockets at the northern Galilee and Golan Heights on Wednesday afternoon, after the Israel Defense Forces killed a senior commander of the group in a targeted strike earlier. ELIMINATED: Muhammad Neamah Naser, the Commander of the Aziz Unit in the Hezbollah Terrorist Organization

PA displeased with Jewish visitors at Judaism’s holiest sites
The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs is accusing the “occupation” and “colonialists” of escalating their “attacks” against the al-Aqsa Mosque and making “dangerous” plans for the Temple Mount, the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Dome of the Rock.

Mossad: ‘We’ve received Hamas’ response and are evaluating it’
The Prime Minister’s Office on behalf of the Mossad announced on Wednesday that the hostage deal mediators have conveyed to the negotiating team Hamas’s remarks on the outline of the hostage deal. It added that: “Israel is evaluating the remarks and will convey its reply to the mediators.”

Crazy antisemite: Roger Waters denies 10/7 atrocities
Roger Waters spoke to Piers Morgan and denied that babies were burned and women raped on October 7th: ‘There is no evidence.’ Waters then turned to his left and, speaking to himself, said ‘Roger, calm down.’

Carriacou Island flattened in 30 minutes as Category 4 Hurricane “Beryl’ makes direct hit, Grenada 
Hurricane “Beryl” made landfall on Carriacou Island, Grenada on July 2, 2024, causing catastrophic damage across the region. The storm resulted in seven fatalities: three in Grenada, one in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and two in Venezuela, with five individuals reported missing.

Hurricane “Beryl” to pass near or over Jamaica, life-threatening winds and storm surge forecast
Dangerous Hurricane “Beryl” is moving toward Jamaica and is expected to pass near or over the island nation later today (LT), July 3, 2024. Beryl’s center is expected to pass near or over the Cayman Islands later tonight or early Thursday, July 4, and approach the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico on Thursday night.

Hurricane Hunters fly into the eye of Category 5 Hurricane “Beryl” 
Hurricane “Beryl” made landfall over Carriacou Island, Grenada on July 1, 2024, as a Category 4 hurricane, flattening homes and leaving at least 3 people dead in Grenada. Two more people were killed and 5 people are missing in Venezuela.

Japanese oncologist: I didn’t have a covid vaccine because I thought the genetic vaccines were foolish from the beginning 
Prof. Masanori Fukushima, Japan’s top oncologist, said that genetic vaccines are totally unacceptable. “I didn’t choose to get vaccinated because I think it was a foolish decision from the beginning.  I haven’t even opted for the flu shot because I consider it an unwise choice.”

China’s Toxic Rocket Crashes Into a Village, Engulfed by Poisonous Smoke, Villagers Flee
At 3:00 PM on June 22, 2024, China successfully launched the Space Variable Objects Monito (SVOM) into space using the Chinese Long March 2C rocket from the Xichang launch base. Minutes later, debris from the rocket’s first-stage booster fell near a village in Guiding County, southeastern Guizhou Province. A huge cloud of orange-yellow smoke followed after this. Since the local government did not notify the surrounding areas in time before the launch, many villagers were startled by the sudden event and fled in panic.

Cardinal Zen slams Michael Lofton, defends rejection of homosexual ‘blessings’
Cardinal Joseph Zen reaffirmed his opposition to homosexual ‘blessings’ and Fiducia Supplicans and urged Michael Lofton’s viewers ‘to stop wasting their time and perhaps also their money’ in a new statement.

No One Is Pushing Me Out” Biden Tells Staff As New NYT Poll Shows Trump Lead Widening
According to ‘several people familiar with his remarks,’ and perhaps most notably conveyed via the Washington Post, not only has Obama grown more concerned following the debate (and having to physically guide the 81-year-old off of a stage last month), the former president “has long harbored worries about his party defeating Donald Trump in November, repeatedly warning Biden in recent months about how challenging it will be to win reelection.”

Pope Francis bans visible tattoos, piercings for St. Peter’s Basilica employees
Pope Francis has banned visible tattoos for employees of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City years after arguing that body ink could be useful in better understanding the personalities of parishioners.

Thieves In Seattle Targeting EV Charging Stations Has Reached “Epidemic Proportions”
“It’s a serious and frustrating problem around Seattle.” 

Biden admin. says it opposes trans surgeries for minors after HHS officials pushed to remove age limits
The Biden administration claims that it opposes allowing gender dysphoric minors to undergo sex-change surgeries following a report that health officials urged an international group of medical experts to remove age limits for trans surgeries and other life-altering interventions.

Inside The Chinese Money-Laundering Network Fueling America’s Fentanyl Crisis
“Drug addicts in the US are facilitating the Western education of Chinese youth, as well as helping to fund the lifestyles of other Chinese nations living outside China.” 

Zachary King, former megachurch pastor, charged with rape, sodomy of minor
Zachary King, a pastor with “significant experience serving in youth ministry” at multiple megachurches, including LexCity Church in Kentucky, from which he recently resigned as executive pastor, has been charged with the rape and sexual abuse of a minor.

From Milk-Runs To MAD To Madness
No big deal, it was just “a milk run” remarked Paul Tibbets Jr., pilot of the Enola Gay, describing his trip to Hiroshima, Japan…

Judge blocks Biden admin. from adding gender identity to Title IX: ‘Only two sexes’
A federal judge in Kansas temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s Title IX rule change in several states that would’ve expanded the civil rights law’s definition of sex discrimination to include gender identity and sexual orientation.