3 July 2024

Top Iranian general: Next attack on Israel will lead to ‘complete victory’
A senior Iranian general on Monday told family members of Hamas terrorists killed in Gaza that the Islamic Republic was prepared to launch another attack on the Jewish state, similar to its massive missile and drone strike in April. Iran’s next attack, said Hajizadeh, “will lead to a complete victory for the Palestinian people.”

‘May God avenge his blood’ will appear on Cpt. Yudkin’s tombstone
Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, has approved the Public Council for the Commemoration of Soldiers’ recommendation to add the acronym Hy”d, which stands for Hashem yikom damo – May G-d avenge his blood, to military gravestones of fallen soldiers, at their family’s request.

Chief of Staff: ‘900 terrorists from Hamas Rafah Brigade killed’
“In the Rafah Brigade, what we’ve seen with our own eyes, and I don’t want to say something out of thin air, we count over 900 terrorists killed, including commanders, at least one battalion commander, many company commanders and many operatives.

IDF eliminates terrorist cell in UAV strike near Tulkarm
According to a military source, the IDF monitored the terrorist squad and struck it with a UAV while the terrorists were planting explosive devices, intended to harm the security forces.

Pro-Hamas Activists, Groups Turn Against Progressive Lawmakers, Allies as Anti-Israel Movement Shows Cracks
A slew of anti-Israel groups and activists have turned on left-wing Democratic lawmakers and allies, dismissing them as “enemies” and calling into question their support and loyalty to the Palestinian cause.

UN Launches Probe Into Anti-Israel Rapporteur for Allegedly Accepting Trip Funded by Pro-Hamas Organizations
The United Nations has opened an investigation into allegations that its special rapporteur on the human rights situation in the Palestinian territories accepted an all-expense paid trip to Australia from various pro-Hamas groups. The UN Investigations Division of the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) told UN Watch last week that it had alerted the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the allegations of financial impropriety levied at Albanese.

Judge agrees to delay Trump sentencing in hush money trial
Trump was scheduled to be sentenced on July 11 in the “hush money” trial. However, Judge Juan Merchan said on Tuesday that the former President will now be sentenced on September 18, “if such is still necessary.”

Smotrich in Sderot: I will not be surprised if Sinwar agrees to a deal in the coming days
Minister of Finance during a visit to Sderot: History will not forgive those who stop the war at this stage. He stated that “I will not be surprised if suddenly, after months of refusal, [Hamas leader Yahya] Sinwar will respond positively to the offer he received for a deal because he is in a panic and he understands that we are close to victory and will want to save himself and the Hamas rule in Gaza,

Four ships attacked heading to ‘occupied Palestine,’ claim Iran-backed terrorists
The Iran-backed Houthi terrorists claimed they attacked four ships “on three fronts” heading to Haifa on Saturday, according to UAE-based Al Ain news site. Although there is no evidence that these attacks took place, the Houthis, who have disrupted shipping since October 7th, said they struck the ships in protest that they were entering “occupied Palestine,” a term the terrorists use for Israel.

Israel must make a fateful decision regarding Hezbollah
While the risk involved is significant, Israel has been given a rare opportunity to fundamentally change the situation in the north.

Blinken: Israel has ‘lost sovereignty’ in northern border areas – but both sides don’t want larger war
Israel has “lost sovereignty” in areas along its border due to the incessant attacks by the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, U.S. State Secretary Antony Blinken said Monday at an event at the Brookings Institute. While the terror group has been attacking Israel since last October, the past month has seen an escalation in its attacks, giving rise to widespread fear that an all-out war may only be a matter of time.

Netanyahu: Israel is ‘advancing toward the end of eliminating Hamas’ terror army’
“I returned yesterday from a tour of the Gaza Division, where I saw very great achievements of the fighting that is being carried out in Rafah,” he said, adding that he was also “very impressed by the achievements above ground, underground, and by the fighting spirit of the commanders.”

Marine Le Pen as French president would be ‘excellent’ for Israel, Likud minister says
Despite Israel officially boycotting far-right European parties, Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli praised the victory and indicated that the Israeli government shared his joy over Marine Le Pen’s rise in influence. “It is excellent for Israel that she will be the president of France,

Unprecedented Category 5 Hurricane Beryl Stuns Scientists
a Category 5 hurricane on before the 4th of July is unprecedented. University of Miami hurricane expert Brian McNoldy posted, “#Beryl holds the new record for earliest Category 5 hurricane by a huge 15-day margin now.” This storm continues to break records, ravage the Caribbean region and stun scientists

China’s Pingjiang hit by worst floods in 70 years
A ‘wartime’ emergency was declared by local authorities in Pingjiang, China’s Hunan Province after flooding in Miluo River went 7 m (23 feet) above alert level.

Severe floods and landslides ravage northeastern India
The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued red alerts for all northeastern states on July 2, 2024, forecasting heavy rainfall as several rivers cross danger levels. 16 people were reported dead over the last two weeks due to rain-induced landslides and 80 people have lost their lives so far all over Northeast.

Google’s Jigsaw Expands Efforts to Combat Online “Toxicity” and Invest in Censorship Tool
Google’s Jigsaw started out as Google Ideas – and Eric Schmidt’s idea back in 2010 was for it to serve as a way of researching “issues at the intersection of technology and geopolitics.”

Pfizer purchased companies that produce drugs to treat the same conditions caused by Covid vaccines
In 2017, a former vice president of Pfizer blew the whistle and said that pharmaceutical companies intentionally design vaccines to keep the public in a state of illness to profit from the treatments of vaccine-induced illnesses.  Pfizer’s acquisitions of other pharmaceutical companies since the rollout of its Covid vaccine seem to indicate this is indeed the case.

Bird Flu Summit: The pandemic-vaccine industry is gathering for a second time to push for bird flu vaccinations
The second international Bird Flu Summit is taking place in a few months.  It is proclaimed to be a global event that brings together experts, innovators and stakeholders to address the pressing concerns surrounding avian influenza. The summit aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange to combat the spread of bird flu and its impact on human and animal health, as well as the global economy.

Leftists riot in France after National Rally Party victory
The streets of Paris became a war zone overnight Sunday as tens of thousands of left-wing rioters took to the streets in fiery opposition to the historic election victory by the country’s right-wing National Rally (NR).