18 June 2024

US and Saudi Arabia seek to implement security pact ahead of US election in November
The United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are reportedly in the final stage of securing an American-Saudi defense pact ahead of the upcoming U.S. election in November. If implemented, the U.S. would be required to defend Saudi Arabia if it were under attack and would become the first Arab state to sign such a strategic alliance with the United States.

Far-right gains in Europe: Good for the Jews?
Far-right parties made dramatic gains in the June 9 European parliamentary elections. Israel supporters celebrated, anticipating the exit of some of the worst purveyors of anti-Israel hatred. Even so, European Jewish Association (EJA) chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin advises caution. …“the rise of far-right parties is something that requires all of us to be really careful; to analyze very carefully the situation.”

Missouri judge rejects suit by interfaith clergy, including rabbis, that challenged abortion ban
A Missouri judge upheld the state’s abortion ban, rejecting an interfaith clergy group’s lawsuit. The clergy argued the ban violated church-state separation, but the judge disagreed.

‘Nasrallah realizes the IDF can kill him’: Hezbollah leadership shaken after Israeli elimination
Approximately 250 rockets were launched on Wednesday towards northern Israel, … These launches come after the assassination of senior Hezbollah official Sami Taleb Abdullah, whose rank was equivalent to a brigadier general … He is the highest-ranking Hezbollah commander to have been killed so far in the war. … the IDF precisely assassinated Taleb using a fighter jet. … Hezbollah Secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah realizes that the IDF has the ability to kill him whenever it wants, and I believe this worries him quite a bit.

The West does not understand the enduring roots of antisemitism within Islam
Unfortunately, media biases, including detestable attempts at equivalency, exacerbate this millennia-old hatred.

Key Democrats approve sale of F-15s to Israel
Two key Democratic holdouts in the House and Senate have signed off on a major arms sale to Israel, including 50 F-15 fighter jets worth more than $18 billion, after facing intense pressure from the Biden administration and pro-Israel advocates to allow the transaction to move forward,

Defeating Hamas is only the beginning of the solution
I wish we could say that the Palestinians were “hijacked” by Hamas and the people themselves actually seek peace and prosperity, but the facts show the opposite: – The latest poll from days ago shows that 67% of the Palestinians SUPPORT the October 7th massacre. That’s why Abbas has avoided any further elections. He’d lose and he knows it. I’m not aware of even ONE case of a Gaza resident that actively opposed this violence.

Gazans’ Rage Against Hamas is Boiling Over
The New York Times published a front-page article this week based on interviews with nearly a dozen Gaza residents who blame Hamas for initiating the conflict and bringing death and destruction upon them. The sentiment that Hamas is prioritizing its self-serving objectives over the welfare of ordinary Gazans is widespread.

Jerusalem will not commit to ending war until hostages released
Hamas has broken past deals too many times to be trusted, said a senior Israeli official. Jerusalem will not commit to ending the war in Gaza until Hamas releases all of the hostages held by the terrorist group, according to a senior Israeli official.

Day 255: IDF says it has control of over 60% of Rafah, 2 of final 4 Hamas battalions defeated
Israel Defense Forces announced Monday evening that half of Hamas’ Rafah Brigade has been defeated, with 550 Hamas fighters confirmed killed, and said its forces are working to complete the mission of destroying Hamas. Defeat of Hamas’ Rafah Brigade expected ‘within weeks’

US envoy meets Netanyahu & Gallant as IDF eliminates Hezbollah operative after 2 quiet days on northern border
senior advisor to President Joe Biden, Amos Hochstein, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Monday in a push to find a diplomatic solution to the situation on Israel’s northern border. While Hezbollah sharply escalated its attacks over the past weeks, this Sunday and Monday saw relative quiet along the tense border, as the terror group didn’t claim any attacks in the last 48 hours after averaging over 10 attacks against Israeli targets over the past months.

Netanyahu dissolves War Cabinet
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced to his ministers who participated in the Security Cabinet session on Sunday that he has decided to dissolve the War Cabinet and to hold the relevant discussions in the broader Security Cabinet instead. However, those close to the Prime Minister predict that he will hold consultations with a smaller forum, similar to the War Cabinet, while decisions will be made in the Security Cabinet. By doing this, Netanyahu absolved himself of National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s demands to join the War Cabinet after the National Unity Party left the government.

Northeast and Midwest prepare for dangerously hot temperatures and heat dome
Things are about to heat up in much of the U.S. — dangerously hot temperatures are forecast for the Midwest and Northeast this week, prompting health officials to urge people to make plans now to stay safe A heat wave was already driving up temperatures in many Southern states over the weekend.

Summer snow in Montana, NWS issues rare June Winter Storm Watch 
An unexpected cold front is bringing a wintry mix to Montana just as summer approaches. With a Winter Storm Watch in effect, heavy snow is expected in the high elevations of the Rockies, disrupting travel and creating hazardous conditions.

Extremely heavy rains hit Abidjan, causing deadly floods, Ivory Coast 
Severe flooding hit Ivory Coast’s largest city, Abidjan, after heavy rains triggered devastating floods and landslides on Thursday, June 13, 2024. The floods caused widespread disruption, claiming the lives of at least 8 people, injuring at least 18, and overwhelming the city’s infrastructure. Unconfirmed reports on Monday, June 17, mention as many as 61 fatalities.

Record-breaking heat wave forecast from Midwest to Northeast, U.S.
NWS Weather Prediction Center (WPC) is forecasting record-breaking heat to expand from the Midwest and Great Lakes to the Northeast this week, potentially lingering through early next week. The duration of this heat wave is notable and potentially the longest experienced in decades for some locations.

Extreme rainfall, deadly floods and landslides hit China’s Fujian, forcing 36 000 to evacuate 
Extremely heavy rains in southeast China’s Fujian province over the past 7 days caused severe flooding and landslides, in which at least 4 people lost their lives and 2 remain missing. Hundreds of homes have been damaged, and at least 36,000 people were forced to evacuate.

Hezbollah bigger challenge than Hamas to Israel: ‘Crown jewel in the Iranian empire of terror’
Israel on the verge of a third full-blown war against Hezbollah because of the Lebanese organization’s constant firing of deadly missiles, drones and rockets, the differences and similarities between Hezbollah and Hamas are now under the microscope.

The Masses Are Being Deceived… We Must Speak Up And Share Biblical Truth
…the comments section fills with accusations that Christians must be “closet gays” because of how much they “obsess” over LGBTQ. Now, of course, that’s not the case—we’re not obsessed (honestly, there are many, many things we’d rather talk about!), but we do speak to this issue often because, well, the culture is obsessed with it!

Sharia Police and Hatred of Jews: How Primary Schools are Becoming Islamized 
The Austrian government advocates for mandatory democracy and ethics education to counter radical influences but fails to address that these influences are rooted in authentic Islamic teachings, a reality often sanitized by Western governments and media, thereby endangering non-Muslims.