17 June 2024

Military Draft Coming? House Passes Measure To Automatically Register Men For Selective Service
The House of Representatives on Friday approved its version of the annual defense policy bill, effectively clearing the $883.7 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to move forward in a 217-199 vote which largely fell along party lines. Only three Republicans opposed it. A number of ‘controversial’ amendments are part of it, setting up a further fight with Democrats as it moves forward, including a measure empowering the National Guard to crack down on the southern border.

Russian forces kill ISIS-linked prisoners who took guards hostage
The hostage takers, who included some already convicted of terrorism offenses, had knocked out the bars of a window in their cell and entered a guard room where they took at least two prison officers hostage, Russian media said.

Jabalia showdown: IDF paratroopers clash with Hamas in unconquered stronghold
Veni Vedi Vici. Julius Caesar’s famous three words are now daubed in green on a marble slab in the lobby of a nice-looking office building inside the Jabaliya refugee camp taken by the paratroopers.

Southern Commander to commanders in Rafah: ‘You are degrading the Rafah Brigade’
“We are here in Tel al-Sultan, Rafah. After a painful event that happened yesterday, we lost soldiers and lost commanders during an operation. These are our best sons, our directive is to continue forward, and you are doing it,” stated Finkelman. “You are degrading the Rafah Brigade, and we will act and continue until we defeat it,” he added.

Hamas: We’re ready for hostage deal with ceasefire, IDF must withdraw
Hamas is ready for a hostage deal that includes a Gaza ceasefire and a withdrawal of the IDF, the group’s Qatar-based leader Ismail Haniyeh said in a televised speech on the occasion of the Islamic Eid al-Adha on Sunday. Israel … insisted that any deal must allow for its military campaign to continue until such time as Hamas is ousted from Gaza.

Revealed: These are the Iranian hackers who attacked Israeli targets
According to the news website, the Darkbit hacker group operates under the command of Amir-Hossein Fard Siahpoush, also known as Parsa Sarrafian, who runs the Ravin Academy, a US-sanctioned school that trains individuals in cyber security and hacking, and recruits from among these trainees for Iran’s Intelligence Ministry.

IDF Spokesman Hagari: ‘Hezbollah is jeopardizing the future of Lebanon’
Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari issues statement warning Hezbollah against escalating tensions in the north. ‘When we say that we will not let October 7th happen again on any one of our borders – we mean it.’ “Hezbollah’s increasing aggression is bringing us to the brink of what could be a wider escalation – one that could have devastating consequences for Lebanon and the entire region.

A Jordanian pilgrim in Mecca spent his entire time shouting “death to Israel” and “long live Hxmas.” Shortly afterward, he suffered cardiac arrest and died.

Ten IDF soldiers killed fighting Hamas in Gaza
Ten Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed in the Gaza Strip over the weekend, the military announced on Sunday morning. One additional soldier passed away from wounds sustained during fighting last week, according to the IDF.

Day 254: IDF announces controversial 11-hour fighting pause on Rafah corridor after bloody weekend of fighting
Controversy erupted on Sunday after the Israel Defense Forces announced a daily 11-hour truce along a corridor in Rafah, a move that reportedly wasn’t coordinated with the political leadership and drew criticism by right-wing ministers. the IDF said that the Commando Brigade under the 162nd Division raided terrorist infrastructures with intelligence guidance, eliminated terrorists, and located many weapons above and below ground in the Rafah area.

Six earthquakes hit Southern California in one week. Does that mean ‘The Big One’ is coming?
In recent days, Southern California has experienced one earthquake after another. A 3.6 in Ojai on May 31. Two of a similar magnitude under the East Los Angeles area of El Sereno. Another three quakes near Newport Beach and Costa Mesa.

Synthetic’ cell shown to follow chemical directions and change shape, a vital biological function
In a feat aimed at understanding how cells move and creating new ways to shuttle drugs through the body, scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine say they have built a minimal synthetic cell that follows an external chemical cue and demonstrates a governing principle of biology called “symmetry breaking.”

Strong and shallow M6.0 earthquake hits near the coast of southern Peru 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit near the coast of southern Peru at 14:47 UTC on June 16, 2024. The agency is reporting a depth of 19.9 km (12.3 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 20 km (12.4 miles).

Shallow M6.0 earthquake hits west of Macquarie Island 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit west of Macquarie Island, southwestern Pacific Ocean at 00:27 UTC on June 16, 2024. The agency is reporting a depth of 7 km (4.3 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 19 km (11.8 miles).

Dangerous heat wave looms for over 135 million this week from Chicago to New York
The first widespread heat wave of the year is about to unfold over the eastern and central United States with the AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures occasionally approaching the 100-degree mark.

Germany could soon be screening 18-year-olds to boost military recruits
The war in Ukraine has Europe on edge, and German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius is proposing a new model of military service. He wants compulsory screening of potential recruits to strengthen the army in a context of heightened risk. Under the draft, presented by Boris Pistorius to the defense committee.

Revealed: Adobe issues new terms of service giving it ‘licenses to your content.’ Law Enforcement Today is telling them to stick it.
Adios, Adobe. It’s been fun.  Law Enforcement Today and our affiliated companies have made the decision to cut ties with Adobe after their recent change in terms of service which would permit the company to look at your files and existing projects in what they claim is for “content moderation.”

The Hunger Games: A simulation exercise that reveals their strategy for the war on food
In 2015 a two-day simulation game was held dubbed by some as the “hunger games” 65 people played out a food crisis simulation set in the years 2020 to 2030. Do you recall a pandemic simulation held in 2019 called Event 201 that served as a dress rehearsal for the response to the covid “pandemic” in 2020?

Eugenics is quietly returning; what does this mean for future humans? 
We don’t get to choose which of our genes we pass on. Every conception is a roll of the dice.  But that could be about to change with emerging technology called “preimplantation genetic testing for polygenic disorders.”

The Seven Raptures: Why The Catching Away Of The Church Is Not A Biblically Unprecedented Event
A lot of people find the idea of a rapture, a snatching away of people to heaven without dying, very difficult to accept. It seems too strange and too bizarre to be true. “After all,” they say, “nothing like that’s ever happened before!” But that’s actually not true.

Eight troops killed in Rafah explosion, in deadliest incident for IDF in 6 months 
Eight Israeli soldiers were killed in a blast in southern the Gaza Strip’s Rafah on Saturday morning, the military announced, in what marked the deadliest incident for the Israel Defense Forces in the enclave since January.

While Chicago Schools Fail Students, Teachers Union Demands Climate Action Contract
“…that according to documents leaked to Fox News in May, the $50 billion they are asking for includes a 9% wage hike, fully paid abortions for its members, new migrant services and facilities, and a myriad of LGBT-related requirements.

Over 12,000 Acres Near Los Angeles is on Fire — More Than 1,200 People Evacuated So Far
A massive wildfire just outside Los Angeles, California, has spread to 12,265 acres and was only two percent contained on Sunday afternoon.

California Border Patrol Seizes 25 Semi-Automatic Rifles Being Smuggled to Mexican Cartel
Border Patrol Agents at the California and Arizona border have seized 25 AK-style rifles, two handguns, and ammunition magazines that they believe were en route to a Mexican cartel.