14 June 2024

Senior Hezbollah official eliminated in strike in south Lebanon, at least 14 injured
The official was killed in a southern command base of the terrorist organization, where a strike cause a two-story building to collapse. It was also reported in Lebanon that the attack was carried out using a missile that was launched from the sea

Terrorists used ‘strange punishments,’ physical and mental torture to torment hostage, says father
The physical torture included receiving “strange punishments for everything they did,” Mikhail said, referring to Andrey and the two other men he was held with, Almog Meir Jan and Shlomi Ziv.“No matter what, it was impossible for the captives to behave ‘correctly’ and be fine.” Once,” he reported, “they covered him with six blankets in the heat for a long time as a punishment for not asking for permission to leave the bathroom, and they did not allow him to move.”

‘Infiltrators’ collect classified docs from IDF intel base
If the three had been actual enemies, they could have caused severe damage to the base’s infrastructure, soldiers, and staff. A three-member audit team of the Israeli army’s General Staff infiltrated one of the Israel Defense Forces’ most sensitive bases. They posed as officers of the ranks of lieutenant colonel and colonel and entered directly through the guard house without being challenged.

Biden offers $400 million more to terrorists within Israel
In a poll from last year, the Muslim occupiers in West Bank and Gaza gave Hamas a 76% rating. Islamic Jihad was at 84%. The UN was at only 9%. And America was at 0%. Maybe the latest $400 million check will turn things around. S Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken announced an additional $404 million in new aid to Palestinians,

IDF destroys 45 terror targets in Gaza over 24 hours
I ground them fine as windswept dust; I trod them flat as dirt of the streets. Psalms 18:43
Among the targets hit were command centers, armed terrorist squads, rocket launchers, tunnel shafts, and other infrastructure, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Viral video shows Israeli soldiers using medieval-like catapult to launch fireballs over northern border
Hezbollah is known to use densely vegetated areas to hide its activities. The astonishing footage caused widespread confusion and astonishment at the use of what appeared to be a medieval trebuchet in the battle against the Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. “The area at the Lebanese border is characterized by boulders and brush, dense thorny vegetation, which poses a challenge to the IDF forces deployed in defense. It can be estimated that the burning of the thorns and vegetation across the border was intended to expose the area to facilitate the identification of terrorists

Are you one of those Jews that steals land?’ – Antisemitic harassment at Florida pharmacy by pro-Palestinian man
Jewish Israeli activist and influencer Danielle Yablonka was recently at a local pharmacy in Lauderhill, Florida, when she witnessed a man reportedly hurling antisemitic insults at a Jewish man after noticing he was wearing a kippah, a Jewish religious head covering.

UN Watch accuses special rapporteur of running international anti-Israel network, taking payments
The NGO watchdog group, UN Watch, released two reports in the first half of June, accusing UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese of “running a global influence network of more than 100 individuals and NGOs to target Israel.” The special rapporteur is supposed to be an independent expert appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate human rights conditions and is expected to demonstrate impartiality. (yeah right)

Dozens of missiles | Heavy barrages on Galilee and Golan
Sirens were sounded on Thursday afternoon across the Galilee and in the northern and central Golan Heights. According to the IDF following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel over the past few hours, approximately 40 projectiles were launched toward the Galilee and Golan Heights area. Numerous launches were successfully intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array. A number of hits that ignited fires in the area were identified.

Severe floods and landslides claim 3 lives in northern Vietnam 
Flooding and landslides in Ha Giang province, Vietnam, claimed three lives and left one person missing from June 8 to June 10, 2024. Continuous rainfall caused severe damage to roads, partially submerged thousands of homes, and cut off access to three communes.

High Risk of Excessive Rainfall issued for the I-75 Corridor, Florida 
A High Risk of Excessive Rainfall (level 4/4 risk) is now in effect across parts of South Florida, including the Miami metro region, the NWS Weather Prediction Center said at 13:00 EST (17:00 UTC) on June 13, 2024

Severe storms with large hail, strong winds, and tornadoes target Chicago, Kansas City 
Severe thunderstorms are expected across the central Plains to the central Great Lakes on June 13, 2024. Large hail, destructive wind gusts, and tornadoes are possible, particularly in Chicago, Illinois, and Kansas City, Missouri.

Widespread floods in South Florida, authorities urge citizens to refrain from travel 
As the long low pressure region near the coast of Florida continued producing a wide area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms, SE Broward and NE Miami-Dade including Hallandale, Hollywood, NMB, Dania, and Aventura witnessed life-threatening flooding and widespread road closures with detrimental impact on homes and businesses across the region.

Crops failing as heatwave and extreme drought intensify in central and northern China
Central and northern China continue to grapple with a scorching summer, with temperatures in Henan and Hebei provinces reaching 43 °C (109 °F) or higher and farmers already reporting significant crop failures.

Hungary Fined €200 Million By EU For Not Allowing Migrant Invasion – PM Orban Slams ‘Financial Blackmail
A European Union court has ordered  Hungary to pay a fine of €200 million for refusing to adhere to the bloc’s rules imposing open borders on all its member states.

Damnable Lies and Damnable Liars
.You do understand that liars run the world, don’t you? Psalm 2 calls out the greatest conspiracy in world history…The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed

US Military Bases Unprepared for Rising Threats From Communist China
FBI Director Christopher Wray and National Security Agency Director Gen. Timothy Haugh have stated that the recent Chinese cyber assault on America’s critical infrastructure is preparation for conflict with the United States.

Could Russia Deploy Ballistic Missiles In Mexico? 
On Sunday, former U.S. Air Force officer Jake Broe reported on X that Russians on Kremlin State TV declared Mexico their military ally, considering placing missiles on Mexican territory to attack the United States.

Saudi Arabia’s petro-dollar exit: A global finance paradigm shift
The crucial decision to not renew the contract enables Saudi Arabia to sell oil and other goods in multiple currencies, including the Chinese RMB, Euros, Yen, and Yuan, instead of exclusively in US dollars. Additionally, the potential use of digital currencies like Bitcoin may also be considered

Jewish leaders call for new NYC mask ban to fight antisemitic hate
It’s time to unmask hate. An explosion of blatant antisemitism by anti-Israel protesters in New York — nearly all of whom cover their faces to avoid being publicly identified — is leading some Jewish leaders to call for the return of an anti-mask law that was previously used to fight the hoods of the Ku Klux Klan.

Surveys Show That The American People Absolutely HATE What Is Happening To The Economy, And This Is Why…
…the American people absolutely hate what is happening to the economy.  Even though the media is constantly telling us that the economy is doing just fine, the vast majority of the population is not buying into the propaganda.  Hordes of small businesses are failing, retailers are shutting down thousands of stores, and poverty is exploding all over the nation.

Scientists Warn That A 9.0 Earthquake Along The Cascadia Subduction Zone Could Send A 100 Foot Tall Tsunami Slamming Into The West Coast
We are being told that someday an absolutely massive earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone will send a gigantic wall of water toward the west coast of the United States.  We are talking about a disaster that would be greater than anything we have ever witnessed in the entire history of our country so far, and scientists are openly warning us that it is just a matter of time before this happens.

DHS Vetting Fails Again, Ignorance of Islamic Threat Shows as Eight ISIS Terrorists Enter U.S. Illegally, Find Sanctuary in Leftist Cities
During Robert Mueller’s tenure as FBI Director (2001-2013), and with the support of the Obama administration, he collaborated with groups linked to Islamic terror-tied organizations to purge all training materials offensive to Muslims, removing references to Islam and Jihad from counterterrorism training, thereby hamstringing agents’ ability to understand and counter jihadist motives and goals effectively.

Dr. Christopher Exley: Merck must be brought to justice for peddling harmful HPV vaccines
No so-called vaccine, probably including covid products, has maimed and killed more adolescents over the past twenty years than Merck’s HPV vaccine – Gardasil…Dr. Christopher Exley said: “There are a number of lawsuits ongoing looking to bring Merck, the pedlar of Gardasil HPV vaccines, to justice. This paper and our collective efforts can help to bring this to pass.”

Australia’s culling of 500,000 chickens is for a manufactured bird flu crisis
A private government report obtained this week in response to questions over the decision to kill over 500,000 chickens in Victoria, Australia shows that the people making the decision had no verifiable evidence of a high-risk infectious outbreak. The chicken farms that were claimed to be infected were so distant from any possible bird source that it was unlikely or impossible to have happened without deliberate intervention or manipulation of testing.

Canadian Cancer Society bows to LGBT mob, apologizes for referring to cervix by actual name 
…On a note on its website, under a cancer screening page question, “As a trans man or non-binary person assigned female at birth, do I need to get screened for cervical cancer?” the agency offered an apology titled “Words Matter.”