31 Oct 2023

Israeli forces attack north Gaza’s main city from both sides
Israeli troops and tanks attacked Gaza’s main northern city from the east and west on Monday, three days after it began ground operations in the Palestinian enclave that have increased international pressure for civilians to be protected. Israel’s military said it had struck more than 600 militant targets over the past few days as it expanded ground operations in the Gaza Strip,

Saudis On High Alert After Yemen’s Houthis Fire Another Missile At Israel, Fresh Clashes Erupt
Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in Yemen have reportedly fired another missile aimed at Israel on Monday. An initial launch of a couple of missiles over a week ago saw a US warship of Yemen’s coast intervene to shoot down the projectiles. This time the Houthi missile flew over Saudi territory, putting the kingdom on a high state of alert.

IDF Tanks Reach Outskirts Of Gaza City, Cut Key North-South Highway, After Netanyahu’s Chilling War Message To “Smite Amalek”
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says it has killed dozens of Hamas militants, among them commanders, as it pushes deeper into Gaza, with tanks being seen Monday on the outskirts of Gaza City, blocking a key road linking the northern and southern halves of the Strip.

Inside the gleaming developments that made Hamas a $1bn terror group
High-value assets in Turkey ‘form part of a secret global investment portfolio’ The block of flats towering over Kezban’s house looks much like the other developments going up in a building boom in the city. But the US government believes this compound, Anda Park Balat 2, to be a high-value asset in a secret global investment portfolio that could be worth as much as $1 billion run by Hamas, potentially making it one of the richest terrorist groups in the world. Ankara has even granted citizenship to people linked to Hamas,

Obsessed With Destroying The Jews: The Ultimate Enemy Of Israel Is Satan
“Israel is an occupier!” “Israel is an apartheid country!’ “Israel is a colonizer!” “The Zionist regime stole land from the Palestinians!” Over the last few decades, we’ve heard it all. It’s not based on facts, but it continues to be spread. As a result, amid a full-blown war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip to respond to the most extensive twenty-first-century pogrom since the Holocaust, Israel is still seen as the perpetrator.

‘Slit Your Throat’: Cornell University Jewish Community Rocked by Murderous Social Media Posts
The possibility of antisemitic violence at Cornell University loomed over campus this weekend after several posts calling for murdering Jews and raping Jewish women emerged on a popular social media forum.

Hamas offers to trade Russian hostages for weapons
The Hamas terrorist organization offered Moscow a deal for the release of eight Russian citizens who were kidnapped on October 7 in exchange for the transfer of weapons to Gaza to use against Israel, … According to the report, Hamas is primarily seeking anti-aircraft weapons from Russia.

Rockets launched at Jerusalem, kidnapped soldier rescued
Terrorists in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon continued to fire barrages of rockets at Israel on Sunday. Toward the end of week three, Israel began conducting small-scale ground activities in the Gaza Strip. On Friday night, IDF forces entered the Gaza Strip and have remained there, with the intensity of the activity slowly growing since then.

PM: Ceasefire demand is call for Israeli surrender
“Just as the US would not agree to a ceasefire after the bombing of Pearl Harbor [in 1941] or after the terror attack of 9/11 [in 2001], Israel would not agree to a cessation of hostilities.”

Terrorist leader killed in a Samaria raid
Four Palestinian Arab terrorists, including a terrorist leader, were killed during an IDF raid in Samaria overnight. Israeli troops on Monday bulldozed Jenin’s iconic gate, a place terrorists notoriously posed for photos in the Palestinian Authority-administered city in Samaria, during a series of raids in the area.

Lapid: To win the war, Sinwar, Mashal, Haniyeh must die
Yair Lapid on Monday said that in order to claim victory, Israel must kill six senior Hamas terror leaders, including its chief in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, and its leaders in Qatar, Khaled Mashal and Ismail Haniyeh.

Prophecy, or common sense? Hamas invasion was foretold in 2016
Then-Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman eerily presaged much of what happened on October 7, but his warnings were dismissed. After the Gaza war, the blame game will begin in earnest. But no one is blameless, because there are those who warned for many years that Hamas was planning to invade, and successive governments, both left and right-wing, failed to take them seriously.

CAM calls on authorities: Act before it is “open season on Jews”
The Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) called on authorities around the world to act immediately to ensure the safety and security of Jews and Jewish communities as threats against them continue to rise. Earlier today, a flight from Israel to the Russian Republic of Dagestan was forced to divert from its intended destination after rioters stormed the airport, seeking to attack any Jews on the flight.

Recent Turkey-Israel reconciliation falls apart after Erdoğan blasts Israel, calling it ‘war criminal’
Just last year, the two nations agreed to reappoint ambassadors, each of whom arrived in the respective countries earlier this year. The moves to draw closer were halted late last week as Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan blasted Israel in a speech on Saturday, where he praised the Palestinians in Gaza, called Hamas “freedom fighters” and labeled Israel a “war criminal.”

Israeli finance minister halts transfer of funds to Palestinian Authority over Hamas support
Israel’s Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich on Monday said he had ordered to halt this month’s transfer of tax and customs funds to the Palestinian Authority and requested to convene a security cabinet meeting on the matter.

Earthquakes Continue to Rattle the Globe, Including Across the United States
According to long-term records maintained since around 1900, USGS says they expect about 16 major earthquakes in any given year. That includes 15 earthquakes in the magnitude 7 range and one earthquake magnitude 8.0 or greater. In the past 40-50 years, USGS records show that the long-term average number of major earthquakes has been exceeded about a dozen times. The year with the largest total was 2010, with 23 major earthquakes (greater than or equal to magnitude 7.0). In other years the total was well below the annual long-term average of 16 major earthquakes. 1989 only had 6 major earthquakes and 1988 only had 7.

60 Million Americans Under Freeze Alerts As Powerful Arctic Blast Crashes Temps Nationwide
As highlighted in last week’s article, temperatures across the Lower 48 are diving as a cold blast pours in from Canada. These bone-chilling temperatures come just in time for Halloween. About 250 million Americans are feeling below-average temperatures, while 60 million will be under frost or freeze alerts.

Season’s strongest Santa Ana event will elevate fire risk in Southern California into Tuesday
Strong winds expected in parts of Southern California into early Tuesday could cause damage and increase the risk for wildfires, as the season’s strongest Santa Ana event to date will impact millions in the region, warn AccuWeather meteorologists.

Mexico throws troops, aid into Acapulco as hurricane death toll rises
Mexico’s government on Sunday intensified efforts to get the stricken coastal city of Acapulco back on its feet as the toll of dead and missing from a record-breaking hurricane that ravaged the iconic beach resort continued to rise.

Hurricane Otis death toll climbs to 45 in Mexico
At least 45 people have died after powerful Hurricane Otis tore through southern Mexico’s Guerrero state as a devastating Category 5 storm last week, the region’s governor said Sunday.

Texas Reclaims Island From Mexican Cartels In Fight To Secure Border
In the fight against Mexican cartels, Texas law enforcement recently took control of a dangerous island used by human traffickers.

Israeli Tanks Roll Deep Into Gaza As The Entire World Braces For More Escalation
There isn’t going to be peace in the Middle East any time soon.  As you will see below, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unequivocally ruled out a ceasefire.  IDF forces will continue with their mission until victory is achieved.

Macron Announces Bill to Enshrine ‘Freedom of Abortion’ in French Constitution
President Emmanuel Macron announced Sunday that his government will introduce legislation this week to enshrine the “freedom” to have an abortion into the French Constitution.

Congressman Sounds the Alarm After 17 Chinese Nationals Are Arrested in His Southern District
With the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, worries about the security of the open U.S. border continue to escalate. There are growing concerns about individuals with potential security risks attempting to enter through our vulnerable border.

Neo-Nazi Terrorists Have Been Targeting US Power Grid
A power-grid security watchdog warns there is a cadre of neo-Nazi domestic terrorists targeting U.S. power-grid with guns and explosives, seeking to undermine the American way of life.

Is The Writing on the Wall for Netanyahu? 
Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to apologise on Sunday for accusing his intelligence chiefs of failing to warn him about the threat of a large scale attack by Hamas. In a statement posted on Twitter in the early hours of Sunday and now deleted, Netanyahu said: “At no time and no stage was a warning given to Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding war intentions of Hamas.

Amazon Already Has 750,0000 Robots In Quest To Eliminate Humans Altogether
“750,000 robots working collaboratively with our employees” is pretty sobering, but Amazon is just getting started!  When it says it is “freeing employees up to better deliver for our customers,” it means getting rid of them altogether. Like Marc Andreessen, Jeff Bezos is a Techno-Optimist and utterly unplugged from reality.

Frustrated shoppers are forced to wait as long as 40 MINUTES to get their hands on basic groceries like toothpaste, baby formula and vitamins at Walmart and Target as retailers lock up products to combat soaring crime 
Shoppers are being forced to wait as long as 40 minutes to buy basic essentials like baby formula and body wash as major retailers lock up products to counter skyrocketing rates of theft.

U.S. Says it Will Protect Philippines from China as Tensions in Pacific Rise 
As tensions between Washington and Beijing mount, the United States is pushing back against Chinese ambitions in the Pacific.

Krishanti Vignarajah: Meet the Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama Associate Who Will Resettle Palestinians in Your Hometown 
…it turns out that terrorist sympathizers help bring the migrants here. It was revealed this week that Homeland Security asylum officer Nejwa Ali previously worked for the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a body designated by the government Ali works for as a terrorist group. The PLO press office she worked for was expelled from the country by the Trump administration. She went to work for the feds shortly thereafter.

Jaw-Dropping Fact: CDC Data confirms COVID Vaccine can reduce your Lifespan by at least 24 years
The long-term consequences of Covid-19 vaccination are now being realised… A year ago, doubly vaccinated Australians were 10.72x more likely to catch Omicron than the unvaxxed. Now they are 20x more likely and the triply or more vaxxed are 35x more likely, as the latest NSW Health stats show…the latest US data analysed by Josh Stirlingshows a really really disturbing trend. The damage to health caused by each vaccine dose does not lessen over time. It continues indefinitely.