30 Oct 2023


Apostasy And Doctrines Of Demons

The Hijacking of Christianity: Modern Christianity bears very little resemblance to Christianity found in the Book of Acts. The true forerunners of Christianity would have a hard time recognizing what is “practiced” in most of American Christendom today.

Canadian Military Chaplains Told Not to Mention God in Public Prayer Except on Remembrance Day.

And Its Pervasive Perversion

Catholic Bishop resigns after ‘all-male orgy in rectory goes wrong.’ Grzegorz Kaszak, bishop of Sosnowiec in Poland, resigned after details of an all-male orgy were leaked to the press. Local authorities investigated, which saw a sex worker taken to hospital from a Viagra overdose. Paramedics were barred from entering when they arrived after someone made an emergency phone call. Only when police arrived were they allowed in. Allegedly, the orgy was arranged by Tomasz Zmarzly, the parish priest, with several other clergy taking part at the rectory of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Angels church. Other sources say this is one of several incidents involving this parish. The Polish Catholic Church has been rocked for several years by allegations of sexual abuse of minors involving clergy. [And so it is also rife in Catholic churches throughout the world.]

Mexico: Megachurch Leader Charged with Federal Child Pornography and Sex with Minor. García was head of La Luz del Mundo, which claims 5 million followers worldwide and considered García an “apostle” of God. He’d use his spiritual sway to have sex with young women, telling them it would “lead to their salvation.”

‘Trans’ 11-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Grand Marshal of Orlando Pride Parade. The biological male’s mother said, “She’s been on this [transitioning] journey since she was five, and she’s living her best life.”

Obama-Appointed Judge Stops Tennessee City Ordinance That Banned Drag Shows from Public Spaces.

National Hockey League players will be allowed to use [Gay] Pride tape on their hockey sticks

Iniquity Shall Abound

Maine: Mass Shooting in Lewiston; 18 dead, 13 wounded at two locations. The suspect, Robert Card, was found two days later dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Card’s sister said he may have been looking for his ex when he shot up Sparetime Recreation bowling alley and Schemengees Bar and Grille.

Tennessee: Nashville Police Chief’s Son Shot 2 Officers. The chief said he and his son had minimal contact; he’s a convicted felon with “years of criminal activity.” Update: He killed himself after a chase following a gun-point carjacking.

Detroit Synagogue President Found Fatally Stabbed Outside Home.

Toxic Brew to Create Endless Chaos in America. America’s streets now teem with thieves, drug addicts, prostitutes, violent criminals, and sexual predators. We’ve raised an entire generation with no moral foundation, and we’re daily adding more immigrants from third-world countries, many with no intention of following our laws, and they’re fueling the explosive growth of criminal gangs. The war in the Middle East threatens to spark an unprecedented wave of domestic terror attacks here. Millions of radical Muslims now live here, and when the time comes, they won’t hesitate to commit acts of violence.

Plague, Pestilence

Drug Plague: Over 100 pounds of drugs worth 4 million found in raid on NYC pizzeria.

‘Potentially Disfiguring’ Parasitic Skin Disease Spreading Through Local Sand Flies. What used to be found almost exclusively among international travelers returning to the US has now been identified among Americans with no travel history.

And The Planned-Demic

New Zealand: 30 people jabbed with Covid vaccine same day, same location. All now deceasedTheir deaths are in close temporal, time, proximity to each other.

Deliberate Border Disorder: A Deliberate Marxist Agenda

Biden’s 2023 Flood: One Migrant for Every American Newborn. Biden’s deputies welcomed at least one economic migrant into the US during the last 12 months for every American newborn or high-school graduate. Over 4 million migrants crossed the southern border during the past budget year.

Biden Demands Billions to Fly/Bus More Migrants into U.S. Communities.

269,735 Illegal Aliens at Southern Border in September – Highest Number Ever in Single Month.

Nation (Ethnic) Against Nation (Ethnic): A Deliberate Marxist Agenda

Marxists in South Africa: Attacks/murders of white farmers: There have been 68 farm attacks and ten farm murders since radical Marxist “Economic Freedom Fighters” leader Julius Malema chanted “Kill the Boer” in front of 90,000 supporters in July.

Op-ed: Black Leaders Need to Stand with Israel and Against Antisemitism—as They Once Did. “Black activists are doubling down against Israel. Several released statements condemning Israel, as if they should pretend the barbaric murder of 1,300 innocent people doesn’t warrant military response. Other activists are downright supportive of Hamas. America needs Black leaders who care more about standing against evil than potential backlash from the Black activist class. We need leaders who refuse to stay silent as groups like Black Lives Matter promote terrorism.”

Weather Events

Hurricane Otis: Forecasters caught off guard by Otis; at least 27 dead, four missing in Acapulco, as tens of thousands are left without power or clean water. What was forecast to be a tropical storm or Category 1 quickly turned into a Category 5 in just hours. “There are no hurricanes on record even close to this intensity for this part of Mexico.”

Tropical Cyclone Tej Hit Yemen, killing 5 and displacing nearly two thousand.

Cyclone Lola becomes southern hemisphere’s earliest Category 5 tropical cyclone on record. Homes, roads, schools, and bridges were wiped out by the cyclone in parts of Vanuatu, with Pentecost Island hardest hit. Over 10,000 households in four northern provinces were impacted; no injuries or deaths.

Tropical Cyclone Hamoon: Three dead and 275,000 people flee to shelters in Bangladesh.

Six tropical cyclones spin across globe at same time.

Evils Of Islam And Those Who Hate The Jews And Israel

In the USA: Universities Celebrate Mass Murder of Jews. American academia has descended into barbarism. Student organizations funded by Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated our universities and turned them training grounds for the next generation of jihadists. In the wake of Hamas’s barbarism, its slaughter and mutilation of innocent Jews, its campaign of rape and torture and beheading, we can now bear witness to the effects that two decades of Jew-hating pro-terror propaganda have wrought in our institutions of higher learning.

CAMERA reveals anti-Israel bias at ‘CNN,’ ‘The Guardian,’ ‘USA Today.’

Syrians try to bomb Israeli embassy in Cyprus, plus more. Also, following calls for mass protest against Israel, its Ambassador to Morocco returned to Israel with his staff. Also, demonstrators attempted to storm the Israeli embassy compound in Jordan’s capital, Amman. Crowds also tried to set the Israeli diplomatic mission on fire. Also, after Turkey’s president called on people to take action, thousands attempted to storm the Israeli consulate in Istanbul. Also, at the Israeli mission in The Hague in the Netherlands, hundreds of Muslims chanted “Israel murderer” and “Allahu Akbar” while trampling on Israeli flags. Also, protests also took place outside the diplomatic mission in Athens. Also, Israeli and American embassies in Argentina were evacuated in response to bomb threats made by email.

U.S. Gov’t Hired Pro-Hamas PLO Spokeswoman to Handle Asylum Claims. Dept of Homeland Security hired Nejwa Ali to determine who comes here as immigrant or “asylum seeker.” She’s posted extremist rhetoric continuously to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for years — rhetoric that intensified this month as ‘Palestinian’ terrorists murdered over 1,000 Jews on October 7, and Ali cheered. “F*** Israel, the government, and its military. Are you ready for your downfall?” she wrote on Instagram. She’s now been placed on leave.

Several Islamic doctors in America took to social media to celebrate attacks by Hamas against Israelis and Jews. Also, hordes of pro-Hamas Doctors and Medical providers, wearing sharia coverings and ‘Palestinian’ war scarves, marched while chanting, ‘no justice, no peace!’ What kind of medical care can Jewish and Israeli patients anticipate from Muslim doctors who openly endorse Hamas and its violence?

Obsessed With Destroying Jews: The Ultimate Enemy of Israel Is Satan. It’s a spiritual battle. Be it Satan, Hamas, or any antisemitic entity, Israel’s enemies will be defeated.

UK Sees Sevenfold Rise in Antisemitic Incidents Amid Israel War. Demonstrations in the streets, crowds chanting antisemitic slogans, celebrating Islamic terrorism – a direct result of mass immigration of Muslims over the last several years, which was predicated on the doctrine of multiculturalism.

Uncomfortable Truth About Imaginary “Innocent Palestinians.” What kind of culture produces thousands of men who proudly video themselves raping teen girls before executing them? What kind of society glorifies baby killers who burn the bodies of their infant victims? Terrorists aren’t a guilty minority terrorizing an innocent majority. They aren’t “lone actors” but rather messengers and representatives of their people. Of course, there are exceptions, good Arabs who want to live in peace. But the nation, the society, is evil. We must be clear and speak this truth!

It’s time that Israelis finally listen to God’s warning from the very start. “But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell” (Numbers 33:55).

Israelis have ignored God’s will for far too long and have paid an unbelievably painful price. It’s time to repent – for His sake. [As for those in the nations who support such evil, God is watching!]

Wars And Rumors Of Wars

IT APPEARS THAT ISRAEL’S BROADER OFFENSIVE AGAINST HAMAS IN GAZA HAS BEGUN. PRAY FOR ISRAEL. It appears that Israel’s broader offensive by air, land, and sea against Hamas in Gaza began in the early morning hours of Oct 28. Reportedly, all lines of communication in Gaza have been cut, and Israeli tanks are entering Gaza and engaging Hamas gunmen. Israel stepped up air strikes as well in recent hours. The big question is, what will the Iranian regime and Hezbollah do? Will a multi-front war open?

Here are news events of the past several days leading up to this moment:

Pentagon Belatedly Reveals Two Dozen US Personnel Were Wounded Last Week in Spate of Drone Attacks in Iraq and Syria. US and coalition forces have been attacked at least ten times in Iraq, as well as three times in Syria by one-way attack drones and rockets.

US military strikes facilities in Syria used by Iran in response to attacks carried out against U.S. forces in the Middle East over the past week by Iran-backed terrorist groups.

IDF struck military infrastructure of Syrian Army in response to rocket launches that wounded 5 Israelis.

Fatah’s Terror Wing [led ultimately by PA president Abbas] Bragged It Helped Hamas in Massacre of Israelis; Promises to Continue Terror. Abu Muhammad thanked Islam’s Allah for the massacre.

Israeli Military Says Hamas is Stockpiling 500,000 Liters of Fuel While Aid Agencies Claim Shortage. Hamas doesn’t care about its own citizens. They’re using it in their effort to destroy Israel.

Over 550 rockets launched by Hamas & ‘Palestinian’ Jihad since Oct 7 failed, killing their own citizens.

Iran-backed Hezbollah has sights on Israel, posing ‘immense problems.’ As the world awaited the all-out assault on Gaza by Israel in the south, in the north, Hezbollah – Lebanon-based terrorist group – has at least 150,000 missiles directed at Israel spread across 40 towns in Lebanon that can reach all of Israel.

Under attack from Lebanon, Israelis in north said Israel must attack Iran & Hezbollah hard & fast first.

Israel’s Minister of Economy threatened that Israel would cut off “the head of the snake” and launch a military attack against Iran if Iran-backed Hezbollah joins the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Israel struck over 250 Hamas targets in 24 hours as part of preparations for next stage of combat.

We’re About to Witness One Of The Most Pivotal Moments in Modern History. When the Israeli invasion of Gaza officially commences, nothing will ever be the same.  The entire Middle East will erupt in flames, and the global economy will go completely haywire.  But Israel doesn’t have a choice. If our babies were killed, our women were raped, and our grandmothers were kidnapped, we’d be going to war with Hamas too.  Unfortunately, much of the Islamic world is uniting behind Hamas, so Israel could soon find itself literally fighting a war of national survival.

The So-Called Two-State “Solution”

Biden Regime Claims Two-State Solution is the only way to move forward. He and his Godless regime know nothing of what the Bible says and are willingly oblivious to what history has shown.

Prophecy Unfolding

A Multi-Front War? From Eric Stakelbeck: The Foreign Minister of IRAN just boasted at the UN saying their proxies, the ‘Palestinian’ and Lebanese groups—meaning Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah— have “their finger on the trigger.” RUSSIA is also now embracing Hamas. That is not an overstatement or exaggeration to say. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister just hosted two delegations in Moscow, including Iran’s Deputy foreign minister and a Hamas delegation. Earlier this week, President Erdoğan of TURKEY called Hamas “mujahideen” holy Warriors liberating their land. He said Hamas members are not terrorists.

Look for Russia to cleave closer to Israel’s enemies in the days to come. I believe the war of Gog and Magog is shaping up slowly, as foretold in the Book of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39. Look for that alliance between Russia, Iran, and Turkey to grow. Look for their hostility to Israel to grow as well.


“…Know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God” (James 4:4-6).

“And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life” (1 John 5:20).

“Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not” (Luke 12:40).