3 Oct 2023

Ancient prophecy that ‘the nations… will bring your sons’ fulfilled in our times
Even before Israel was conquered by both Babylon and the Romans and before the people were scattered to the nations, Isaiah was saying God would bring them back. Not just bring them back to their ancestral homeland but He would do so by the most miraculous and improbable means. The nations would do it, carrying their sons and daughters to their home as a miraculous sign to the people of the earth. After 2000 years of exile, only God could do that.

Michigan Teen Who Clocked Teacher In Head With Metal Chair Arrested On Felony Assault Charges
The teacher, who attempted to break up the fight, turned her back to the assailant when the chair was hurled at the educator, striking her in the head and causing her to drop to the floor where she did not move for approximately seven seconds. Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig said “This video perfectly captures the sad state of Education in Michigan – no sense of order or direction, no respect for teachers, and worst of all, NO LEARNING,” adding “Failure to educate young Michiganders is a recipe for increased CRIME, upticks in UNEMPLOYMENT, and SOCIETAL DISORDER.

Can An ‘Independent’ Kennedy Destroy “The Whole Left-Right Demon-Driven Pyschodrama”
At the end of last week, Mr. Kennedy intimated that he might run for president on an independent line. If he manages to get that line on the state ballots – and you can easily imagine New York and California trying to thwart him – it will change all the current calculations about the 2024 election.

Fifth Circuit Court Rules Against Biden’s ATF In Ghost Gun Case
The Fifth Circuit has partially granted, but essentially denied, the government’s motion to cancel a district court’s injunctions in the Firearms Policy Coalition’s lawsuit (VanDerStok v. Garland) challenging the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ “frame or receiver” rule. The injunctions will now only apply to two plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

Starlink Now Operational Across Entire US As Elon Musk Becomes ‘Uncancellable’
For those living off-the-grid or using Starlink as a network redundancy in case of a grid failure, the SpaceX-owned space internet company announced on X that the service is now available across the Lower 48 after deploying next-generation satellites.

Philadelphia Journalist Who Mocked Concern Over Violent Crime In Democrat Cities Shot Dead In Home
Josh Kruger was shot seven times after someone entered his home, shot him at the base of his stairs, and then fled. Kruger ran outside seeking help from his neighbors and collapsed,

Iranian Official Admits Country’s Role in Lebanon Terror Attack That Killed 241 US Troops
For the first time, a senior Iranian official has acknowledged Iran’s role in a series of bombings in Lebanon in the 1980s that claimed the lives of hundreds of Americans.

Two Syrian soldiers injured in Israeli air strikes
Syrian media reported on Monday might that Israel launched air strikes against several Syrian army posts near Deir ez-Zor. A Syrian military official said that “around 11:50 p.m., Israel attacked … Two Syrian soldiers were injured, property was damaged.”

‘We are in a religious war,’ says ultra-Orthodox MK
The left-wing’s “war is not economic, security, or social, it is a religious war. That’s how you have to treat it,” … anti-judicial reform protesters are engaged in a religious war, focused on preventing expressions of Judaism in public spaces.

2 killed, 3 wounded in mafia hit, police shoot-out
On Sunday evening, members of the Jerushi crime family hurled an explosive device at a rival’s car near the city of Kiryat Malachi in southern Israel. Two men, who are believed to be associated with the rival Karaja crime family, were pulled out of the burning vehicle and transported to the hospital. One of the victims, age 37, was immediately declared dead, while the other man is in moderate condition and expected to recover.

Netanyahu convenes top security chiefs amid elevated threats
Tensions also remain high in Judea and Samaria in the wake of relentless Palestinian terrorism, which Netanyahu and Gallant have charged the Islamic Republic of Iran with orchestrating.

Was Morocco hit by prophetic “earthquake lights”?
While scientists cannot explain the phenomenon, the mysterious lights that sometimes appear preceding major seismic events were explicitly described by King David. it is almost assured that earthquake lights have made an appearance in the Holy Land. It may be that when King David wrote Psalms, he was referring to earthquake lights: Your thunder rumbled like wheels; lightning lit up the world; the earth quaked and trembled. Psalms 77:19

MKs petition Netanyahu to improve treatment of Jews at Temple Mount
A group of right-wing coalition Members of Knesset led by Simcha Rothman sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel Police Chief Kobi Shabtai demanding an examination of the treatment of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount by police officers. The letter says that “such a reality, after 2,000 years of exile, cannot happen in the Jewish state”. The MKs called for convening the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to discuss the issue “if necessary.” The letter also related to recent incidents in which religious Jews were attacked while praying at public venues.

Over 50,000 Jewish worshippers attend Priestly Blessing ceremony at Western Wall
Over 50,000 Jewish worshippers participated in the biannual Priestly Blessing ceremony (Birkat HaKohanim in Hebrew) at the Western Wall Monday morning. The tradition was started by the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gafni, and has continued for 53 years. The Priestly Blessing ceremony is held during feasts of Passover and Sukkot and has attracted large crowds in the past.

Roll call of over 90 nations opens Jerusalem session of Feast of Tabernacles
The opening celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem saw representatives of over 90 nations present their flags in the capital’s Pais Arena on Sunday evening. Thousands of pilgrims made their way from all over the world to attend the International Christian Embassy’s (ICEJ) annual event in Israel’s capital, with thousands more watching in live-streams over the internet.

Pope Francis to clergy: Decide for yourselves whether to ‘bless’ homosexual unions
The letter sent from Pope Francis contains a direct rejection of Scripture and the Church’s Tradition, regarding the impossibility of ‘blessing’ same-sex unions. Pope Francis has effectively told clergy that they can decide for themselves whether to “bless” homosexual unions.

Philippe’s Track Prompts Tropical Storm Warning
Tropical Storm Philippe’s track has prompted new Tropical Storm Warnings to be issued for Barbuda. Philippe is expected to bring heavy, flooding rains to portions of the Leeward Islands later today. Beyond the Leeward Islands, though, Philippe is expected to curve out to sea, dodging the U.S. East Coast and Bermuda in the process.

Millions melt from the Midwest to Northeast as summerlike heat sets records this week
It may be the beginning of October, but fall is on pause this week as millions of Americans from the central U.S. to the East Coast face warmer-than-average temperatures, making it feel more like summer with several record highs in jeopardy of being broken.

Typhoon “Koinu” to make landfall in Taiwan on October 4 
Typhoon “Koinu” — known as Jenny in the Philippines — formed over the Pacific Ocean on September 27, 2023, as the 14th named storm of the 2023 Pacific typhoon season. The system is forecast to continue strengthening and make landfall in southern Taiwan on October 4.

Tropical Storm “Philippe” threatens Leeward Islands with heavy rains and flooding 
The center of Tropical Storm “Philippe” is expected to pass near or just northeast of the northern Leeward Islands later today and tonight (LT), threatening the region with heavy rains and flooding.

Record-breaking rainfall swamps New York City, causing widespread urban flooding
Record-breaking rainfall submerged streets and disrupted travel across the New York City metropolitan area on September 29, 2023. The deluge set new daily records and made this month the wettest September in New York City’s recorded history.

Data confirms robust weakening of the Gulf Stream 
A recently published study in the journal Geophysical Research Letters has revealed that the Gulf Stream transport of water through the Florida Straits has weakened by approximately 4% over the past 40 years. Researchers state with 99% certainty that this is more than what would be expected from random variations, marking the first definitive evidence of significant change in the current.

2 Very Ominous Events That Are Going To Happen This Week
You only practice for something if you think that there is a decent chance that it will actually happen.  This week, two “tests” will be conducted that sound rather ominous.  The first of these “tests” will happen in Russia on Tuesday.  Vladimir Putin has ordered the very first “nationwide nuclear attack exercise” in the entire history of his country, and that is making headlines all over the globe…

IDF reportedly strikes Iranian weapons shipment near Damascus
The Israel Defense Forces reportedly carried out airstrikes near Damascus after midnight on Sunday, targeting an Iranian weapons shipment that appeared to be making its way to Lebanon.

Survey: 96% of pharmacy techs report drug shortages while 45% of patients leave pharmacies without the prescriptions they want
Throughout the U.S., more people are leaving pharmacies empty-handed as drugstores are running low on supplies of critical medications. Almost 96 percent of pharmacy technicians surveyed by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) reported shortages of essential drugs, such as chemotherapy medications and anesthetics.

Is China Pre-Positioning Vast Numbers Of Soldiers, Spies and Saboteurs In U.S. Communities For The Coming War?
There has been a dramatic spike in the number of Chinese nationals that are coming across our borders.  The vast majority of them are men, and the vast majority of those men are of military age…Of course they know that their court dates will be set far into the future because our system is being absolutely overwhelmed by asylum seekers right now.

As Part Of The Upcoming Middle East Peace Covenant, Will The U.S. Formally Recognize Palestinian Statehood At The United Nations?
…the Palestinians are publicly making it known that they will not accept any outcome that does not involve formal U.S. recognition of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations.  At one time, such a demand would have killed negotiations, but apparently the Biden administration is very open to making such a move.

Devastating risks of transitioning to ‘green’ energy: Mining for electric-powering minerals has left 23 million people exposed to toxic waste, 500,000km of rivers polluted and 16 million acres of farmland ruined
Tens of millions of people — more than live in the entire state of Florida — are now exposed to toxic water runoff from metal mining, a new study has found.

New York Deploys National Guard… To File Migrants’ Paperwork.
New York Governor Kathy Hochul has announced the deployment of an additional 150 National Guardsmen amid a worsening migrant crisis in the Empire State – but they will be responsible for helping Venezuelans apply for federal employment authorization, not protecting the border.

Former Major City Police Detective Reveals 50% of SIDS Cases Happened Within 48 Hours Post-Vaccine
…Recently I interviewed a former police detective who handled over 250 SIDS cases for a major US city…In the interview, she revealed that 50% of the SIDS cases happened within 48 hours after a vaccine was given and about 70% of the cases happened within one week of a vaccine.

Shocking number of Europeans say you should only be able to fly 4 times in your life due to climate change
A new poll shows that a shocking number of French citizens support banning people from flying more than four times in their lives due to climate change.

Senate Votes 88-9 to Avert Shutdown, Only 9 Republican Senators Vote Against Stop-Gap Spending Bill that Funds All of Democrat Policies to Destroy America
In a 88-9 vote the Senate passed a stopgap measure that will temporarily prevent a government shut down for 45 days. The vote concluded with just three hours to spare before the fiscal year ends.

Is There A Large Group Of Officials At The Pentagon That Actually Believe That Aliens Are Demonic Entities?
…Leading UFO researcher Ron James says senior figures in the US government fear aliens are in fact demons. Ron, who is Director of Media Relations for UFO research group MUFON, claims there is “a very large contingent of people” within the Pentagon who opposed the work of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program [AATIP] because they think the UAPs regularly reported by US military sources are piloted by creatures from Hell.

HORRIFYING: Rep. Thomas Massie Exposes Taxpayer-Funded “Transgenic Edible Vaccines” Which Turns Edible Plants Like Lettuce and Spinach Into mRNA Vaccine Factories to Replace mRNA Shots
In a shocking revelation, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has recently brought to light a deeply concerning issue that should alarm every American citizen. The U.S. government is currently funding research into “transgenic edible vaccines,” a term that sounds like it’s straight out of a dystopian science fiction novel. Yet, it is very much a reality, and it’s happening right under our noses.

WEF Running U.S Border Crisis from Military Bases in Panama
The World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken control of several American military bases in Panama and is orchestrating the flood of migrants that are heading toward the U.S. southern border in their millions. The globalist organization is reportedly running an operation to round up migrants and transport them to the border so they can illegally enter the United States through President Joe Biden’s open border.