7 Aug 2023

Days of Darkness, Deception, Delusion, and Depravity


Poll Finds Fewer and Fewer Americans Believe in God, angels, heaven, hell, and the devil. These drops in percentage may not seem significant or dramatic, but the outright darkness, deception, delusion, and depravity in America coincides with the declining numbers.


Next On the Agenda Towards Totalitarianism…..Climate Lockdowns! Now that the Covid scamdemic is over, the World Health Organization (WHO) is busy plotting its next tyrannical scheme in the form of another round of lockdowns, this time to stop “climate change.” Newly proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs) and the so-called Pandemic Treaty both incorporate what is known as the “One Health” approach. The One Health scheme will grant the WHO absolute “power” to initiate “climate lockdowns” at such a time that “global warming” is determined to be too much of a threat to ignore. “While vague and confusing, the language of the One Health scam is a tool to create networks and combine efforts toward centralizing power and control, which is always the goal of all masters everywhere.”


Boy Scout Leaders Invite LGBTQ Advocates to Jamboree Camp.

‘Barbaric pseudoscience’: Detransitioner makes powerful plea to end child’ sex changes.’ Chloe Cole testified to the “lifelong, irreversible harm” caused by her own attempts to transition.

In California: Decision by Chino Valley School District to Inform Parents of Gender Confused Kids is followed by death and mutilation threats.

Aveeno Kids Uses a Child to Promote Gender Dysphoria. The male child is depicted using Aveeno Kids shampoo during bath time. Then, he plays in what appears to be an astronaut costume with a pastel, rainbow-striped tutu added on top of his astronaut ensemble. This ad furtively advocates for the LGBTQ lifestyle. Unfortunately, the initial victim of this disgusting commercial is the young boy cast in this ad, not to mention any child who views the commercial. The sexualization and moral corruption of these children are examples of child exploitation at its worst. No child should be introduced to the experience of mental disorders through a commercial.

UK coffee chain Costa ad shows “trans” surfer with mastectomy scars.


The Next Generation Is Being Groomed for Destruction. The past week the National Education Association, the largest teachers union in the US, issued guidance on the use of leftist activist symbols in public school classrooms. As part of their advice to teachers, they recommended violating district and state rules and hanging items such as pride flags and BLM flags. This is generally cited as a means to “start a conversation,” a way for teachers to circumvent school rules. The NEA has been one of the primary driving forces behind the intrusion of woke ideology into the public school setting. Around 97% of their political fundraising goes towards Democrat candidates. They seem to be obsessed with the grooming of children into the leftist fold with lessons focused on Critical Race Theory, gender fluid propaganda, and socialism. If you want to know where the sudden surge in social justice cultism came from in terms of America’s kids, leftist teachers and the NEA are to blame.

Popular Chinese shopping app Temu likely a front for Communist data collection, experts warn.

iVerify – the UN’s Sinister New Tool for Combatting So-Called’ Misinformation.’


South Africa: Potential Election Kingmaker Leads Stadium in White Genocide Chant.


They Voted for it: Situation in New York City is starting to look apocalyptic. The scene in New York City is becoming increasingly apocalyptic, with hundreds of illegals sleeping on the streets. Instead of addressing the issue by sending these people back home because the US is unable to care for them, we are allowing them to take over our cities and sidewalks. Joe Biden’s America and Eric Adams’ New York City are descending into dystopian hellholes.

Biden Border Policies Open Loopholes for Human Traffickers. As reported by child welfare nonprofit Save the Children, “Child trafficking affects every country in the world.” Nearly 30 percent of all human trafficking victims worldwide are children, and most are girls. Many victims are trafficked by someone they know, such as a family member. Despite the myth that trafficking occurs primarily in developing countries, Save the Children alleges that “the United States is one of the most active sex trafficking countries in the world.”

In Germany, a new social housing apartment complex will only be available to non-German illegal aliens. The housing association is planning to make the 128-apartment complex in Berlin available to around 570 “refugees” who are expected to move in and live there indefinitely. Any leftover units will eventually be made available to Berliners, but not until every last illegal has his fill of the free housing project.

Third World Sweden: Violent Migrant War at Eritrean Festival, Accusations of Regime Ties (Shocking Videos).


Illegal Medical Lab with Contaminants Found in California; Links to China. The CDC tested what they could and determined that at least 20 potentially infectious viral, bacterial, and parasitic agents were present, including E. Coli, malaria, and COVID. “Fresno County Public Health staff also observed blood, tissue, and other bodily fluid samples and serums; and thousands of vials of unlabeled fluids and suspected biological material, including human tissue samples. Hundreds of mice were kept in inhumane conditions. 773 had to be euthanized, and over 175 were found dead. The lab has been shut down.


Violent storm in Washington DC as Biden administration plans for Israel to concede land. One of the worst storms in decades ripped through DC last weekend as the Biden regime announced negotiations with Saudi Arabia that would require Israel to make massive concessions in land to the “Palestinians.” The storms very rapidly sprang up, with winds howling and buckets of rain. This one was particularly violent due to extreme gusts known as “downbursts.” Winds reached up to 80mph in spots, resulting in downed trees, property damage, road closures, and widespread power outages across the DC area. One death in northern Virginia is possibly attributed to the storm.

California’s largest wildfire of the year winds downs after scorching nearly 100,000 acres of the Mojave and burning some of America’s most iconic plants that live in the Desert Southwest.

Record-breaking rainfall leads to destructive flooding in Beijing, China; at least 11 fatalities, 27 missing.


Saudi Arabia may be willing to normalize relations with Israel if the issue of applying sovereignty over most of Judea and Samaria is pushed off for four years. Washington is reportedly pressing Israel for sweeping concessions to the PA, along with other demands, in exchange for what it would give Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel. For his part, PM Netanyahu has repeatedly said the way to regional peace is “from the outside-in,” that is, by normalizing relations with Arab states and only then negotiating with the PA. What Saudi Arabia wants is security in the face of the Iranian threat, despite their recent renewal of diplomatic relations. The kingdom’s major demands are inking a NATO-like defense agreement with Washington, several major new arms deals, and assistance in setting up a civilian nuclear program. Officially, however, as part of its price for normalizing relations with Israel, Saudi Arabia does back the PA demands for Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem as its capital.


In Israel: At least 5 Israelis wounded in terror attack by 20-year-old “Palestinian,” who is now dead and finding out that Islam is a false religion.


Ukraine president warns: War is coming to Russia. The statement followed a drone strike on Moscow.

Medvedev Says Russia Could Use Nuclear Weapon If Ukraine Offensive Wins.

‘The Middle East is a Powder Keg’: Israel’s UN Ambassador Warns of Hezbollah Provocations Along Lebanon Border. “Tensions along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon are higher than they have been in years as a result of Hezbollah’s violent escalations, blatant violations of Security Council resolutions, and dangerous military advancements.”


10 Signs That We Really Are Living in Apocalyptic Times. See article.

Judgment Is Coming: Don’t Mistake God’s Mercy for Inaction. From Hal Lindsey: God sees the chaos, strife, and confusion society now intentionally sows into the hearts and minds of its little ones. He sees cruel bullying of people who don’t conform to the new and ugly norms. Be assured that “the day of the Lord” is coming. Evil will be stopped in its tracks. In the meantime, He waits. Why? 2 Peter 3:9-10, “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” But the day of the Lord will come. He waits to allow time for repentance. He waits because of His gracious love. As he waits, we Christians have a key role in the world. We are salt, a preserving agent.

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