27 Jun 2023

Russia avoided civil war – Putin
Russian military troops and officers from law enforcement agencies prevented a major internal armed conflict in the country last week, President Vladimir Putin has said, referring to the aborted rebellion by Wagner Group chief Evgeny Prigozhin. “In fact, you have stopped a civil war, acting precisely and cohesively,” he told a group of service members, who gathered at the Kremlin on Tuesday to receive state decorations for their actions last Friday and Saturday.

Does Ezekiel’s ‘War of Gog & Magog’ warn judgment is coming to Russia?
Is it possible that ancient End Times prophecies — specifically those described in the Biblical book of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39, what Bible scholars refer to as the “War of Gog and Magog” — refer to the coming judgment of Russia and its leaders and allies? And could the War of Gog and Magog actually come to pass in our lifetime, and maybe even soon?

Was Prigozhin’s Rebellion Live Or Memorex?
After this weekend’s whirlwind events in Russia we’re left with a lot more questions than answers about what happened with Wagner Group’s Yevgeny Prigozhin’s abortive rebellion against Moscow. I’m not here to answer any of those questions definitively because we’ll never really know. … if what I think happened is anything close to the truth then this may be one of the greatest non-battlefield victories in modern history. MI6 and the British Defense Ministry spend all day, everyday coming up with a new way to justify a wider conflict between NATO and Russia. The destruction and balkanization of Russia has, after all, been their raison d’etre for more than 300 years. And, so far, that heuristic has been almost perfectly accurate in predicting where things would go next.

Goldman Sachs Cuts Over Hundred Managing Directors As M&A Activity Sours
Bloomberg reported that 125 managing directors, some in investment banking, across many offices worldwide, will lose their jobs. These are higher-level staff members versus the thousands of lower-tier staff that lost their jobs earlier this year in a cost-savings plan amid waning dealmaking activity.

FDA greenlights lab-grown meat for sale to the public
Two food startups have been given the green light to start producing and marketing lab-grown meat, making the US the second country in the world to make the new product available to the public. While animal and ecology activists are thrilled about the new offerings, people more concerned with adhering to Biblical dietary guidelines are still considering the implications.

Netanyahu: PA cannot be allowed to collapse
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a Knesset panel recently that the Palestinian Authority “could not be allowed” to collapse, but that Palestinians’ desire for an independent state “must be cut off.” He also said that Israel was making preparations for “the day after Abu Mazen,” in reference to octogenarian P.A. chairman Mahmoud Abbas,

Biden Stresses US “Not Involved” In Wagner Uprising; Furious Putin Says West ‘Wanted Russians To Kill Each Other’
the FSB and Russian Prosecutor’s Office have made statements implying the criminal case for treason is still open against Prigozhin, who is presumably now in Belarus. And more from the Putin speech: … The US enthusiastically supports regime change whenever it can benefit from the process, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has told RT.

The Battle Behind the Battle: What Are We To Make Of The Intensifying Conflict Within Russia?
Perhaps the most important principle to keep in mind when trying to understand world events is this: It is not about what it is about. In other words, things are seldom as they appear. Usually, there is some greater agenda, deeper meaning, or hidden scheme at play. “The wicked man does deceptive work” (Proverbs 11:18). The Luciferian elite, working at the behest of Satan to usher in a New World Order, are infused with deception. Like their father the devil, they are liars who speak from their own resources (John 8:44). Whenever thoughts form in their minds, lies flow from their lips.

IDF offensive against terrorist in West Bank more likely than ever
The brazen attack by militants on IDF forces and a military chopper in the Jenin refugee camp last week and Monday’s successful rocket launch by Hamas operatives in Jenin indicate security forces are facing new challenges that would compound them to take action, leading Israel closer to a large-scale military operation.

On Video: Biden asked if he lied about Hunter’s business dealings
A reporter challenged President Joe Biden on Monday over recent bombshell whistleblower testimony alleging the president was in the room when his son Hunter used his dad’s political power to threaten a Chinese businessman linked to the Chinese Communist Party during negotiations over a six-figure agreement. “Did you lie about never speaking to Hunter about his business deals?” a reporter asked the president on Monday at the White House. “No,” Biden responded before walking away.

Communist trans flag flown at Pride event sponsored by Bud Light
A recent Toronto Pride event featured a communist transgender flag, nudity and drag queen performances. Bud Light is a sponsor of Toronto Pride. Ex-transgender influencer Oli London shared a video Saturday from The Post Millennial, revealing transgender activists raising a communist transgender flag during Toronto Pride’s “Trans Pride March.” “They are not even trying to hide their ultimate goal anymore…communism,” he tweeted.

Did Navy spill radioactive material from secret lab?
The U.S. Navy is facing serious accusations from public health advocates regarding the alleged cover-up of dangerous levels of radioactive waste pollution at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco, according to a new report. The 866-acre shipyard, which previously included a secret Navy research laboratory, has come under scrutiny due to the presence of strontium-90, a radioactive isotope that was used in experiments and glow-in-the-dark paint,

Silence cloaks Kremlin after Russian mutiny against Putin
An eerie calm fell on Russia after the dramatic end to an armed uprising that posed the greatest threat to Vladimir Putin’s almost quarter-century rule. The man who led the insurrection has gone uncharacteristically quiet. The president hasn’t been seen in public since denouncing the mutiny as “treason” and threatening “harsh” punishment that never transpired. The rapid chain of events left the U.S. and Europe puzzling over the political implications of a rebellion that shattered Putin’s invincible image as Russia’s leader. We do know that Putin has a lot more to answer for in the weeks and months ahead.”

Netanyahu sails with open eyes into confrontation with Biden
“Israel needs to eliminate the Palestinian aspiration for statehood.”That, according to Kan Bet, is what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee last week during a meeting that discussed Israel’s preparations for the post-Mahmoud Abbas era in the Palestinian Authority.

Scientist announces creation of first human embryo in lab
scientists have announced the creation of synthetic human embryos using stem cells. “We can create human embryo-like models by the reprogramming of [embryonic stem] cells,” single human embryonic stem cells were coaxed to develop into three distinct tissue layers, a point known as gastrulation, that would typically go on to develop a yolk sac, a placenta, and the embryo itself. “Our human model is the first three-lineage human embryo model that specifies amnion and germ cells, precursor cells of egg and sperm,

Doctors reluctant to aid in assisted suicide despite new legislation
Hawaii Governor Josh Green signed House Bill 650 earlier this month, euphemistically dubbed “A Bill for an Act Relating to Health,” allowing advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to evaluate whether or not a patient is eligible for assisted suicide and to prescribe the necessary drugs. The bill also reduces the required waiting period between the patient’s request to die and the administering of the lethal drug from 20 days to just five days. As per the new legislation, if it is believed that the patient would die in the interim, the waiting period can be waived to a minimum of 48 hours.

Netanyahu calls to ‘deepen roots’ through legal settlement in response to terror, says illegal land grabs ‘unacceptable’
PM appears willing to endure ire from US, as Biden administration reverses Trump settlement cooperation policy

OpenAI CEO tells Israelis the pursuit of digital superintelligence is a ‘moral duty,’ says he believes it will soon ‘cure all disease’
During a visit to Israel earlier this month, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman spoke of his vision of the future of artificial intelligence, predicting that AI will soon “cure all disease” and rid the world of poverty. Altman, who has recently traveled the globe to speak with world leaders about OpenAI’s pursuit of artificial general intelligence (AGI), is quite vocal about the utopian dreams he harbors for the future of AGI.

Eastern Pacific could spawn first 2 tropical storms this week after unusually quiet start to hurricane season
The Eastern Pacific hurricane season has started on an unusually quiet note, as we’re now six weeks into the season and not a single storm has formed. But that’s likely to change this week, with the potential for two tropical storms to develop off the coast of Mexico.

Lightning strikes in European eastern Alps doubled over the past 40 years 
A team of researchers from the Departments of Geosciences, Atmospheric Sciences, and Statistics at Innsbruck has reported a doubling in the number of detected lightning strikes in the high altitudes of the European Eastern Alps over the last 40 years.

Deaths reported in Indiana, Georgia after severe weather knocks out power to 700K from Midwest to South
Deaths have been reported in Indiana and Georgia after severe weather, including tornadoes, tore paths of destruction from the Midwest to the South on Sunday, leaving more than a half-million people without power.

Tornadoes leave a trail of destruction in Indiana 
Several tornadoes struck various parts of Indiana and Tennessee, leading to one fatality and considerable property damage on Sunday, June 25, 2023.

Severe floods hit Chile, leaving 2 people dead, 6 missing and nearly 10 000 isolated
Heavy rainfall has been affecting central-southern Chile, particularly Valparaíso, Santiago Metropolitan, O’Higgins, Maule, Ñuble, Biobío, and Araucanía regions since June 23, 2023, causing floods, casualties, and significant damage.

Energy Corporation Says Up to 30 Percent of Its Wind Turbines Could Be Malfunctioning
Siemens Energy announced Thursday that it will be undergoing a technical review after it was found that up to 30% of its wind turbines could have faulty components, according to statements made by the company.

Historic heat wave in Texas enters day 12 with hot temperatures expanding across Southwest
A historic heat wave baking Texas has entered its 12th consecutive day, and there’s no end in sight as the dangerous temperatures begin to expand into other portions of the South and Southwest for at least the start of the new workweek.

Shock: After Covid Pandemic’s End, Over 500 Excess Heart Deaths are Being Recorded Every Week in England 
The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has released a shocking new report revealing a staggering increase of over 500 heart disease-related deaths per week in England.

Report: Washington School District Declines Requests For Students To Opt Out Of ‘Pride’ Lessons
A school district in Washington state has reportedly told students that they have no choice to but participate in LGBTQ+ ‘Pride’ lessons and activities and that opting out is not an option.

Nation’s first transgender elected state representative was just arrested on child porn charges… 
…Well, we’ve encountered another “first” in the Democrats’ roster. Their “first” transvestite state representative has just been arrested on charges of child pornography. Congratulations to the Democrats, you’ve truly outdone yourselves this time.

Satan Is Obviously In Charge Of America As Pretend Woman Admiral Rachel Levine Calls For A ‘Summer Of Pride’ To Celebrate Sodom And Gomorrah
Admiral Rachel Levine has declared that only having a month to celebrate Pride is inadequate, and that it should be given over to the entire summer. Obviously he is jumping the gun in anticipation of the soon-coming-Days of Lot when the LGBTQIA+ Movement, under the authority of Antichrist, will rule the world for 7 short years. America may have been founded on Christian principles, but in 2023 it is Satan who is calling the shots at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

‘Controlled spontaneity’: The secret UK government blueprints shaping post-terror planning
The British government has prepared for terrorist incidents by pre-planning social media campaigns which are designed to appear to be a spontaneous public response to attacks, Middle East Eye has learned.

Mysterious pile of ‘dumped’ PPE angers people in New Forest
The “dumping” of hundreds of thousands of pieces of unused personal protective equipment near a nature reserve on the edge of the New Forest has mystified and angered local people.

Missouri v. Biden Lawsuit Discovery: Biden Regime Designates YOUR THOUGHTS as Part of Government Infrastructure – They Call It “Cognitive Infrastructure” and They Believe It Is Their Right to Control It
…Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, along with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry,  filed a lawsuit (Missouri v. Biden) against the Biden Administration, including Biden himself, Anthony Fauci, the Department of Homeland Security, and nearly a dozen federal agencies and Secretaries.  Schmitt has moved on to represent Missouri in the US Senate.

Exceptional volumes of sea ice are a headache for climate alarmists
While corporate media reports that it’s too late to save Arctic Sea ice, it seems the Arctic has other plans.  Greenland’s snow and ice gains are proving exceptional and cherry farmers in British Columbia, Canada, are warning record low temperatures could reduce their yields.

Dr. Denis Rancourt: Covid injections have killed 13 million people worldwide
Dr. Denis Rancourt’s research has shown that the vaccination campaign in India caused the deaths of 3.7 million fragile residents.  And, “in Western countries, we quantified the average all-ages rate of death to be 1 death for every 2,000 injections, to increase exponentially with age … We estimated that the vaccines had killed 13 million worldwide,” he said.