13 Feb 2023


Deadly Earthquake Events

Earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria. Over 25,000 people are known dead so far after the 7.8 earthquake struck on Monday, with multiple aftershocks.

Weather Events

Peru: Landslides since Feb. 5 from heavy rains have killed at least 40 people and swept away 200 houses. Some 20,000 people have suffered damage from the disaster.

Chile: Wildfires burning in Chile are among deadliest in the country’s record. High temperatures and strong winds fueled the fires, exacerbated by megadrought. At least 26 dead; nearly 2,000 injured. Over 1,000 homes destroyed; 280 fires were still active as of Feb. 6.

New Zealand: Thousands of buildings in Auckland are now unsafe after worst rains in 170 years two weeks ago. Now, New Zealand is bracing for its most intense cyclone since the 1990s. Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle is set to bring ferocious winds and devastating rains to Auckland and the North Island from Feb. 12-14.

Brazil: Severe storms wreak havoc, leaving 7 people dead.

Europe: Satellite Data Shows Sustained Severe Drought Across the Continent.

Apostasy and Doctrines of Demons…

Sorcery: Psychedelic churches. Ayahuasca ceremonies: global trend of enlightenment-seekers. Example: At Hummingbird Church in Utah, people drank the brew and vomited into buckets, a side effect of the drug. Lorenzo Gonzales started howling, sobbing, then laughing and babbling. “I seen these dark veins come up in this big red light, and then I seen this image of the devil,” he explained later. In the US, there’s a push to decriminalize psychedelics. Rising demand for ayahuasca has led to hundreds of churches whose advocates say are protected by a 2006 Supreme Court ruling.

Canada: Catholic school suspended student for rest of the year for defending God’s creation of two genders. Josh Alexander, 16, was suspended in November for standing up for girls who are upset over ‘transgenders’ being allowed to share girls’ bathrooms. He said he’d continue to express his belief, and the school said his presence would be “detrimental to the physical and mental well-being” of trans students. It refused to consider the well-being of female students forced to share bathrooms with boys.

Twisting to Mirror the Culture Instead of Christ. Mega-church pastor Andy Stanley called the Word of God’ clobber passages’ that speak of Biblical parameters for sex. He said gays who want to attend church have more faith than a lot of you.

Church of England considering making God gender-neutral. Some priests have already made such changes, changing “he” and “him” to simply “God” or even “they” and “them,” and rewriting the “Our Father” that starts the Lord’s Prayer to “Our Father and Mother.”

Many Catholic and Protestant schools are also lining up with Common Core, Social-Emotional Learning, and “woke” propaganda. In some cases, private schools have become even worse than government schools. Even more alarming, many so-called Christian textbooks for so-called Christian schools are promoting globalism, critical race theory, and dangerous manipulation of children.

Nature Worshiping Green Agenda Fails: There have been many serious problems with wind turbines. Examples: In Scotland, wind turbines are regularly offline due to faults where they’re taking energy from the grid rather than producing it, and also left operating on half power for long periods due to parts that haven’t been replaced. Dirty hydraulic oil is also regularly being sprayed out across the Scottish countryside due to cracks in mechanisms. And in the UK, with cold weather and the wind not blowing for turbines to work, the burning of natural gas is picking up the slack. Even coal-fired power plants due to be decommissioned this winter were ordered back online to keep the lights on. Still, the coal plants are due to be decommissioned in March.

Iniquity Shall Abound…

Colorado: Democrat-controlled Denver Now America’s Crime Capital. 27 of the top 30 most crime-ridden cities in the US are run by Democrats.

… In These Last Days of Lot Returned

Demonic and BDSM Performance at Grammys. Hollywood hasn’t even attempted to hide references to Satanism these days. Sam Smith (identifies as non-binary) and Kim Petras (“transgender” so-called woman; referred to on stage as “Hellkeeper Kim”) won the award for best pop duo/group performance for “Unholy.” Smith, dressed as the devil, stood in the middle of a circle of dancers, who wore long red robes with long, dark hair around their faces and chanted in loud whispers. Their “props had allusions to BDSM. They crawled around at Sam’s feet at the end, slowly running their hands over his body, engulfing him completely.

The song “praised Balenciaga,” the high-fashion brand that produced a holiday ad with children holding stuffed animals dressed in bondage harnesses and costumes. (BDSM accessories were also on the runway at Balenciaga’s show at Paris Fashion Week.)

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer sponsored the Grammys. CBS responded to Sam Smith’s tweet, which featured him in rehearsal wearing devil horns. “This is going to be SPECIAL,” he tweeted with a devil emoji. CBS responded, “….you can say that again. We are ready to worship!” Elon Musk accurately responded about the performance, “End of days vibes.”

Idaho Satanists plan’ gender affirmation ritual’ to protest ban on children’s gender surgeries. ‘Thyself is thy master,’ according to the ritual.

As Republican legislatures move to ban pediatric gender transition treatments, Democrat-led states are backing “trans refuge” bills.

Driving kids to Vacation Bible School would be against the law in Nebraska if Senator Megan Hunt’s (D) proposal passes into law. She proposed to “amend” a bill that would protect children from adult-themed drag shows by striking all the language and replacing it with language barring children from attending what she referred to as a “religious indoctrination camp.”

Sims 4 video game marketed to children allows players to give characters transgender’ top surgery’ scars and chest binders.

‘Transgender’ Teacher at Maine Middle School Shared Salacious TikTok Videos With 6th Graders.

California prostitution law allows sex abuse to ‘run rampant’ in Los Angeles streets.

Leftist crime-ridden San Francisco is considering creating a ‘red light’ district, which would presumably look the other way on the crime of prostitution. What could go wrong?

44% of Canada’s male prisoners who claim to be women are in jail for sex crimes: gov’t report. The report found that 94% of these ‘trans’ offenders committed their crimes while identifying as their biological sex.

And the Abortion Abomination

Abortion Clinic Opens That Kills Babies Up to Birth. Maryland now has two late-term abortion businesses that kill viable, fully-formed unborn babies. Partners in Abortion Care recently opened in College Park, advertising abortions into the third trimester.

Washington DC: Employees at Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum kicked out students who wore pro-life hats. Staff mocked and cursed at the students, and the employee who ultimately forced them to leave rubbed his hands together in glee as students left.

Biden Celebrated Abortion in State of the Union Address and trashed pro-life states that are working hard to protect babies from abortions.

Last Days Traitors

Biden Lied During State of the Union Address. He claimed that Republicans want to end Social Security and Medicare, which is not true; he was booed and called the liar that he is.

Biden Administration Releases Terrorists. Majid Khan was just released. He dealt with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and participated in the logistics of terrorist plots—couriering $50,000 to terrorists who killed 12 in a 2003 hotel bombing in Indonesia. In October, another Guantánamo prisoner was released – Saifullah Paracha, who was accused of aiding al Qaeda’s financial operations and allegedly met with Osama bin Laden before the 9/11 attacks.

Open AI “ChatGPT” Boss Sam Altman Hopes AI Can ‘Break Capitalism.’

Dem Deliberate Border Disorder

Nearly 600,000 migrants who crossed US border since March 2021 were released with no immigration court dates.

Republicans shouted ‘border!’ when Biden brought up America’s fentanyl crisis. Fentanyl kills a great number of Americans each year. Last year, 110,236 people died, many under 40, in a 12-month period.

Hospital in Yuma, Arizona, reportedly on brink of collapse after providing $20 million in care for what has become a constant stream of illegal migrants.

Deliberate Pitting of Nation (Ethnic) Against Nation (Ethnic)

Disney Releases Woke “Proud Family” Kids Show Pushes BLM Marxism, Anti-White Racism, and Reparations. Disney isn’t content to just groom children sexually; it’s now teaching them to be angry young communists who hate themselves and their country.

Plague, Pestilence…

British Columbia: First Canadian Province to Legalize Heroin, Fentanyl, Cocaine, & Other Dangerous Narcotics to Fight Overdose Crisis. Yeah, that’ll fix it…NOT.

…And the Planned-demic

If you requested free Covid Tests offered by the Biden Administration, your private information has been shared with third parties by USPS. It could be passed to unions for Dem political campaigning.

Surveillance Society: WHO releases international pandemic treaty draft; if passed, it will force all governments to target was it considers “disinformation.”

Project Veritas Undercover footage: Pfizer Director speaks about how COVID vaccine may affect women’s reproductive health.

Pfizer documents released under court order prove the company and FDA knew about disastrous consequences of Covid injections.

3 weeks after receiving Covid booster, the formerly healthy Princess of Thailand collapsed and went into a coma. 1 ½ months later, her heart, lungs, & kidneys are supported by machines.

Netherlands’ Largest News Agency Blanketed With 14,445 Post-its, Each Representing a Covid Vaccine Death in 2022. Post-its included texts such as ‘sudden death,’ ‘heart failure,’ etc. Demonstrators held banners stating, ‘honest research into excess mortality,’ ‘stop lying,’ ‘stop the censorship,’ etc.

Economic and Food Insecurity

Joe Biden’s America-Residents in the So-called Liberal Utopia of Austin Fight for Food Tossed in Dumpsters after power outage. Warning: it’s not safe to eat.

Canadian Farmer Forced to Dump 30,000 Liters of Milk—as Dairy Prices Surge. He was told he exceeded the government’s production quota.

UK supermarket price inflation hits record high, adding £788 ($974) to annual bills.

Soaring Food Prices Prompt Eurasian Nations to Ban Food Exports.

The tech company Zoom will lay off about 1,300 employees.

‘Woke’ Disney to slash 7,000 jobs.

Islam Intends to Dominate the World

California imam says Muslims will kill all Jews and retake their place as masters of the world (video). He prayed for Allah (Islam’s false god) to “awaken the Islamic nation so it once again assumes its natural position [as] the masters of the world, under the banner of the Quran.”

Germany: Islamists stage large rally in Hamburg. An Islamist group with an extensive social media following and aligned with an actively antisemitic organization that seeks to establish an international Islamic caliphate organized the event.

Iran Shows Off Ballistic Missile Bearing Hebrew Words’ Death to Israel.’

Hatred of Jews and Israel in the US

Cincinnati is the latest city targeted by notorious hate group with antisemitic flyers distributed in cities and towns across the US.

Two-State So-called Solution

Russian foreign minister calls for creation of ‘Palestinian’ state.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russia massing 500,000 soldiers, 1,800 tanks to launch offensive. A Ukraine military official said, “We expect in the next 10 days a new, huge invasion.”

Surveillance and Destruction. US military plan to create huge autonomous drone swarms sparks concern. The AMASS project would involve thousands of drones on land, sea, and air, working together to overwhelm the enemy. This will come in handy for Antichrist’s regime during the Tribulation when he hunts down those who refuse to take his soul-damning mark of worship.

Concluding Scripture

“See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is” (Ephesians 5:15-17).

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).

“If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-10).