9 Jan 2023

Donation Drive Jan to March

The year 2022 is now in the history books. I am truly grateful to everyone who has contributed to the site in any way. I’m very certain that with your help, we can achieve even more for the cause of Christ in 2023.

For over 36 years, Rapture Ready has been an online resource for end-times information. I started the site sometime in September of 1987 while I was an airman stationed at Offutt Air Force Base. My computer was an Apple II clone made by the Franklin Computer Co. It featured all green text, and there was no mouse. Some of you old-timers might remember the look of a screenshot I saved from 1989.

Even though Rapture Ready is the largest prophecy site on the net, we still have a nearly endless amount of space for more content. Right now, the site is about 1 gigabyte in size. The total space available is 20,000 gigabytes. The only limitation is our ability to format and upload new articles to the site.

I follow a group of people that are commonly called true money advocates (TMA). They believe precious metals are the main way to preserve your wealth against inflation. The vast majority of them have predicted that a major recession will occur this year. Their forecast is based on economic history. Every time the Federal Reserve raises interest rates by a certain amount, we always have a financial meltdown. Since the Fed has raised rates at the fastest pace ever, it should be all the more likely that a recession will come our way.

The TMA advocates may find 2023 to be yet another year of frustration. They have all been collectively predicting that the dollar, the Stock market, and the bond market are all going into the toilet like they did during the 2007-2008 Great Recession. I firmly believe the rapture is why their forecasts have been off. If we have a deep recession, the US economy will implode, leading to a downturn that could last a decade. Because the rapture is predicted to occur at a time of tranquility, no major economic crisis will likely proceed the blessed hope.

Rapture Ready still ranks as the largest and most visited prophecy site on the internet. We have held this status for several years. We now have a network of more than 30 servers. Whenever prophecy becomes active in the news, people flock to RR for answers. Of course, when the ‘Big Event’ takes place, tens of millions of people will stream to the site.

Although we have a very broad audience, we have a very narrow support base. Because the site is so large, with over 20,000 pages, most people who visit RR will never read this Nearing Midnight page.

In order to accomplish all these tasks, the site needs your financial support. I call on every Bible-believing Christian to help us maintain this beacon of hope. As the world literally disintegrates around us, I ask: What other endeavor could possibly be of greater importance?

In my last Donation drive, I addressed the upcoming mid-term election. The election has become one of the worst disasters in American history. The Republicans had people on the ballot that had zero political experience. If Satan had been up for the vote, he may have won. Things went so bad on election day, I realized America will never be reformed via the voting booth.

The most important decision a person can make is to find salvation in Jesus Christ. Once a person becomes a believer, it should be our top priority to become involved in the propagation of the gospel. I firmly believe that joining with those who financially support Rapture Ready is one of the best investments you can make.

There are three ways you can contribute to RR: You can send a financial gift via our P.O. Box address, you can make a one-time donation, or there is a frequent option that allows you to make monthly donations. If you’re interested in signing up, find the input links on the Donation Depot page. Donations can be sent to our P.O. Box at:

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The Real Planet Polluters

Climate change—formerly global warming—is almost certainly the nucleus around which the Revelation chapter 17 harlot religious system is being formed. Mother Earth worship seems to be the system the globalist would-be world rulers want us to embrace as quickly as possible.

There is an almost visceral sense of many among the pre-Trib camp that the system is satanic, involving not only fear-mongering about climate change but also the panicked pronouncement of an unstoppable pandemic. All this is combined with the lie that there are too many people populating the victim of all this—planet Earth.

The sacrifice that must be made upon the altar erected by the unspecified powers that be is the elimination of all but 500 million human beings. This sacrifice has at its heart the offering, through abortion, of many millions of children in their mothers’ wombs, and even some outside the womb.

Those powers command that we must bring the ratio of humans to nature into sustainable configuration—a demand long championed by Prince Charles, who is now King Charles III. He is totally sold out to the developing New World Order being orchestrated by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) and other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

For years, observers of the efforts to bring about the one-world utopia have insisted that these minions in high places (like given in Ephesians 6:12) are deliberately trying to change weather and climate. These observers charge that those who intend to establish a New World Order want to alter the ecosystem in ways that will help depopulate Mother Earth.

The Klaus Schwab types proclaim that too many people on earth mean they are polluting the planet. There are too many eaters, and thus soon, there will be more starvation than ever, along with malnutrition and every sort of pestilence—like the recent pandemic has wrought.

One has to question the veracity of their reasoning. It seems that if they just let things take the natural course, as discomforting as it might be, the result of starvation, disease, etc., would bring their desired depopulation. An interesting quandary, but one apparently not long dwelt upon by reprobate minds, it seems.

The observations by the likes of us pre-Tribbers regarding charging the powers that be with taking depopulation into their own hands now have apparently been born out, at least to some extent. The accusation that we are conspiracy nuts or tin-hat sorts has proven otherwise. The following item is interesting in that regard.

To keep natural sunlight from reaching planet Earth and supporting life, a geoengineering startup company called Make Sunsets has begun deploying massive weather balloons to blast the stratosphere with reflective sulfur particles, all for the claimed purpose of “fighting climate change.”

A phenomenon also known as chemtrails, these sulfur blasts stop the sun’s ultraviolet rays from reaching the atmosphere and ultimately earth’s surface. The result is a dimmed sun that no longer functions as designed to sustain life on earth. (Related: It was known in 2018 that climate fanatics were pushing a “global dimming” agenda to block out the sun and “save the planet.”)

Much like how natural volcanic eruptions flood the skies with pollutants that darken daylight for days or even weeks at a time, chemtrail blasts like the ones occurring at Make Sunsets mimic this sun-blocking effects to fight “global warming.”

Numerous test launches have already taken place at sites across Mexico with no public input or scientific debate. The goal, according to the company’s head, is to eventually commercialize the technology for widespread use.

“We joke slash not joke that this is partly a company and partly a cult,” said Luke Iseman, the co-founder and CEO of Make Sunsets. “It’s morally wrong, in my opinion, for us not to be doing this … (and we need) to do this as quickly and safely as we can.” (“After Decades of Denial, Corporate Media Admits Chemtrail Terraforming Is Happening Right Now to “fight climate change,” Ethan Huff, Natural News, 12/28/22, Rapture Ready News, 12/30/22)

So we eaters have for decades been accused by the global warmist/climate-change gurus of polluting Mother Earth with our deadly carbon footprints. But the admission that there are private industries, aided and even funded by governmental entities, actually and deliberately spreading the earth’s skies with destructive chemtrails or whatsoever, makes it clear who the real polluters are.

The powers that be–Lucifer’s minions, both human and demonic—may think to change the time, seasons, and ecology of earth. But our God says otherwise. The Lord tells truth about who controls His creation. He does so through His everlasting promise to Israel.

“This is what the Lord says, ‘He who appoints the sun to shine by day, Who decrees the moon and stars to shine by night, Who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar—the Lord Almighty is His Name; Only if these ordinances vanish from My sight,’ declares the Lord, ‘will the descendants of Israel ever cease to be a nation before Me.'” (Jeremiah 31:35–36)