11 Oct 2022

Schism in the Catholic Church? Catholic media personalities issue declaration
Never in the present generation has a pope been as controversial as Pope Francis. A growing number of Catholics are now blaming him for the worsening division in the Church in an era where the World Economic Forum (WEF), growingly perceived as the platform for the rise of the Antichrist of all antichrists, is perceived as papal ally. John-Henry Westen, founder and editor of the LifeSiteNews, who, together with two other prominent Catholic media personalities in a recent press conference, issued their “Declaration of Filial Resistance to Globalist Agenda of Pope Francis.”

US Ambassador to Israel working to “eliminate” growth of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria
the US Ambassador to Israel, Thomas Nides said, “We do not support settlement growth. Period. I work every day behind the scenes, with the Israelis, to try and eliminate, slow down or avoid that.” He added, “[Israel] is a sovereign country. We can’t dictate to them what they can or can’t do, but I can put as much pressure as I can to make sure they understand our position.”

Paul Tudor Jones Says Russia-Ukraine War Likely To End With ‘Violent Death’ Of Putin: Here’s What It Means For The Markets
“We have a dictator who’s losing and typically that doesn’t end well,” Jones said Monday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “Typically, that’s going to end with a violent death and the question is who is he going to take with that?” Jones has suggested the war in Ukraine will end with the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He told CNBC that what Putin chooses to do before the war comes to a close could have significant consequences on broader markets.

GOP lawmakers want answers from Garland, Blinken regarding reported Chinese police station in NYC
Republican lawmakers want answers from Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of State Antony Blinken regarding a reported Chinese police station operating in New York City. Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, Republican Study Committee chairman, Florida Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida, Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher and other lawmakers sent a letter to Garland and Blinken expressing “grave concern” about the Chinese police presence in the city.

PayPal stock drops after outcry over now-withdrawn plan to fine users for ‘misinformation’
PayPal’s stock plummeted by more than 6% on Monday after the financial services firm was forced to reverse course on a policy that would have fined users $2,500 for spreading “misinformation” on its platform. The company on Saturday withdrew the policy, claiming it was incorrectly sent out to users, after the proposed change ignited a firestorm on social media. Prior to PayPal’s reversal, it was set to impose the new terms on Nov. 3, … .

GCHQ chief Sir Jeremy Fleming: We must tackle China’s plans to cripple satellites
Beijing is believed to be building a powerful anti-satellite capability that will rival GPS and deny other countries access to space if there is a war. There are fears the BeiDou satellite system, which China wants to export to the world, could also be used to track individuals,

Arm Europe for war with Russia, retired commander tells Nato
Nato needs to “adjust its mindset totally” and work on rearming western European countries to prepare for war with Russia, one of Britain’s most distinguished retired generals has said. Richard Shirreff, the former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, said he was concerned that the prevailing mood in Whitehall was that Russia had been defeated in Ukraine. He said Whitehall is in danger of putting a new “carrier strike group” to project Global Britain above the need to confront President Putin.

“No Possibility Of Reconciliation” Any Longer: US And China Are Now “Officially In An Economic War”
Semiconductor stocks across the globe – in Hong Kong, Europe and certainly in the US – are tumbling after the Biden administration on Friday unveiled new restrictions on technology exports to China which are meant to undercut Beijing’s ability to develop wide swaths of its economy, from semiconductors and supercomputers to surveillance systems and advanced weapons. Chinese state media and officials over the weekend raged against the action, …

Here Comes The Open Revolt: A Reeling Europe Lashes Out At The Fed For “Bringing Us To A World Recession”
Josep Borrell, the high representative of the 27-member EU bloc, lashed out all too publicly at the Fed when he said that central banks (across Europe where the recession will be far, far worse than in the US) are being forced to follow the Fed’s multiple rate rises to prevent their currencies from slumping against the dollar, and compared the US central bank’s influence to Germany’s dominance of European monetary policy before the creation of the euro.

Why the Salton Sea is turning into toxic dust
The Salton Sea, California’s most polluted inland lake, has lost a third of its water in the last 25 years. New research has determined a decline in Colorado River flow is the reason for that shrinking. As the lake dries up, the concentration of salt and chemicals in the remaining water has increased dramatically, causing a mass die-off of fish and birds, including endangered species. The dry lakebed, coated in the salty, toxic water, becomes dust that causes respiratory problems for nearby residents.

Russian hackers reportedly cyberattack US airports
Russian hackers are suspected to have carried out cyberattacks against US airports, The Independent reported on Monday. The hackers took down websites of prominent US airports, such as LaGuardia Airport in New York, and Chicago International Airport, according to the report.

UAE’s Mohamed bin Zayed to meet Russia’s Putin to discuss Ukraine
United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan will travel to Russia on Tuesday to meet with President Vladimir Putin, UAE state news agency WAM reported on Monday. The visit came less than a week after OPEC+, a group of oil producers that includes the UAE and Russia, agreed to make steep oil production cuts in defiance of US pressure.

The ancient Jewish practice of Hakhel gets a 21st-century revival
Every seven years, in ancient times, Jewish men, women, and children would gather at the Temple on the first day of Sukkot to hear the king of Jerusalem read aloud from the Torah. In 2022, there’s no king and no Temple, and more than half of all Jews live far from Jerusalem — but the ritual is still inspiring Jews around the world to gather together. In fact, the tradition, known as Hakhel, appears to be seeing a resurgence of popular interest.

It Is A Time Of Desperation, And That Means Anything Is Possible
the Los Angeles Times ran an article with the headline, “North Korea’s latest missile test reminds the world of Asia’s powder keg.” The article said, “With the war in Ukraine and Russia’s threats to deploy tactical nuclear weapons, it was easy to lose sight of the rising danger North Korea poses.” But with a threat like Russia, such an oversight is understandable. When the nation with the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons, repeatedly threatens to use them, it’s hard not to put your focus there.

Netanyahu: Lapid, Gantz surrendered to Hezbollah’s blackmail
Netanyahu said that “behind the backs of the citizens of Israel and the Knesset, Lapid and Gantz surrendered to Hezbollah’s blackmail. They are transferring strategic assets of the State of Israel to Hezbollah in a liquidation sale.”

Lebanon satisfied with final draft of Israel maritime border deal, says top Lebanese negotiator
The deal will resolve a territorial dispute in the eastern tip of the Mediterranean sea in an area where Lebanon aims to explore for natural gas. Officials from both countries were in close contact via the US mediator over the past days in an effort to resolve outstanding differences.

665+ FBI employees investigated for sexual misconduct left agency unpunished: Whistleblower
At least 665 FBI employees were allowed to leave the agency between 2004 and 2020 without any disciplinary action after they were investigated for sexual misconduct, according to a whistleblower disclosure shared with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

Pentagon blacklists world’s largest drone-maker DJI as Chinese military company
U.S. Department of Defense officially included Shenzhen DJI Innovation Technology (DJI), the world’s largest drone-maker, on a department blacklist. The Pentagon solidifies an earlier blacklisting by the U.S. Treasury Department. Last December, the Treasury Department classified DJI and seven other Chinese technology firms as members of the Chinese military-industrial complex.

US Marines storm South China Sea beach on China’s doorstep
U.S. Marines and the Philippine Marine Corps stormed a beach facing the South China Sea in a joint military drill on Friday about 150 miles east of Scarborough Shoal, a disputed chain of reefs and islands currently occupied by China.

Blue States Have Worse Inequality Than Red Ones, New Census Data Shows
The more liberal a state is, the more likely it is to be home to income inequality, according to a Daily Wire analysis of newly-released Census data. New York, Connecticut, and California had the biggest gulf between rich and poor, …

Top L.A. Democrat Resigns After Comparing Black Child To Monkey
Democrat Nury Martinez resigned as president of the Los Angeles City Council on Monday, one day after a racist leaked audio recording was released. Martinez issued a statement regarding her resignation as council president, although she will remain a council member. “I take responsibility for what I said and there are no excuses for those comments. I’m sorry,” she said.

Massive landslide hits Venezuela, leaving at least 30 people dead and 54 missing
A massive landslide hit the town of Las Tejerías, Venezuela on October 9, 2022, leaving at least 30 people dead and 54 others missing. The town is loaded 87 km (54 miles) SW of Caracas. This is one of Venezuela’s biggest landslides in decades.

Child rapist and murderer lauded as ‘feminist’ and ‘advocate’ for LGBTQ Rights
Patricia Elaine Trimble, a biological male who raped two 9-year-old girls and who murdered a developmentally disabled cell mate while incarcerated has been recently celebrated in left-wing media as “a transgender woman, feminist, and activist.” Trimble has been spending their time in prison advocating for the rights of “the incarcerated LGBTQ+ community.”

Amusing Tales of a Coal Bottleneck in Germany and the Failure to Plan
Germany is increasingly dependent on coal, but river levels are too low to transport it. Let’s also compare Germany’s failure to plan vs Biden’s lack of planning.

Europe in “deindustrialization” spiral due to energy crisis, warns Goldman Sachs
Banking behemoth Goldman Sachs is now warning that the European energy crisis will lead to the “deindustrialization of Europe.”

California legislators are on a mission to de-license ALL doctors in the state who challenge covid dogma 
We have received word that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed into law Assembly Bill 2098, which aims to remove the medical licenses of all doctors throughout the state who question or in any way defy official government edicts and claims about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Biden’s Secret Promise To OPEC Backfires
In 2020, Democrats blocked Trump’s proposal to buy American oil at $24 a barrel. Yesterday, a Biden official disclosed a secret offer to buy OPEC+ oil at $80 a barrel.

Biden’s politicized FBI now hiding Chinese infiltration of U.S. election software as crucial midterms approach 
…Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote, have since made another alarming discovery that they say is being covered up by the Biden regime: Namely, that China has managed to infiltrate a major U.S. election software company in a way that could alter the outcome of yet another round of elections, the November midterms.

Unsettling Research Links COVID Vaccine to Parkinson’s
The list of complications, conditions, and diseases resulting from the COVID shots is nearly endless and can affect any organ system in the body. Pfizer knew. Here’s their document.

Utility Pumps Customers’ Smart Meter Data To Police Without Warrant
Police are routinely breaking the law to enforce the law, which is patently absurd. Smart meter data is on electricity usage is sent via WiFi to the utility company, recording detailed activities within the home or business. Thus, there is no longer expectation of “sanctuary” within your own home. Detailed surveillance has been a key plank of Technocracy since its original creation in 1932.

STILL DUMBED DOWN: Even after millions of global covid vaccine deaths, 49% of Americans still plan to get a flu shot this winter 
The corporate-controlled media is complaining that not even 50 percent of America is planning to get vaccinated for seasonal influenza this year. We, on the other hand, are surprised that anyone wants to get jabbed after all the revelations about covid jab injuries and deaths.

WWIII Is Here? German Diplomatic Building Hit By Russian Missile
President Trump has warned on several occasions that if peace negotiations aren’t made quickly then WWIII is unavoidable.

‘Prince Of The Covenant’ Mohamed Bin Zayed Flying To Russia On Tuesday To Meet With Putin To ‘Defuse The Ukraine Situation’ Before It Explodes, Can He?
Wherever you look across the end times landscape, we see key players all doing exactly what we are expecting them to do, and that is to further the end times timeline. One of our favorites is Mohamed bin Zayed, the Crown Prince and Supreme Leader of the United Arab Emirates.

BREAKING: Russia Unleashes Hell on Ukrainian Targets including in Kyiv – Power Outages Reported in Several Cities, Ukraine Hit with Over 70 Missile Attacks
Ukraine poked the Russian bear on Saturday by blowing up the Kerch Bridge from Russia to Crimea.

Why Cattlemen are Being Told to Shut Up – YouTube
Cattle industry is telling Ranchers to shut-up – Foreign Meat shipped in labeled USA

Russia Launches Large-Scale Strikes On Some 20 Ukrainian Cities In Response To “Terrorist” Crimea Bridge Blast
A series of major explosions rocked Kyiv and several locations across Ukraine on Monday, following Russian President Vladimir Putin blaming Ukrainian special services for the “terrorist” blast which partially disabled the Crimean bridge that links Russia to the peninsula.

Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron, Joe Biden Are All Talking About The Coming Countdown To Armageddon
President Joe Biden said last Thursday the risk of nuclear ‘Armageddon’ is the highest it has been for 60 years after Russian President Vladimir Putin renewed his threats as his military retreats in Ukraine. “We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis,” he said, offering his bluntest comments about the use of nuclear weapons since Russia invaded Ukraine in February. Immediately, Emmanuel Macron stepped in to ‘correct the record’.

Researchers Use GMO Mosquitoes To Vaccinate Humans In NIH-Funded Malaria Study 
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded a malaria vaccine trial study that used genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes to vaccinate humans.