8 Sep 2022

Queen Elizabeth dies at 96, ending an era for Britain
BALMORAL, Scotland, Sept 8 (Reuters) – Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, the nation’s figurehead and a towering presence on the world stage for seven decades, died peacefully at her home in Scotland on Thursday aged 96. “The death of my beloved Mother, Her Majesty The Queen, is a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family,” the new king, her eldest son Charles, said.

Will The New Shemitah Cycle Be A Turning Point In Human History?
it appears that the end of the current Jubilee cycle will wrap up the 120 Jubilee cycles of 50 years each since the creation of humanity. all throughout history there has been a belief that God has a 7,000 year plan for humanity. After 6,000 years of human rebellion is complete, Jesus will rule from Jerusalem for 1,000 years during the Sabbath Millennium. If we really are getting very close to the return of Jesus to this planet, that means that everything is about to change. But as far as the Shemitah and Jubilee cycles are concerned, I want to stress that we cannot be too dogmatic about them. We simply cannot prove that the Shemitah years have been calculated correctly.

California Jews without electricity now being offered refuge in Israel
America has always been known as a country ripe with plentiful resources, certainly in comparison to a “developing” country like Israel. But that seems to no longer be the case, at least not in California, where residents are being hit with rolling blackouts. They are now being instructed by Governor Gavin Newsom to set their thermostats at 78 degrees during certain hours of the day, noting that California is currently on a “flex alert.” Ironically, Israel, which has fer less natural resources than California, has no such restrictions. Israelis enjoy unlimited electricity just as California once did.

Covid vaccines no longer needed thanks to new natural Israeli antibody treatment
researchers at Tel Aviv University has proven that antibodies isolated from the immune systems of recovered COVID-19 patients are effective in neutralizing known strains of the virus, including the Delta and the Omicron variants. Researchers have declared this a scientific breakthrough. The discovery could remove the need for frequent booster immunizations.

Hopes dim for Iran deal before US midterms
A senior European source told Ali Hashem this week a deal won’t happen before the elections, if at all. “Because of the last Iranian response, there can be no return to the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] before the midterms,” adding that the longer the wait, the more risk there is to close the deal.

Buchanan: How Liberal Elites Detest Middle America
Obama The world has left Middle America behind, and Middle America has reacted by clinging to its bibles, bigotries and guns. Hillary “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? … The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.” “Now, some of those folks — they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.” Biden MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.” promote authoritarian leaders, and they fan the flames of political violence that are a threat to our personal rights, to the pursuit of justice, to the rule of law, to the very soul of this country.” determined to take this country backwards — backwards to an America where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry who you love.” Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people. Republicans … are destroying American democracy.”

Xi’s First Overseas Meeting In Years Will Be With Putin In Uzbekistan Next Week
Kremlin officials also confirmed to the Associated Press that “Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet next week at summit in Uzbekistan.” The two large nuclear-armed nations also just wrapped up a week of joint war games, among multiple other nations represented, at Vostok 2022 in the same far eastern region of Russia. (overseas?)

“We’ve Lost Nothing” – Putin Warns Western Elites’ “Sanctions Fever” Will See European People “Freeze”
“We have not lost anything and will not lose anything,” Putin said. “In terms of what we have gained, I can say that the main gain has been the strengthening of our sovereignty.” Putin conceded, however, that Moscow’s decision to send troops into Ukraine had created a “certain polarization, both in the world and within the country.”

Gavin Newsom encounters an unexpected antagonist: Joe Biden
California Gov. Gavin Newsom has spent the past year taking on top Republicans. Now, he finds himself at odds with President Joe Biden and other leading Democratic figures over pro-union legislation in his home state. Biden delivered an indirect but embarrassingly public rebuke for the ambitious governor by calling for passage of the bill, which would make it easier for farmworkers to unionize, as Newsom signaled he may veto the legislation for a second time.

Volcano Briefing: Up To Thirty Meters Of Lava Under The Crust
No embers have been seen in the crater for over two weeks. Despite that, about a thousand people have visited the eruption site in the last few days. Scientists believe it could take two to ten years for the lava to solidify fully. While it is thickest around the crater, it is still hot up to thirty meters below.

Ukraine’s Supporters Aim to Create Long-Term Aid Mechanisms
RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany—Urgent needs and long-term support for Ukraine will be on the agenda at a Thursday meeting of the NATO secretary general, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and officials from various countries supporting Kyiv, two senior defense officials said. according to two senior defense officials here. “You’re going to hear about a [United Kingdom]-created…donor fund so that countries that want to execute procurement contracts to support Ukraine long term will have access to a pool of money

Israel draws up plan for long-term rebuilding after earthquakes
The preparation of these plans will assist in utilizing future crises to improve and optimize existing systems according to the ‘build back better’ (?) concept so that the unique opportunities in moments of crisis may be utilized.

No more Russian ‘cover?’ Iran-backed militias to leave Syria
With Russia transferring its ground-to-air system out of the country and nuclear talks at a standstill, Iran may have nothing to lose. (video)

Lapid to US: No one can dictate our rules of engagement while we fight for our lives
PM tells US: I won’t allow an IDF soldier to be prosecuted just to receive applause from abroad.

Minneapolis nurse would give up ‘every ounce of raise’ in exchange for safety
Bullets fly, some finding homes in hospital walls. Sick bodies lie in bays waiting to be triaged because of staffing shortages. Someone is ambushed while treating patients, jerked to the ground by her hair from behind and kneed in the head so hard she suffers a head trauma. She is now a casualty, out on leave with PTSD. No, this not Afghanistan. This is a routine night at a hospital emergency room in downtown Minneapolis.

Former MPD psychological evaluator charged with sexual assault of minor
A Twin Cities psychiatrist who formerly served as a mental fitness evaluator for the Minneapolis Police Department has been charged with criminal sexual conduct involving a minor. Dr. Thomas Gabor Gratzer, 57, of Edina, is accused … .

Lebanese politician calls to bomb Israel’s oil rigs
Spokesman for the Syrian Social Nationalist Party Firas Al-Shoufi stated on OTV (Lebanon) on Aug. 24 that every offshore oil rig owned by Israel should be bombed.

Will a New Iran Deal Redefine the US-Israel Relationship?
At this stage, it’s likely that not even those American diplomats most immersed in the ongoing nuclear talks between the United States and Iran know what the outcome of their efforts will be. For the last 20 months, since … Joe Biden was sworn into office, the expectation has been that Tehran will sooner or later agree to re-enter the weak nuclear accord it concluded with the administration of… Obama in 2015.

Massive landslide hits western Uganda after heavy rains
At least 15 people have been killed after a massive landslide caused by heavy rains buried their homes on September 6, 2022. As many as 18 people are feared missing. Search and rescue operations are still in progress.

Hurricane “Kay” expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds to Baja California 
Hurricane “Kay” is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain to portions of the southern Baja California Peninsula on September 7, 2022. Kay is the 12th named storm of the 2022 Pacific hurricane season and the 8th hurricane.

Chile voters reject proposed left-wing Constitution guaranteeing ‘right’ to abortion 
Voters in Chile rejected ‘the most horrid expression of legal wokeness ever devised.’

IMPLOSION: Amazon scraps plans to build 42 new warehouses, shuts down 2 active facilities
Amazon is abandoning plans to build 42 new warehouses all over the United States and is closing down two active facilities. The company is determined to reduce the size of its sprawling business amid slowing sales growth.

More frightening news about fertility and the mRNA shots, this time from Singapore
…What is particularly interesting – though unsurprising – is how well Singapore stratified vaccine administration by age. As the chart below shows, in a few weeks in June and July 2021, nearly every Singaporean adult between 20-39 – childbearing age, essentially – received their first Covid vaccine jab.

“Europe On The Brink:” 70,000 Czech Protesters Flood Prague Over Energy Crisis
More than 70,000 Czechs are protesting in Prague, the capital, demanding the ruling coalition take a neutral stance on the Ukraine war to ensure energy supplies from Russia aren’t cut off ahead of winter. Protesters are outraged at the European Union for sanctions against Russia that have sparked soaring electricity bills and triggered a cost-of-living crisis.

Planned Parenthood is Selling the Bodies of Dead Babies to the CCP to Develop Bioweapons
Sure, many conservatives know about America’s collusion with the CCP in regards to covid-19, trade and governmental issues. But did you know that our own government is colluding with China to ensure we abort as many babies as possible?

FORCE MAJEURE: Massive global shutdowns are now under way for METALS SMELTING operations covering iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc and STEEL
Without metals and industrial elements — steel, copper, aluminum, iron ore, nickel, zinc, titanium, etc. — human civilization cannot exist. Nearly all manufacturing is dependent on metals for industrial processes. Even plastics cannot be made without metals for the injection molding, and aluminum and copper are required for all electrical systems, both commercial and residential.

CA School District Textbook Claims There Are EIGHT Genders
Schools in California are teaching children that there are not just two genders, but that there are eight or nine, according to a report highlighting the claims made in a textbook.

The Foundations of God, Family, Country Are Becoming a Distant Memory As America Enters the Dark Ages!
The number one cause of death is abortion, genocide against the helpless which is responsible for 42% of all deaths last year.

Italy: Peer-Reviewed Study Finds ‘Metal-Like Objects’ in 94% of Individuals With Reported mRNA Vaccine Side Effects
A peer-reviewed study in Italy found that 94% of people who experienced side effects after receiving mRNA vaccines had abnormal blood and contained foreign matter one month after vaccination, Epoch Times reported.

Biden and the Dems Are Skipping Straight to the Final Stage of Socialism
In Marxist theory, the final stage of socialism is true communism, when everyone shares of his or her resources equally, the state withers away, and true justice finally dawns upon the earth. We never have seen that stage and never will, because Marxism is rancid pseudo-religious hogwash that runs directly contrary to human nature.

Watch As Heretic Paula White And False Teacher Larry Huch Deny That Jesus Christ Is The Only Begotten Son Of God, Plus Myriad Other Heresies As Well 
What you are about to see is not new, but it is important that you understand the depth of falsehood to which the Word of Faith Movement will happily sink to, and drag you down with them if they can. You may not know the name Larry Huch, but I am betting you are quite familiar with false teacher and noted heretic Paula White.

Biden COVID Czar Blasphemes By Saying That ‘God Gave Us Two Arms, One For The Flu Shot And One For The COVID Shot’ In Stunning Declaration
In your trusty King James Bible you find the word ‘arms’ mentioned 29 times in 27 verses. Most of those references are about the arms of Almighty God, some refer to the ‘arms of a flood’ talking about events in the Tribulation, and some of them about the arms of man. And not once do we ever read that God gave us two arms to be injected with a Big Pharma cocktail.

MUST WATCH: ‘Do You Think This is Fair?’ – Moderna CEO and AstraZeneca Official Reveal Shocking Secrets to COVID Vaccines After Romanian MEP Cristian Terheș Grills Them
On Monday, Romanian Member of the European Parliament Cristian Terheș grilled Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel and AstraZeneca executive vice-president Iskra Reic surrounding the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and overly secretive contracts.

California throws out ‘dangerous’ bill to let kids get COVID jabs without parental approval
California Sen. Scott Wiener said the proposal would be shelved, accusing a ‘small but highly vocal and organized minority of anti-vaxxers’ of derailing the bill.

New peer-reviewed study finds risk of serious side effects to mRNA COVID vaccines
The mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna under former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed initiative are associated with an “excess risk of serious adverse events” (SAEs), according to a peer-reviewed study published August 31 in Vaccine, the official journal of the Japanese Society for Vaccinology.

Canadian health advisers recommend COVID booster shot every three months 
Advisers to Health Canada recommend Canadians take a “booster” of the still experimental COVID injections, which are now known to do next to nothing to stop the spread of the virus, every three month.