3 Sep 2022

Disney goes satanic: New ‘cartoon’ features little girl dubbed ‘the Antichrist’
In a move that seems a stretch even for a leftist corporation that openly promotes LGBT agenda points and links itself to the body mutilations of young children through transgender ideology, this new “cartoon” from Disney features a little girl “Antichrist.” “There’s no more putting this off. You dad is the devil and you’re the Antichrist,” the cartoon mom tells her daughter, about 13.

NY Rule Leak: ‘Anyone with gun presumed to have it illegally’ – Guilty until proven innocent
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has directed the state’s law enforcement officers to assume “anyone carrying” a gun is doing so “unlawfully until proven otherwise,” according to an internal government memo leaked Thursday.

Over 40% Of Americans Think Civil War Likely Within 10 Years
Over 40% of Americans think civil war is at least somewhat likely in the next decade, which increases to more than half among self-identified “Strong Republicans,” according to a YouGov/Economist survey. Around 2/3 of those polled also believe that political division in this country has gotten worse since Joe Biden took office, vs. only 8% who say the country has grown less divided. 62% expect political division to increase.

Whistleblower Lawyer: FBI Agents Have Lost Confidence In Director Wray
A lawyer representing several unnamed FBI whistleblowers said Wednesday that agents have lost confidence in the bureau’s leadership amid recent controversy. The FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have faced Republican criticism over the raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, while a number of whistleblowers have provided testimony to GOP lawmakers about alleged political bias at the bureau. Over the past weekend, high-ranking FBI agent Timothy Thibault departed the agency amid whistleblower complaints.

“Worst Has Yet To Come”: Civil Unrest Set To Surge Worldwide As Socioeconomic Pressure Builds, Report Warns
Soaring food, energy, and shelter inflation have led to what could be a new era of civil unrest worldwide. Pockets of unrest have been observed in Sri Lanka, Peru, Kenya, Ecuador, Iran, and Europe. New research forecasts a broader wave of discontent is just ahead.

Stop Freaking Out About Drinking Recycled Poo-Water, Expert Says
The head of the UK’s Environment Agency says that people need to be ‘less squeamish’ about drinking “toilet-to-tap” water from treatment plants, as countries and states around the world move towards recycling sewage. What else are you going to use to wash the bugs down, after all?

Megadrought Threatening Millions Of Americans With Loss Of Water And Power
The Colorado River Basin meanders through seven U.S. states and supplies water to Lake Powell in the Upper Basin and Lake Mead in the Lower Basin. In turn, these reservoirs deliver water and power to millions of Americans.

Joe Biden Tries to Walk Back Dark Speech: ‘I Don’t Consider Any Trump Supporter to Be a Threat’Joe Biden tried Friday to walk back his dark political speech from the night before after receiving considerable backlash for trying to portray supporters of former President Donald Trump as radical extremists who threatened the United States.

Russia scraps gas pipeline reopening, stoking European fuel fears
Russia has scrapped a Saturday deadline to resume flows via a major gas supply route to Germany, deepening Europe’s difficulties in securing winter fuel, after saying it had found faults in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline during maintenance.
But Gazprom … said on Friday it could not safely restart deliveries until it had fixed an oil leak found in a vital turbine. It did not give a new time frame.

Right-wing on the rise in Israel as rift between Arabs and Jews widens
While 46% of Jewish voters declared themselves to be right wing in April 2019, that number has spiked to 62% on the eve of Israel’s November 1 national election. The survey is based on responses from 3,855 interviews .

Pentagon aims to speed arms sales to allies to better compete with China
The Pentagon has launched a comprehensive push to accelerate sales of US arms to foreign allies, to better compete with China and replenish arsenals of friendly nations that have given military gear to Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Syrian opposition figure: Hezbollah refuses to return chemical weapons, missiles, tanks to Syria
In an interview with Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) on Aug. 26, Syrian opposition activist Asaad Al-Zubi stated that Hezbollah refuses to return weapons handed to it by the Syrian regime. According to a report by MEMRI, he claimed that the Syrian regime transferred chemical weapons to Lebanon in order to conceal them from Western inspectors, but Hezbollah has stated that they would not be returned to Syria.

European official: The Iranian response was totally unreasonable
“The Iranian response was totally unreasonable. It reopens the EU coordinator’s text on nuclear safeguards, which was at the outer limits of our flexibility already – and which the Iranians implicitly accepted in their August 15 response,” the official said.

Danielle becomes the first Atlantic hurricane of the season 
Danielle became the first Atlantic hurricane of the season on September 2, 2022, after a remarkably long streak with no hurricane activity in the basin. This is the latest calendar year first Atlantic hurricane since Humberto on September 11, 2013.

Medically fit patients waiting months to be discharged from England’s hospitals
Patients are waiting up to nine months to be discharged from NHS hospitals in England despite being medically fit to leave, according to “shocking” figures that will pile pressure on ministers to tackle the social care crisis.

Americans taking out loans through buy now, pay later apps to purchase groceries
According to the Daily Mail, one of the major players in the buy now, pay later (BNPL) game, Zip, reported a 95 percent rise in the purchase of groceries using their service in the US, with restaurant bills up 64 percent.

US Air Force ordered to use gender-neutral language 
US Air Force officers whose squadrons would be among those closest to the frontlines in case of any potential conflict with China have reportedly been ordered to use gender-neutral language in written reports under a policy that higher-ups claim will increase the “lethality” of America’s military.

Black Hole: as billions in American arms and aid enter Ukraine, US officials receive hand written receipts
Ukraine is consistently ranked as one of the most corrupt governments in all of Europe. Given that reality, it might not come as much of a surprise that Kiev has no functioning mechanism to track the massive amount of inflows of American weapons and aid into the country.

Iran and Russia Have Plans to Abandon the Dollar in Several Mutual Settlements 
According to a report by TAAS, Iran and Russia are planning to abandon the dollar in mutual settlements in certain facets of their trade relations.

Cloud wars in the Middle East: Governments are working to drain the heavens dry with geoengineering 
Iranian officials have worried for years that other nations have been depriving them of one of their vital water sources. But it was not an upstream dam that they were worrying about, or an aquifer being bled dry.

Texas Ships First Batch of Illegal Immigrants to “Sanctuary City” Chicago
Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) on Wednesday announced he’d shipped a load of illegal immigrants to Chicago, Illinois, in accordance with the Windy City’s admitted “sanctuary city” status.

America’s Marxist-Left has disturbing Nazi socialism parallels: Cultural tyranny and media-induced mass formation psychosis
The mass authoritarianism “delusion” of the Left is well underway in America, and nearly every person who voted for nearly any Democrat cannot see it. They are under the spell. From the fixed election to the scamdemic, the Democrats are brainwashed under a liberal umbrella that just keeps sinking them deeper into what is termed mass formation psychosis. It really ramped up in America under Obama’s watch, but it all dates back to a powerful and evil little dude named Adolf Hitler.

UK Govt Denies ‘Safe Use’ Recommendation for Pfizer Vaccine In Pregnant Women, Says Those Breastfeeding Should NOT Be Vaccinated.
The British government has recommended against pregnant and breastfeeding women receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, admitting that “sufficient reassurance of safe use of the vaccine” for the demographic “cannot be provided at the present time.”

No Whites Allowed: Pfizer Fellowship Flagrantly Violates the Law, Lawyers Say
The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer offers a prestigious fellowship that bars whites and Asians from applying. Trumpeted on the company’s website as a “Bold Move” to “create a workplace for all,” civil rights lawyers are characterizing it in a different way: as a blatant violation of the law.

Canadian bank reportedly bans customer for questioning presence of rainbow flag on app
In what appears to be another step toward compelled acceptance of the LGBT agenda, a recent Rebel News report features a man who was reportedly banned from Scotiabank for asking if there was a way he could remove the pro-LGBT “rainbow” symbol from his phone’s banking app.

California enacts bill to punish doctors who disseminate ‘misinformation’ on COVID
California legislators this week passed a bill allowing the state to take legal action against doctors who spread so-called “misinformation” or “disinformation” about COVID-19.

THE NEXT VAX: Big Pharma pushing to release ANOTHER mRNA “vaccine,” this one for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)
After seeing the success, aka dollar signs, of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” rollout, the pharmaceutical industry – and specifically Moderna – is now setting its sights on a new mRNA (messenger RNA) injection for respiratory syncytial virus, also known as RSV.

The geoengineering KILL SWITCH has been activated for the entire planet – Feat. Dane Wigington
The entire planet is being deliberately plunged into a global famine nightmare, achieved via geoengineering programs carried out by world governments trying to achieve global depopulation.

Face Masks Contain Toxic Titanium Dioxide, plus What Fauci’s Emails Reveal About Its Use
In February 2022, a study published in Nature revealed that levels of titanium dioxide that “systematically exceeded the acceptable exposure level” had been found in common face masks used during the Covid era. Below are some extracts from the abstract of the study:

The New World Order Is Firing All Their Rockets Against America, So Today We Fire Right Back With The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
You can’t have Build Back Better, the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution without the complete and utter destruction of the United States of America, something that is underway right now.

Ontarians infected with COVID can work, but they can’t cross the border if they’re unvaxxed and healthy 
Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s COVID czar and a man who looks strikingly like Vladimir Lenin, just announced that you can go to work or school if you are positive with COVID!

California Urges Avoiding Charging Electric Cars to Ward Off Blackouts in Heatwave Because State Loses Solar Power When the Sun Goes Down
Just days after passing a law banning new sales of gasoline powered cars by 2035, California is urging residents to avoid charging their electric vehicles during peak hours in the coming week to help ward off blackouts during an expected heatwave.

Taiwan Shoots Down Drone Over Islet Near China
Taiwan’s military shot down a drone that flew over one of its islands on Sept. 1, amid increasing tensions with communist China.

China Locks Down 21 Million in the Metropolis of Chengdu
The Chinese regime placed 21 million in the southern megacity of Chengdu under lockdown, the largest move to contain the COVID-19 flareups since Shanghai’s shutdown.

Pretend President Joe Biden Channels His Inner Hitler By Making Anti-MAGA Speech On A Stage Set That Looked Like A Leni Riefenstahl Movie
In 1935, German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl made a little movie called ‘Triumph Of The Will’, and it was a gorgeously decorated and beautifully shot movie about the spiritual power of Adolf Hitler, a near perfect type of the biblical Antichrist.