6 Jun 2022

May – A Month of Murder

Mass Murder events have become so common in America that most of them are not reported as national news. There have been 233 mass shootings this year in the U.S., per data collected by the Gun Violence Archive. The archive characterizes a mass shooting as four or more people shot or killed, not including the shooter.

In the last year, 12 major cities have hit all-time homicide records. The liberal media wants to cover for the Biden administration, so it turns a blind eye to most of the carnage. The month of May was so bad that it is impossible to ignore the fact that something very wrong is taking place in our nation.

On May 14, an 18-year-old white man shot and killed 10 people and injured three others at a supermarket in a predominantly Black area, authorities said. Eleven of the victims are Black. Authorities say the suspect was motivated by racial hate.

On May 15, at least one person was killed and five wounded — including four critically injured — after a shooting at a church in Laguna Woods, California, the sheriff’s department said. David Chou, 68, of Las Vegas, Nevada, was named as the suspect. The attacker was a Chinese man that was motivated by hatred for Taiwan, where he was born after his family was forced from mainland China when the Communists prevailed in a civil war that ended in 1949.

On May 24 in Uvalde, Texas, Salvador Ramos shot his grandmother and then traveled to Robb Elementary School, where he killed 19 children and two teachers. The gunman’s rampage lasted 77 minutes, and police found as many as 1,657 rounds of ammunition and 60 magazines in his possession after he was shot dead.

Since the Memorial weekend finished out the month, it was a given that a large number of people would be shot in Chicago. Sure enough, at least 52 people were shot and 10 were killed in separate shootings across the windy city.

The left’s sole answer to mass murder events is gun control. If we prevent people from buying guns, they think the problem will be solved. There are more firearms in the U.S. than there are citizens. Many third-world nations have far greater restrictions on guns, and they outpace us in gun-related crime.

There is one popular legal proposal that would seem to show promise: it would offer incentives for states to pass “red flag” laws aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of people who are mentally ill. I would be all for this measure, but I know the left’s agenda. I agree that crazy people shouldn’t have access to guns. Once we start putting restrictions on the mentally ill, the left can change the definition of who qualifies as needing to be red-flagged.

Libertarian podcaster Joe Rogan recently warned of the dangers of giving in to the current gun control mob:

“I don’t think it’s wise to take all the guns away from people and give all the power to the government. We see how they are with an armed populace; they still have a tendency towards totalitarianism. And the more increased power and control you have over people, the easier it is for them to do what they do. And it’s a natural inclination, when you’re a person in power, to try to hold more power and acquire more power.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has also warned how dangerous it would be to surrender to anti-Second Amendment campaigners:

Speaking at the NRA conference in Houston this past weekend, Cruz stated, “It’s far easier to slander one’s political adversaries and to demand that responsible citizens forfeit their constitutional rights than it is to examine the cultural sickness giving birth to unspeakable acts of evil.”

“It’s far less comfortable to ask why despair and isolation and violent hatred is so prevalent in America,” he further urged, adding that “the elites who dominate our culture” are intent on pushing the idea that “firearms lie at the root of the problem.”

Cruz continued, “Tragedies like the events of this week are a mirror forcing us to ask hard questions, demanding that we see where our culture is failing – looking at broken families, absent fathers, declining church attendance, social media bullying, violent online content, desensitizing the act of murder in video games, chronic isolation, prescription drug and opioid abuse. And their collective effects on the psyche of young Americans is both complicated and multifaceted.”

“It’s a lot easier to moralize about guns and to shriek about those you disagree with politically, but it’s never been about guns,” the Senator further declared.

“Taking guns away from these responsible Americans will not make them safer, nor will it make our nation more secure,” Cruz said, adding that “In an age where elites embrace defunding the police, when homelessness runs rampant, when gangs dominate entire communities, and when radical district attorneys refuse to prosecute violent crime in cities across America, rarely has the Second Amendment been more necessary to secure the rights of our fellow citizens.”

About 100 years ago, you could walk into a pharmacy and freely purchase heroin and cocaine. You could then go to a hardware store and buy cases of dynamite. Today, it’s unthinkable to have these products for sale. What allowed them to be easily accessible is that there was a moral foundation that prevented most people from doing evil things with them.

I remember, in my teenage years, most dry goods stores sold cans of gunpowder. If Amazon and Walmart existed back then, you could buy gunpowder from them with no questions asked. Today, you have to go to a few specialty sites to purchase gunpowder. We can’t openly sell gunpowder because too many people would use it to make bombs. If our nation continues to descend into depravity, we may have to restrict the sale of knives.

It is very disturbing that all these mass murder events have failed to cause people to question the moral health of our nation. The vast majority of times when a shooter kills more than a dozen people, they generally end up dead. When they wake up in hell, there is no rewind button. It chills me to the bone to understand that these murderers suddenly realize they made the ultimate mistake and they are doomed for all eternity to suffer for their crime. I Praise God for providing us with grace that saves us from our sinful nature.

“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death” (Revelation 21:8).


Antichrist Spirit and Women

Today’s commentary is written in somewhat of a circumspect way. That is, it is offered with the cautionary note that the meaning I have a question about within the Scripture I will in due course reflect upon could be off the mark. Still, I believe that there is good evidence–swiftly growing evidence—that the perspective offered here likely has at least a due amount of, if not validity, at least a degree of credibility.

Looking from the vantage of my soon to be eighty years on the planet, the changes we’ve witnessed in our culture have been amazing. But from the year of my birth, 1942, until 1963 or so, the transition was relatively without societal disruption.

We had the constant fears associated with nuclear threat during the Cold WarThere was the integration/segregation upheaval in 1957 and forward. But, again for the most part, it was a smoothly humming along culture and society in America.

Then, from 1963 onward, the American experience lurched from crisis to crisis, from protest to rioting. Then came the beginning of the development of national schizophrenia. And you and I have witnessed a volcanic eruption of upside-down cultural and societal thinking and behavior leading to this very moment.

Think of it…those of the leftist ideology go into an insane rage, shouting that the constitutional right to own guns must be destroyed for the children’s sake–so the children’s health and right to live is no longer threatened. Those of the same leftist ideology champion wholeheartedly the murder of 2,700 babies per day through abortion.

They say that people can be whatever sex they want to be–rather than how they come into the world gender-wise. They have inculcated even the youngest among us to think this way. If parents object to schools having this insane curriculum, the FBI of our nation gets involved—not to grab the culprits who are teaching our kids this madness, but to threaten the objecting parents as being domestic terrorists.

We have transvestites telling stories to kindergartners, seducing the little ones with stories of how alternate lifestyles are preferable over what was formerly the norm.

They give awards and trophies to men who compete against women in women’s sports and beat their women opponents by a mile, setting records in the women’s sports.

They are more and more saying adults can have sexual relations with children—that this is more natural than adults refraining from such activity.

They declare that men can have babies–that is, they can birth babies from their own bodies, the same as women give birth to babies.

And this is where I jump off into speculative prophecy that might or might not be on the mark. To me, the postulation, as I said, has, if not validity, at least credibility.

America and the world have gone insane–and just in the past decade or less, it has seemed to have made the leap into absolute depravity. We are now under the last-days oppression of the spirit of Antichrist. Of this, there is no doubt. This isn’t speculation. This is observable to any believer in Jesus Christ who seeks true discernment. We are seeing the way paved for that “man of sin, the son of perdition” to step onto the stage of history.

I believe we can discern this ever-increasing influence and imposition of the Antichrist spirit, in part, by considering the latest war on women.

That war, sparked and fueled by the Antichrist spirit, began, I believe, in those 1960s I mentioned earlier. The feminist movement, while purporting to be to win women greater standing and respect, instead inflicted upon the gender degradation and decline.

And now we see an intensification of the war taking place. I present the following as evidence.

These changes are just the latest example of the ongoing colonization of British healthcare by the transgender movement.

It has been a truly weird experience to watch women being pushed, inch by inch, out of spaces once reserved for them as the transgender movement advances through the culture. In order to ensure that men claiming to be women feel at home in their farcical appropriated womanhood, an entire dictionary of terminology has sprung up to replace the word “woman” and any other word that might indicate that women are … well, women. Thus, we now have “birthing persons.” “Pregnant people.” Women are “menstruators.”

Feminists have been forced to watch their erasure with some measure of horror — but if they protest, they are told they are TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary-Radical-Feminists, which means feminists who do not consider biological men in dresses to be their sisters) and shouted down — sometimes with violence, almost always with ugly threats.

And so it continues. In the UK, where gender ideology spread faster than Covid, the official advice on the websites of the National Health Service (NHS) have begun to excise the word “women” wherever it can be found. According to reportage by the Daily Mail, it is now “missing from the landing pages of three sections explaining cancers only found in biological women.” Information concerning ovarian, womb, and cervix cancers have been disassociated with “women” — despite the fact that only women suffer from these cancers…

These changes are just the latest example of the ongoing colonization of the NHS by the transgender movement—recently, NHS hospitals have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on gender neutral bathrooms, and midwifery students as Edinburgh Napier “were being taught biological men could get pregnant and trans men could give birth even if they have a penis … In a coursebook that has since been revised, trainee midwives were given detailed instructions on how to treat a male-to-female trans person during childbirth.

That’s impossible, of course, just as it is impossible for a man to give birth or contract cervical cancer. But none of that matters — only the feelings of trans activists matter now. (“UK healthcare system removes the word ‘woman’ from webpages about womb and ovarian cancer,” Jonathon Van Maronm, LifeSite News, April 26, 2022)

And here is my prophetic pondering on the matter of the war on women that is obviously ratcheting up at this time so near Antichrist’s coming on the scene.

I’ve always wondered over what is meant in the following Scripture, with regard to the reference to women.

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. (Daniel 11: 37)

It is obvious that there is an attack on the God-created matter of gender (“male and female, He created them”–Genesis 1:27). Particularly, we have witnessed an assault on the importance of the female gender. My intellectual curiosity, and even more my spiritual intuition, leads me to ask whether this reference to women by the prophet Daniel (that Antichrist has no desire for women) is perhaps, in part, wrapped up in the war on women we are experiencing in these closing days of the age.

In God’s holy eyes, men and women have equal standing. Each has a divine purpose. Heaven is, and will be in the future, populated by men and women who are absolutely magnificent in every respect. (I have personally seen them, but won’t go into that again here.)

To be part of that glorious place Jesus has prepared for all who are prophetically destined to live there for eternity, in magnificent, new, perfect bodies, here is the only requirement:

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10:9–10)