Mar 21, 2022

March to June Donation Drive

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has increased the traffic load to Rapture Ready. The daily visitor rate is up about 25% from where it was two months ago. A few news sites have made a direct reference to Rapture Ready in articles.

Normally, when interest in prophecy peaks, I keep an eye out for reporters that want to talk to me about current events. This time around, I have zero interest in talking with them. I’ve been operating RR since 1987 and was first contacted by Mother Jones in 1989. Every conversation I’ve had with the media has been the same. They view us as a doomsday cult that thinks the world is coming to an end, and they are doubtful because they say we’ve been wrong so many times in the past. Even though RR has clearly stated many times that the rapture cannot be predicted, we are grouped in with the people who set dates.

The modern field of prophecy got its kickstart when prophecy watchers rightfully predicted the rebirth of Israel. No other nation has come back from the dead. This feat is all the more remarkable knowing that several groups have tried to wipe out the Jews.

I was on a radio program one time, and I had three guys who were very hostile to me. I tried to reason with them by saying, “If you think Bible prophecy is a bunch of nonsense, what do you have to worry about?” I ran off a short list of things that the Bible predicted, and we were clearly headed in that direction. They disagreed with me simply on the basis that I was spreading fear.

I’ve done dozens of interviews and never had a reporter agree that Bible prophecy was right about many things. China has become a world power, the Jews are the center of conflict, Russia has been a general foe of peace, and we are moving in the direction of having a mark of the beast system. Even when I point these facts out to them, they are too spiritually blind to identify a simple logical truth.

I don’t know how the Ukraine conflict will end. So far, it has been a huge embarrassment to the Russians. The Gog invasion of Israel may soon become an attempt by Putin to regain respect for the Russian military. I disagree with 95% of what Pat Robertson believes about Bible prophecy, but he came out of retirement to say something that I do agree with. Robertson said that Putin invaded Ukraine because God directed him to do so. When Russian launches its disastrous invasion of Israel, it will be because God directed Putin to launch such a foolish military campaign.

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I get thousands of emails sent to my RR account, and 90% of it is spam. If you have sent articles to RR and have gotten no reply, send them to Terry, and he will forward them to our editor. I had one guy sending me articles that got caught in my spam filter for three months. The best arrangement is to send an email to me and our editor. If the traffic load is heavy, I may post seven articles. If it is light, I may post four articles.

We don’t exactly know how short our time is on earth, but we can tell the end is very near. Because I was fortunate enough to discover the need for an end-time lifeboat 35 years ago, we now have a resource that can lead an untold number of people to the truth. In order to keep the boat-building process going, Rapture Ready needs your financial support.

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Rapture Sooner–or Later?

As anyone knows who reads these commentaries, our website is The articles are, of course, generated and disseminated from this platform on a daily basis. Our Nearing Midnight section is our weekly platform from which to launch commentary on what we consider the most relevant and vital issues and events of the hour. All opinion pieces are Bible centered, and their overall tenor is to point to how near the midnight hour we are in regard to the occurrence of the Rapture—that glorious moment when Jesus Christ calls all believers to Himself.

The words I hear when talking to believers about the Rapture of the Church is that while they hope it will happen soon, they are afraid it’s way out there in the future. This is a common thread I find in thinking of fellow Christians these days. That’s not to say all are thinking in this direction. Many who come to our website look around at all that is happening and express that they don’t see how the Rapture could be meant for any other generation than ours. They see all collateral cultural and societal prerequisites for that stunning event to occur.

So what is the probability that the Rapture is scheduled in God’s plan for humanity in either a sooner or in a later timeframe? Is there any one signal on the prophetic horizon that might give a clue to answering that question? I believe one area to look at might provide illumination.

Believers and nonbelievers alike are being fed a daily diet of doomsday fodder. COVID-19 more or less suctioned the attention of the world’s populations into its orbit of terror. This, I sense, was done deliberately. That is, it was a deliberately created, worldwide, pathogenic assault specifically designed to bring people under the cloud of gloom and doom. As a matter of fact, documentation being unveiled is beginning to point in that direction, providing proof that it was spawned to control the minds and movements of the earth’s populations.

Added to the pandemic was the intent to radically change cultures and societies through the wokism we’ve all been subject to over these weeks, months, and years. Overall, it’s been an effort to move people’s thinking away from the God of Heaven and toward anti-God thinking. That effort to totally corrupt mankind has been largely successful, and governments of the world have become, as Romans 1:28 tells us, reprobate at every level. That is, our leaders can’t and/or won’t think rationally. Every thought is only on evil continually, it seems.

This is exactly the mindset of the antediluvian world of Genesis 6, the one Jesus said would be prevalent at the moment of His catastrophic intervention into the affairs of mankind. He said it would be “as it was in the days of Noah.”

We see not only the mindset that was anti-God, but violence, that fills the whole earth, exactly as described in Noah’s day. Consider that with the upside-down thinking of the legislators and city councils of the so-called blue states and blue cities, murder rates are up exponentially in some areas. The catch-and-release policies of the blue cities have validated those policies’ wrong-headedness, their insanity. The reprobate thinking of governors, mayors, and legislators are manifest for anyone who cares to see.

America has at least half a population and half a Congress with the same deadly disease—Romans 28-level reprobate thinking. The current president of the United States seems at the apex of present American leadership manifesting upside-down or reprobate thinking. This isn’t just the ranting of some prophecy nut. His wrongheadedness is evident, and his handlers who surround him must closely guard his movements daily, keeping him from press conferences and having him avoid most questions of substance by White House and other reporters.

While wars and rumors of wars ratchet up to the point of threatening to break into World War III, according to some, the American military, led by the present chiefs of staff who advise the president concentrate on creating a culture of woke-ism within the ranks. Some in our military even wear rainbow symbols, indicating their awareness that the transsexual movement is front and center in their midst. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff seems all in regarding his support for this LBTQ incursion into the American military. This is, to my thinking, Sodom and Gomorrah-level reprobate manifestations in these days that look forever more like those days of Noah and days of Lot of which Jesus prophesied.

All of the above constitutes substantial evidence that the Rapture of the Church might be close to fulfillment. But one particular symptom of our time stands out significantlyAnd it is much more than just a symptom. It is a growing monster created by evil men and seducers, who deceive and are themselves deceived.  Those greedy creators of the monster have reached the point they can no longer control its voraciousness.

The evil men and seducers to whom I refer are the money powers that be. These are the men (and women) whose only desire, it seems, is to create larger and larger debt among those they force to do their bidding, financially speaking. These globalist, fiscal elitists’ evil, economic shenanigans have brought this generation to a moment I believe Jesus, Himself, was speaking to, regarding His next intervention into this doomed, rebellious world. More about this in due course.

The following excerpt defines the uncontrollable monster, I think.

For years I have been clear that the world is reaching the end of an economic, financial and monetary era which will detrimentally affect the world for probably decades.

It is unequivocal that all currencies will finish the 100+ year fall to ZERO in the next few years. It is also crystal clear that all the asset bubbles – stocks, bonds and property – will implode at the same time leading to a long and deep depression.

We had the warning in 2006-9 but central banks ignored it and just added new worthless debt to existing worthless debt to create worthless debt squared – an obvious recipe for disaster.

So as is often typical for the end of an economic era, the catalyst is totally unexpected and worse than anyone could have forecast…

If a miracle doesn’t stop this war [Russia and Ukraine] very quickly (which is extremely unlikely), the world will soon be entering a hyperinflationary commodity explosion (think energy, metals and food) combined with a cataclysmic deflationary asset implosion (think debt, stocks and property).

The world will be experiencing totally unknown consequences without the ability to solve any of them for a very long time.

All the above will most likely happen even without a global war. (Buckle Up: Greyerz – The Dark Years for the World Are Now Starting in Earnest,  King World News, Rapture Ready News, March 12, 2022)

Prices at the gas pumps and in the grocery stores—the shelves of which are growing increasingly sparse in products—are rising quickly. The above expert analyst and others predict the whole world economic system is about to experience a crash of apocalyptic dimension. If this happens, the world will again have to gather up the shambles and bring things back to a relatively normal way of conducting life. This would take many decades if it could ever be reconfigured in getting things back to how they are at present.

Jesus’ words tell us that when He comes again, people will be in times like in Noah’s day. That is, it will be a totally evil time of violence. Well, we are there at present, are we not?

But the Lord foretold something other. And it is what makes me think the Rapture of believers will be sooner, not later.

Jesus said the generation will be like in the days of Lot and his vexation in Sodom and Gomorrah. That means, of course, that it will be a totally debauched, sexually perverted and wicked time. Are we not there?

But He said one thing more. He said people will be buying, selling, building, marrying, planting—all the things of normal activity. He predicted no worldwide financial collapse. “It’s the economy, stupid,” we might say to those who believe we are going through the Tribulation. (Although I would never use those words issued by James Carville in managing Bill Clinton’s election.)

But it is, in fact, the world economic situation we should look at in wonder. It is still held up in spite of the any second collapse the experts have been predicting for some time.

The collapse is being held up by God, the Restrainer, I have no doubt. It will be the Rapture that will pierce that enormous, constantly building economic bubble.

That moment is indeed imminent!

There is one and only one way to go to Jesus in this glorious event when He calls—the one and only way of escaping the coming time of trouble such as people of the earth have never endured.

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10: 9–10)