7 Mar 2022

Foxes Are in Charge of The Hen Houses”… For Now


Biden said in his SOTU Address, I Have the Backs of ‘Younger Transgender Americans’ So They Can Be [Themselves] and Reach [Their] ‘God-Given Potential. Ben Shapiro responded to Biden’s speech. “On issue after issue, Joe Biden is not merely wrong; he is aggressively wrong; he is not merely foolish, he is stubbornly foolish. Joe Biden became president with one goal: to enshrine himself in history as a great leader. Today, we can safely say that he is one of the worst leaders in American history.”

Extra Gum Ad: Chew It Before You Do It is the tagline for a recent Extra gum ad campaign. One of the commercials features a young couple in the girl’s bedroom when the guy notices creepy dolls displayed around the room. This makes him uncomfortable, so he becomes even more nervous about sitting on the bed with his girlfriend and what that will lead to. He begins to chew a piece of Extra gum to calm his nerves. The ad’s tagline, “Chew It Before You Do It,” confirms that the commercial is insinuating that the couple will have sex and that chewing a piece of Extra gum relieves the awkwardness of what’s about to happen. The ad airs during prime time and targets teens.


Biden’s energy strategy helps Putin and hurts Americans. The US imports nearly 600,000 barrels of oil a day from Russia—an amount that could have been made up for by the more than 800,000 barrels of oil the Keystone XL pipeline is capable of delivering each day if the Biden administration hadn’t stood in the way. As Putin conducts his evil and unprovoked attack on Ukraine, now more than ever we must cut off our energy dependence on Russia while turning up our energy production here at home. On his first day in office, Biden signed an executive order to block the Keystone XL pipeline. With the stroke of a pen, he wiped out thousands of jobs and set the tone for how his administration would approach the U.S. energy industry. He even doubled down on this strategy by banning new oil and gas development on public land.

Excerpt from Joel Rosenberg at AllIsrael.com. Biden delivers weakest State of the Union address I’ve ever heard – no mention of Israel, no mention of Iran threat, no plan to stop Putin, how is that possible? How could Biden not lay out a clear and compelling plan to arm Ukraine to truly defend itself from Russian invaders, especially with a 40-mile convoy of Russian battle tanks and troops bearing down on Kyiv at this hour? How could he not mention the mortal threat facing the U.S., Israel, and our moderate Arab allies from a nuclear-armed Iranian regime fully backed by a nuclear-armed Putin regime? A Russian dictator invading and occupying one country after another and no one taking decisive measures to stop him is relevant to everyone living in Israel and the Arab/Muslim world. American weakness is an invitation to evil forces to rob, kill and destroy. And history tells us that Israel and the Jewish people are always in the crosshairs when evil men are on the loose.

Digital Brownshirts and Their Masters. Fact-checkers will attack anyone who does not accept the truth as dictated by the powers that be. The prime objective of fact-checkers is to use algorithms to harvest and manage citizen information, and in this way, usher in a new era in which the minds of individuals will be so seamlessly “pre-directed” to so-called “positive” and “benevolent” ends and behaviors (as so defined by the members of the enlightened classes) that politics in all its forms will come to be seen as superfluous. Google and Facebook currently employ 40,000 “verifiers” who exercise an invisible censorship aimed at swaying our perceptions of the world in ways deemed to be “constructive” by the controllers of those firms and those with whom they have forged political and business alliances.

Socialist archbishop inspired architect of the so-called ‘Great Reset.’ ‘Great Reset’ leader Klaus Schwab has said that a meeting with Brazilian Archbishop Hélder Câmara was “a crucial moment” in his life.


Cities Keep Trying to Stop Churches from Helping the Homeless. This article is surprisingly from the left-leaning Vice.com.

Minneapolis resident speaks out on constant gunfire: ‘I can’t see this turning around.’ A north Minneapolis night was punctuated by gunfire last week as over 50 shots rang out. A resident who recorded the sound said the violence has escalated in the city, and he “can’t see this turning around…. The city is basically lost, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone figures that out.” Minneapolis is a Demo-crat stronghold, and it’s their policies behind all the madness in this city and others.


The Leftist Yahoo shared this. CHD Says Pfizer & FDA Dropped Data Bombshell on COVID Vaccine Consumers. Clinical trial data contradicts ‘safe & effective’ government/industry mantra. The FDA is, for the first time, allowing the public to access data Pfizer submitted from its clinical trials in support of a COVID vaccine license. This follows Judge Pittman’s decision Jan 6 to deny FDA’s request to suppress the data for 75 years. Included is an Appendix listing 1,291 different adverse events following vaccination.

A National Vaccine Pass Has Quietly Rolled Out – Red States Are Also Getting on Board. Even as the omicron variant loosens its grip on the world, destinations continue to require travelers show proof of vaccination. And, increasingly, a paper CDC vaccine card is not cutting it. To date, 21 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico offer accessibility to the SMART Health Card, a verifiable digital proof of vaccination developed through Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI), a global coalition of public and private stakeholders including Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Mayo Clinic and other health and tech heavyweights. Soon, at least four more states will be rolling out access to SMART Health Cards.

Multiple Truck Convoys Converge in Indiana for Large Rally En Route To DC to protest against COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

In Canada: Ontario gov’t shuts down 39 trucking businesses for taking part in Freedom Convoy protest against Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

Survey: Two-thirds of Israeli respondents report having adverse reaction to COVID booster shots. Israel carried out a survey of 2,049 of its citizens 3 to 4 weeks after they received a third dose of the COVID vaccine to determine the scope of adverse reactions caused by the jab. Adverse events ranged from mild to serious. Altogether, 66% of interviewees reported at least one adverse reaction. Nearly half of these reported having difficulties performing daily activities as a result.

The Plandemic Enters Final Stage, Real Purpose Exposed. What’s happening in Canada should be a sobering wake-up call for the whole world. Governments intend to control dissent through financial blackmail, which is why they’re also pushing for programmable central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Programmable currency is digital cash programmed to ensure it can only be spent on essentials or goods that an employer or government deems to be sensible. In other words, the issuer of the money would have complete control over how you spend your own money, and could punish you for undesirable opinions or behavior by restricting your purchasing ability or seizing your funds altogether.


What the Russian invasion of Ukraine could mean for global hunger. Extended conflict in Ukraine could raise food prices around the world and hit the already hungry hardest. Given Russia’s and Ukraine’s enormous roles in providing food for the world, particularly wheat, instability in the region’s food production and exports could have consequences well beyond the theater of war. Russia is also the world’s largest fertilizer exporter, and pre-conflict fertilizer price spikes have already contributed to the rise in food prices. Further disruption would damage agriculture in Europe, potentially contributing to even higher food prices around the world. Ukrainian agriculture is more likely to be affected by direct conflict as farmers are pushed off their farms, while port closures are already limiting exports. “In 2-3 weeks, farmers could start the planting season in Ukraine, but Russia’s invasion changed everything.”

Tribulation Scripture, Third Seal Judgment: “And I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying, ‘A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius…” (Revelation 6:5-6). This represents a day’s wages.


Australia’s east coast reels from worst floods in living memory. The east coast of Australia has been battered by over a week of torrential rain as communities begin to survey the wreckage of fatal flash flooding that has left townships looking like war zones. South-east Queensland and the north coast of New South Wales have borne the brunt of the “one in-1,000 year” catastrophic weather conditions, which have claimed at least 17 lives.

Over 6,000 evacuated due to massive wildfire in South Korea driven by strong winds and dry weather. As of Saturday afternoon, 4,296 firefighters were battling the blaze with 46 helicopters and 273 firetrucks deployed, focusing their efforts on blocking the southward spread of the fire and on protecting the nuclear, gas and power facilities.


“Aren’t We Financing [Russia’s] War?” Psaki Savaged by Press Over U.S. Oil Policy. Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki got into quite the cat fight with Fox News’s Jacqui Heinrich over U.S. reliance on Russian oil and whether America is ‘financing the war’ in Ukraine by continuing to do so. This current administration’s disastrous policies are deliberately destroying this nation. Shutting down our pipeline and relying on Russian oil puts us in quite a predicament, just like what is occurring in Europe.

Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert, escalating tensions. Citing “aggressive statements” by NATO and tough financial sanctions, Putin issued a directive to increase the readiness of Russia’s nuclear weapons, raising fears that the invasion of Ukraine could lead to nuclear war, whether by design or mistake. Russia claims its assault is aimed only at military targets; yet bridges, schools, and residential neighborhoods have also been hit, and citizens, including children, have been killed.

Lukashenko tells Russian media: Sanctions pushing Russia ‘toward third world war.’ The authoritarian leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, told Russian media that Western sanctions are pushing Russia toward a new world war. “A great deal is being said about the banking sector. Gas, oil, SWIFT. It’s worse than war. Russia is being pushed toward a third world war.” He added, “We should be very reserved and steer clear of it. Because nuclear war is the end of everything.” He says the U.S. is the “sole beneficiary” of the war and says Belarus and Moscow will enact “painful” sanctions against the West.

America’s nuke-resistant ‘doomsday plane’ spotted doing training mission. The U.S. Air Force’s nuclear-bomb-resistant “doomsday plane” took to the U.S. skies for a brief training mission on Feb. 28, shortly after Putin announced he’d be putting his country’s nuclear forces on high alert. During this brief sortie, the plane was reportedly accompanied by several early-warning jets used to track ballistic missiles.

Ukraine foils assassination attempt on President Zelensky by Chechen special unit. A unit of Chechen special forces Chechen special forces was sent on a mission to assassinate Ukraine’s President Zelensky, and was “eliminated.” The Russian Chechen unit is comprised mostly of Muslims. In another report, a controversial group of Ukrainian fighters (who have been part of Ukraine’s National Guard since the 2014 Russian invasion of Crimea) greased their bullets with pig fat, which would be considered unclean to the Chechen fighters that Putin’s henchman and Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov is sending in to help try to conquer Ukraine.

‘We Need More Bibles’: Ukraine Store Runs Out of Bibles as People Encounter Scripture For ‘First Time Ever’ Amid Crisis. The thirst for hope and the spread of uncertainty are so rampant in Ukraine that at least one Christian store ran out of Bibles. Robert Briggs, president/CEO of American Bible Society, said, “As people grapple with [the] unknown, many are experiencing the Bible’s message for the first time ever.”

Ukrainians who remember Stalin’s ‘murder by starvation’ are fighting back. Ukrainians have long memories. 80-year-old grandmothers, remembering Stalin’s famine tactics and repression, are joining Ukrainian resistance groups, learning how to use weapons. 160,000 Russian troops are vastly outnumbered by 44 million Ukrainians, and crowds of Ukrainians are stopping tanks.

Poll: 62% of Americans say Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president. According to a new survey by Harris Poll with the Harvard Center for American Political Studies, 62% of respondents said if Trump were in the White House, the attack on Ukraine would not have happened. This includes 85% of Republicans, 63% of Independents, and 38% of Democrats. 59% of respondents think Putin invaded Ukraine because he recognizes weakness in Biden. Trump: “I stand as the only president of the 21st century on whose watch Russia did not invade another country…. We are praying for the proud people of Ukraine. God bless them all,” Trump added.

Russia Acting as Negotiator for Biden Administration in Iran Nuclear Deal. On Wednesday, almost a week after Russia invaded Ukraine, it was announced that Russia was part of the negotiations between the U.S. and Iran over its nuclear program. SERIOUSLY?! Folks, we’ve got foxes in charge of the hen houses.

Agreement to restore Iran nuclear deal expected within days. With Russia’s involvement in the deal, it raises the possibility of financial benefit for Russia in a new deal, like payments to take Iranian uranium, or having to remove sanctions from Russia in order for the deal to go through.

New Iran nuke deal will bring ‘more violent’ Mideast, warns Israeli PM. Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said the emerging deal over Iran’s nuclear program is less stringent than the previous one and would create a “more violent, more volatile Middle East.”

EMMANUEL MACRON STEPS UP E.U. ARMY PLAN TO DETER RUSSIAN THREAT; SAYS EUROPE “MUST PAY THE PRICE FOR PEACE.” Hmmm…. The European Union must move towards the creation of an E.U. army after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Macron said. He added that Europe has to accept that it must “pay the price for peace.” Jupiter Man Macron said E.U. leaders would meet to discuss plans to pool military resources on March 10 at a summit in Versailles.


Things seem to be falling apart, but they’re actually coming together prophetically.

“Thus saith the Lord the King of Israel, and his redeemer the Lord of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God. And who, as I, shall call, and shall declare it, and set it in order for me, since I appointed the ancient people? and the things that are coming, and shall come, let them shew unto them. Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I told thee from that time, and have declared it? ye are even my witnesses. Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any” (Isaiah 44:6-8).

“Remember this, and shew yourselves men: bring it again to mind, O ye transgressors. Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, and I will do all my pleasure” (Isaiah 46:8-10).

“The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will” (Proverbs 21:1).