8 Mar 2021

Dark Agendas Abound

We’ll get to those, but first, let’s begin with natural disasters that are increasing in intensity and frequency.


Severe Tropical Cyclone Niran: Despite never making landfall, Niran brought strong winds and heavy rains to parts of Queensland, Australia. Heavy agricultural damage has been reported, with over $180 million in banana crop damage. As of this writing, it is forecast to pass very near New Caledonia on March 6. A Level 2 Cyclone Alert has been issued with heavy rain, strong wind, and high waves forecast.

Severe flooding damages hundreds of buildings, strands 14,000 people in Piura, Peru. Up to 187 homes have been damaged, as well as public buildings and roads. Intense rains triggered the floods.

Asian drought dries up the global semiconductor supply chain. Taiwanese high-tech chip foundries are some of the world’s biggest and most advanced, and European car manufacturers have reached out to Taipei for help due to the pandemic causing suspended production lines for semiconductors. The dry spell in Taiwan came as no typhoons made landfall last year for the first time in 56 years.


Oregon’s Mt Hood: dozens of small earthquakes shook the volcano for 45 minutes on Monday. Although not a common occurrence, short-lived swarms have occurred near the summit in recent years. There hasn’t been a major eruption in a very long time, but one during the 1780s was extremely destructive. If a similar eruption occurred today, resorts and little towns in the vicinity of Mt. Hood would be obliterated.

Powerful 6.2 earthquake shakes central Greece, damaging houses and cars and sending people fleeing into the streets. One citizen said, “I have never experienced anything like this before.”

Three powerful earthquakes hit near the coast of New Zealand Thursday night and Friday morning. The most powerful was Friday’s 8.1. Two earlier quakes registered 7.4 and 7.3. Jennifer Eccles, earthquake expert at the University of Auckland, said the 8.1 was at the top end of the scale for those involving only the Earth’s ocean crust. “This is about as big as it gets,” she said. A tsunami warning was later canceled.

Sicily’s Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, has erupted seven times in the past two weeks. Black ash covers the town of Zafferana Etnea (see video). There are no reported injuries or deaths, but clearing ash is a challenge, and residents often run for cover as rocks hurled into the air crash down.

More than 20,000 earthquakes have shaken southern Iceland this week, rattling the capital city of Reykjavik and keeping geologists on their toes as all signs point to a pending volcanic eruption. A professor of volcanology claims that if any erupt in the coming weeks, they’ll be manageable. He says Southern Iceland’s volcanoes experience “pulses” of activity every 800 years or so, and the last pulse occurred between the 11th and 13th centuries. Iceland is “on time” for another eruption cycle.


Johnson & Johnson Planning COVID Vaccine Trial to Include Infants. It will start with healthy children 12 to 18 years old, then all children up to 18 years old, including newborns, to analyze safety and immune response to the vaccine.

‘Dystopian Nightmare’: Microsoft Teams Up with Schools to Create Covid ‘Daily Pass’ For Kids. Microsoft has teamed up with Los Angeles Unified School District for this “pass.” Students will be scanned into school with their own unique barcode. Without it, they can’t get into school. Students will still wear masks, stay six feet apart and get temperature checks outside the school. To earn their Daily Pass, students and staff must answer questions online and test for Covid every week.

1,170 deaths reported to the CDC in the US after coronavirus vaccines as of Feb 7 (so far): Update from the CDC: now 1,381 as of March 1 of 76 million doses administered in the US. That number is small in comparison, but people need to be aware. This doesn’t include the number of people who’ve had mild to serious side effects from the vaccine.

According to the CDC: Among all vaccine recipients asked to complete diaries of their symptoms during the 7 days after vaccination, 77.4% reported at least one systemic reaction. The frequency of systemic adverse events was higher in the younger than the older age group (82.8% vs 70.6%). Within each age group, the frequency and severity of systemic adverse events was higher after dose 2 than dose 1.

Doctors: Severe side effects from 2nd dose of COVID vaccine possible but shouldn’t be deterrent. These side effects are likeliest in young people. The explanation we’re given for why young people have harsher reactions is due to their strong immune systems. Hmm…

In Israel: COVID vaccination: 73 cases of facial paralysis, 7 anaphylactic shock. According to the Health Ministry, 153 people out of over 4.7 million who received a first shot of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine had serious side effects, and 162 had serious side effects from the second dose out of 3.4 million. Serious symptoms include blurred vision, inflammation of the pulmonary pleura, inflammation of the heart, heart attack, or even liver damage.

Spain: Another 9 Care Home Residents Dead and 78 Infected with COVID-19 Days After Receiving First Dose of Pfizer’s vaccine. There is also a list of deaths in other countries reported in this article.

Japan Supercomputer Finds Double-Masking Doesn’t Work. They found a single surgical-type mask had 85% effectiveness if worn correctly, and a polyurethane mask was around 89%. Researchers said wearing two masks doesn’t help because it builds air resistance and causes leakage around the edges. If two masks don’t work, then what is the underlying agenda by US government officials who parade themselves around media outlets touting that double making is “common sense”? [Actually, common sense should tell people that the oxygen deprivation alone contributes to loss of “sense.” But the pushers deny it.] Also, see Are Face Masks Safe? 9 Potential and Proven Dangers to Muzzling Yourself.

Twitter Will Enforce ‘Strike System’ Against What it Considers Covid Vaccine ‘Misinformation.’ Violations will lock or permanently suspend accounts similar to Facebook’s anti-misinformation banners.

Bill Gates Foundation Funded Chinese Communist Party-linked Genomics Firm ‘Mining’ DNA Data Through COVID Tests. BGI Genomics—Chinese Communist Party-linked genomics firm flagged by U.S. officials as “mining” the DNA of Americans—has collaborated extensively with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The company recently came under fire after a 60 Minutes exposé on its use of COVID tests to “collect, store and exploit biometric information” on American citizens, according to former U.S. intelligence officials. A recent Reuters article linked the firm to the Chinese Communist Party’s military. In addition to the Obama administration enabling the firm to gain a foothold in the U.S., the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation played a critical role in BGI’s American expansion.


Swarms of locusts fill the sky in Saudi Arabia. A UN Food and Agriculture report states early rains combined with unusually warm temperatures allowed conditions to become favorable a month earlier than normal, which could give rise to widespread hatching and band formation later this month.

Africa locust swarms. Currently, the highest number of swarms have been reported in Ethiopia in 26 zones. There are also swarms in Kenya in 17 counties and 9 regions of Somalia.


Mediterranean oil spill is ‘eco-terrorism’ by Iran, Israel says. Iran intentionally polluted the Mediterranean Sea at Israel’s shores, causing the greatest environmental disaster in Israel’s history, the Environmental Protection Minister said Wednesday. “Our nature is damaged, our animals are harmed, thanks to merciless environmental criminals.”


Israel hit Iranian targets around Damascus in Syria after Iran blamed for ship blast. The strike in Syria occurred Feb 28 in response to the Feb 25 blast in the Gulf of Oman wherein an Israeli cargo vessel was hit, causing severe damage.

One dead in rocket attack on Iraq base hosting US troops. The rocket attack Wednesday claimed a contractor’s life just two days before Pope Francis’ visit to the country. At least 10 rockets hit the Ain al-Assad military base in Iraq’s western desert after several weeks of escalating US-Iran tensions in Iraq.

Gantz: IDF continuously updating military plans for potential strike on Iran nuclear sites. Israel’s Defense Minister says it would be ‘good’ if the world stops Iran from obtaining atomic weapons before Israel is forced to take action. Netanyahu told Kamala Harris he won’t allow Iran to obtain nukes.

Russia and Iran Sign an Intelligence Pact. The Islamic Republic of Iran has experienced a number of serious counterintelligence failures over the years. Now Russia, a close ally of the Islamic regime, has signed a pact to assist it as it attempts to reform its counterintelligence.

Ballistic missiles target north Syria oil facilities in rare attack. An unusual attack on oil facilities in Turkish-occupied northern Syria occurred on Friday evening. Many allege that Russia and the Syrian regime were behind the attack which appears aimed at denying Turkish-backed Syrian groups from trading oil. [Russia wants to control the spoils, as in oil].


A U.S. State Department official rails against Jews. Fritz Berggren was discovered last week to be behind a blog attacking Jewish people, including claiming Jewish ideas are poisonous and that Jesus came to save the whole world from the Jews.

Agenda to Divide Israel

The change in tone of the US State Department. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the U.S. opposes any action by Israel that may make it difficult to reach a two-state [so-called] ‘solution’


Africa has become a jihadist playground. In an unprecedented public warning in February, Bernard Emie, head of France’s Directorate-General for External Security, reported, “From Mali, Islamist terrorists have worked on attacks against us, against our partners, and they’re thinking about attacks in the region and Europe.” Al-Qaeda is planning to expand terrorist operations further across West Africa. Widespread warfare and massacres across Africa are creating a mammoth refugee and hunger calamity. Most of the jihadist groups are offspring of Islamic State (ISIS) or Al-Qaeda.


GayBC’s Book Targets Young Children. Here are some alphabet words the book uses. A is for Ally; B is for Bi; C is for Coming Out; G is for Gay. “It’s a word that implies you’re a girl who likes girls, or a guy who likes guys.” I is for Intersex. “Some are born with the parts of both a boy and a girl; bodies are works of art!” P is for Pan. “You connect with a vibe. No matter the gender, it’s about what’s inside.” Q is for Queer; T is for Trans.” It’s a brave step to take, to live as the gender you know is innate.”

“Sex Change” for Kids? Biden’s transgender assistant secretary of health defends it. According to “Rachel” Levine (biological man who thinks he’s a woman) sex change for children is a-okay.

A Mister No More: Mr. Potato Head Goes Gender Neutral. No more Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, just “Potato Head” to appease the reprobate agenda. Anyone who call themselves Christian and supports this needs to read Matthew 18:6-10, Romans chapter 1, and Luke 17:28-30 and realize why they’d better not. If we care about our loved ones, we’d better stand for the Truth, no matter what.

150 Children Rescued in Historic Child Sex Trafficking Bust. The operation was launched in an attempt to track down over 240 missing kids. Authorities said the joint law enforcement operation recovered children who were the victims of human trafficking aged from 3 to 17 years old. Last month, Missouri law enforcement officials rescued eight human trafficking victims.

Requests for sex dolls from Silicone Lovers has increased over 10-fold since Covid lockdowns and restrictions began last year. They’ve even received requests for dolls with anatomically correct skeletons inside, dinosaur dolls, animal-human hybrids, and alien dolls.

New York’s Governor Cuomo apologized for sexually harassing two women who came forward. One he’d kissed without consent and asked to play strip poker; the other he’d questioned about her sex life. But he called it just flirting.


31 Missouri Judges Recuse Themselves from Lawsuit Alleging Family Court Guardians and Psychologists Orchestrated Money-Making Scheme. This report is part two of an investigative series looking into reported corruption in the Missouri Judiciary and family courts. CAUGHT COLLUDING: Leaked Video Reveals Family Court Guardians Conspiring to Dox Journalist for Exposing Them. This report is part three of an investigative series looking into reported corruption in the Missouri Judiciary and family courts. Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

Louisiana police officer fatally shot at high school basketball game. After arriving, John Shallerhorn, 35, robbed a man of his medallion chain, then attempted to enter the school but was stopped for not wearing a mask. A physical altercation ensued with a school employee before Officer Martinus Mitchum intervened and escorted Shallerhorn out. Shallerhorn then shot the officer twice.

U.S. Blew $787 Million in Tax Money on “Gender Equality Projects” in Afghanistan, the land of burkas, bombings, and ‘boy play’ (bacha bāzī). A waste of taxpayer money. They want nothing from us except money and weapons. Washington “experts” on Afghanistan don’t seem to get that their “holy” book, the Quran, teaches that men are superior to women and should beat those from whom they “fear disobedience,” and a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man. Their Hadith has Muhammad saying women are mentally deficient and the majority of hell’s inhabitants are women.


Many aborted babies have been used in development of previous vaccines. Dr. Stanley Plotkin (an atheist) is considered Godfather of Vaccines. He gave a deposition (see video) reluctantly admitting that aborted baby body parts were used to develop vaccines, and (not that this should make any difference to those of us who are against such practices at any stage of pregnancy), he said they had to be healthy babies over three months gestation.


Democrats Just Snuck a $1 Billion Tax Hike on Workers into Their COVID Bill. In a move sadly typically for Congress, elected officials are choosing to pile $1 billion in new annual taxes on the working class rather than eliminate their wasteful projects they included in the bill. This kind of political malpractice and fiscal irresponsibility will continue in Washington, DC until voters finally say enough is enough.

House Democrats move on H.R.1 ‘For the People Act’ to eliminate voter ID requirements, remove GOP congressional seats. It should be called ‘For the Democrat Party Act.’ If this bill is passed, eliminating election integrity requirements like voter ID, it would effectively suppress Republicans in far greater numbers than any voter ID law ever possibly could.

Mississippi Judge Orders New Election After 78% of Mail-In Ballots Found Invalid, Notary Arrested. Judge Jeff Weill, in a 64-page order, said that there is evidence of fraud and criminal activity in how absentee ballots were handled, how they were counted, and actions from individuals at polling places during the runoff election held in Aberdeen, Mississippi.

Four Months After 2020 Presidential Election in Georgia No Chain of Custody Documents Produced for 404,000 Absentee Ballots Deposited in Drop Boxes. In other words, no chain of custody for 67.5% of the estimated 600,000 absentee vote by mail ballots deposited in drop boxes, delivered to county registrars, and counted in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election. This was of no concern to corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who gave the election to Joe Biden with only a 10,000-vote lead. 37 of Georgia’s counties have still failed to provide any documentation that would produce the evidence of lawful collection and accounting. Approximately 300 drop boxes were used to collect these ballots. The drop boxes were made possible in part by donations from Center for Tech and Civic Life funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. Zuckerberg made a $350 million donation.

Famed Liberal Says Biden Is Creating “a Totalitarian State Before Our Eyes.” Naomi Wolf, liberal journalist and former political advisor to Al Gore and Bill Clinton, used to be a stone-faced feminist, and voted for Biden. She realized too late that we’re now close to a fascist state in America. In fact, we’re in the last step in what she defined as the 10 steps to fascism.

Nervous Democrats Want Biden to Give Up Control of Nuclear Codes. While Democrats feigned concern over control of the nuclear codes when Trump was president, this time their concerns are likely real. (We can imagine Biden hitting the button, thinking he’s using his TV remote or setting his alarm clock). Also read: Botches Democrats’ Names, Asks ‘What Am I Doing Here?’

WATCH: White House cuts live feed after Biden says he’s ‘happy to take questions.’ The White House suddenly cut the feed of a virtual event after President Joe Biden said he was “happy to take questions” from Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday night.

Why was Kamala Harris running the call with Israel’s PM Netanyahu, while Biden was nowhere to be seen. Not only that, but Biden is the first president in 100 years to not hold a press conference within 33 days of taking office. For someone who bragged on the campaign trail about what good shape he was in, he sure doesn’t get around much.

Vice President of 45,000 Member North Carolina Teachers Association Leads Revolutionary Socialist Movement. Bryan Proffitt is a self-proclaimed leader of the revolutionary socialist movement Liberation Road. The movement cites communist dictators like Mao as inspiration and speaks of using schools and unions to spread their message of communism.

As Insurrection Narrative Crumbles, Democrats Cling to It More Desperately Than Ever. Democrats and their media spokespeople returned with a new set of frightening warnings for this week about right-wing insurrectionists that are just as baseless as the previous warnings. Ultimately, if this “armed insurrection” and threat of domestic terrorism are so grave, why do media figures and politicians in both parties — from Adam Schiff to Liz Cheney — keep lying about it and peddling fictions? Politicians and media figures do that only when they know that the threat, in reality, is not nearly as menacing as they need it to be to fulfill their objectives of political gain and coercive power.

NATION (ETHNIC) AGAINST NATION (ETHNIC): Hypocritical Divide and Conquer Agenda

Leftist Bill Maher Actually Blasts New York’s “Insane” Woke School System, and Leftist media are fuming at him and Megyn Kelly in response. The Left has gone over the cliff, even to some liberal-left parents. Maher’s audiences have always clapped like “trained seals” at every leftist statement he spews. But this time, he criticized the BLM rap pushing Critical Race Theory as dangerous insanity, and the audience clapped in agreement. Guest Megyn Kelly complained of anti-white and pro-transgender agendas strongly pushed at her children’s school. Maher read from a letter the school put out that came right out of the Marxist BLM playbook. “There’s a killer cop sitting in every school where white children learn. White children are left unchecked and unbothered in their homes,” one sentence starts. “I’m tired of white people reveling in their state-sanctioned depravities, snuffing out black lives with no consequences,” says another.

San Francisco Board of Education Ends Merit-Based Admission, Claiming ‘Racism.’ It’s being replaced with a random lottery. The resolution claims, without evidence, that merit-based admission “perpetuates the culture of White supremacy and racial abuse towards black and Latino students.” This despite the fact that 75% of students at Lowell (only merit-based school left in San Fran) are non-white students. Other elite schools around the country have abolished merit-based admissions. The move also comes amid over 40 other schools in San Francisco voting to remove names of iconic historical figures, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, allegedly for being racist.

Boston Public Schools Will Suspend Advanced Classes Because Too Many Students in Them Are White or Asian. Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders won’t be accepted into advanced classes for the next year because a majority of students in those classes are white or Asian.

Asian American Group Eviscerates Critical Race Theory: ‘A Hateful, Divisive, Manipulative Fraud.’ Asians are targeted just like white people are today, and they’re sick of it. Backlash is rising against the Marxist agenda to indoctrinate people with the idea that American society is fundamentally or structurally racist. Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York issued a statement condemning critical race theory and urging Chinese Americans to oppose it.

Buffalo Public Schools: If You’re White, You Ain’t Right. Black Lives Matter Lesson Plans Used to Teach Hate. The city’s students are failing academically, but they’ll undoubtedly succeed in absorbing racial hatred under guidance of “Dr.” Fatima Morrell, the system’s “associate superintendent for culturally and linguistically responsive initiatives.” Manhattan Institute’s City Journal reported that all whites are racist, and police murder blacks with impunity because of an American “sickness.”

MSNBC Host Joy Reid Says White People in Red States Want Black People to Die From COVID.

MSNBC Says White People Who Oppose Cancel Culture are “Insecure” Racists

Dr. Seuss Gets Blindsided by a Hypocritical Moral Minority. It was announced on March 2, Dr. Suess’ birthday, that Dr. Suess Enterprises agreed [after years of harassment from the progressive mob] to cancel publication of six books accused of having racist imagery. In reality, Dr. Suess (Theodore Geisel) was against prejudice. Here are two examples, though there are others: Horton Hears a Who is about being nice to people who are different than you. But then again, maybe they’ll ban this one next since a line states, “A person’s a person no matter how small.” After all, the so-called progressives support killing babies in the womb. The moral in The Sneeches is that we don’t have to look or be the same to find common ground. Geisel was also vocally against fascism, drawing cartoons that warned of the Nazi threat before America entered the war.

Maybe they’ll call for canceling Berenstain Bears next since the father says to his son, “I’m a father; I’m a he. A father’s something you could be.” And the mother says to her daughter, “I’m a mother; I’m a she. A mother’s something you could be.” But drag queens reading books to children that encourage them to be gay or transgender is okay to the cancel culture bunch.

The ones banned for so-called “racist imagery” are: And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street (1937), McElligot’s Pool (1947), If I Ran the Zoo (1950), Scrambled Eggs Super! (1953), On Beyond Zebra! (1955), and The Cat’s Quizzer (1976).


The border tests positive. Migrants are now pouring into the border, thanks to the Biden bunch. And a number of them are testing positive for Covid. Some of the infected will stay in Texas while others infected will go to North Carolina, Maryland and New Jersey. Also,  a growing number of underage migrants will be arriving! How are these underage migrants getting to the border? What criminal elements are using these kids or charging their parents to bring them to the border? In the meantime, the Biden bunch says there’s no crisis on the border, that we just have a case of “loving parents” sending their kids north.

Border Patrol released 350 migrants into small Arizona city over past two weeks as border situation worsens, and thousands more could be released by early spring. Releases on the Arizona-California border with Mexico add to similar instances in South Texas and signify a worsening situation, in which the Biden administration’s rescinding of Trump-era policies means tens of thousands of migrants crossing the border monthly will be waved into the interior of the US. Yuma lacks resources to deal with this, and the federal government is releasing them directly into the community, putting the town of 96,000 residents in a predicament.

Crash That Left 13 Dead in California Involved Illegal Aliens, Smugglers Who Entered Hole in Older Border Fence. The area where the fence was cut was constructed between 2007 and 2009 and was not part of the Trump administration’s wall. Two Democrat U.S. lawmakers warned this week that Biden’s immigration agenda will be a disaster for the U.S. Both specifically mentioned human smugglers who know how to work the system for their financial benefit.


‘Digital dollar’ is now a high priority project for the US. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said, “This is going to be an important year…in which we engage with the public pretty actively,” referring to the digital dollar. The Federal Reserve published a paper exploring preconditions for a retail central bank digital currency the same day. Powell broke new ground, calling the digital dollar “a high priority project.”


Plans unveiled for shared faith “House of One,” dubbed a ‘churmosquagogue’ in Berlin. The new building will incorporate a church, mosque and synagogue, linked to a central meeting place. People of other faiths and denominations and those of no faith will be invited to events and discussions. “There are many different ways to God, and each is a good way,” said co-creator Rabbi Andreas Nachama, who is working with a pastor and imam. From NTEB: Rick Warren, who began Chrislam back in 2008, passed the torch to Pope Francis who officially codified Chrislam in Abu Dhabi in 2019.

Pope Francis Arrives Triumphantly in Iraq To Claim Abraham As the Foundation of His End Times One- World Religion. “I come among you as a pilgrim of peace, to repeat ‘you are all brothers,’” Francis said in a video-message to the Iraqi people on the eve of his visit. “I come as a pilgrim of peace in search of fraternity, animated by the desire to pray together and walk together, also with brothers and sisters of other religious traditions.” Don’t buy into the lie that mainstream media headlines are claiming, that he’s there to rally Christians. That statement alone tells you his true intentions.

Facing changing spirituality on campus, historic chaplain groups merge. Two chaplain organizations that serve spiritual, ethical and religious needs of college campus communities in the US have formed a single organization (Association for Chaplaincy and Spiritual Life in Higher Education or ACSLHE). The merger is between National Association of College and University Chaplains (NACUC) and the Association of College and University Religious Affairs (ACURA).

The merger is a response in part to this increasing diversification of spiritual life at American schools, with students, faculty and staff pursuing not only a wider range of traditional faiths but incorporating questions of identity and the meaning of belief into their spiritual development. Chaplaincy on campus has also been complicated by the growth of the ‘Nones’ – those who claim no particular faith but may nonetheless see themselves as spiritual. In this new reality, chaplains are expected to be a resource for their schools not only to serve individuals or small groups, but to help form these various spiritual and personal identities and faith groups into a single campus community.

ACURA defines itself as “a collegial association that brings together professionals working in higher education to support pluralistic, inclusive approaches to claiming the role of religion, spirituality, and ethical identity in colleges and universities.”

Adam Kirtley, the president of NACUC, was formerly “interfaith” chaplain at Whitman College. Whitman College has been “supporting and celebrating LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and faculty for over 30 years,” and it has “gender-inclusive” bathrooms. Comment on Whitman’s site from Kirtley on “sacred transitions.” He said, “Lessons of faith and spiritual practice, though, invite us to give attention to the sacred in-between. Practitioners of Tai chi and yoga remind us that the ancient movements bring greater awareness of one’s body, mind and breath. And while the sessions progress through a series of named positions, the transitions between those poses are just as important… The practice isn’t about arriving at a particular place, but an invitation to be aware along the way.”

This merger appears to be leading the students to the one-world apostate religion.

Exploiting Jesus to Convert Vulnerable Christians to Radical Islam. ICNA and terror-related imam set up a booth every two weeks to missionize to flea market goers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their idea of Jesus is not the real Jesus. Their Jesus (Isa) is not God’s Son, was created, did not say to worship him, was not really crucified, was only a prophet—no more than a messenger as were many others, will return to claim he is a Muslim, and will help their Mahdi convert or kill Christians and Jews. Then he will live here 40 years, die and be buried next to Mohammed.

Hatred of Christianity

Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America. David Horowitz, a Jewish author, exposes the truth in his new bestseller. He warns that Christians are in danger, targeted by secular leftists who want to destroy Christianity in America. Persecution against Christians is already happening, and it can get far worse.

Framing Christians as Domestic Terrorists. Democrat politicians want to turn the nation’s capital into a fortress and build a wall, yet they refuse to finish building a wall on our southern border. And they’re using the Jan 6 event to spread the narrative that American citizens who oppose their awful policies are dangerous. More Democrats have suggested Trump supporters be re-educated or deprogrammed. New York Times published an article titled, “The Capitol Insurrection Was as Christian Nationalist as It Gets.” Socialists and globalists have convinced people that Christianity is intolerant and patriotism is divisive. But we must not allow the left to turn our love for God and respect for our country into something shameful, wrong, or dangerous.

Scientists Playing Gods

Team Builds the First Living Robots. Scientists say they’ve created “a new life form never before seen in nature” using frog embryos. They claim this entity (living programmable xenobot) can walk, crawl, or swim when injected into the human body to seek out what it needs to do (such as carry medicine or travel into arteries to scrape out plaque). Co-leader, Michael Levin (biologist), admitted there could be unintended consequences but acted like that’s no big deal. “This study is a direct contribution to getting a handle on what people are afraid of, which is unintended consequences” —whether in the rapid arrival of self-driving cars, changing gene drives to wipe out viruses, or many other complex systems that will increasingly shape the human experience. Co-leader Josh Bongard (computer scientist and robotics expert), said, “There’s all of this innate creativity in life. We want to understand that more deeply—and how we can direct and push it toward new forms.”

Scientists Are Weaving Human Brain Cells Into AI. Scientists from England’s Aston University are physically integrating human brain stem cells into AI microchips. The goal, the scientists say, is to push the boundaries of what AI can do by borrowing some of the human brain’s processing capabilities.

Godless, Globalist *Gaia Worshipers

Great Reset: World Economic Forum Hails ‘Quieter’ Cities as Businesses Collapse During Lockdown. Pagans roam among us, and in these last days, they are legion. World Economic Forum faced a barrage of criticism before deleting a video that praised Covid lockdowns for “quietly improving cities around the world” by lessening noise and air pollution. Former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney said: “I’m glad they tweeted this because it has exposed them for the out-of-touch crackpots that they are. The WEF sees humanity as a blight, something to be controlled and imprisoned, in order to meet arbitrary climate change targets.”

Global Lockdown Equivalent Needed Every Two Years to Save Planet, Claim ‘Experts.’ The claim derives from a paper in the journal Nature Climate Change titled ‘Fossil CO2 emissions in the post-COVID-19 era’. Le Quéré is vague about describing what “completely different methods” might achieve the same effect as lockdown. Whatever they are, they will be unpopular with people who would rather not be compelled to go back to the Dark Ages.

UN insanity: “Human Rights” for rocks and rivers, but not for humans–and especially not for unborn humans. In this interview with New American magazine’s Alex Newman, rancher and researcher Debbie Bacigalupi discusses the UN’s increasingly extreme anti-human agenda that literally includes “human rights” for rocks and rivers. Bacigalupi also discusses “wild law,” “harmony with nature UN,” “sustainable development,” and other insidious agendas to undermine liberty and prosperity. She exposes the agenda to destroy tens of thousands of ranchers and farmers along the Klamath river in California and Oregon by blowing up the dams that make their existence possible.

*Read Gaia Worship: The New Pagan Religion at this link.

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty” (2 Corinthians 6:14-18).


Whether or not you agree with everything Dave Hodges reports, he’s correct in saying this nightmare will soon be over – that is, for those who are in Christ.

Sweet Dreams America, the Pre-Tribulation Nightmare Is Almost Over. “This is a coup… perpetrated upon the people of America. This country is descending into the pits of hell. Satan’s servants are rearing their ugly heads and wreaking havoc… One has to hand it to the Deep State; they have done a marvelously effective job dumbing and numbing down America. This is a series on the psychological warfare being waged against the people…. The direction that the globalists – or more accurately, the satanic transhumanists and all their minions – are taking the plane to is to a very dark place. To put it simply, we are talking about the tribulation.”