17 Aug 2020


A message from Daymond Duck on August 12: Rachel went to heaven about 11:30 this morning. After they removed the ventilator tube, she stopped breathing about 15 min. later, and her heart stopped a few minutes after that. She went fast, she didn’t struggle, it was peaceful. I was able to go to her room, anoint her with oil from Israel, pray over her, quote some Scripture to her, tell her how much I love her, tell her we are okay, thank her for being such a good wife, and more. She didn’t open her eyes, but I pray that she knew I was there. I wish to thank all of you for your prayers and support.
Yours in Christ,


Black man walks up to 5-year-old white child and shoots him in the head. Mainstream leftist media ignored it until everybody noticed they ignored it. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their agenda. However, if this were the other way around, it would have been plastered all over CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. in a heartbeat even if there was yet no proof, and for days or even weeks. But these globalist minions don’t want anything to interfere with one of their ways of taking down the nation – divide and conquer. Remember Cannon Hinnant. His life mattered. Pray for his siblings who witnessed their brother’s murder.

Two Kids with Lemonade Stand Robbed at Gunpoint. Two 13-year-old boys running a lemonade stand in Illinois we’re robbed at gunpoint by two older no-conscience teen thugs who laughed as they stole the children’s $30 profit.

Helicopter assigned to President Trump’s Support Detail Shot at Over Virginia, Injuring Crew Member. The helicopter is assigned to Joint Base Andrews (just outside of Washington, D.C) to the 1st Helicopter Squadron, which supports the movement of the president and other senior government officials to and from Andrews, where Air Force One is also based. The FBI is investigating.

Secret Service Shoots Armed Man at White House Gate. The suspect approached a White House gate on 17th and E streets N.W., where he was ordered by Secret Service officers to drop his firearm. When he did not comply, an agent shot him. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to a hospital with “critical” injuries. A lockdown at the White House was lifted after the area was deemed secure.

MSNBC skips coverage of Chicago riots during prime time, CNN airs less than 3 minutes. Mass destruction took place in Chicago in the early hours on Monday as looters raided the shopping district and other stores across the city. MSNBC and CNN offered little to no coverage.

New Portland Prosecutor Won’t Pursue Some Charges Against Protesters (aka “rioters”). County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said his office will not prosecute cases of disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, and interfering with law enforcement officers. He claimed the unusual move would lead to a safer community. Say what? More Leftist encouragement of rioters.

Chicago looters attacked Ronald McDonald House with sick children inside. The Ronald McDonald House provides support for sick children and their families while the child receives medical treatment at the nearby hospital. But those children and their families don’t matter to looters who only want to take from society.

BLM Holds Pro-Looting Rally in Chicago, Claiming it’s ‘Reparations.’ Black Lives Matter organizer Ariel Atkins said, “That is reparations. Anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance.” I can no longer find the video, but a female BLM and Antifa supporter made a video asking people not to take videos of “rioters” because it “threatens their lives.” No, lady, it should rightfully cause their arrest. How interesting that she admits they are “riots.”

Major Texas City Sees Surge in Murders as Left Pours More Gas on Fire. In a year where almost every major American city is experiencing a violent crime surge, Austin is leading the race to the bottom. Homicides are up 64% over 2019. Chicago saw a 52% rise. Overall, analysis of the US’ 50 largest cities showed a 24% increase across the board.

Minneapolis Forcing Owners of Destroyed Businesses to Pay Full 2020 Property Tax Before Rebuilding. After being robbed by looters, Minneapolis business owners are now finding themselves extorted by the city itself whose leaders supported the violence.

Bend, Oregon: Protecting Criminal Aliens. Federal agents clashed with hundreds of protesters after an long standoff sparked by the arrest of criminal aliens by ICE officers. “The law enforcement activity is part of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s mission to arrest criminal aliens who are a danger to public safety and take them off the street. The two arrested had a history of criminal violent behavior. While ICE respects the rights of people to voice their opinion peacefully, that does not include illegally interfering with federal law enforcement duties,” it said.


The So-called “Great Reset” of the Globe is a transition into global Marxism using millions of young useful idiots mobilized by leftist “global media and social media networks.” A socialist once said, “never let a crisis go to waste,” and it seems Covid-19 has offered such an unprecedented crisis that globalists will gladly utilize to finally eliminate the U.S., the only roadblock left in the way of their one-world government goals. Since half of the country agrees with Democrats and their globalist plans, the only one who represents the other half that must be “persuaded” by any means necessary that one-world government is best for the collective, is President Trump. Come November, globalists are giddy at the prospect that he’s going to lose by any means necessary provided conveniently by a viral flu that has spread across the planet.

Yale Admissions Illegally Discriminated Against Whites, Asians. After more than two years of investigations, the DOJ has finally determined that Yale university’s discriminatory practices during the admissions process amounted to evidence of discrimination against white and Asian-American applicants, in violation of a federal civil rights statute.

US facing new form of ‘urban guerrilla warfare’ driven by left’s lust for power. Discussing the ongoing Black Lives Matter riots rippling through several U.S. cities, Attorney General Barr told host Mark Levin that the organization – which has been characterized by the media as a fed-up activist group —  is comprised of “Bolsheviks” with a focus on “some form of socialism, communism.” “They’re essentially Bolsheviks. Their tactics are fascist,” he said.

Biden’s new running mate: Kamala Harris is even Further Left than ‘Democratic Socialist’ Bernie Sanders. This is the same woman who said she believes the rape accusation against Biden. But hypocrisy is to be expected with leaders in this evil Party. She redefined the violent riots largely orchestrated by Marxist (aka socialists, communists) Black Lives Matter and Antifa that have included looters, arsonists, murderers, and cop killers as a “new coalition of conscience.” Sounds like she has no conscience just like these rioters don’t.

Hunter Biden’s $450,000 Tax Debt Mysteriously ‘Resolved’ Despite His Having No Discernible Income. Joe Biden’s son Hunter was hit with a $450,000 lien in July over delinquent state income taxes, which he paid in six days despite having no discernible income. The ability to pay nearly half a million dollars in back taxes in less than a week contradicts statements from Biden to a court that he couldn’t afford to pay child support.


Mystery Masks from China Arrive at Florida Addresses Unsolicited. Various states have been receiving unsolicited seed packets from China; now this.

Australia: Flesh-Eating-Bacteria Problem. In beach towns south of Melbourne, everyone seems to know someone who’s been attacked. Rates are also high in Victoria. Australia has had occasional Buruli cases dating back to the 1930s, but there was an uptick in 2017 when over 100 people contracted the disease. In 2018, 340 Australians were diagnosed. 30 cases have been reported so far in 2020 compared with 50 or so by this time in recent years. That could be due to people staying away from doctors’ offices [beaches, etc.] because of COVID. From the CDC: Over 33 countries in Africa, Central and South America, and Western Pacific report cases. Transmission is not well understood, which hampers ability to prevent infection. Buruli ulcer is considered a public health problem in West Africa.

Inner Mongolia village quarantined after plague patient dies. Authorities in a city in the region of China’s Inner Mongolia quarantined a village after a resident caught an intestinal type of plague and died. Baotou city has sealed off the village where the dead patient lived and quarantined the patient’s close contacts, who have tested negative for the disease so far.

Coronavirus and its Fallout

Peak Idiocy: Wisconsin Government Agency Mandates Facemask Use for Teleconferences. Preston Cole of the DNR said in an e-mail to employees: “…wear your mask, even if you are home, to participate in a virtual meeting that involves being seen such as on Zoom or another video-conferencing platform — by non-DNR staff” to set a safety example for others. No, it’s just more Orwellian indoctrination.

Gallup Poll: 35% of 7,632 responders to a poll said they would not get a coronavirus vaccine if a free FDA-approved vaccine was available.

Three Doctors Suggest Plan to ‘Punish’ People Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine. No religious or personal objections should be honored, they wrote, and harsh penalties should be adopted by important sectors of society to pressure the populace to comply. They outlined how a “registry of immunization will be needed with names of those who comply, issuing “certification cards” with expiration dates. The concept of “immunization cards” or digital vaccine records was floated shortly before the coronavirus outbreak and since the virus has spread. Can you smell the agenda here?

Corrupt COVID-19 ‘Death Harvesting’ Distorts the Improving Reality in the State of Florida. The miscounting and fraudulent numbers related to coronavirus just keep coming. Unrelated deaths are counted as COVID-19 related, and deaths from days and weeks ago are suddenly attributed to COVID-19 mortality counts.

Doctor Recommends that Children Should Have to Wear Yellow Badges saying, “No Hugs Please,” if they have not received a COVID-19 vaccine. What Dr. Mark Siegel fails to say is that 15 children have died since February of the coronavirus while 13 thousand children have died of all other causes.

Governors Can’t Use Coronavirus to Indefinitely Declare A State Of Emergency. Demo agenda: In a national panic, Americans permitted executives to take power—to declare states of emergency and to implement lockdowns—and now those executives won’t give that power back.

New York City: “Financially Devastated” – 83% Of Restaurants Unable to Pay July Rent. The state of the New York City restaurant industry is dire. July was another disastrous month for restaurants, bars, and nightlife establishments across the city with a majority unable to pay rent.

U.S. bankruptcies on track for 10-year high. Coronavirus has hit consumer companies hard, with over 100 filing for bankruptcy.

Locust Plague and Famine

Africa: The destructive locusts could head to the Sahel, where hunger is widespread. The billions of desert locusts swarming over the Horn of Africa since the start of the year could soon head one of the most food-insecure regions in the world.

China: Faces Food Shortage As Droughts, Flooding, and Pests Ruin Harvest. Top officials’ emphasis on food supplies raised questions about whether China is facing a severe food shortage this year.


Hatred of Christianity Aka Hatred of God

PhD student of religious studies would ‘assassinate Jesus’ if he could go back 2,000 years in time. Timothy Snediker, PhD student in the Dept of Religious Studies at the University of Santa Barbara California, made a couple of deeply disturbing Twitter posts. When asked what he would do, given the knowledge he has now, if he were dropped 2,000 years back in time, he answered, “Easy. I would find and assassinate Jesus of Nazareth.” “Theologically speaking, it would be really important to get him before his calling and ministry begins, so that gives me roughly a decade to make it to Palestine, locate the man, and make my move.” Despite all his education, he’d be hard-pressed to find “Palestine” 2,000 years ago, or any other time in history. And It’s interesting to note that the Religious Studies Department is a strong supporter of [the Marxist] Black Lives Matter and the move to defund the police.

Oppression of Christians has increased during Covid-19. Oppression and discrimination towards Christians has only worsened during the pandemic, says Release International. The charity, which supports persecuted Christians, said many had been denied food and relief aid by governments and NGOs because of their faith. Some countries have escalated their crackdowns on Christians.

China: 84-year-old Christian ordered to pray to the Communist Party ruler over God; cross replaced with image of Xi.

And to think,  “useful idiots” in the US have been and are being led into communism; the end goal of Marxism and socialism is communism. Pray for the children. If Jesus tarries much longer, most of them will likely be lost due to the indoctrination in the schools that has already ruined generations before them.

Terrorism and Islamization of the Nations

California Census Partners with CAIR Radical. Would someone who believes ISIS terrorists and the Israeli army are morally equivalent have the kind of judgment to provide “essential” help to the government? What if that same person worked for an organization that the FBI believes is not an appropriate liaison partner due to their roots in an American Hamas-support network created by the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization federal prosecutors say was part of an ongoing and ultimately unlawful conspiracy to support a designated terrorist organization? Yet the California Census seems to have no problem partnering with Hussam Ayloush.

A summer of honor killings. The rise in honor killings in Turkey, Jordan, Iran etc. is sparking outrage on social media. And these are just the ones we know about. Imagine how many we don’t know about that occur.

India: Three killed in Bangalore clashes over Muhammad post after police fired on crowds protesting against an allegedly blasphemous Facebook post. Crowds gathered outside the house of a local politician whose relative was accused of making an “offensive” post about the so-called prophet, Muhammad. They set fire to vehicles and attacked policemen with stones who arrived on the scene.

What happens when the Italian government gives Muslim invaders from Africa a paid holiday vacation to an Italian beach? They targeted children, stole mobile phones, money and credit cards. The gang lives in Turin and came to the seaside town with money from the government. Many of the migrants already had criminal histories. They kneed victims in the stomach before beating and robbing them. Police found stolen goods in the migrants’ hotel rooms. Nigerian migrant gangs have almost totally taken over the former tourist seaside town of Castel Volturno. The gangs run drug and prostitution rings.

Lebanon: ‘We’re at war with our government’: Protesters briefly storm Beirut ministries and government offices last Saturday in apparently planned raids after an explosion blamed on government negligence at a Beirut port devastated the city and ignited rage.

Hypocrite Macron’s visit highlights absurd EU policy on Hezbollah. Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Shi’ite terrorist group, has held a firm grip over Lebanon’s governing coalition for years, even selecting Hassan Diab as prime minister in January. “The port of Beirut” – where last week’s deadly blast took place – is used to transfer weapons and financially support the terrorist group as it develops advanced missiles. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah denied that Hezbollah controls the port, despite strong evidence to the contrary, or that it kept explosives there. Hezbollah also kept large stockpiles of ammonium nitrate (responsible for the huge blasts) in numerous locales in Europe until Israel’s Mossad helped UK, Germany and Cyprus uncover them in recent years.

At the same time, Europe continues to legitimize Hezbollah. When Macron met with Lebanese political factions, a Hezbollah representative was at the table. This was far from the first time France’s government was in contact with Hezbollah. Will the national unity government Macron wants to facilitate include the Iran-backed terrorist group as well? France is one of the strongest EU member states and the leading country opposing a full ban on Hezbollah, maintaining that there is a separation between its “political” and “military” branches. Yet there is no such separation. The protests and Macron’s visit highlight the absurdity of this policy. Earlier this year, after finding ammonium nitrate stored in multiple cities, Germany declared a full ban on Hezbollah, defying the EU’s differentiation.

U.S. backs Israel demand for UN to bolster UNIFIL powers. The UN Security Council is at odds over changes to the UNIFIL peacekeeping operation as Washington and Jerusalem urge the international body to grant it more authority to ensure the terrorist group Hezbollah’s compliance with UN resolutions. Don’t hold your breath on that one.


Hasbro put out a troll doll that ‘gasps and giggles’ when a button on its ‘private area’ is pushed. The toymaker agreed to pull the doll from shelves after massive backlash saying this is “grooming children.”

VIDEO: LOL Dolls Stirs Controversy Over What Happens When They’re Submerged in Ice Water. Examples: one of the outfits that shows up reveals black suggestive lingerie. Another reveals a devil tail and wings. They also pee, and the boy dolls have testicles. A lot of parents say they will boycott LOL Dolls and won’t purchase them for their children again.

NYC ‘illegally’ placed pedophiles near Upper West Side playground. The city put at least six homeless pedophiles on parole at a luxury hotel a block from an elementary-school playground, an apparent violation of state law. The excuse is they can’t properly “social distance” at shelters.

Two Fort Hood soldiers among nine arrested in underage prostitution sting. The two-day sting was an effort to locate and arrest those willing to pay minors to engage in sexual acts.

Abortion Abomination

Leaked email shows deadly fallout of UK’s ‘do it yourself’ abortion pill program. “There are deadly packages sent from abortion providers landing on the doormat of households up and down England. Women have been assured that doing their own abortion at home is safe and simple. That’s a lie.”

Amazon Removes Pro-Life Video Despite Mostly 5 Star Reviews. “It has over 340 reviews on Amazon, most of them – 90% – are five-star reviews,” filmmaker Marcus Pittman said. “I was trying to figure out what about the reviews would make them determine it was not suitable for Amazon Prime.”


Cosmic rays increase remarkably as solar activity shows persistent decline. Recent solar conditions indicate a persistent decline, possibly similar to the past solar grand minima, according to scientists. During such periods of low solar activity, the fluxes of galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) increase remarkably, presenting a hazard for long‐term crewed space missions and affecting Earth’s climate system. The current situation resembles the Dalton minimum of 1790-1830 or Gleissberg minimum of 1890-1920.

US Midwest: Powerful derecho wreaks havoc. A rare derecho –severe storm with hurricane-force winds – ripped through the Midwest on August 10, leaving almost 1.5 million customers without power, toppling numerous trees and vehicles, and causing major, widespread property damage across several states. It was described as one of the worst weather events of 2020 for the U.S.

Two Million Californians Go Dark, and the Heat Is Just Beginning. As many as two million were plunged into darkness over the course of four hours late Friday in the first rolling blackouts to hit the state since the 2001 energy crisis. And that was only Day One. A relentless heat wave is expected to blanket California through the middle of next week, sending temperatures past 110 degrees F (43 C) in some parts. People blasting air conditioners and fans to keep cool are straining the region’s power system and raising the specter of a repeat of Friday’s sudden and largely unannounced outages.

California: Lake Fire explodes to over 11,000 acres in just 2 days. “It’s pretty explosive fire behavior. It’s typically what we see a little bit later in the season and often driven by wind,” said Angeles National Forest Fire Chief Robert Garcia. “The fuel, moisture conditions, and the fire at this particular location with the slope, it really created the recipe for rapid-fire growth.”

Utah: After arid July, 99% of Utah now in drought condition. Utah’s valleys and mountains dried out significantly in July, deepening drought conditions to cover 99% of the state.

Iowa: Iowa farmers pray for rain to cut corn losses and add soybean yield. 23 counties in west-central Iowa are experiencing extreme or severe drought.

Greece: At least 7 dead, 3,000 properties damaged as massive rains hit Evia last weekend. Parts of the island saw up to 300 mm (12 inches) of rainfall, equivalent to 80% of the rainfall of 375 mm (15 inches) that’s it’s accustomed to receiving in one year.

Scotland: Severe thunderstorms hit, leaving three people dead. Severe thunderstorms struck many parts of central and eastern Scotland, resulting in flash flooding and disruptions, as well as a major incident declaration in Fife where a month’s worth of rain fell in hours. On August 12, torrential rain caused a passenger train to derail in Aberdeenshire, killing three people.

Nepal: Deadly landslide leaves dozens missing. A landslide caused in part by unusually heavy rain in a district bordering China buried dozens of homes, killing at least 11 people and leaving 27 others missing.

Australia: New South Wales hit by strong winds and worst flood in 29 years. Torrential rain and strong winds lashed the New South Wales South Coast last weekend, causing the worst flooding in the area for 29 years. High waves killed a 44-year-old surfer. At least 1,600 emergency calls were made.

Brazil: Historic August Cold Ravages Brazil + Another Deadly Antarctic Blast Forecast for Next Week. Bom Jardim registered a Brazil-nut-freezing -8.8C (16F) last Thursday, the third consecutive day with a reading below -8C (17F), the first time that’s occurred anywhere in Brazil since record-keeping began. Temperatures some 30C below winter averages are a serious concern.

Trinidad and Tobago: Damaging floods and landslides hit on August 8 after two weeks’ worth of rain fell in just 9 hours – half the country’s average August rainfall.

Korean Peninsula: Longest monsoon since 1987. Flooding and landslides due to prolonged monsoon continue to wreak havoc, prompting almost 7,000 evacuations and leaving at least 42 dead or missing in the South as of August 9. The rainy season has been lashing the country for 50 days as of August 12. The extent of damage is not precisely identified in the North, but local media reported wide swaths of crops have been lost and almost 1,000 houses damaged or destroyed.

Satellite Images Reveal North Korean Nuclear Reactor Site “Vulnerable” To “Extreme Weather Events.” Geopolitical analysts published a new report that sheds light on a potentially dangerous situation in North Korea, one where recent rising floodwaters threatened a nuclear reactor site. Satellite imagery from August 6-11 shows water levels along the Kuryong River may have damaged pump houses at the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center.

China: flood season leaves 219 fatalities, more than 4 million evacuated and 63 million affected over the past two months amid historically heavy rains, with further deluge expected to continue in the weeks ahead.


North Carolina: Powerful 5.1 shallow earthquake jolts Charlotte area, strongest in NC in 104 years. It hit on August 9, centered near the Virginia border. It caused a lot of damage but no deaths or injuries. Charlotte area residents pointed out this was just the latest unexpected development in a year that already brought a global pandemic, economic crisis, contentious presidential election and a hurricane just last week to North Carolina. Update: The earthquake damaged 100+ buildings.

Earthquake Swarm Rocks SoCal Desert; Scientists Weigh In. More than 20 temblors centered near the Salton Sea rattled Imperial, Riverside and San Diego counties on Monday. Monday’s swarm “does increase the chance of a big earthquake on the San Andreas somewhat,” USGS research geophysicist Morgan Page said. “So it’s definitely something to watch. It’s only the fourth time in the 88 years of modern records that such a swarm has occurred in the Salton Sea area.

Algeria: Giant Cracks Fissure the Ground After Earthquake. The moderate but shallow 4.9 quake on August 7 also toppled three houses, damaged others, and sent panicked people rushing into the streets.


Indonesia: Mount Sinabung erupts after over a year of inactivity. There were no casualties, but ash covered plantations and killed crops.


Israel versus Gaza/Hamas: Over 20 fires broke out in southern Israel due to incendiary balloons launched from Gaza on Wednesday. These attacks have ramped up for the past several days.

Music video produced by Fatah threatens to ‘obliterate’ Israel should it move to apply sovereignty. In the video, M. Abbas’ PA aka PLO’s Fatah Party threatens to “obliterate” “whoever approaches my land” should Israel apply Israeli law to the Jordan Valley and the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria. In the words of the song: If Israel “extends its hand” to take [so-called] “Palestinian” land, that hand will be “cut off.” Fatah promises to “redeem the land with spirit and blood” and “sacrifice souls” while making the “Zionist suffer.” These liars in for a surprise!

Gog Hog

Russian military vows to respond to any missile threat with a nuclear strike. An editorial in an official Russian Ministry of Defence newspaper warns that the Kremlin will treat any incoming projectile as a potential nuclear threat and will immediately launch a strike of its own.

Lurkey Turkey

Turkey versus Iraq: Iraq fumes against Turkey over deadly drone attack. Iraq rejects Turkish military action on its soil after commanders were killed in a drone attack in the northern Kurdish region.

Turkey versus Greece: Turkey claims it is under “blockade” in Mediterranean standoff. The latest crisis in the Mediterranean appears entirely driven by Turkey’s (aka Erdogan’s) desire to create a crisis where none existed before.


Israel, UAE (United Arab Emirates) reach historic ‘peace’ deal. Israel and the UAE agreed to full normalization of relations in a phone call with President Trump on Thursday, marking the first peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country in 25 years. Israel agreed to suspend its planned extension of sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria to facilitate relations with the UAE and potentially other Arab and Muslim countries. Netanyahu emphasized that he “did not and will not remove sovereignty from the agenda… I will never give up on our right to our land.” Diplomatic sources in Jerusalem and Washington pointed to the use of the word “suspend,” which implies that the pause is only temporary.

PM Netanyahu called the deal “full, formal peace” with “one of the strongest countries in the world.” “Together we can bring a wonderful future. It is an incomparably exciting moment,” Netanyahu said. “I have the great privilege to make the third peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country, the UAE.” Netanyahu wished Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed bin Zayed, “Salam Aleykum v’Shalom Aleynu – peace unto you and peace unto us.”

In subsequent remarks in the Oval Office, Trump alluded to “many more countries” in the region normalizing ties with Israel, and “some very exciting things including, ultimately with the ‘Palestinians.’” Netanyahu said he has “reason to be very optimistic that today’s announcement w the UAE will be joined by more countries in this expanding circle of peace.” The agreement “ushers in a new era of peace between Israel and the Arab world,” he said. Sources in Washington and Jerusalem said the Trump administration is in talks with other Gulf States to reach normalization agreements with Israel.


All this is paving the way for the prophesied coming Antichrist who will deceive many with a false “peace.”

“And I [Daniel] heard a man’s voice between the banks of Ulai, which called, and said, Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision. So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision. Now as he was speaking with me, I was in a deep sleep on my face toward the ground: but he touched me, and set me upright. And he said, Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be…

“And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft [deceit] to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

“And the vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true: wherefore shut thou up the vision; for it shall be for many days. And I Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days; afterward I rose up, and did the king’s business; and I was astonished at the vision, but none understood it” (Daniel 8:16-19; 23-27).

Bible Verses About How to Be Saved < click on link