20 Jul 2020



Trump says announcement coming on dealing with crime in Chicago, other Democratic-run cities. He again cited Chicago’s violence as a problem. In a briefing about ongoing efforts to deal with the MS-13 gang, he said he’d have more to say next week “with the attorney general, FBI, etc., concerning our cities, because the left-wing group of people running our cities are not doing the job.”

South Texas: Two Police Officers Murdered in Brazen Ambush when responding to an alleged disturbance. Officers Edelmiro Garza and Ismael Chavez were gunned down by Audon Camarillo who has a police record. When the daughter of one of the officers posted about how much she loved and missed her dad, ending with the hashtag Blue Lives Matter, she was barraged with attacks by rabid anti-police social media users. Read some of the despicable responses.

Indiana: Young White Mother Killed By Black Lives Matter Mob for Allegedly Saying ‘All Lives Matter,’ but the Liberal-Left Mainstream Liberal Media Fully Ignored It. Jessica Doty Whitaker is her name.

Portland, Oregon ‘Under Siege by Anarchists’ As City Officials Twiddle Thumbs, Says DHS Chief. On Thursday, Chad Wolf condemned “rampant, long-lasting violence” in Portland. The city “has been under siege for 47 straight days by a violent mob while local political leaders refuse to restore order.” President Trump has now sent in Federal agents to “quell” the violence, but Oregon’s governor and Portland’s mayor are demanding removal of the troops. Liberal-left leaders obviously enjoy the violence. UPDATE ON PORTLAND JULY 17: Portland Antifa and BLM Launch Explosives at Federal Building While Barricading Agents Inside. This is the 50th night in a row of the violence. Now they’re attacking the Federal agents.

Nick Cannon, host “Masked Singer” Goes on Racist, Anti-Semitic Rant, says ‘White People’ And Jewish People Are The True Savages. He and rapper Griff ranted while praising the hate-filled Louis Farrakhan. Cannon said of people without dark pigment, “When they were sent to the Mountains of Caucasus, they didn’t have the power of the sun. The sun started to deteriorate them. So, they’re acting out of fear… low self-esteem…deficiency… the only way they can act is evil. They have to rob, steal, rape, kill and fight in order to survive.” Cannon makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.

New York: Black Leaders Call on NYPD to Bring Back Anti-Crime Unit as Shootings Spike. “Be Careful What You Ask For Lest it Come True.” I’m surprised Yahoo leftists reported on it. The Anti-Crime Unit was eliminated last month; now shootings and murders have spiked across the city.

Minnesota: Trump Administration/Federal Authorities Deny Governor’s Request for US Taxpayers to Cover Damage Bill from Riots. GOOD. Let the Democrats who support the riots deal with it on state and city level. In Minneapolis (one of America’s most liberal cities), let Illhan Omar fork up the almost 900 thousand campaign dollars she put in her husband’s “consulting firm” to fluff up their income.

Tel Aviv protests turn violent amid clashes with police. Rioters said the government hasn’t done enough to help them with economic hardships due to the pandemic. They destroyed property and attacked police officers! Tel Aviv is one of the most liberal cities in the world. Such have shown to prefer riots rather than just protests.

Piracy on the Sea. Piracy incidents have doubled since last year at the same time in the Singapore Strait, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and South China Sea. Though rare in Asia, abductions do occur. Globally, there has been a rise in violent attacks. The Gulf of Guinea off West Africa is responsible for 90% of maritime kidnappings worldwide. BBC blames the pandemic, but piracy has been on the increase since 2017.


Satanic Temple threatens lawsuit if ‘In God We Trust’ appears on new Mississippi flag. The law firm representing the Satanic Temple said in a letter to the governor: “My client would like to suggest that if Mississippi is going to place a religious phrase on its flag, it should include reference to Satan.”


BLM/Defund Police Organizer Charged on Six Counts of Child Sex Abuse, Lewd Images of Underage Girls. At a recent protest, Christopher DeVries listed demands he said came from local chapters of BLM. Child abuse images show underage girls in lewd exhibition of private parts or engaging in sex. He was also charged with possession of psilocybin mushrooms, punishable by up to 7 years in prison. He was also charged with falsifying physical evidence after throwing his cellphone from his porch when police arrived. The police chief said, “People should be very cautious about listening to voices suggesting defunding of the police because their motives are not always in the best interest of society.”


Pro-Abortion Reporter Claims Term “Pro-Life” is Racist and Should be Banned; So-called Reverend agrees with him. Abortion activists have been trying to falsely link pro-life advocates to racism for years. Now, their baseless propaganda is being used to argue that the term “pro-life” is racist and should be banned. Rolling Stone writer Jamil Smith proposed that “pro-life” be banned. And a so-called reverend actually agreed with him! Don’t these two black people know the history of the pro-abortion movement, how it was started to kill babies in the womb of those deemed to be unfit for society? Many black babies are killed to this day in the womb. The leftist movement has so many deceived and deceiving minions of the father of lies. They’re so deceived, they don’t know how to think for themselves!


Illinois: Drought Conditions Expected to Worsen. It already persists in 30% of Illinois, and long periods of hot, dry weather are forecast through July and August.

Mexico: Heavy rains and hail cause fatal flooding and landslides in Oaxaca and Jalisco. Two died.

South America: Parts of the country were hit by record snow accumulations and below-freezing temperatures this past week. Mendoza City in Argentina recorded 1.5 m (5 feet) of snow – highest volume of snow in the city this early in their winter season.

New Zealand: Once-in-500-years’ storm hits Northland. Unusual interaction between two low-pressure zones caused intense storms over Northland on July 17. The worst affected was Whangarei where the storm dropped 220 mm (8.6 inches) of rain. Emergency services responded to over 220 calls. The mayor said, “This is just diabolical for our people. We’ve gone from drought to dealing with a 1 in 500-year event. Unbelievable.”

Sicily, Italy: Extreme rains led to deadly floods, massive disruption July 15. Palermo recorded 74 mm (3 inches) of rain in just a few hours, breaking the record set 85 years ago. ​The mayor described the downpour as worst since 1970, equal to what the city registers in a year.

China: Severe floods affecting wide swaths of China since June have left at least 141 dead or missing and 38 million affected. Up to 433 rivers have risen to dangerous levels, 33 crossing historical highs in one of the worst rainfall seasons on record, resulting in economic losses of over 61 billion yuan ($8.7 billion).

Japan: Death toll from record-breaking rains hits 68 on island of Kyushu. The government will utilize over 3.7 billion dollars to support areas where flooding wreaked havoc. Search operations continue for 12 others still missing.

India: The flood situation continues to deteriorate in Assam with five more fatalities reported as of July 16. Over 3.5 million people have been affected, and 97 people have lost their lives this year due to rain-related incidents.

Bangladesh: Over a million fled homes as second wave of severe flooding hit July 14. Seven million are already affected with water levels at major rivers rising.

Nepal: Over 144 people dead or missing due to monsoon-related disasters, such as floods, landslides, and lightning strikes in a month’s time, deadliest monsoon season in 11 years.

Indonesia: At least 15 dead, 4,000 affected by severe flash floods in South Sulawesi July 13 and 14. A number of people are missing.


Mysterious Iceland Earthquake Swarm; Over 13,000 Quakes in 3 Weeks, biggest seismic unrest in over 40 years. The swarm began June 19; 3 quakes were greater than 5.0. Experts are unsure of the cause.

China experienced six earthquakes in two days, the strongest a 5.1 on July 12, damaging buildings of poor-quality material.

Strong 7.0 earthquake Papua New Guinea on July 16. The quake was deep and it occurred in a remote location, so the likelihood of reports coming in of major damage is low.

Japan: High-level volcanic activity continues at Nishinoshima. A powerful eruption took place July 11, with large lava flows, ash plume up to 5,400 m (17,388 feet) above the summit.


A fire on the USS Bonhomme Richard at a San Diego naval base has been extinguished after a four-day battle against one of the worst infernos to rip through a U.S. warship outside of combat in recent years. Over 60 sailors and civilians were treated for minor injuries, heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation.


Food Security Continues to Decline as Crises Mount. FAO warns, even without accounting for problems caused by the pandemic, food security continues to decline around the world, rising after several decades of decline. Severe undernourishment increased everywhere but Europe and North America.

Yemen: Nearly 10 million people facing acute food shortages. Urgent action needed to avert famine.

Lebanon: Hunger crimes increase. An economic crisis has plunged nearly half the population into poverty. People rob others for food money. Hezbollah is the main cause. Through its FPM allies, it’s also the impetus for assault on the rule of law.

China: Moldy Corn at Chinese Grain Stockpiler. A video alleges a granary of a major state-run grain stockpiler is full of moldy, poor-quality corn that also contains foreign material. SINO has long been plagued with corruption. In 2013 it was found to have added sand to the corn to make it heavier, allowing them to charge more money.


Hebrew U. scientist: Drug could eradicate COVID-19 from lungs in days. Researchers at Israel’s Hebrew University and New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center believe they could potentially downgrade COVID’s severity into nothing worse than a common cold. FDA-approved drug Fenofibrate (Tricor) could reduce COVID’s ability to reproduce, or even make it disappear. The team is hoping to fast-track clinical studies in Israel and the US in the next couple of weeks since the drug is already proven safe.

Trump Admin Strips CDC of Control of Coronavirus Data — Info Will Now Be Sent to Central DC Database. Fraudulent numbers from the CDC, the latest government entity politicized by the Left.

Too Much Faith in Models. From the article: “Experts” at London’s Imperial College when COVID began was 2 to 3 million would die. They said with “social distancing, deaths could be cut, but 1-1 ½ million Americans would still die by summer. Deaths have been one-tenth of that. Lockdowns were dangerously wrong. Because Imperial’s model predicted COVID would overwhelm hospitals, patients were moved to nursing homes. The virus then spread in nursing homes. Ordering workers to stay home led to economic collapse that may have killed people. “The main interventions that helped prevent deaths were stopping large gatherings, washing hands, wearing face masks, and social distancing, not forcing people to stay home.” Researchers repeatedly predict great disasters that don’t happen. Read more in the article.

Florida Labs Reporting 100% Positives for COVID; They’re Not Reporting the Negative Results. The Dept of Health admitted this AFTER a FOX 35 News investigation noticed the errors. They even reported a death from a motorcycle accident as due to COVID.

Mainstream Media Lying About Florida Being a Coronavirus Zombie Wasteland. Alex Newman, foreign correspondent for New American magazine, and a journalist from Florida discuss what’s really going on in Florida, also the Christian roots of American Independence, and what’s really driving the new riot movement in the United States.

Moderna COVID Vaccine Induced Adverse Reactions In “Over Half” of Trial Participants. One test group reporting “severe” symptoms.

White House denies anonymously sending opposition research to discredit Fauci. Officials merely responded to reporters’ questions concerning Trump’s comments about Fauci’s mistakes.


The dystopian nightmare begins. It’s all tied together, using the plandemic is an excuse to put it in high gear. Testing begins in poor parts of Africa for the biometric ID which will also be the vaccine record and payment system. It’s backed by the AI-powered “identity authentication” company, Trust Stamp, MasterCard, and GAVI vaccine alliance. GAVI is mainly funded by Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, allied governments and the vaccine industry, and is principally concerned with improving “health of markets for vaccines and other immunization products,” rather than health of individuals, according to its website. Mastercard’s GAVI partnership is linked to its “World Beyond Cash” effort, which mainly bolsters its business model of reducing use of cash. Cash can’t be tracked, but with centralized digital currency, the ruling elite has complete control over what you spend.

Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports Slated to Roll Out in 15 Countries. COVI-PASS will determine whether you can go to a restaurant, if you need a medical test, or are due for a talking-to by authorities in a post-COVID world. Consent is voluntary, but enforcement will be compulsory.


New tactic of the Left: Selling Socialism Using Race. Previous tactics (lies) haven’t worked to convince enough people. Of course, socialists won’t tell you Leninism (prelude to communism) is their goal. The Left claims they just want to end racism, but say everything must go: the Constitution, property, law, etc., and they must rebuild from bare ground. But if they made that too clear, they know most Americans would abandon them. They have to keep their goals relatively quiet or lose the element that Lenin referred to as “useful idiots,” those who think the Left only wants justice and to end racism.

What characterizes the left? Childishness. New York’s Mayor de Blasio, worst mayor in NY history, is spending money his city doesn’t have to paint Black Lives Matter on 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower. He’s banned all public gatherings except BLM protests! Mayor Bowser in D.C. did it first, declaring the area in front of the White House “Black Lives Plaza.” New York’s Gov. Cuomo is responsible for deaths of thousands of elderly by ordering COVID patients into nursing homes. After whining for hospital beds, ventilators, etc., and seeing how Trump delivered all he asked for, he refused to use the ship or field hospitals provided. This bad-tempered behavior characterizes the Left. Since Trump was elected, they’ve thrown a perpetual tantrum. What’s their agenda? Read more at the blue link above.

New York Times Caught in Lies. The Christian Liberty University filed a $10 million defamation suit against NYT for falsely claiming students returning from spring break became infected with COVID. The truth is no one became infected. It’s the second embarrassment for the NY Times in two days. On Tuesday, NYT Writer Quit Over Bias Reporting; antiSemitism. Bari Weiss, who was hired to help the leftist newspaper draw in conservative readers, said such views were not welcomed because the newsroom is corrupted by reporters and editors who believe “truth” is an “orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.”

George Soros Donates $220 Million to BLM Groups and Black-led justice organizations Across the Country, Including Movement to “End Policing as We Know It.” This isn’t the first time Soros has donated to the radical Black Lives Matter activists. In 2016 the “DC Leaks” website posted hacked documents from Soros’s Open Society that included info on operations in Latin America, Eurasia, Asia, US, Europe and the World Bank. One document revealed Soros paid $650,000 to the Black Lives Matter movement. Washington Times accused Soros of giving at least $33 million in one year to the far-left groups that emboldened Black Lives Matter activists.

Communism at work, bullying, silencing. Hong Kong has been forced to suppress countless movies, TV shows, books, and online posts that could violate China’s new security law because the material could be judged to “threaten” the regime. Those who display or sell “threatening” material could be legally liable. Communism is a threat to the world. So are their comrades, Marxism and Socialism. President Trump imposed sanctions due to China taking away Hong Kong’s freedom. China vowed retaliation, saying it would impose sanctions on relevant people and entities in the US.


Israeli watchdog reveals 28 Hezbollah missile sites in Beirut; Lebanon civil centers. The report uncovered sites used for production, storage, and launches of ballistic missiles; Hezbollah reportedly holds hundreds of missiles with a range up to 300 km (185 miles).

CENTCOM chief: War with Israel would not end well for Hezbollah. Gen. McKenzie said it would be a great mistake for Hezbollah to try to carry out operations against Israel. He also acknowledged continuing tensions in Syria and with Iran.

Turkey vows to ‘liberate Al-Aqsa’ mosque (in Israel) after turning Hagia Sophia to mosque. FYI Turkey: Your army and others will be annihilated by God Himself when they invade Israel. “Thou shalt come up against my people of Israel… it shall be in the latter days…. Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands…. I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and to the beasts of the field to be devoured. Thou shalt fall upon the open field: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord God… It is coming…. This is the day whereof I have spoken” (Ezekiel 2,4,5,8).

Iran: At least 7 Iranian ships on fire; latest in pattern of unexplained explosions and fires at Iranian military and industrial facilities in recent weeks. Negligence, home or foreign sabotage, or Providence?

Iran vows to ‘decisively’ deal with anti-regime, economy crisis protests. Large anti-government protests last erupted in early 2020. Iran promised Friday to deal “decisively” with further protests over economic hardship, a day after security forces fired teargas to disperse demonstrators in Behbahan. Iranian police urged people to “vigilantly refrain from any gathering that could provide a pretext for the counter-revolutionary movement,” accusing “enemies” of whipping up discontent.

Iran’s Ghaani says Israel and US have difficult days ahead. Iran’s head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force said both countries would be punished. He praised a fire aboard a US ship as divine punishment. He obviously hasn’t read what the Bible says about what’s ahead for Iran.

IAEA threatens action against Iran. Things “will be bad” for Iran if it doesn’t allow inspectors to view suspected nuclear sites by the end of July, Agency Director-General Rafael Grossi warned.

Proposed China-Iran deal is bad news for Israel. With Iran and China working on a multibillion-dollar 25-year economic and security deal, Israel has many reasons to be concerned, even alarmed.

Iran-backed Houthis fired ballistic missiles at Saudi Arabia Sunday night. Houthi rebels have fired long-range missiles at Saudi Arabia for the last several years, with increasing range. They also use armed drones with Iran technology (hence why Saudi Arabia has drawn closer to Israel, for protection against Iran). This explains why Saudi Arabia (Sheba and Dedan; Ezek 38:13) isn’t part of the prophesied last days Russian-Arab invasion of Israel (Ezek 38-39, when God personally blows the vast armies of invaders to smithereens to show Israel and the world who is God).

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels claim ‘bank of targets’ in Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE. They claim the capability to completely destroy oil and economic installations in neighboring countries if the coalition targeted similar infrastructure in territory it controls. The Iranian Tasnim News Agency claims Yemen’s militants possess military capability to reach Israel’s southernmost city, as well as Israeli cargo ships in southern parts of the Red Sea.

Russia/Libya Alliance: US accuses Russian mercenaries of laying landmines in Libya in assisted bid to take control of the current government. “Verified photographic evidence” shows the Wagner Group had been planting the mines “indiscriminately” around the capital, etc., since mid-June.


Former NYPD Commissioner Warns: American Jews in Grave Danger. Raymond Kelly who now heads the Anti-Semitism Accountability Project said, “We are in a dangerous place in history. Jewish groups in the US should learn from the European example in putting stronger security measures in place. Budget cuts due to coronavirus lockdown and erosion of respect for police officers are creating a perfect storm that will see safety decline in New York and elsewhere.”

Germany: Gravestones vandalized in Europe’s oldest surviving Jewish cemetery. At least 50 gravestones in the Jewish cemetery in the German city of Worms were smeared with greenish paint. Warning from God against those who hate the Jews and Israel:

Sweden transfers funds to an anti-Israeli organization1.8 million krona (nearly $200,000) to a ‘Palestinian’ Swedish organization acting against Israel under guise of humanitarian aid. The organization openly supports the BDS movement that calls to boycott and impose sanctions on Israel.


EU ministers seeking list of deterrents to warn Israel of annexation in a bid to add heft to threats of “consequences” that members of the bloc have already threatened.

PA said to have detained ‘Palestinians’ for supporting Israeli sovereignty. A reporter for Israel’s Channel 13 went undercover in Judea and Samaria to see what ‘Palestinian’ Arabs really think about Israeli plans for annexation. The report revealed a large chasm between what P.A. leaders say and what residents really feel. The understanding that this is an opportunity for a different life extracts from the gut things once heard only behind closed doors, quietly. Despite faces blurred and voices changed, the PA found and arrested some of those interviewed.

“Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive [are in conflict] with thee shall perish” (Isaiah 41:11).


California: Governor Newsom Bans Home Bible Fellowship, Church Services, Meetings, Singing, and Church Gatherings But Not Protests/Riots. As of July 13th, ALL indoor Church services have been banned in at least 30 counties, even home Bible studies, and fellowship. In other counties, fellowship may be limited to 25% capacity or 100 people, whichever is less. Also, singing, chanting, praise, and worship have been banned. However, the exact same order also allows protests.

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:12-13).


We brethren are all familiar with 2 Timothy 3. We’re living in those perilous times now. “But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them; And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 3:14-15).