10 Feb 2020

As Christians, we are called to pray for God’s guidance and wisdom. At Rapture Ready we feel it is more imperative than ever for believers to stand together in prayerful unity as the world continues on a downward spiral toward the Tribulation hour. Calamity causes people to waste huge amounts of time fixated on watching the destruction instead of praying for protection and God’s miraculous interventions.

The Bible is filled with verses encouraging us to stay focused on praying for God’s will for our lives; for the safety and wellbeing of our families, ministries and leaders; for the spiritual awakening of the unsaved so they to come to true salvation in Christ; and of course for one another and anything that the Lord places upon our hearts.

Up to the final moments of our days on earth, until the day of the Rapture of the Church, we are dedicated to be prayer warriors for the cause of Christ. We have added this new page to invite and motivate our fellow believers to pray for the most pressing needs of the day.

“I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (1 Timothy 2)

Human Effort Without God Has Cosmic Consequences


Highly Contagious Norovirus outbreak in Louisiana casino leaves 200 ill. Norovirus caused hundreds of people who visited L’Auberge Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to fall ill last weekend. At least 200 self-reported symptoms, but the total number infected could be higher and could spread beyond those who visited the casino. However people picked it up in that setting, they are now taking it home and spreading it from one family member to another, etc., so that is the real message we need to get out today. The Dept of Health requests individuals who fall ill with norovirus report symptoms in an online survey so officials can track the virus.

In Pennsylvania, 8 people claim in separate federal complaints that Merck’s Zostavax shingles vaccine gave them shingles.

California: Santa Cruz Just Decriminalized Magic Mushrooms In Unanimous Vote. The city has become the most recent municipality to decriminalize the use of psychedelic mushrooms.

Aggressive action necessary to counter the ‘unprecedented threat’ of coronavirus, CDC says. The CDC called the outbreak in China “explosive” and “unprecedented.” “Total containment isn’t in the cards, said Nancy Messonnier, director of CDC Prevention’s National Center for Immunization& Respiratory Diseases. “Given the nature of this virus and how it’s spreading, that would be impossible. Our goal is to slow this thing down. We’re preparing as if this were the next pandemic.”

12 people in the US have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. 9 had been to Wuhan, one to Beijing where he met family from Wuhan. The other 2 are close contacts of the patients, representing person-to-person spread in the US. CDC said the illnesses in the patients ranged in severity. Some mild; others developed pneumonia and needed mechanical support to breathe.

White House Asks Scientists to Investigate Origins of New Coronavirus. The 12 cases of the new coronavirus are in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Illinois, Arizona, Washington state, and California. President Trump formed a coronavirus task force that is providing him with daily updates.

Worldometer reports the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is affecting 28 countries and territories around the world. You can see the statistics in these countries at this link. Reported cases as of this writing: 34,956, of which 6,106 are in severe condition. Deaths: 724.

Well, good grief! If suspicions aren’t already running high enough! Canadian Scientist At Center Of Chinese Bio-Espionage Probe Found Dead In Africa? Frank Plummer was in Africa where he’d been a keynote speaker at a conference. Reports say he suddenly collapsed and died. Read the article and think of it what you will regarding his connections to all of this. I’m just reporting it. Of course, the leftist so-called “fact checkers” will deny this report too. But we know we can’t trust them. The only One we can trust is God. But 67-year-old Frank Plummer is dead. That they don’t deny. Just coincidence?

4 Plagues Are Marching Across Asia Simultaneously: Coronavirus, African Swine Fever, H5N1 Bird Flu, & H1N1 Swine Flu.

  • African Swine Fever has long devastated pork farms across China with no vaccine, no cure; once it hits a farm, every pig must be killed so it won’t spread. Still it keeps spreading. “About two-thirds of China’s swine herd has been lost.”
  • The H1N1 swine flu is spreading again. Over 100,000 people in Taiwan “sought medical treatment for flu-like symptoms at hospitals across the country over the past week” and there have been 13 confirmed deaths.
  • A resurgence of the H5N1 bird flu in China has killed 4,500 chickens. 17,828 poultry have been culled in the wake of the outbreak. Humans can become infected with H5N1 bird flu, and mortality rate for human cases is approximately 60%. So far, this current outbreak remains limited to chickens. The H5N1 bird flu has also popped up at a facility in India.

Doctor who warned about coronavirus dies. Dr. Li Wenliang, who first brought coronavirus outbreak to attention of medical community, succumbs to the disease he warned about. He worked at Wuhan Hospital and warned medical professionals of dangers of the disease on Dec. 30. He warned of several patients who’d developed SARS-like symptoms and advised fellow doctors to wear protective clothing such as face masks to avoid catching it. 4 days later, police summoned him, and he was forced to sign a letter accusing him of “false comments” that “severely disturbed the social order.” Now, he has died of the disease.

Did China’s Tencent Accidentally Leak True Coronavirus Statistics? Taiwan Times notes, Chinese netizens have noticed that Tencent has on at least three occasions posted extremely high numbers, only to quickly lower them to government-approved statistics.

China says Wuhan coronavirus victims who die should be quickly cremated without funerals as death toll rises. China’s new regulations: “No funeral activities involving the corpse shall be held.”

Thick ‘death’ smog over Wuhan. Eerie footage of Wuhan engulfed in a thick fog has fueled concerns the death toll inside coronavirus-hit China is “higher” than what’s been officially reported. The videos have led to concerns that the smog is the result of smoke from crematoriums burning coronavirus-infected bodies “24 hours a day.”

‘Wartime conditions’: Infected to be rounded up for mass quarantine camps as death toll rises. Sun Chunlan, a vice premier in charge of the government response to the outbreak, gave the order to round up the infected and place them in isolation, quarantine or designated hospitals. Ms Sun said investigators should go to every home and check temperatures of every resident and interview the close contacts of infected patients. “Set up a 24-hour duty system. During these wartime conditions, there must be no deserters, or they will be nailed to the pillar of historical shame forever,” she said.

From the Chinese website LibertyTimes.net. According to the report, the communist Chinese government announced the imminent quarantine of the city of Shenzhen in the Guangdong Province beginning Feb. 8, causing a “mad rush” of Chinese citizens fleeing to Hong Kong to try to escape quarantines before the international community blocks all flights from Hong Kong. This effort will only serve to accelerate the spread of the virus.

Japan: Thousands on Cruise ship quarantined with a spreading coronavirus. 41 new cases of coronavirus have been added to the 20 previous cases detected for a total of 61 as of this writing. This includes 8 Americans, 21 Japanese, 5 Canadians, 5 Australians, one from the U. K. and one Argentinian as of this writing. The outbreak is linked to an 80-year-old from Hong Kong who was on the ship in January and was later diagnosed with the coronavirus. Many people are still being tested.

US: Camp Ashland in Nebraska will be used as a temporary quarantine site for Americans returning from China while they’re under observation for signs of coronavirus. 50 people have arrived.

Australia: Hundreds leaving Wuhan evacuated to Christmas Island where they’ll be quarantined for two weeks. 243 citizens and permanent residents, including 89 children, were on board. A second flight was scheduled for this week.

360 Billion Locusts And Growing – A Plague Of ‘Biblical Proportions’ Is Destroying Crops Across The Middle East And Africa. Yes, it’s in the Middle East too. Video: Pakistan declares national emergency after its worst locust plague in 27 years. Video shows millions of the insects sweeping through a city in Saudi Arabia. Residents in Saudi Arabia and Yemen have been faced with the bewildering sight of a gargantuan swarm of roughly 360 billion locusts, which can block out the sun at times.

In South Sudan, years of conflict have left nearly half of the population relying on food assistance. And recent flooding has made the situation worse for thousands more.


US: Deadly storm takes aim on Northeast after lashing South with severe storms, floods. A potent storm continued its assault on the eastern U.S. on Friday after lashing the South with severe storms and flooding. Tornado damage was reported in Maryland and Virginia. Five people were killed in four states. The governor of Virginia declared a state of emergency. Weather.com reported winds, possible tornadoes causing damage from Florida to New York.

Canada: Nearly HALF the population of Canada is riding out this big storm. Atlantic Canada has been hit with a widespread winter storm at week’s end (2,500km; over 1500 miles) affecting 16 million people with freezing rain and heavy snow.

Australia: Much of Australia’s wildfire-ravaged east coast was drenched Friday by the biggest rainfall in almost 20 years, dousing some of the most dangerous blazes and providing relief to farmers battling an extended drought.

Australia: Tropical Cyclone Damien brings flooding, gale-force winds and storm surges as it tracks inland. Tropical Cyclone Damien crossed over the coast Saturday afternoon as a category 3 before later weakening to a Category 2. Wind gusts of up to 205km/h (over 137mph) were recorded and Karratha received 140mm (over 5.5 inches) of rain over 24 hours, with up to 400mm (over a foot) of rain in 24 hours forecast in some areas.

New Zealand: South Island under state of emergency as floods displace thousands. Thousands were forced to evacuate Wednesday. Officials declared a state of emergency.

UK: Intensifying Ciara could become ‘biggest storm of the season’. A rapidly strengthening storm has United Kingdom officials on alert for its potential to bring widespread and destructive impacts to the country this weekend.

Barbados: Drought hits following driest year in 70 years. Drought conditions are expected to persist in Barbados into the first seven months of 2020, with 2019 the driest year on record in some 70 years.

Turkey: Avalanches kill at least 38. A second avalanche on Wednesday buried a team of rescuers searching for people hit by the first the day before.

South Korea: Strong cold wave hits after warmest January on record.


Puerto Rico: A magnitude 5 struck on Tuesday, where people are still on edge from a series of quakes after last month’s damaging 6.4. It was the 11th earthquake of at least that size in the past 30 days. A series of 500 quakes of magnitude 2 or greater have rattled Puerto Rico, hitting infrastructure already weakened from Category 5 Hurricane Maria that struck the island in September 2017.

The 7.7 quake in the Caribbean on January 28 sent waves of tremors rippling across the United States.

Earthquake swarm at Michoacan-Guanajuato volcanic field, Mexico. At this time, it’s unclear whether the quakes are volcanic or tectonic in origin. The zone contains over 1 400 vents and covers an area of approximately 200 x 250 km (125 x 155 miles). The last known eruption in this region took place at the Paricutin volcano from Feb. 20 – 25 in 1943.

6.0 off the coast of Philippines on Feb.6.

6.1 off the coast of Argentina on Feb. 8.

6.2 right off the coast of Papua, New Guinea on Feb. 9.


Jerusalem: Police Complaint Charges ‘World Council of Churches’ with International Espionage. The World Council of Churches has been in apostasy. Now they’ve been caught funding spies posing as tourists to present biased and incendiary reports claiming “brutal and oppressive treatment” of “Palestinians” by Israelis. When they return to their home countries and churches, they engage in anti-Israel advocacy, such as BDS (boycott, divestment, & sanctions) against Israel. WCC-funded activists have been working closely with Hassan Breijieh, spokesperson for PFLP terror group. They also sent volunteers to the home of the terrorist who stabbed to death Yosef Salomon, his daughter Chaya, and son Elad in 2017.

CHARISMANIA. The late Bob Jones is considered to be one of the all-time greatest “prophets” by Bill Johnson and those ensnared in the NAR. The claim is that Bob Jones heard from God that when the Chiefs win the Super Bowl it would be a sign of upcoming and end-time revival. A Facebook page at this link exposes this and other false prophet claims from Bethel church. The Bible says there would be great apostasy in the churches in the last days, not revival. As for these supposed manifestations of the Holy Spirit that make one convulse with laughter or shake wildly, etc., they’re anything but. (See video example or check them out on YouTube.) Then there’s the fake glory clouds and gold dust, grave soaking, etc. We could go on and on describing the fakery that is not of God.

Tanzania: crush for so-called sacred oil tramples 20 worshippers to death. Mainstream media loves to report on anything that makes Christianity look bad, and the literal plethora of false prophets out there gives them plenty of fodder. Mwamposa, who calls himself “the apostle,” told the crowd to go through a doorway of “blessed oil.” People trampled each other mercilessly; at least 20 died, including 5 children. Preachers of the so-called prosperity gospel are the ones doing the prospering with their lavish mansions and private jets.

“Through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you…” (2 Peter 2:3).

Church of England apologizes for releasing a report saying only married straight people should have sex after backlash, including from many clergy whose signatures can be found here, who are angry because archbishops released this report before yet more agreed discussion on the topic. They obviously disagree with the conclusion.

The Marxist Pope Francis says he approves of homosexual civil unions and the benefits that go with it. He told U.S. bishops that civil unions for homosexual couples that give them access to public benefits are ‘acceptable.’ He also again touted the globalist agenda of wealth distribution this week. In reality, history, both past and present, shows that the socialist agenda makes everyone poor and enslaved except the government leaders who always become dictators.


Nigeria: More Muslim attacks against Christians. At least 32 people were killed and a pastor’s house and church building were burned down this past week in two nights of attacks by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in a predominantly Christian village.


Anti-Semitic incidents in Britain rise for 4th straight year. Community Security Trust annual report finds that 1,805 cases of anti-Semitism were reported in Britain in 2019.


The Pornification Of America: How Young Girls and Boys Are Being Groomed By Sexual Predators. Screen devices given to children are the sex predator’s hunting ground, how they’re grooming young girls (and boys). It starts earlier with a culture that believes sexual freedom amounts to a Super Bowl halftime show in which barely-clad women show off provocative moves. Sex trafficking (and sexualization of young girls and boys) is rooted in the totalitarian agenda that stretches from the highest seats of power down to the most hidden corners. Huxley explains in Brave New World: As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends to increase. The dictator will do well to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with freedom to daydream under influence of dope, movies and radio, it will help reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate. Read more at the link.

There was plenty of filth to be found at Super Bowl halftime, including pole dancing, crotch grabbing, pelvic thrusts, spread-out crotches and butts, and men sashaying like women. As usual, there was much occult symbolism, even though, in their deceptive tactics, they think they’ve made their brainwashing of people into the Antichrist New World Order more subliminal. Satan is the god of the entertainment industry and the globalists.

Doctors Accuse Parents Who Refuse Trans Procedures of Neglect;  Advise Children To Seek Treatment Anyway. The gender affirmative model of so-called healthcare in America is destroying families and harming children. Medical “transitioning” is an industry worth big bucks, and the voices of doctors within that industry are working overtime to drown out all dissent.

West Virginia University Holds Drag Queen Storytime Event. Organizer Says “Inclusivity” Is “The Purpose of Higher Education.”

Higher education, huh? “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

Kentucky bill would require sex education in all grades, starting in kindergarten. The sponsors of the bill were all Democrat.

California Teachers Defend Bizarre Sex Ed Cartoons As “Age Appropriate”. Leftist “educators” never cease to amaze us with the depraved things they claim to be beneficial for children. A perverted sex ed cartoon has garnered adoration and support of teachers in California. California’s sex ed curricula features Amaze, a free cartoon series that uses cheap animation to present issues like genitalia, masturbation, homosexuality, gender confusion, and pornography to children. Unsurprisingly, Amaze is “backed by the International Planned Parenthood Federation and other extremist groups.”

California Teacher Forces 7th Graders to Do Trans Homework. The teacher forced young students to do a “Literary Analysis” on a story about a “transgender” make-up artist and his so-called “transition.” Some districts, such as in Orange County, have even started developing “Transition Plans” to help students get on hormones and prepare to surgically mutilate their genitals, all without knowledge or consent of parents. The transgender homework assignment is just the tip of an enormous iceberg of perversion that will sink America like the Titanic. Across the nation, public schools and even some private ones are sexualizing and indoctrinating children with obscene propaganda.

Elizabeth Warren Attacks Christian Schools for Following Biblical Sexual Morality. Dem presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren shared a HuffPost article on Twitter bashing private Christian schools for having so-called “anti-LGBTQ+ policies.” The article focused on a Supreme Court case attacking Montana private religious schools and attempting to take away tax credits to individuals who contributed to private schools because they claim the money supports policies that “discriminate against LGBTQ staff and employees.” The policies they’re against include bathrooms designated according to biological gender and hiring faculty and staff who abide by Christian marriage values.

Oh, and Let us not forget: Pete Buttigieg’s Husband Will Call Himself ‘First Gentleman’ if Buttigieg Becomes President.

Indiana University Holds Three-Day ‘Sex Fest’ featuring BDSM Demos, Sex Toys, ‘Kink’ Workshop. BDSM can be broken into three subcategories: Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism.” After video and reports showed up of their bondage whipping demo, etc., the third day of the debauchery fest was cancelled, with the university saying a disruption of the event was planned by protestors. Yet the university still defends it.

Texas: Jack Thomas Hagee Sexually Assaulted a Child for Years While a Police Captain.  The brother of Pastor John Hagee, began sexually assaulting the child when she was 4 or 5, and the assaults continued until the child started menstruation at age 13. After Jack Hagee admitted the offenses to his brother, he was told he was no longer welcome at their home. Court records do not indicate which of his brothers he confessed to or when the confession took place.

South Dakota: State lawmakers endure LGBT wrath for pro-child bill. A bill that protects gender-confused children under 16 (caused by Satan’s Sodom and Gomorrah last days agenda) from life-changing surgery is facing opposition and accusations of hate and discrimination.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

Canada: Psychopathic’ child sex killer uses trans card. Convicted child sex killer Michael Williams is “evil.” His pals called him “Pyro.” When the 32-year-old was 17, he raped and murdered a 13-year-old child with help from several others. Nina was strangled, stabbed, then bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Pyro even tried to set the dying girl on fire. Now he identifies as a woman, donning a bra and crop top. He’s awaiting transfer to a woman’s prison, although he was there before and got caught having sex with female inmates. He only takes hormone replacement therapy drugs 2 weeks a month so he can maintain an erection. Why are they letting him go back again?

Canada: Who’s to Blame for Reign of Terror by Trans “Wax My Genitals” Bully? Summary: Yaniv makes headlines for vicious attacks on Christians, women, children, and critics using “Human Rights Tribunals.” What’s fueling this? In 2018, the World Health Organization removed “transgender” from being a mental disorder [actually, it’s a spiritual problem]. In 2016 [under Obama], U.S. Dept of Justice & Dept of Education forced educators to refer to children as their “gender identity,” not their biological sex. Same with Canada. It opened the door to a surgical industry that would castrate children as young as 12. Big money is involved, and we need to stop ignoring it. It’s a weapon against the population, and there are more victims every day, including small children. The sooner we admit that, the sooner we can put an end to this abuse of power. Stay vigilant in the face of tyrants; our future depends on it. Read more at the above link.

UK: Newham Council Set to Host a Series of Drag Queen Story Times. The ad says, “The first of our Drag Queen Story Times for under 5s & their parents & carers at NewhamLibraries this LGBTHM20 is on Friday. Come & listen to fabulous stories, beautifully told.” The event is offering free admission during children’s half-term school break to lure more soft-skulled parents into having their children sexually groomed by a drag king and queen duo. According to a 2011 census report, 32% of Newham residents are Muslim. By now, the Muslim population there is likely significantly larger. What could that mean?

Islamic Sharia Law calls for death to homosexuals, and videos show them thrown off of roofs. [That’s not to say that a number of Muslim men don’t groom boys to be their sex slaves. They do as reports, video, and even Islamic teachings have shown. (After all, under Islamic Law, females are known to be kept in seclusion unless accompanied by a close male relative). But these groomed boys are targets for death when they become adults.] It will be interesting to see how Drag Queen Story Time goes over in Newham.

A similar event in neighboring South Lambeth is scheduled for later this month: Their ad says, Drag Queen Storytime is back for LGBT+ History Month, and we’re really excited to have @mstimberlina (thanks to @thervt!) bring her irreverance to storytime on Saturday 15th Feb 11am @LGBTHM   LGBTHM20


Democrats are downright deranged. Van plows through Republican Party voter registration tent, narrowly missing volunteers. In Florida, a man in his early 20s approached the tent, then drove right through the table and tent with his van. He then stopped, got out of the van and took a video of the scene, flipped off the victims and fled. As of now, the driver has not been identified. Several people could have been seriously hurt.

Speaking of Deranged: A leftist-indoctrinated college student at Arizona State University accosted conservative students, screaming demonically that he wants the throats slashed of the president and Republicans.

During President Trumps SOTU address, Democrats refused to acknowledge the accomplishments of this administration, including those that benefitted women and minorities. There were even Democrats who even refused to stand or clap for honorees such as a young black child given a scholarship. The Muslim reps Omar and Tlaib didn’t stand for the honoring of a 100-year-old black man who is one of the last surviving Tuskegee airmen. He ran over 130 combat missions in World War II and also served in the Korea and Vietnam wars. Then there was Nancy Pelosi who broke the law by ripping up the SOTU document, making sure everyone saw her do it. There’s a link here where you can sign the petition to have her removed from office, as she should be according to the law.

Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Violence Ad Is Wrong: The Data Is Off By 73%. Bloomberg paid for and anti-gun ad during the Super Bowl, and he was off by 73%, which amounts to a straight-up lie. The ad, which presents the Democrat presidential contender as a brave advocate of public safety who is not afraid to take on “the gun lobby,” claims “2,900 children die from gun violence every year” in the United States. This is far from the factual truth. That number includes young adults as well as minors, and it includes suicides as well as homicides.

Michael Bloomberg, when mayor of New York, honored Harvey Weinstein at a 2013 ceremony where the now-disgraced movie producer cracked sex jokes and praised the current 2020 Democrat presidential candidate for helping his movie production company after it fell on tough times, according to video that surfaced Friday.

More Dem Hypocrisy Happenings: Buttigieg says US aid should be used as ‘leverage’ to change Israeli policies. Oh, so it’s okay for a Dem to suggest withholding aid to Israel unless they agree not to settle on their own God-given land, and it’s okay for Biden to withhold aid from Ukraine unless they agree not to look into reports of corruption by him and his son in the corrupt Ukraine, and for Biden to brag publicly about forcing them to fire the prosecutor; but it’s okay for Dems to impeach the President of the United States for hesitating to give aid to Ukraine due to these reports and asking them to look into it.

Dems making use of Muslim migration: Five Mosques Used as Iowa Caucus Sites for First Time in American History in an attempt to drive up voter participation among Muslim voters.

New Hampshire Democrat debate: What planet do these people live on? “None of these Democrats had the slightest grasp of reality. Even the most basic of them, the tax-and-spend money-shovelers, were out of tune with reality. Some of their ideas were old, very, very old, and failed, to boot. Others simply wanted to project an altered reality. After hearing all seven of these wrong answers, it’s pretty clear the party is on its own asteroids, floating around in the nothingness, clueless as to why America elected President Trump. These constant misses are what doesn’t resonate with voters.  It’s a pretty good clue that they’re all about to go down in flames come November.”

Communist Agenda to Divide & Conquer the US. In Chicago, Schools Re-Write History With “1619” Lies. In the world of America’s so-called “progressives,” good is evil, evil is good, up is down, and truth doesn’t even really exist. Government schools in Chicago are indoctrinating children with lies to hate their country and heritage. Basically, they say American history begins with slavery, and everything since traces back to that evil. The slanderous lie is peddled despite the fact that slavery has been ubiquitous throughout human history–until America and the Christian West put an end to it! Truth is, slavery remains firmly entrenched across broad swaths of Africa and the Middle East.


Arab Money Influencing US Schools. Qatar is funding K-12 education that promotes Islam, Jew hatred, and anti-US educational curriculum. In 2019, California attempted to introduce curriculum that was antisemitic. This proposition was funded by Qatar. Protests by the Jewish community halted the proposition. Qatar has given close to 1.5 billion dollars to universities in the US in order to use their influence. Qatar cleverly uses “mutual understanding” programs in universities to promote their brand of Islam, which ultimately trains K-12 teachers in order to promote Islam to young people.


Hackers temporarily took over Facebook’s accounts on Twitter and Instagram on Friday through a third-party platform (Khoros) by the notorious Saudi Arabian hacker group “OurMine,” raising concerns about the security of the social networks. Accounts are supposedly back to normal. The hacker group also hijacked Twitter accounts of over a dozen NFL teams before the Superbowl. The same group has also compromised Twitter accounts of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Coronavirus brings China’s surveillance state out of the shadows. Wow! Excerpt: Chinese have long been aware that they are tracked by the world’s most sophisticated system of electronic surveillance. The coronavirus emergency has brought some of that technology out of the shadows, providing the authorities with a justification for sweeping methods of high-tech social control. Artificial intelligence and security camera companies boast that their systems can scan the streets for people with even low-grade fevers, recognize their faces even if they are wearing masks and report them to the authorities.

Case in point: When the man from Hangzhou returned home from a business trip, the local police got in touch. They had tracked his car by his license plate in nearby Wenzhou, which has had a spate of coronavirus cases despite being far from the epicenter of the outbreak. Stay indoors for two weeks, they requested. After around 12 days, he was bored and went out early. This time, not only did the police contact him, so did his boss. He had been spotted near Hangzhou’s West Lake by a camera with facial recognition technology, and the authorities had alerted his company as a warning.

Just imagine how such technology will be put to use in the tribulation. For those who’ve rejected Christ who will be left-behind after the rapture, there will be nowhere to hide from the global government forces of the Antichrist when he takes over.


Kazakhstan: ‘Ethnic clashes’ kill eight, injure dozens. At least eight people have died and dozens were injured in ethnic clashes. About 30 houses and 15 commercial properties were destroyed during the clash in Masanchi village on Friday. Ethnic Kazakhs clashed with members of the Dungan and Hui Muslims.


London: Recently released Convicted Muslim Terrorist Supporter Stabs Two People. 20-year-old Sudesh Amman had just been released after only serving half of his sentence. Despite being tailed by a policeman on a motorcycle, he was able to stab two people before being shot. In response to the attack, ministers want to introduce emergency legislation to make terror offenders serve more time in prison – but a former government adviser has warned those plans could lead to a legal battle. Under current British laws, up to 50 terrorists could be freed this year.

Israel: Terrorist in Jerusalem hits twelve walking Israeli soldiers in car-ramming attack. The terrorist is 24-year-old Khaled al-Tourman from east Jerusalem’s A-Tur neighborhood. One of the soldiers was critically injured.

US counterterrorism operation in Yemen eliminates deputy al-Qaida leader Qasim al-Rimi. The president is on a roll eliminating these terrorist leaders. We must be in prayer for him for a number of reasons.


US Special Forces troops killed and wounded in Afghanistan firefight. Several 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Soldiers were injured or killed during combat operations in Afghanistan on February 8.

Hamas: Terrorist Rulers of Gaza. Hamas Parliament Speaker quotes Qur’an as he threatens to kill Trump and Netanyahu. The death cult called Islam; nothing peaceful about it.

Damascus: Alleged Israeli strike in Syria kills at least 23 pro-Iranian gunmen. The first wave is said to have targeted military positions in the suburbs of Damascus. The second wave targeted military positions in the surroundings of Dara’a, Quneitra and the Damascus countryside.

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rockets fired at Israel. Israeli warplanes struck a series Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in a pre-dawn raid Wednesday in response to three rockets fired at the southern city of Netivot. Among the military sites struck in Gaza was a weapons manufacturing facility belonging to the terrorist organization’s military wing.

Admiral Warns America’s East Coast Is No Longer A “Safe Haven” Thanks To Russian Subs. Senior U.S. Navy officer Woody Lewis says his service no longer considers the East Coast of the United States as an “uncontested” area or an automatic “safe haven” for its ships and submarines. This is a product of steadily increased Russian submarine activity in the Atlantic Ocean, including the deployment of more advanced and quieter types that can better evade detection.


Jim Fletcher, who does a weekly report called “Israel Watch” for Rapture Ready, hit the nail on the head in last Sunday’s report regarding the “peace deal” titled “Human Effort.” Excerpt: It’s tempting to endorse this plan because it gives Israel several advantages, including control of the Jordan Valley. And as I said at the outset, one could be forgiven for forgiving Trump, in that no one expects the Palestinians to actually take the deal. Did you know that since 1947, they have rejected peace deals 17 times? Number 18 is probably right ahead. The thinking is, this is simply a clever ploy by Trump and Bibi, and after the Palestinians inevitably take a walk, Israel can then swoop in and annex the West Bank.

It’s doubtful they would annex the whole territory, but it’s a possibility that this is what the Americans and Israelis have had in mind. At worst, Trump’s team is comprised of realists who actually understand what’s been going on. The problem is, giving the Palestinians literally an inch will ensure they will continue to take 10,000 miles. It’s in their DNA. A little-reported event last week illustrates why peace is impossible with the Palestinians… Sometimes human effort approaches a noble effort, but in the end, human diplomacy will fall short of Scripture. God doesn’t want the land divided, and if it is, there will be cosmic consequences.


God puts leaders in place. And President Trump has done some great things for America and for Israel. But we’re obviously in the very last of the last days, according to what we read in God’s Word to expect at such a time. And events surrounding this plan also appear to be setting the stage for coming prophetic events, including Daniel’s 70th week, aka “the time of Jacob’s trouble,” also called the Tribulation – last seven years before Christ’s return to set up His Kingdom on Earth. As we know, the coming Antichrist will confirm a covenant [that already exists], and come to rule a ten-nation global government the leftists are eager to bring on.

[Already, we’ve seen European leaders come together to form a military force. A coalition of ten European militaries was unveiled in Paris on Nov 7 of 2018, just days after “Jupiter man” Emmanuel Macron called for a “real European army.” And on July 14, 2019, France’s Bastille Day, there were representatives of ten European countries in a show of military unity.]

Israel begins mapping out West Bank land for annexation after election. “We are in the middle of the process of mapping out the territory that will be part of Israel according to the Trump plan,” Netanyahu said at a Likud event. “It won’t take much time… Within a few weeks, it will happen.”

Earlier this month, President Trump presented his peace plan, by which the US will approve of Israel annexing some 30% of the West Bank, including all settlements and the Jordan Valley, as well as not expanding construction beyond that area, while being ready to recognize a Palestinian state in the rest of the West Bank [in four years if they abide by what the plan calls for]. That state would be demilitarized, could no longer pay terrorists a monthly salary and would have to be democratic and provide its citizens with basic civil rights.

Netanyahu told participants at the Likud conference… “without Judea and Samaria, our existence is in danger… our enemies are trying to uproot us from the heart of our homeland. They will not succeed. We are here, and we will always remain here.” He emphasized that the left’s rhetoric claims that Israel must relinquish control of Judea and Samaria, and “that if we give these lands to our enemies, they will do us a favor and make peace with our existence.” “They said ‘land for peace’ and we received ‘land for terror’ – buses exploding, restaurants exploding, hotels exploding.”


“But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains” (Matthew 24:14-17).

“And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto. For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled” (Luke 21:20-22).

“The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying, Thus speaketh the Lord God of Israel, saying, Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book. For, lo, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will bring again [reverse] the captivity of my people Israel and Judah, saith the Lord: and I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they shall possess it. [That they did in this 70-80-year Psalm 90:10 generation. Almost 72 years ago, Israel again became a nation] And these are the words that the Lord spake concerning Israel and concerning Judah. For thus saith the Lord; We have heard a voice of trembling, of fear, and not of peace.

“Ask ye now, and see whether a man doth travail with child? wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness? Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble, but he shall be saved out of it. For it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord of hosts, that I will break his yoke from off thy neck, and will burst thy bonds, and strangers shall no more serve themselves of him…

“For I am with thee, saith the Lord, to save thee: though I make a full end of all nations whither I have scattered thee, yet I will not make a full end of thee: but I will correct thee in measure, and will not leave thee altogether unpunished…

“And ye shall be my people, and I will be your God. Behold, the whirlwind of the Lord goeth forth with fury, a continuing whirlwind: it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked. The fierce anger of the Lord shall not return, until he hath done it, and until he have performed the intents of his heart: in the latter days ye shall consider it” (Jeremiah 30:1-8, 11, 22-24).

Anyone who has not yet turned their life over to Christ had better make up their minds quickly.

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-10).

After death, there is no second chance. And after Christ takes up his believers in the rapture, it will be very hard to turn to Him during those last seven years, provided one even survives long enough to make up their mind in the chaos and judgments that will ensue.


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