26 Aug 2019

On the Outer Limits of an Ominous Orwellian Encroachment


The number of people killed in floods, landslides and other weather-related incidents since the start of this year’s monsoon season in India has now reached 1,058 killed, with 1.8 million people displaced. The season typically runs from June to September, but can last longer in some places. In Kerala, a 1-in-100 years flood has occurred two years in a row.

In Poland, at least five people were killed and 150 injured by a series of lightning strikes in a mountain range. Rescuers said hikers ignored signs of an approaching storm.

In Turkey, extremely heavy rain hit Istanbul and other cities on August 17, causing severe flooding in which one person lost their life. Four months’ worth of rain fell in 90 minutes.

A sudden shift in temperatures above Antarctica could bring icy ‘Beast from the East’ weather events to New Zealand next month, making the arrival of spring look like deep winter. NIWA forecaster Ben Noll said there is potential for a ‘Sudden Stratospheric Warming’, or SSW, to take place next week. “These events are rare in the southern hemisphere,” Mr Noll said. “There have only been two in New Zealand in recorded times: one in Sept 2002 and in Sept 2010.” Mr Noll said NIWA’s forecasting indicates plenty of unsettled weather during Sept and Oct, with frequent cold spells. But there’s a possibility that the weather from the event could go to Australia or South America or it could go over the ocean region.

Typhoon Bailu swept through Taiwan this weekend with flooding rain and mudslides. One person was killed and nine others were injured. Bailu has now hit southeastern China where it is expected to bring gales and torrential rains. This is the 11th typhoon this year.

48 lightning strikes were detected within 300 miles of the North Pole last Saturday. The National Weather Service stated: “This is one of the furthest north lightning strikes in Alaska forecaster memory.” The globalist media blames manmade climate change, of course.

On Saturday, a newly formed tropical depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Dorian, the fourth tropical storm of this Atlantic hurricane season. Dorian is moving west and could reach hurricane strength Tuesday before it interacts with Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic on Wednesday and Thursday. After Thursday, it’s too soon to tell where Dorian might go and if it’ll maintain its strength.

In Montana, a hail storm with 70-mile-per-hour winds killed or maimed over 11,000 pelicans, cormorants and other birds when it rolled over a central lake and nesting area.

Forecasters say a storm system near the southern coast of Florida could develop into a tropical depression or a tropical storm during the next few days (90% chance).

In New Mexico, the swim beach at Cochiti Lake closed due to a toxic blue-green algae bloom. Spokesperson Elizabeth Lockyear said this is the first documented case of toxic blue-green algae at Cochiti Lake.

In California, firefighters are trying to contain a wildfire threatening about 1,100 homes and prompting evacuation orders for nearly 4,000 people.

In Rancho Haven, Nevada, the Long Valley fire is estimated now to be 300 acres with no containment.

In Australia, a raging wildfire engulfed a Queensland island, killing wildlife and causing evacuations.

In other parts of the world: “Over 9,000 people were evacuated as flames spread this week across Spain’s Canary Islands. Wildfires ignited in Alaska. Denmark dispatched firefighters to Greenland to control fires close to population centers. Major wildfires have burned through Siberia, and environmental activists expect them to set a new record for burn area in Russia by the end of the season. Part of the reason for the recent fires is the heat. July was the hottest July on record. Many parts of Europe shattered heat records in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and the UK. The heat dried out vegetation and left huge swaths of forests and grasslands primed to ignite…Years of actively suppressing natural fires have allowed trees, grasses, and shrubs to accumulate at unnatural levels in many parts of the world.”

In Brazil, the Amazon fires are claimed to be the worst ever, and there’s more blame going around than Bayer has aspirin. Some of the photos shown are old. Climate alarmists are having a field day. Yet NASA said “as of August 16, 2019, an analysis of NASA satellite data indicated that total fire activity across the Amazon basin this year has been close to the average in comparison to the past 15 years. From Zero Hedge: Amazon wildfires aren’t that uncommon. They’re a natural part of the rainforest’s process of self-restoration. In total, this year, fires are up by 83% compared with last year. The globalists are using the fires as an excuse to rage at Brazil’s President Bolsonaro and his environmental policies; however, Brazil is actually third in wildfires over the last 48 hours: 6,902 fires in Angola, 3,395 in the Congo, and 2,127 in Brazil. As in the Amazon and California, wildfires aren’t all that uncommon in Central Africa.


In California, a magnitude-5 earthquake Thursday in Inyo County’s Coso Basin was California’s largest since July 6, the day of the 7.1 Ridgecrest quake. Every day since July 7, the area at the northern edge of the Mojave Desert has been rattled by at least a dozen quakes of magnitude 2 and 3. There have been 18 earthquakes of magnitude 4 in those 7½ weeks, but none of magnitude 5 until Thursday.

An August 18 report stated that Kansas and Oklahoma had been hit by 65 earthquakes within 7 days. Reno, Kansas, was hit by 11 quakes, the biggest a 4.1.

Other quakes around 6.0: A 6.0 off the coast of Vanuatu on August 20, a 6.0 off the coast of Australia on August 21, a 5.9 off the coast of Fiji on August 22, and another 6.0 quake off the coast of Vanuatu.


In Ottawa, Canada, after a drag queen Storytime event at Westcliffe Community Centre, parents and children danced along with the scantily-clad drag queen. Evangelical street preacher Dorre Love responded to an invitation for questions. “I have a question,” he said. “What are you going to do when you stand before God and He judges every one of you here for your sins?” The video on various sites has been removed, but it’s on YouTube so far. The parents tried to silence the preacher and make him leave, but he kept preaching to them about their sinful doings and their need to turn to Christ. He was able to reach one parent who left with her child.

In Canada, a single dad faces a human rights complaint for asking a potential babysitter’s gender when the person responded to his ad.

“Veggie Tales” co-creator Phil Vischer says it’s a matter of time before Christian filmmakers are forced to address LGBT issues from a biblical perspective because children see these storylines in secular movies and on TV. He said when the PBS children’s show “Arthur” featured a same-sex wedding, the most striking thing was the portrayal of the kids. None asked questions. Their reaction was, ‘Oh, OK! Great!’” Vischer said, “If I get pressure from Hollywood to show two men getting married…my pushback is: ‘No, I won’t. Because that’s not what I believe is best for kids.”

A 6th grade Ohio boy was punished by being pulled out of gym class in front of his classmates the day after his art teacher overheard him telling three girls that his friend – who is “transitioning” to a girl – is “a boy, not a girl.” The 11-year-old had been warned by the assistant principal earlier that morning that “there might be consequences” to asserting his friend is a boy, and referring to him with male pronouns.

The gay news site Pink News posted then deleted a fawning profile of a gay couple with a troubling age gap. The article reported that Kayleb is 22 while the older man, Mark, is 55. This is creepy enough, but it gets worse: the two have been “dating” for 6 years. Kayleb claims he was 17 when he met Mark, but the math puts him at 16. Either way, it’s repulsive and wrong. It gets still worse. Mark was Kayleb’s “first boyfriend,” and they originally had a “sugar daddy arrangement.” Translation: A 49-year-old man was paying a high school boy for sex. This isn’t something a widely-read LGBT site should applaud.

In Florida, a 12-year-old kidnap victim escaped by jumping out of a moving pickup truck. The boy was walking home from school and accepted a ride from a stranger because “he looked nice.” After the boy got into the car, the man (26-year-old Timothy H. Miller) gave him a creepy smile and asked if he had any drugs. When the boy tried to open the car door, Miller sped up to stop him from getting out, but the boy was able to jump out. Witnesses blocked Miller’s car and detained him till police arrived.

In Cleveland, Ohio, police officer Soloman Nhiwatiwa attempted to lure a 12-year-old girl who was waiting for the school bus into his car, and when this was not successful, he filmed himself urinating on her. He should have been fired before this incident. Why wasn’t he? Nhiwatiwa was hired in 2014 and had been disciplined 3 times by the police dept besides having a number of traffic violations.

In Wisconsin, an Obama-appointed federal judge is forcing taxpayers to provide sex reassignment surgery and hormonal procedures for low-income “transgenders” who get free medical care.

This video report states that there are over 20 million victims worldwide in the 32-billion-dollars a year global human trafficking industry. In 2016, 7,621 cases were reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline in the US. The border state of California had the most cases reported of any other state.


A Washington state mother, Jessi McCombs, says she went through a terrifying experience early Monday morning when a pair (a man and woman) claiming to be Child Protective Services agents demanded she hand over her 4-year-old child. “She said she was there about my son’s injuries and they were there to take my son into custody. My son doesn’t have any injuries, so I was really confused and thought for sure she had the wrong house until she told me his name and birthday; she knew my name,” she said. After some back and forth, McCombs still refused to give up her child, and eventually the strangers left. A neighbor spotted the same strangers driving around the complex later that day in what looked like an old police car.

The American Family Association is warning parents about the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why saying, “The whole series is a dark and demonic primer for impressionable young people, inviting them to enter a realm of perversion, hatred, and violence that has been birthed in hell itself.” One young girl committed suicide after watching Season 1. And Season 4 is now in production. AFA is asking to “Please sign this petition to Netflix and share it to warn others about the dangers of 13 Reasons Why.

In Battlecreek, Michigan, three boys who were 11, 12 and 13 at the time they were charged have been convicted of raping two young brothers, ages 6 and 8.

In Manhattan, New York, a shirtless madman is attacking people at random. Authorities released video of the suspect in hopes that someone recognizes him. It appears to be a hate crime since he yelled to the fifth person he’s attacked this month, “Get off the street, you f—–g honky! You don’t belong here.”

In Portland, Oregon, last weekend, an ANTIFA thug attempted to stab a man who is known to be a Marine vet while he was trying to get away. The terrorist was blocked from being successful. The video at the above link is just one of at least a few from last weekend that shows ANTIFA are the real bad guys.

In Connecticut, six people — all over age 60 — were arrested after police responded to multiple complaints about people engaging in “lewd and sexual activity” in a public park. The area was publicized on the internet as an area for people to meet and have sex.

US authorities have charged 80 people, “most of whom are Nigerian nationals,” with participating in a conspiracy to steal millions of dollars. They used business email fraud schemes and romance scams to con victims, many of them elderly. Police so far arrested 14 across the US, 11 in Los Angeles alone.

The Catholic organization, Knights of Columbus is accused of fraud in its life insurance business. A lawsuit claims local Knights chapters were told by headquarters that they could not purge their rolls of members they believed were dead or inactive — and that local chapters had to come up with the dues money for these “phantom Knights,” or be kicked out of the organization.

In Italy, police arrested 18 people, including a mayor, social workers and psychologists for allegedly “brainwashing” children into believing their parents had sexually abused them, in a scheme to take them away from their families and sell them to foster parents. A network of so-called “carers” allegedly used hours of psychotherapy sessions and electroshocks to convince children their parents had sexually abused them and “alter their memory ahead of the trials.” They then allegedly sold the children on to friends and acquaintances in a scheme worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

In Australia, a mother and father were spared jail time, instead sentenced to 19 months of intensive corrections and community service after allowing their baby daughter to become severely malnourished on a vegan diet. After the baby had a seizure and was taken to the hospital, medical examinations revealed she had several severe deficiencies as well as thinning of the bones. Her bones had not developed since birth. A foster care provider told the court that the 19-month old looked like a 3-month-old baby, weighing only 4.89kg (under 11 pounds) and had no teeth.


In Los Angeles, California, it took Cal/OSHA eight months to take action after a pest control company issued a report linking rodent infestation at City Hall to homeless camps in the area. Maintenance officials never mentioned those findings during three City Council meetings called to discuss the rat problem. Workers at a Los Angeles City Hall building “were exposed to unsanitary conditions from trash and bodily fluids. Deputy City Attorney Elizabeth Greenwood contracted typhus from flea bites and has filed a lawsuit against the city. She says she’s faced retaliation for reporting this to OSHA. Los Angeles County set a new record with 124 typhus cases confirmed in 2018.

Big cities that are struggling with hepatitis, typhus, mountains of human feces and millions of rats are all run by Democrats, discussed at this link.Major cities all over America are being transformed into rotting, decaying, disease-infested hellholes… Where the conditions are the worst are always dominated by a particular political ideology. If the citizens of those major cities…want real change, then those citizens are going to have to be willing to make fundamentally different choices than they have been making in the past.”

The US measles outbreak is still growing, with over 1,200 confirmed cases being reported in 30 states as of Aug. 15, marking 21 more cases from the week before.

JAMA Pediatrics published a new research article on potential effects on infant development due to fluoride in drinking water. In the decades-long controversial debate about whether fluoride is good or bad for human health, this research concluded that fluoride consumed by women during pregnancy can decrease intelligence (IQ scores) of their babies.

In Florida, tens of thousands of pythons in the Florida wild attack animals and damage ecosystems. The earliest recorded sighting was in Everglades national park in 1979, but no one knows for sure how one became many. A theory is that hundreds escaped from a breeding facility flattened in 1992’s Hurricane Andrew. A more widely accepted explanation is that blame rests with irresponsible pet owners. Over 99,000 Burmese pythons, native to southeast Asia, were brought to the US between 1999-2006 alone. Due to Florida’s amenable climate, obliging private ownership laws, and lax biosecurity, some became pets. Owners may have set them free when the 12-inch hatchlings grew to several feet long.

In Florida, something is affecting panthers and bobcats . We’ve heard about Chronic Wasting Disease in deer in various places. Could this be the same disease? Some wonder if these cats are being poisoned, however. One of the many concerning symptoms of Chronic Wasting Disease is that the animal loses its fear of humans. Panthers and bobcats have been seen roaming neighborhoods.

Often referred to as “zombie deer” disease due to the symptoms, Chronic Wasting Disease has been reported in at least 26 US states and four provinces in Canada. In addition, CWD has been reported in reindeer and/or moose in Norway, Finland, and Sweden; and a small number of imported cases in South Korea. The disease has also been found in farmed deer and elk. While there’s no direct scientific evidence to suggest CWD can be transmitted to humans, the CFIA says consumption of meat from contaminated animals should be avoided. However, some experts say CWD is a concern because the disease is adapting and may become a serious threat.

Hundreds of people continue to be exposed to Ebola in the Congo, raising fears of the disease spreading to neighboring countries and the wider region. The World Health Organization reports 70 to 80 cases a week. “The current rate of transmission can be described as intense.”


Bethel Church in Redding, California, posted on their site: “The message of CHANGED has never been ‘All Must Change.’ We share these stories specifically for Christians who are unfulfilled in identifying as LGBTQ+. For those of you who feel fulfilled and happy as you are, we love you! God doesn’t force people to change, and people – including Christians – shouldn’t force others to change, either. We stand against any and all forms of shame, manipulation, force, humiliation, or physical harm in so-called “ministry” or therapy.” [In their greed, these false pastors are exploiting people with false words (2 Peter 2:1-3, 18-19). If they really cared, they would point them to the truth].

Pope Francis said at a feast (Aug 15) honoring Mary’s alleged bodily assumption into heaven that she’s the “Gate of Heaven.” He said: “look upwards” because, thanks to Mary’s assumption: “Heaven is open… There she awaits us, just as a mother waits for her children to come home. We need no longer be afraid “because on the threshold of Heaven there is a Mother waiting for us.” “Every time we take the Rosary in our hands and pray to her, we take a step forward towards our life’s great goal.”

This is unbiblical idolatry. There’s no true queen of heaven (Jer 7:18). Jesus is The Gate (Jn 10:9); Jesus is the only mediator between God and men (1 Tim 2:5; Heb 7:25). We look up for our redeemer Jesus (Lk 21:28; 2 Tim 4:8), not Mary. Mary did not ascend bodily into heaven as did Jesus (John 3:13). Her soul is in heaven and her body is in the grave awaiting the rapture.

“Hail Satan” is in theaters, and the leftist media is buying into the Satanic Temple’s claims that they’re just humanitarian do-gooders. Irish Times said, “Thank God for Satan…With “Hail Satan” she (director Penny Lane) has happened upon folk as clever and irreverent as she is. After completing the film, Lane became a member of the Satanic Temple. Who could blame her? Satan hasn’t looked this appealing since John Milton’s romantic write-up in Paradise Lost.” The Guardian said, “Florida’s Satanic Temple is more concerned with helping out than worshipping Beelzebub…”

The BBC said, “Although there is a certain theatrical, horror movie side to their Black Mass rituals in which they do invoke Satan, they freely admit none actually believe in Satan as an actual spiritual entity…” Director Penny Lane said, “I really honestly thought religion was basically some kind of like mental illness that needs to be treated better… I always just fundamentally kind of came out of the womb an atheist.”


Planned Parenthood (the federally-subsidized abortion provider that has killed and dismembered millions of babies nationwide) announced it has dropped out of the Title X program and will forgo nearly $60 million in taxpayer funding rather than comply with a Trump administration rule requiring that it separate its abortions from the rest of its operations. Regulations still allow Title X recipients to discuss abortion; they just can’t refer patients to abortion centers. The Protect Life Rule does not reduce family planning funding; it simply directs taxpayer-funding to family planning providers who stay out of the abortion business. PP has shown its true colors: abortion is its business, not women’s healthcare.


On Friday, Muslim Democrat congressional reps Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib shared a meme on their Instagram pages from cartoonist Carlos Latuff, whose work is anti-Semitic and has trivialized the holocaust. Latuff also mocked dead US soldiers in Iraq.

A video has emerged of students at a Southern California high school making a Nazi salute and singing a Nazi marching song at an off-campus awards ceremony last year. The incident involved 10 members of the boys’ water polo team. Another source reported video of a second occurrence.


In Israel in the West Bank, a terror attack killed a teenage girl and wounded her father and brother. An explosive device had been planted at the spring and remotely detonated when the family approached. It is the third terrorist attack in the West Bank this month.

Israel’s IDF stopped yet another terrorist from entering Israel Thursday night. The terrorist approached the Gaza security fence and hurled several grenades at IDF soldiers.

In Syria, a car bomb killed one member of a security force and wounded two others in the Kurdish-controlled city of Qamishli last Sunday.

Two women inspired by Islamic terrorism who are US citizens living in Queens, New York, pleaded guilty on Friday to teaching and distributing information about the manufacture and use of an explosive, destructive device and weapon of mass destruction. Asia Siddiqui and Noelle Velentzas face up to 20 years in prison. They studied some of the most deadly attacks in US history as a blueprint for their plans to kill American law enforcement and military personnel.

Velentzas, in one meeting, took a knife from her bra and showed Siddiqui and a person they didn’t know was an FBI informant how to stab someone. Her phone had a photo of Osama bin Laden — whom she called one of her heroes — set as her screen pic. Siddiqui had been in repeated contact with members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Siddiqui also tried her hand at gruesome terrorist poetry in which she called for readers to engage in violence and find truth “through fists and slit throats.”

They kill their own people too: Sunni vs Shiite. In Afghanistan, a suicide bomber killed 63 people and wounded 182 in an attack on a wedding reception, as violence shows no sign of easing despite hopes for a deal on US troop withdrawal. The Taliban denies responsibility. The blast followed a bomb attack on a mosque in Pakistan the day before that killed four people and wounded about 20.


Israel’s IDF is on high alert after its military struck several targets in Syria south of Damascus on Saturday, thwarting an attack by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps against northern Israel. According to IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis, the IRGC Quds Force was planning to strike northern Israel in the coming days by launching several “killer” quadcopters against the targets. Israel’s PM Netanyahu said, “If someone rises up to kill you, kill him first.”

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ ground forces kicked off a “massive” set of war drills Thursday as the country unveiled its homemade version of Russia’s advanced S-300 missile defense system in yet another showing of Iran’s growing readiness for a possible war. Iranian military leaders said the war games will mix with actual fighting as IRGC forces seek to cleanse what they described as “anti-revolutionary terrorist groups” from along the country’s borders.

In Israel, it’s been a week of rocket sirens going off in Israel due to “heathen raging” (Psalm 2). Two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip Wednesday and again on Thursday. In response, Israeli jets struck several Hamas targets. Six rockets have been fired from the Hamas-run coastal enclave this past week. The heathen should read Joel 3:3-4, not that it would stop them. Both scriptures tell us they’ll be punished.

Israel has refused to allow Qatari funds into Gaza until it receives a commitment that calm would be maintained until after elections next month. Instead, sources in Hamas said an escalation is to be expected. And that’s what happened because Hamas doesn’t care about its citizens. Hamas is all about destroying Israel. About 8,000 Gazans gathered at Israel’s border to protest on Friday. They threw dozens of bombs, stones and grenades at the fence and IDF troops, while some tried to breach the perimeter. Israeli troops responded, injuring 70.

In a visit to a refugee camp, Palestinian Authority (aka PLO) President Mahmoud Abbas claimed that the “Palestinians” “will enter Jerusalem – millions of fighters.” In a video, he stated that the “Palestinian” people “shall remain [here], and nobody can remove us from our homeland.” In reality, he could care less about the refugees, who left not because Israel told them to, but because the Arabs told them to leave Israel decades ago since they planned to attack and destroy the reborn state of Israel, then let the “refugees” come back. Needless to say, they lost. Egypt offered these people a homeland in the Sinai, but Abbas rejected the offer. Why? Because he uses them as propaganda pawns.

Adm. Craig Faller, who oversees the U.S. Southern Command said the Navy must be ready to “do what needs to be done” on Venezuela. “I won’t speak to details of what we’re planning and what we’re doing, but we remain ready to implement policy decisions, and we remain on the balls of our feet,” Faller told reporters. He added: “The United States Navy is the most powerful Navy in the world. If a policy decision is made to deploy the Navy, I’m convinced that we’ll be able to do what needs to be done.”


A new study warns the U.S. has lost its military supremacy in the Indo-Pacific region, with China being able to launch and win a military conflict even before American forces are able to respond.

A Chinese survey vessel extended its activities closer to Vietnam’s coastline after the US and Australia expressed concern about China’s actions in disputed waterways. The vessel first entered Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone last month where it began a weeks-long seismic survey, triggering a tense standoff between military and coastguard vessels from Vietnam and China.

Japan has upgraded its estimate of North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability, saying it seems North Korea has achieved the miniaturization of nuclear warheads, posing a “serious and imminent threat.”

North Korea fired two suspected short-range ballistic missiles into the sea on Saturday, the seventh carried out since it ended a 17-month hiatus on testing at the end of July. North Korea has repeatedly expressed anger at US-South Korean military exercises that have been taking place.

India’s defense minister suggested that the country may re-evaluate its “no first use of nuclear weapons” doctrine, raising the stakes at a time of high tension with its nuclear-armed neighbor Pakistan.


Proving once again that there are no moral boundaries in the Democrat Party, a fundraiser for a prominent Illinois state senator featured the simulated assassination of President Trump.

North Carolina’s largest sanctuary county of Mecklenburg released a previously deported illegal alien, Oscar Pacheco-Leonardo, 33, from Honduras who was accused of rape and child sex crimes. Over the past 9 months, ICE detailed a list of over 20 illegal aliens who were recently arrested by Mecklenburg County police and released back into the community despite an ICE detainer lodged against them.

“As the Russiagate circus attempts to quietly disappear over the horizon, with Democrats preferring to shift the anti-Trump narrative back to “racist,” “white supremacist,” “xenophobe,” and the mainstream media ready to squawk “recession,” the Trump administration may have a few more cards up its sleeve before anyone claims the higher ground in this farce we call an election campaign. While it’s been almost a year of feet-dragging and cajoling and deep-state-fighting, we wonder if the president is getting ready to play his ‘Trump’ card.” See the documents at this link that “The Hill’s John Solomon says have the greatest chance of rocking Washington, if declassified.”


Despite President Trump’s commendable decision to terminate all internal National Institutes of Health experimentation using aborted human fetal tissue, sick federally-funded experiments are happening behind closed doors in secret labs all over America. A couple of examples: At UCSF, experimenters recently used a $2 million government slush fund to transplant intestines removed from 18-24 week-old aborted fetuses onto the backs of 6 to 8-week-old mice. In other bizarre Frankenstein-study funded by taxpayers, USCF implanted intact reproductive tracts from 9.5 to 22-week-old human fetuses, including from a pair of aborted twins, into mice dosed with synthetic estrogen. More sick examples at this link.

Now scientists are attempting controversial experiments to edit DNA in human sperm using CRISPR. Also, scientists have, for the first time, demonstrated a new CRISPR method that can modify dozens of genes simultaneously, and theoretically could be increased to hundreds of gene modifications.


Energy Star, a federal program managed jointly by the Dept of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency that provides information to consumers about energy efficiency, is asking consumers to keep their temperatures set at 78 degrees or higher. According to Energy Star, keeping your central air thermostat set to 78 is optimal for both cooling and energy efficiency. This recommendation only applies to when you’re home. While you’re away during the day, you should keep the thermostat set to 85 or higher. While you sleep, Energy Star recommends keeping the temperature at 82 or higher.


In this video, protestors in Hong Kong are asking President Trump to help free them from Chinese Communist tyranny. The protestors have been singing America’s National Anthem and flying our flag to represent the virtues of freedom. Meanwhile, this weekend, demonstrations continue. Thousands of people held hands to form a human chain of peaceful protest against a suspended extradition bill. Demonstrators believe the bill could undermine Hong Kong’s legal freedoms and might be used to intimidate or silence dissidents.

On the other hand, here in the US, sadly, we have liberal-left Dem-witted Brainwashed pawns: Students and universities have expressed opposition to the stars and stripes, calling it an “offensive” symbol. Students have also protested the Pledge of Allegiance through various boycotts; one Minnesota town even banned it. Colorado State University even linked to an inclusive language guide that warned against the use of the words “America” and “American.” Correspondent Ethan Cai, whose parents fled communist China, took to Georgetown University to ask students why they think Hong Kong views the American flag as a symbol of freedom when so many people in America disparage it.

A short clip from the National Democratic Socialist Convention 2019 shows how absolutely off the rails the Left is. You have to see this to believe it; these people are so brainwashed, it’s unbelievable! The Leftist media either praised the event or else ignored what went on. The socialists voted for open borders, removal of ICE with no replacement, and the insane New Green Deal (that would kill off most of the human population). Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, is ranked high in Dem presidential primary polling. Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the Dem party’s poster child. She and her comrades in the Squad are now national figures. Nearly 100 Democrat socialists now hold elected office across the country, from school boards to state legislatures and Congress. Watch the video and let that sink in.

And for more of the Left’s Dem Doings:


CNN added to its stable of retired FBI and CIA officials Friday by hiring Andrew McCabe, who was fired by the bureau due to a lack of candor during an internal probe. McCabe is the 10th ex-FBI or CIA official hired by the network in recent years, with MSNBC having hired five. A vast majority of the 15 CNN/MSNBC analysts have pushed the now-debunked theory that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia.

Newsweek actually published an article titled “Time to Rethink Taboo on Cannibalism?” The article basically encourages people to think of themselves as just part of the animal kingdom. The Godless ones have been teaching for a long time that humans are simply another species, evolving through the same processes and principles affecting other organisms. It’s really about denying the existence of God.

Newsweek published an article showing a viral tweet naming certain restaurants to boycott that supposedly support President Trump’s reelection. Although Newspeak (I mean Newsweek) said restaurants informed them that they don’t support political campaigns, it was surely more than happy to fan the flames, adding tweets by leftists. The original tweeter named Zuriel Sanders claims he’s researched dark money contributions and found these companies fund PAC’s which are helping Trump’s re-election or helped in the past. Among those pushing the false list is the “People for Bernie” account. Interestingly, Newsweek posted a photo in the article of a McDonald’s that had an American flag flying – as if that’s supposed to be a bad thing?!

Late night TV leftist Bill Maher spewed out his opinion on the death of billionaire businessman, David Koch, who built a conservative political empire with his brother Charles. Maher said of Koch, “He and his brother have done more than anybody to fund climate science deniers for decades, so F… him… I’m glad he’s dead and I hope the end was painful.”

“Crime-ridden San Francisco has introduced new sanitized language for criminals, getting rid of words such as ‘offender’ and ‘addict’ while changing ‘convicted felon’ to ‘justice-involved person.’ The Board of Supervisors adopted the changes even as the city reels from one of the highest crime rates in the country.” “From now on a convicted felon or an offender released from custody will be known as a ‘formerly incarcerated person,’ or just a ‘returning resident.’ A juvenile ‘delinquent’” will now be called a “young person with justice system involvement,’ or a ‘young person impacted by the juvenile justice system.’ No word yet on what the city will call its infamously large number of public defecators who’ve made the city by the bay anything but a San Francisco treat to walk in.

College Campus Insanity: Virginia Tech’s orientation was full of Leftist propaganda. “The administration opened orientation by recognizing two Native American tribes on whose land the college was built (with the implication that it was stolen). The college filled the next two hours with speaker after speaker who introduced themselves with not just their names and titles but also preferred pronouns. The school constantly defined and showcased identity group politics, but certainly not all identities – it’s apparently way cooler to be a minority trans woman with food allergies than simply to be an American college student. Interestingly, the university offered Halal food (for Muslims) but no certified kosher meals. Religiously observant Jewish students, tough luck; but if you are vegan, you’re in business.”

Amazon, Microsoft and Intel are among leading tech companies putting the world at risk through killer robot development, according to a report that surveyed major players from the sector about their stance on lethal autonomous weapons. Google, which last year published guiding principles eschewing AI for use in weapons systems, was among seven companies found to be engaging in “best practice” in the analysis that spanned 12 countries, as was Japan’s Softbank, best known for its humanoid Pepper robot. Computer Science Professor Stuart Russell said, “Autonomous weapons will inevitably become scalable weapons of mass destruction, because if the human is not in the loop, then a single person can launch a million weapons or a hundred million weapons.”


“Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness. None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity” (Isaiah 59:1-4).

“Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty… And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible” (Isaiah 13:6, 11).