Apr 29, 2019

The Second Quarter Donation Drive

I first want to thank everyone who has contributed articles to the site. Either the clock is moving faster or my mind is moving slower. In any case, I never have enough time to stay in regular contact with everyone who has helped build Rapture Ready into this vast wealth of end-time information.

We live in a time of historic demonic madness. With each passing day, mankind has been drifting away from the most basic element of truth. This Easter had one of the most depraved homicide bombings in history with at least 359 Christians killed in Sri Lanka. ISIS is a demented organization. The world in general is sick for allowing them to celebrate the attack as if they won the World Cup. Obama and Hillary Clinton showed their dementia by refusing to identify the victims as Christians.

The world is so much off its rocker, I have contemplated changing the name of the Rapture Index to the Insanity Index. The problem with trying to gauge insanity is it’s hard to find an upper limit on people’s depravity. If I was to have a top rating of 100, I would use the point at the end of Revelation when many of the people born during the 1,000-year millennial rule try to attack the Lord Jesus. Satan’s heavenly rebellion would rank at 99 on the level of craziness. Right now, I would guess that we are in the middle 90’s on lunacy.

Another important factor with this insanity is how long much of it has endured. Humans can normally only go so long before they become mentally exhausted in any type of activity. The battle between the press and Donald Trump has been raging for over four years non-stop. The involvement of supernatural forces is the only explanation for how it has lasted so long.

The President has been under investigation from the special counsel Robert Mueller for over two years. Trump has been under such intense scrutiny that every decision he makes has to be cleared by a series of lawyers. He really didn’t have the chance to break the law.

When the Mueller Report was released and Trump was cleared of all Russian collusion, the media and the Democrats should have pumped the breaks. They plowed ahead with their witch hunt like it was day one. The Democrats will eventually reach the point where they will try to impeach President Trump because they are satanically driven to get him at all costs.

I am dumbfounded that most Americans remain silent over this abuse of power and government resources. The Mueller investigation cost at least $40 million, and found nothing new. The chairperson running every House subcommittee wants to turn their little domain into the equivalent of a Spanish Inquisition. The public should be expressing their outrage over these partisan fishing expeditions.

Actor Robert De Niro has been a vocal critic of the President. He recently said, “We are going to remember who voted for Trump.” If Robert had his way, he’d clearly like to ship all people of our ilk off to some gulag. The next time a Democrat takes control of the White House, I pray that we “troublemakers” are long gone in the rapture.

What makes me certain that the tribulation hour is very near is all this madness and yet peace and safety remains the norm. The stock market has been going up for the longest period in recorded history. We are so unconcerned about our ballooning national debt, the Treasury hit the snooze button in February, and we are using financial trickery to last until late summer. The world’s arms merchants are having a booming business, but all the war fronts remain calm.

I ask everyone to financially stand with Rapture Ready to the end, which I hopefully pray is very near.

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Trump’s Portentous Peace Planning

While news media laser-stream goings-on in the post-Mueller report intrigues, truly portentous things are unfolding, initiated by this White House. Prophetically speaking, matters involved couldn’t be more significant in pointing to just how near this world must be to having unleashed upon humanity history’s most terrible time.

The most powerful signal of where this generation stands on God’s prophetic timeline is the nation Israel. The very fact that it is front and center in the fear of possible thermonuclear war being initiated validates the truth of Bible prophecy. Within that reality, the primary element indicating the nearness to the Tribulation (Daniel’s seventieth week) is that a peace covenant involving the Jewish state will almost certainly be forthcoming.

As anyone who reads our commentaries knows, I support this president. I believe, along with Dallas First Baptist pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress and others, that Donald J. Trump was put into office by the Lord of Heaven. The election was a result, I’m convinced, of the prayers of God’s people, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. Trump’s election was, in a real sense, miraculous.

The ensuing eruption of hatred toward Trump and all of those who support his presidency was and is Hell-spawned, in my view. It has not abated, despite Mueller’s finding no collusion in the Russian interference matter. The minions, both spiritual and human, continue to falsely accuse Mr. Trump, wanting to generate enough lies to bring about his impeachment. It is satanic rage that drives the anti-Trump rhetoric and subterfuge.

So, as stated, I support this president and his efforts in most every area of endeavor to try to “make America great again” (although I think God’s intention is more that of restraining evil for the moment). I believe much of it is God-directed, even if the president himself might be somewhat an unwitting administrator of God’s will at this time in human history.

That being said, I, like others who support Trump, based upon his being God’s man for this hour, am quite wary about reports regarding Israel and the peace process. We get a feel for what might be in the offing through this brief news excerpt.

[President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, said all should keep an] “open mind” about President Donald Trump’s upcoming Middle East peace proposal and said that it will require compromises from both sides, a source familiar with the remarks said…

The proposal has two major components: A political piece that addresses core political issues as the status of Jerusalem, and an economic part that aims to help the Palestinians strengthen their economy.

Unclear is whether the plan will propose outright the creation of a Palestinian state, the Palestinians’ core demand. (Source: White House adviser says peace plan to be unveiled by early June, Reuters Published: 04.17.19)

The concern of those who watch this process, of course, is that the peace negotiators are treading on dangerous grounds. To do anything in regard to trying to bring about peace, through a process involving Israel giving up land for that peace, gets to the heart of Bible prophecy for the end of the age (Church Age).

Daniel 9: 27 is at the center of this concern.

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.   

It is heavily rumored that the proposal being considered for Trump’s making the “deal of the century” includes the dividing of Jerusalem. This is known as the two-state solution where the Palestinians would be given some of Israel’s land and part of Jerusalem in order to bring a solution to the centuries-long hostilities between Israel and the Islamic nations. A “covenant” would thus be produced assuring peace.

It is a “covenant” that the Scripture tells us Antichrist will one day “confirm.” It is reasonable to conjecture whether this “deal” might have something to do with that Daniel 9: 27 “covenant.”

It is with this in mind that we who support the president offer our advice that his administration not go down that roadmap to so-called peace. It would be the wrong course–and a most dangerous one (read Isaiah 28:15, 18).

He who touches Jerusalem–and Israel by extension–touches the “apple of God’s eye,” according to His Word. It is with this prophetic, scriptural forewarning that we advise against any such portentous peace planning.